11-06-17 Political Events, Turbulent Times, Nations Beyond Planet Earth

Transcript 11th June 2017

Welcome friend, as I feel you on my left.

Tolerances should be heard from the house as their riotous behaviour becomes apparent to all who watch the box. Humph. They listen to the news intently, seeking words of wisdom that will never come from those who sit in power, for they are the less fortunate of your world who will not see the benefits bestowed upon those who have welcomed their vote. Bring purpose to your lives and issue others a statement of love, as you beckon them forward to join you in your crusade, on the path of light.

Harshness of words, softness of voice brings the messages to the ears of those who would listen intently.  (NOTE: It is true the messages are mostly spoken with a gentle loving voice)

She rose before you, as a queen among ships. Hmm, her name, her vessels of war will become entangled in a brawl of your nations. Messages backwards and forwards to the elite, who speak to one another through your telegraph. They can’t seem to inspire a thought of common good between them, as they argue over the spoils of war and how their nations should be run, despite the arguments of many.

Their indignations and ingratitude will show in time, as it will beggar belief at how these extremists were able to infiltrate your politicians home. For there are lost words, written by many in secret, they have been stolen by the one who escapes. His threat of terrorism will be used as a screen to hide the truth, that he holds the secrets of a nation within the disc. Such lack of care and understanding will bring a threshold to those in power, for they were careless and unassuming that such things could happen.

Be brave my son and face the world of tomorrow, as it will bring many tears to many thousands upon your planet. Your weather systems, storms and eruption of the seas will cause panic to many, for they will not understand that such power only comes from those who act before God.

Turbulent times will bring measures of peace in the foreseeable future, but weather the storms you must.

Do not allow the hatred of those of the minority who are deemed as, or are tarred, as “one with the same brush”. For there are many polite people who would not stand by and see their good name dishonoured in such a way, but to bring peace they will negotiate with their brethren, a secret rendezvous, a meeting to be held in a place far beyond your capabilities.

Aerospace has a secret to hide. As their gluttony grows, so their fortunes will cease. Stupendous times when all who seek money will only bring bitter disappointment to their hearts, minds and souls.

Frequently we are asked about the many nations that exist beyond your planet Earth. They cannot understand how it is that such beings have not become known before. It is as a backyard, so long and so wide and filled with many grasses, plants and seeds, seedlings. One cannot see, one for the other. Hmm, a closer examination would reveal much to your men of science.

We cannot underestimate your response as you see our being before you. Incredibly it has happened many times before in your history, that you have embarked upon a friendship of a different kind to enable your masters to bring wisdom to the many and claim it for their own. We do not respect these people who have selfish motives and would bring a torturous mind to many as they sling their arrows and shots.

Be outright with others in the hope that glory will come to those who feast of Stephen. And when Yule’s turn, and the bread is made, break the bread of life before your fellow man and drink his health in preparation.

(Channels note: Feast of St Stephen is 26th December. Yule is Winter solstice – December 21st. There are various traditional breads that have been made for the celebration of Yule – Jesus also said “I am the bread of life”.)

Constantly we hear murmurings of unrest, of unease at these speculative words, nonsense they say, the man is not consistent, huh, huh. We cannot force your ears to listen or your minds to bend, but we can propose a different way to bring peace to your planet, your Mother Earth. Allow it not to suffer at the hands of those people who would terrorise its inhabitants, as they claw away at the sacred stone that hides the text beneath the deserts of the Gobi.

They have tremendous fears, their loss of their faith and their systems, for their wealth is great while the needy are poor.


Tourism of the planet you think, as you scan the vast skies with your scopes of vision, looking for planetary signs hummm. Neon lights that might give a position away.

We will not hide from you, but you will not see us for you have lack of vision and of knowledge. Can you not see us in your night sky, as we circulate your earth in formation of butterflies, with our wings spread wide and our hopes and anxieties are heightened, as we communicate with those who would listen to our words. Bring a peace, a thought of peace to us, allow us to integrate with your minds and bring your purpose to being.


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