13-07-17 Infiltration of our Electronics, Families in the Forests etc

Transcript 13th July 2017

Constantly we struggle to denounce those who would have a heart of peace!

Constantinople was drawn into disarray as it citizens were abandoned by its leaders, their passive thoughts were neglected by those who wished only war and fortune to bolster their ambitions in life as men, as leaders. Hmm, that place, it was of desolate times.

The murmurings of history recall of those times when the people struck back at the lunacy that led them.

There was a fall, a collapse, civil unrest followed for many years, besieged by popular demand that those cruel beings should be expelled. It is a place of historical values these days.

Don’t be troubled by your times for they are merely a passing phase. Our thoughts are with you as your troubled world surrounds you. You are besieged by misguided misfortune. Be not in the fray of things, but declare yourself as independent, with an accurate knowledge of the peace to come when your time is through. For all who would listen, a practice of love is a way forward.

Belief in your thoughts is paramount at this time, for there is no justice for those of uncommon valour who exist on their own. They declare themselves independent of the world, bringing injustice to some through their historical beliefs of their right to rule the square within.

We do not condemn them for their true belief, but we must entice them with a thought that perhaps their injustices and democracy, is of lustful meaning and not truly that of the light.
(Channels Note: During this paragraph I felt we were talking of the Roman Catholics and the square that is run by the Roman Catholic Church?)

Pagan times passed so long ago in your world, but they exist even today.

As your people struggle to open their hearts and minds to the possibilities of life everlasting, never-ending. Allow them a persuasive thought this evening, that should they approach life in a light-hearted manner and pass each stranger of the day with a greeting, then their path shall be lighter and their burdens less that they carry in life.

Of course many of your world are swept along by that popular tide of thought, that money is the answer to all! The riches to be gained through investment will not always win over those of popularity.

Circumstances may arise this evening as your news forecasters tell you of conditions beyond your control. Hopelessly you think your plight is to weather the storms of life, you must be in positive agreement allowing each other a thought of peace and wisdom. Hmmm.


Hmmm. The foxes gather in the glens. As they huddle in their dens they create positive thought. Wisdom is a journey of knowledge, not to be outfoxed by those desolate ones who would not consider a thought of passion for others that coexist beside them.

In matters of the heart she must abandon her hope of finding that perfect one, allow him in as a measure of peace. For what is a man but a shell for the soul. Heartily she greets him with bespoke reminders of their life, tenderly she kisses the memories that exist within their hearts. Her blessings for her family go forward before her, as she recalls those splendid times of peace and love.

So many of you today are heartbroken by the loss of a loved one, their gentle kiss or touch, their caress is all but gone you think. But know this, they exist in a world beyond yours. They are capable of distinguishing your lives. They know that they are not really separated but merely disjointed for a short time. Impossible to think that these things happen and occur, but life is truly a magnificent time that should be endured with a positive thought of love and tender relations.

Grasp your hearts and allow your knowledge of your past to proceed before you to counter those steps that would march against you.

Bespoke families exist in many regions of your earth, hmm, they continue their existence beyond the eyes of man, allowing not their demonstrations of love to be seen by the world at large. They are hidden from view in those dense jungles and forests far beyond your shores. Huh, in the Amazon you think, well could be! But there are many forests and it may not necessarily be created of trees, for forests exist in many forms, many shapes and sizes, constructed of souls in the shape of man.

There are many tonight who wish each other well as they pass each other in their dreams, saucily some would re-enact their lives and the pleasure it brought.

Economists would call it a natural figure of chance, how many economists do you recognise, those that count the cost of each day of their lives, or those who count the blessings before them? Pay no attention to those demonstrative few who would say that “The penny is worth a pound if invested in love”.

A token of our relationship will be given in due course in the matters arising from the many discussions that we have had aboard our vessel as we approach your earth. We use your terms to encourage you to listen to the wisdom spoken, our communications are heard as whistles of thought.

Teletext messages were abandoned, as they contain messages that baffled those who read them. We can influence most anything of your electronics. We can infiltrate the many schemes within, you call programs. Ah, listen not to the wires of doom who would tell you that our being is of damnation. We have come once before to a troubled earth, and we will visit once more, more advanced, but no different to those past times.

You have not grown, you have stagnated in the waters of greed and avarice. Misgivings will be plenty as she erupts.

Thomas Daley has a word to say about his relationship in matters of spices! Who, who is this you may say who speaks now? What is it that he wishes come to convey? Perhaps a thought of peace or wild menace! Be troubled not, for he was a man who once lived in troubled times in your past, he bore the brunt of many men who see him as a problem. True it is to say, that he was a stumbling block for many. His practices of consolidation in matters relating to that of business are many. His thoughts now turn to his practice of a relationship between himself and his family. He has no more concern for business, for that day has passed. He is now blessed in the light seeing the truth of his being that stands before him. His nationality is Armenian. Stand not before us and say “Who is this man who speaks?” for he will be found.


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