16-07-17 Birth Announcement, Messages in Songs, Crop Circles, Purple, etc

Transcript 16th July 2017

NOTE: The first speaker has the most gentle loving voice imaginable ..

Come to us, with your minds focused upon the light that shines before your eyes. Your memories fade of times past, when life began so long ago.

We are here this evening, we seek no audience with those who would condemn us, for we are the beings of the light and we are here at the request of Michael once more. Please gather around and keep this thought in mind; that all who follow the word of the Lord and practice their love to others around, will be given a tumultuous welcome within the light of love and the light of the realm of the Lord.

Let us begin this evening with circumstances out of your control, as we must insist that those who sit in power resist the urge, the temptation to bring a war once more to the nations of the earth. Temptation is a foreboding feeling, it can bring a multitude of negative aspects at this present time.

It is been commonplace to look to those who lead your nations and expect of them their sympathy and condolence. They have not the heart to welcome you as friends, as fellow beings of the earth, for their agenda is one of self and hate towards those who do not comply with their message.

Freedom is hard-won, many fall as they battle the dark forces that close in around you. Help us to understand your minds, your wishes, let battle commence against those who would impress upon others a negative attitude of life.

Our being draws ever closer, our world is but a short distance.

We cannot accomplish the many things that we would wish within your world, your time. Your followers are the leaders of the future, they share the messages blindly, not knowing what the reason is, but they need no excuse, they know and trust in spirit and the love of the Lord, and they will take this message to the many nations of your planet, to the men who lead, to the masters that control your very lives.

Confer with us, within your mind and thought, for all are heard on the wave bands that you emit. True, not all will hear the message of love and not all will comply with the demands of the light, for they are lost, but not unsalvageable. Their hearts and minds are shaded by their thoughts of riches and wealth to come.

We ask you this, what is the true wealth that you can attain in your lives, is it that of gold, mercury, precious metals? If this is what you seek, then you will be lost, for the truth only lies within the hearts and minds of those who seek the treasure of love, of companionship, the wealth of good feeling towards each other.

We are the beings of the light, those that have come once before to your world with an aspect of love. We do not demand of your obedience, but just ask that you listen once more to the words spoken, so that you will endeavour to make better use of your lives.

Travelled we are between the universes, our world is much as yours, it has an atmosphere; more of helium less oxygen, but we live, we adapt and we proceed with our plan. But you colonise the minds of those who would listen to our words. We are not here to damage or seek the minerals of your earth, we merely wish that you, as the human race, to be a part of the greater picture that lies beyond your solar system.

Your planetary maps do not show the true extent of that world beyond yours. They will not show this map to you my friends, for fear of rebellion. Who are they to hide the truth that exists beyond your world? Who are they to deny you a brighter future? Come to us with your thoughts and give us your blessings that we may energise our thoughts and transmit to many of your world.

Sacrifices will be made by those who listen to the words given.

There are many in your world who watch and wait, they see the circles and the signs given, but do not understand by what method these are made. I am not here to teach you our science, but to merely give you an insight into our advanced abilities. The drawings upon your earth are but a piece of the puzzle that men seek.

The Rose is shown, many see a flower, but truly there is meaning beyond its appearance, as the common flower of your earth. An abbreviation can be found within this word, (Rose?), it will reflect a mind boggling solution! (Crop Circle )

Things will coincide on the 30th of your month of July, they will reach a conclusion as we approach your planetary earth. Things will fly for no logical reason, books will fall from shelves as our vibrations encounter these obstacles. Be not afraid, for they will pass. Some men will see many things within the stars that night, others will merely step to one side and say, ah, a shooting star, nothing of great significance. They will blind you with their science explaining away the phenomena that you will see and witness, they will not allow you the truth for they fear your retaliation at the secrets they hold within their Fort Knox.

So much truth is hidden from your world today, you people are beings of the light and you are created by the master of the light and his being will shine through for those who let him. Do not deny his presence within you, hmm, he is the creator, master of all. We are also obedient to him, for we understand that many practices of your world, you call religions, worship the many idols, there is but one and they exclude this from the minds of many.

We will not sacrifice our identity for it is clear to be seen by those who will see and look with an eye of open-mindedness and awareness. We are the beings that brought aspects of many things to your world today. Time has eroded the beginnings of man’s ingenuity, creatures were born many millennia ago upon your planet, they existed for many of your years. They were capable of life and sustaining life, but lacked the tools of the mind to brighten their future. We assisted in this, predominantly in the East, we began a method whereby we could teach the human animal the many things that was required for him to progress. As he progressed he began to immerse himself in his own importance and ability, he refused to listen to the Lord of the heavens, his creator.

He had a mind of his own and a will and an aspect of hate towards others who would dictate their thoughts of love. You are creatures of many spheres, of many worlds. You belong to us in many ways. Many will deny this thought, but you have to ask yourselves where did all this start, why has man moved on when so many have not? What brought you to this stage of your lives?

We can foresee that if you continue upon your path, you will bring your own destruction, for you are like children who play with the tools of the warriors.

It is true to say many have religious beliefs, spiritual hearts, and it is these that will seldom be heard for they are muffled by the indignations of your media.

Is there hope? You must understand, it is your own creation that you will use to dictate your futures, it is your own thoughts and will that can change the circumstances in which you live.

You see the many who manipulate your lives with their ruthless and thoughtless behaviour, and you sit back and watch, you listen and think “Who are these people to dictate to us?” And do you rebel? No you sit there like the dumb animals that you were, you are blessed with an intelligence to know better. We do not dictate war nor revolution, but just to change a thought, a blessing to others, for it is only the light in your heart that will change your universe, your world.


Momentary lapses in thought, species indigenous to your world are disappearing at a rate, a phenomenal rate. Can you not see the problems that it will bring, can you not see the mess that you are in? You are a species among many upon your world, superior knowledge and intelligence, perhaps? But there are many who will succeed you in years to come should you continue on your course.

Tragedies occur daily within your lives, you look and your heart goes out to those involved. But do you make a difference, or do you just say “Well, I’m alright.”

The father looks at his child and sees his child misbehaving, not in a manner of discretion and he will tell that child in no uncertain terms of the behavioural attitudes that you will have. This is what we endeavour to teach you. Don’t look upon yourselves as the beings of Earth, the master of creation, your ability to take life and your ability to drag others down into the abyss.

We implore you to listen to your men of reason and men of research, who know the secrets that are kept hidden within the vaults and the walls of the mansions of your government. Secrets will unfold as they divulge necessary revelations.

Be not fooled, for they are but just the scrapings of the surface. We cannot tell you of these things, for you must follow the pattern of your lives, you must heed the words and the warnings given by us through these words. We are here to help, not to sacrifice or to frighten.

Our word is a measure of comfort to the ears of those that would listen, many ask “What world is this, where man will sacrifice an other for the want of nothing more than a piece of metal, a bit of land.” We have spoken so many times on this subject, we hear the chatter of your minds and the thoughts emitted upon those waves created by your very own minds.

Understand it is these very waves that can change the minds of many, thought is the most powerful weapon that you possess, its strength is phenomenal in its ability to change others attitudes. Some will not hear, many will fall, but those that listen will communicate and understand their true presence in life.

Matilda, a song was sang, a jolly song by jolly men. He whispers in the shadows now “I am here”, many songs sang with much truth and tangled within the lines. Inspiration is given to those who listen, they carry the tune within their hearts and they sing out with their voices carrying a message that is hidden from them, but they know it is good. Listen to the lyrics of your many songs and you will find hidden references to our being and that of the light.

Songs have a use within your world, they are created and given to those with the ability to pass them on, they are stories of love, stories of woe, stories of creation and the path that you should follow. The artists that perform these many things are stubborn at times, for they will change the words, as they were not written to suit their own needs and financial gains. There are those with a true ability to sing out the words of the Lord with a good heart and faith so deep and trusting.

Help us this evening to bring a spark of light to those of creativity in your world. Let them hear this, that they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Songs are created in the minds of many. Brings a tear some and a smile to many. Hear the larks sing, for all nature has a song and ability to transmit frequencies of passion and love. The crickets sing in the wilderness, in the dark of the light, the frogs call out their song of love within the marshes of your lands. We are here also to sing a song to penetrate your minds and give you repetitive thought of the lyrics given.

Help us once more to communicate our messages, for we are the beings of the light who sing the song of love to the world of man, to the world of plenty.

Happiness can be gained by those fools who govern your world, they defeat the objective as they vote to stay within Europe, they have a will to do as they will and not that which is demanded.

It matters not, for your world is governed by fools. A cycle of creation will follow a path of destruction, be not afraid of the future for it is of the past, make it a better world.

Creation will follow, new forms of life develop. They will say “Where did this come from, where are these beings from, why have we not seen them before?” We are not the masters of destruction, we are here as thoughts of love are in creation.

Tomorrow’s world is not yours, but that of the future. You are the basis upon which this will be built, but if you fail now, you fail the many futures of many generations to come and perhaps, just perhaps an end will be brought to the human race, perpetrated by his own reasoning, his own demands. This is not a story to scare you, but a story of creation that is repetitive and has happened many times before when those of greed and power take too much, they topple. A new breed of civilisation is formed but after many years of being in the dark you create your own situations. Before you topple, speak your minds of love, illuminate those who recreate this cycle. Easy for you to say you think, we are merely a mortal man, but we have instructed you in your very thought of emotion, of love will carry the vibrations and will succeed were the spoken word fails.

We will demonstrate this to you, as we will focus upon those of majestic energy. We will create a happening, an event that will astound your world and bring those of science and men who are in the dark will be enlightened and astonished at the beings of creation.

This event will happen within the lifetime of many who exist now. Specific times cannot be given, but as April is the beginning of a new season, so it will start as the beginning of man. Be warned, if you cannot acknowledge our attempts to change your world into that of well-being and goodwill, we will endeavour to bring forth a message that the many will hear throughout your world.

Collapse of authority will begin shortly in your states, united in thought are the people that their ambassadors do ill will against them. Hmmm, huh. It has been a time of mystery, a time of peace for many. Do not allow them, ambassadors of that place, to bring about an unsettled time. He will demonstrate his power in his thoughts as he boasts of his achievements within his financial empire, beginning of his downfall will be his own, for he considers himself masterful in the art of conversation and negotiation. His mind is focused upon one thing and does not see what the other is doing.
Let her a carry his burden for she was allowing to deny himself the truth, a monstrous man indeed. His smugness and agility of mind will slacken in his years, a sudden end is expected.

Many will fall in your world, in the times of the new beginning. Frequently you ask, who are these people that rule us, do you not know?


Comedies of error you call them, when fools emit stupidity with open mouths and no foundation of thought. We cannot instruct you on your lives, nor trust you with the wisdom or potential that you may have.

Tell us of your fears and we will emit a light to alleviate your fear, tell us of your circumstances and we will bring developments that will change your position in your life. Do not deny us your capable minds as we infringe upon those who will whisper in your ears of wisdom from afar, from a planet that is not yours, from a cosmos far, far away.

Bands of Muslims will gather in the streets of Cairo to demonstrate that they are a people of peace and love and not war. The world looks upon them and stigmatises them, curses them for their ways of anguish. Do not allow your minds this intolerance of prejudice, for there are many of the Christian world who demonstrate their arrogance and ignorance, and hatred towards others, humph, but they do not condemn their own! Do not look upon the demonstrations as being that of ill will, they will be betrayed by the media as demonstrative of their race. Far from the truth. Open your hearts and minds, listen not to the lies spread by those who would have you believe that one is tarred, all is tarred.

Pregnancies lie within the one who will demonstrate her purpose in the near future with a birth of a child you once called Jesus, he is a being of the light, of the stars, a creation of the Lord. He is a messenger who will once more face insurmountable odds and prejudice of your world. He is prepared for this, he has the nature of love that will be seen by many. He will demonstrate in the streets, in the many places of your world. He will be called a liar, blasphemer by those of many religions, huh, his strength will be paramount if he is to succeed.

He comes with the power and the energy of the mother of creation, telling not your secrets of lies, for he is a wise man of the universe.

There are many who are brought forward within your world to lead your nations out of tyranny with their thoughts of freedom and their hearts full of hope and joy, that one day they will be free. Many have perished as those who have instructed their dismissal in life, they cannot dismiss the light, many more will come to replace them as Angels, beings of light.

A promise will be given by the one who demonstrates his practice of love. Casually he will walk in his stride, fearing none, and as before, many thoughts of hate will fall upon his shoulders, a burden to be carried.

They will swiftly fall by the wayside with his grace.

Too many today will not see these words, they will repel the very thought of his coming to be in that of the mind of an imbecile. You know the truth my son, we would weep, we put these words before you to encourage you to speak out for your people. Demonstrate your love by your sincerity of heart, come to us with a warmth and strength equal to that of the mighty mountain that explodes the truth.

We will come once more to announce his being, be prepared for a multitude of misgivings, as the world must change in a magnitude of explosive behaviour.

Purple is the colour of the creation of life. It emits from the stars and galaxies of distant solar systems. Use this colour to calm your mind, to ease your burden and lighten your day.

Come with us on a journey of wondrous things that many will speak of in time to come. Your world is a precious one, one of much creation in many spiritual beginnings and happenings.

The circles that exist within your life will multiply, as word is spread of the gentle behaviour and the loving aspect of the souls that create these circles. You are a member of a mighty circle that exists in a world beyond yours, it is ruled by love and given the blessing by the Angels of light.

To become a member of the circle, all you have to do is ask with a gentle thought of mind, with a giving heart coloured with purple.

Many will disbelieve these words and betray them as “Merely thoughts of a spiritual man.” You have read many words given through time, would you doubt all aspects of being? You ask yourselves of evidence, what evidence would you have us give? You have to look within, a mind that is open will be fed the words necessary in thoughts, then, will begin to change their outlook.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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