21-08-17 New Dawn, Life and Death, Loneliness, Co-Existence, Nature for Healing etc

Transcript 21st August 2017

Animosity strikes fear in many this evening, as they reach out to the unknown, not knowing what is to come in the future of their lives, their families, and the place in which they sit.

Bring peace to your hearts this evening my children and allow your thoughts a little time to refrain from the worries of the day, from your troubles that you carry as burdens through your lives, bring peace to yourselves and allow yourself the time to have a thought for others and spare them a piece of your love, that you as brothers and sisters may join together to enable a better future for all.

Peace will come once more to your planet, as your lives traverse the many things of your days. Your purposes grow in a way, retrospectively unbeknown to you. Allow your values not to fall to the lower depths, but keep them high and noble in your mind, for you are the peoples of the world, whom life has been given, with the treasures of love and light.

Time before you when man was merely a creature of the earth, his instincts were to survive no matter what. As all animals upon your planet instinctively defend their young and their herds. They will not harm each other unless attacked. They defend their right of freedom to wander the plains and bring peace and purpose to themselves, as much as they are the animals of your world, do not neglect them, for their purpose, their hearts are free, minds are focused upon the one thing of life. They do not endeavour to kill themselves for wealth or gain, nor for property or land, their hearts are family orientated and they reside together in relative peace upon the plains of your Africa.

There will come a time when man will find equal amounts of peace and love as he opens his eyes to the new dawn that begins this evening. (Note: This message was channelled on the evening of the total eclipse, 21st August)

Too many times we have asked you not to divulge your heart felt emotions, but to give your heart freely with love and purpose on this journey of light.

Many will say that your heart has many hidden secrets, and so it does, as many in your world, but when you release those fears, and you target your emotions with thanksgiving, love and light, then you will free your heart from these bonds that hold you back to your true purposes as spiritual beings.

We believe that many of your race are in doubt of the very existence of others who coexist with you. Throughout your lives you meet many people, you look them in the eyes, in the face, and you see a human being, but if you look into their eyes you may see something more, something that will impress you, it will negotiate your mind with frankness and fear for it confuses you. What do you see? You don’t know, but you feel it in your heart, it is love, love that suppresses your fear and your anxieties as you practice your daily lives in turmoil, in your cities, in your streets and on your land.

Regretfully we have happened upon many who have had not the heart and soul to bring themselves forward and declare themselves free with love and equality. Helpful as they are, as they persuade others of their beliefs. Hmmm. They do not take to heart the true values of what they preach, therefore they are missing a vital part of their own lives, hmmm, for to see the future is to look within, as illumination, that spark that will fire their imagination beyond their very thought.

Compel your minds not to seek in those of illusion who coexist with you, for they will shine in their own right as their being executes the plans that will change your very own beings. In a forthright manner you must coexist.

You dream of many things, of men from Mars! Will they happen upon us, will they allow us peace or will they shut us out? Well, you must negotiate your hearts and minds to allow in that thought that life exists beyond your world in realms not understood as yet by your men of science.

There are many layers within your world and they coexist in fractions, in fractures. Hmmm. You may cross these boundaries at will, but you need an open mind to accept their powerful intentions of light and good.

Honourable men in the past have sought out these layers and called them a name, perplexing to you. They cannot explain what the energies are that lie beneath your atmosphere. They reach out and touch them, and their frequencies alert them to their presence, but they misunderstand, for they have no will to accept others different than yourselves.

Tonight we wish Malcolm a heart of peace. For he sits lonesome, pondering the many mysteries he has had before in his life, before him. Truly his mind was full of purpose as he sang out the praises with a will and a heart of love, and now he sits, not knowing what the future holds. Hmmm, a solitary man sat in his home, as so many do, alone. And figuratively speaking they do not exist to the world beyond, for they are shut out and shut in. There are many as him in your world, but is up to you to reach out, and lend a helping hand to the lonely people who sit in their homes this evening.

Conifers grow, as trees do, they multiply and they cover and acreage far from your home. They are a wondrous tree, they contain chemicals that enhance your well-being. Their cones fall to the ground and you step on them as they are meaningless to you, but what about the creatures that feed upon them, nourish those creatures and give them life and allow them the fortitude to continue in their own way.

The nuts within them contain a resin that would significantly help your people, but you ignore this, as they are only pine cones to be stepped on. Do you not know that nature brings many blessings in different ways, where there is a negative there is a positive, and so it is the formulations of plants of many structures that can assist in many ways, in many illnesses.

Your chemicals used to bring your minds peace, hmm, are they necessary? Or should you just look back at nature and ask what it has to offer? Your chemical manufacturers sit back and laugh and whistle at the men who work before them. They have no need of gratitude, for they have your profit, your commercial usefulness.

In many regions of your world they do not visit these places they rely upon the leaves and planets that exist, coexist with them, hummm, and their hearts and minds tell them that these things are there for them for their purpose and their being. They reach out to a branch and strip the bark back, chew upon this bark and it brings them peace, relief from their pain. They take the wood pulp and they beat the pulp, mix it with the earth that contains the minerals needed for sustenance and they chew upon this pulp. They have no need for tablets, no need for your man-made products, for they know as they chew the goodness within that will benefit themselves and align their systems and their very molecules to bring them peace of heart. Your men no longer understand this, for they rely upon the chemicals that are produced to further poison your men, so that more may be produced to bring a profitable result. Look no further than your gardens to see the benefits that are within, but be careful!

Knowledge is all, knowledge is everything. The people of the jungles of Borneo have no teachings other than from their previous ancestors, from man to boy, to boy to man, the cycle continues as they practice their medicine. They are influenced by your world of, hmmm, men, who would infiltrate their villages, be sacrilegious to their beliefs as they gain the powerful knowledge of remedies, hmmm, they have no excuse for what they do, they take and give nothing other than abuse and they wreck their lives and introduce them to their poisons. As the rabbit, they run scared knowing that one day men will fall, and they will say “Who, who provided this poison to us?” For now their practices continue, but in the forthcoming events, the March on your calendar, you may see a change to that that they call homeopathic remedies. For a cure is needed for what is to come and man cannot create it from the laboratories and chemicals he uses to sustain his profitability. Hmmm.


Hmm, glamerous people come forward this evening and they wish to interview those of your life who make people laugh. His glasses were a feature as he brought humour to your screens. He recalls the many times he sat in his parlour and thought about life, and the purpose and meaning of it all. Allan his name, his place in your world was one of entertainment, of comedy, of light heartedness. He never swore, never needed to, he brought humour in the way of the clown and many laughed and applauded him as he sang his songs with humorous lyrics within. Comedy was his game, love was in his heart, but like all who follow a life of jollity, he held within a secret that tormented him. He became known to many of your world of the big-screen, his life was tormented with alcohol and the drugs of your life, he forgot how to live and how to love. He came to us one evening, reckless in his behaviour and he asked forgiveness and was granted the light, for he knew in his heart the many things of love that brought forbearance for others.  (NOTE: Possibly Allan Sherman )

Goodness knows, knows how your world would be without the humorous of your world, those who create laughter and bring joy to the hearts of many and lift the spirits with a focus of love. You laugh at many things, some are a painful reminder of your own lives, but you laugh along with them, knowing that levity and joyfulness will bring peace once more to your minds of solitude.

Are you alone you ask yourselves? Is this a dream? Is it possible that we coexist with other worlds? Indeed it is.

Allan was in a member of an elite group hidden in your culture, secret in their very thoughts. Adversity and humour, never the twain should meet! But in life there are many mixtures, cocktails that bring disappointment to many, have a heart to see that your lives are given in the light of the Lord, and with blessings of Angels.

You have come from a place so wondrous, your mind could not perceive at this time, and return you must, bringing your behaviours and attitudes along with you, so be sure to step in the songbooks of love, recite in your heart, so that your manner and soul are that of the light. Traverse your minds to bring peace once more, that you may live in a world of joy and happiness.

NEW SPEAKER (The Beings of Light)

Dispel your fears my son, allow us our thought, for we have purpose in your world to bring peace and love and hope once more.

Help us to inform others of their duties as they recoil upon these very words, that bring richness of love and light to all.

We are the beings of light, we have hope for you all, we bring you peace and a warm welcome in your hearts. We have no fear of the future and what it will bring, for we reside in a place of love and beauty. You look beyond your hearts and hope that one day, peace will come, as you sacrifice your daily grind for that of ‘purpose’. Formerly of this earth, we have speak of many who have passed beyond your realm, they exist now in a world of plenty, were peace exists, peace and harmony coexist.

Our thoughts and murmurings are heard by the few of your world, as we whisper in their ears, not to punish their thoughts, but to advise and bring a hope, not of despair but of joy, joyfulness and happiness, the theme of tonight. Hmmm.

Our measures will bring purpose to your lives in ways far beyond your imagination, our light will exist in each and every one of you, should you open that door to your heart and allow your minds thoughts a moment of recreation, of peace. Hmmm, simultaneously we recognise that men of the earth have a need of want, they will harm each other to achieve their aims, their goals. They will not consider those upon whom they trample. Their foreboding manner is witnessed by many, yet ignored, because these people bring a promise of a different kind, a way of life with hope and reassurance of the future.

The future exists already, it’s set out within parameters and rules that you would not understand. As men carry forward your thoughts, hmm, but time is changeable, it has a flexibility to allow alternatives to exist, and within the realms we spoke of earlier, they truly do coexist as they are as one, as a whole.

You may not understand these words, there is no need to, but look upon life as a moment in space and time. Bring peace to your hearts in the knowledge that your time will come, and a hand would reach out to you, clasp yours and take you with a gentle manner to a realm beyond yours.

Those who have travelled this path never thought of it as being, or existing. Much their surprise they have awakened in a world beyond yours, with peace and goodwill.

Tonight we must draw to a conclusion, that many suffer indignities. Their hearts are full of good intentions, but their will, will not permit them, for they must take the high road and bargain with the men of science for extra time.

You will not be permitted this time, as a span of life sits within a matrix of many more, and that allocated time when expired, will pass to the next. You may not understand these words, but have faith my children, that your time, when it comes will be gentle and peaceful, despite the outward appearances to others of your world.

You are of a mind that is a vastness of space and the many possibilities within, you will traverse this mind, it is not of the physical, cannot be seen. Your electron microscope see many things within your mind, but they cannot see that part of you that continues on. But despite this, they seek within the minds of creatures of your earth, they probe with their instruments, and when confronted with other forms of life, hmm, they forget their principles.

How many men does it take to make one good man in your world? Humph we haven’t got the answer for this, but we know, that in your world men exist who will carry the message forward before them. Help us to understand this evening how your minds would work and achieve a relative calm and peace. We dispense no medicine, no miracle cure for your being, but we do issue love, in the hope that it will help bring your mind peace.

Allan, cannot negotiate his purpose, he is unable to achieve his ultimate goal, hmmm, for his needs were many in your world. His joyous humour was seen by many of your silver screen’s. He is unable to witness the many joys that it brought, but peace will be his, hmmm, it will come, at no extra cost, for his welfare is our concern, as is yours and the many of your world, have peace in the knowledge that life is everlasting. It is an energy that is all around you, it encompasses your very being.

Humour is a healer of the heart, sacrifice brings blessings to many. Be not helpless in your world of men, know that happiness is only sought if you have a will, and open mind and heart.

The one asks for a message, what will he have us say? His words carry many focused, his thoughts are gracious towards us, but with hidden secrets. He does not divulge his true opinions, he seeks refuge in the minds of others, as if to say, “Here’s a thought, you carry that message, I will sit back and wait for a response.”

Negative minds very often hide between the positive of your world, they cannot express their true potential and being, for fear, specifically fear, of a weakness of strength.

Other lives gather in the dusky evening as you retire to your sleeping behaviour, but let the one know this, that if he truly wishes to know our mind and our thoughts, he must carry the message before him with no fear. Allow the men of your earth the knowledge that you hold, withhold.

Take heed my friend, for we will bring blessings to many who have an openness of mind and a willingness of heart to further men’s priorities of life.

Hide no more behind the skirts that you find comforting, open your hearts and mind to others without fear of ridicule, for you are a man of science, a nonbeliever of faith, but you trust your algebra and your figures.

Men have weakened your mind, for your soul purpose was to help others, your solitary attitude does not compare with that of those who share their love, humph, take care my friend, bring peace to your life, hope to your heart with an open-mindedness, and fear not those who ridicule you, for their purpose is lost.

Combine your thoughts and measure of will with others of like, your principles are all well and good, but they must be for the common good.

How many times have I spoken, I am Allan, a man of comedy and one of sadness hidden deep within my heart. Martyr-ism is not my purpose, self-sacrifice was not my goal, but it came to me. I do not regret my time, my purpose was given, brought joy to many, I had fame and fortune, I had it all. My regrets were many, as I eked out my life upon that silver screen. Haplessly I went, without purpose, to men who I thought knew better, they deceive me, brought me down. My life was over as quick as it began, as I sacrifice myself before the knife of life.

Have no pity for me for I am a man who now resides in a better place, a better state of mind, my physical being has gone, but I exist, as many do, as you will do.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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