06-09-17 Princess Diana, Kim Jong Un, Denounce the Negative, Life of Learning, Military Hide Facts etc

Transcript 6th September

Good evening, welcome this evening to many who will join us, as you sit in this place with a focus and need of love.

Be prepared for the many things that will come to you all in the near future, never be afraid, for as each man falls, so he is caught by the net of light.

Hope springs eternal that peace may come once more to your world, but as revolution rises in the east, it becomes necessary to bring focus and attention upon those who have a will to desert the peace and love so tenderly given by the Lord Jesus and God our father.

Tonight we have come for the benefit of all, that they may see and realise that their world is a potential disaster. We wish not to scare you, or bring thoughts of dismay, but to alert you to the senses that you already feel. That change is coming and the masters that rule will become null and void as their future prospects elude them.

The peoples of the world will mass together in protest at the actions taken, they are unnecessary, as many innocent lives will fall.

Rest assured, although your men of action will bring their weapons to bear, peace will come in a forthright manner.

A time for reflection is needed by all who live upon your planet.

We are not a master race, but we are here to guide and prepare you for a better way, a better future. Nearer the time we will announce our arrival, as before, unexpectedly gaining access to the machines of war.

It cannot be stressed enough, that those who condemn the man who sits on his throne, they will find it necessary to unseat him to bring positive change.

Collect your thoughts my son, allow them not to wander.

Help us to inspire others that there is a better way, a better future for all, bring hope to your people despite these words, for they are as for a child, to bring you to your senses and common sense. So many of you are unable to change the aspects of your life. Your thoughts of love will shine and radiate throughout the world, and as spoken of before, love conquers all. We find it necessary to diminish life upon your planet of joy.

We are the Arcturians, a race of beings from far beyond your world. We assess your planet’s actions and communicate with those who are able to listen to our thoughts. Our presence is not obvious to your peoples, for we do not wish to bring alarm to the many populations of the world, but if you find it necessary to shatter the peace with your missiles, then we will step in as guardians of your planet, not permitting you to poison your atmosphere.

We regulate many things in your life unbeknownst to you, you happily progress your lives in ignorance. There are those who follow the many possibilities of our existence and they are the ones who will bring situation to a close.

Far to the east, we have seen many things, many terrible things that have occurred recently. We cannot tell you who has caused these atrocities, but believe us when we tell you, that they help to inspire those of war, they can initiate their practice upon them to fulfil their own needs.

A practical mind is needed to bend the rules of science, hm hmmm, bring an outlook to those of positive minds. As you enter this phase, have no fear my children, for life is but a blink of the eye.

Your attempts to visualise us in the heavens above are admirable, ah, but should you glimpse us, perhaps fear would strike in your hearts.

We have met many of your leaders in past years, decades ago. They have striven to find a way to bring about the purpose of peace, whilst others are influenced by those other beings, not of your world, but of the darker regions. They are obstacles, so men see them as evil, others as doing good to bring about change. Their methods are crude and you are the puppets by which they exercise their war games. You are merely a species whose minds are manipulated by many. For those of the positive light will not be controlled by these thoughts of ill will, for they have a mannerism and a light in their heart to bring peace to others whom they meet upon their way.

Tonights speaker will speak of many things of past and present, she has gained favour with many within your world, for she is a princess of love. She comes with no animosity, but brings a spark of light to the lives of those who are unfortunate in your world. Mmmm. A princess of the people, Diana you think, well, be glad of her tidings and bring her a focus my boy.

(Diana speaks)

“It was said of me that I was not worthy to sit on the Crown of England, for I was different in many aspects. They said I played around, but in truth, my love for him was great. We bickered many times in public and in private, his will was immense, his strength and power was controlled by others.

Shall we not speak of the unfortunate circumstances which brought me to this side of life, help me instead, to assure her a reference of love.

A manuscript of mine was recently seen by the press of your world, he controls them in a manner unseen to you. How can I say this without bitterness, but I wish peace for him in the coming trials that will burden him. His pardon will be given as he is ambushed by thoughts of mistrust.

Selfishly I say, bring peace to your people Michael, allow them a sense of dignity as they communicate with you, with great love and reverence.

Happily I can tell you that I am in a world of beauty, my boys who go before me, and I sit with pride as I see them delivering focus upon the family.

Their thoughts are not of wickedness, nor of revenge, for they are my boys who were brought up to be respectful of her Majesty and others of the family.

Phillip, man of no conscience, hmmm, he was bitter towards me, towards the end. The communiqués between us became unrivalled in history, as he bitterly told me to cease upon my actions and bring no further shame upon the public family. How could you have known how my heart felt at that time? I lashed out in the only way I could, not to bring shame on England, but to bring happiness to my heart. Hm hm.

They see him as a threat, someone of a different nationality, they couldn’t bear the thought of a public display of anger or divorce. Hm. Many argue my life was taken unnecessarily. The love expressed upon my passing filled my heart with joy and sadness, you were the people of my land, I so admired those who strived for peace and beckoned for more of the same.

My connection with spirit was strong, as she (Doris Stokes)… helped me to understand the path of my life. She came forward one evening at a special function, took my hand and asked, my dear, I smiled at her, and yet I frowned, she knew of my agony, she was perceptive as she spoke of spirit who guided my steps. My boys were treasure to the nation and they will bring change to that family.

In tense times I would turn to them and ask their forgiveness, for my path was not one of anger, but one of despair. Oh, the nannies who cared for them could see my anguish, they spoke so softly and with a caring nature to the lads, bring them peace I said, help them in the anniversary of their lives to understand that their purpose was great.

Once more I ask my people, do not be angry at my passing for I am in a world of love, I extend my hand and thoughts to you this evening, and ask that you support her in her role, for I have no animosity towards her or my husband.

In frankness, I will only say this, my joy at loving him and the birth of my boys filled my life entirely. I treasure the memories, those many memories, my boys by the lake, myself fishing, guiding them.

So many misfortunate circumstances, don’t despair for me, for I am at rest and your king will come forward in the years to come to bring you love and change in my very being. God bless.

Anniversary of my life come soon, I hear the bells, let them ring out for love and peace everlasting.

(NOTE FROM CHANNEL – After reading Doris Stokes books I am aware of her friendship with Diana, but the thoughts of Diana and Doris were not in my mind before I began the trance sitting.)

New speaker.

Pleasant thoughts to you this evening, hummm, her Majesty has spoken well hummm she shines a light in heaven so bright.

Where shall we begin, I’m not sure, I don’t know? Love is an eternal force that is within all of you, it brings you peace and comfort when you need it most. It’s very purpose was born in heaven by the Lord our father, his love for his creation is immense. It is this love that will see you through your path’s of life, bring you change in the circumstances that will be forced upon you. Many see it as a blessing and a God send and so it is. There are others who despise the very thought, they are dark in their thoughts and they have aggression through ill-fated circumstances. It is these that need help, to see that light, to bring themselves peace in their realm of life. Let us not preach to you about how you should live your lives, your pasts are many and you have brought many aspects of that past with you. You do not remember from whence you came, nor should you, but we do give you an insight as to perhaps a place of beauty, of peace, and truly if you can open your hearts and minds to imagine such a place, then you shall dwell within.

Your loved ones sit and wait for the connection of their loved ones. Time is a passage for all men it is short, some say it is long-lived, but in reality it is a speck of time.

You enhance your lives by the greetings you give others and by the helping hand that is extended, truly love is a master of all, the most powerful instrument that you will ever wield within your lives.

As anger is outstretched towards you, greet it with a manner of love, although times can be frustrating in many ways, truly love will shine through, a passiveness will calm the beast as music calms the souls of many. If you feel anger and frustrated my children, sit quietly and listen to tunes of love, not those of raucous behaviour of noise and sound, but gentleness to ease your mind to a better place. If you cannot bring yourself to do this, then surely a walk in the peace and quiet would be beneficial to your lives. Do not allow this anger that you may hold to overshadow the light that is within you, allow it a passage so that it may vacate your heart, and your light and life will brighten once more.

Many feel anger as they are abused or taken advantage of by men of disrepute, the Lord said, turn the cheek, and you find this hard to do, to turn your cheek to those who would bring negativity your way, but truly the power of love is awe-inspiring, and if it is met with hostility then you will become anxious, but greet it once more in a friendly manner.

If violence erupts then truly you must defend your manner, but do not lower yourselves to their standards.

You ask of your life, you may in circumstances surrender yourself to this necessity of defence, but never bring it upon others as a source of joy or torment to them.

You ask of many things, if one should bring harm to your family or to yourselves, what are those circumstances seen as? It is a difficult question to answer and the answer lies within you, if your heart is filled with love, then there is a way. If it is filled with hate, then the phrase “eye for an eye” would become a natural instinct.

When Jesus spoke of an eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth, it was not meant in anger, it was not meant for you to destroy others as you see fit, because they wronged you so. Its meaning is much deeper, and you may not fathom this meaning, but read 12 – 31 of the new Testament, although this has been rewritten many times in many languages, the message is the same and it will bring an awareness to you. Luke of the Gospels would give you an indication. Luke 12 verse 31
Prosper in your minds with light and love, help others to see that this is the road to wealth of the heart, show your love as you may, but bring no anger to others, for joy in love is overwhelming.

The clouds are gloomy and love is all conquering, but we to see many of anger in your world, their frantic lives bring them no joy, they speak ill of others unnecessarily.

Pope John Paul once said “A man of anger is a man of ignorance and unenlightened.” We have many such men who have attempted peace in your lives, they fall by the wayside as they diminish, they are forgotten, but they live on.

Have a mind and thought and happiness and joy for others, allow not the despair of others to selfishly overshadow your, your thoughts of love, help yourselves to the fountain of love that is there for all to drink from.

Tonight we have given you messages of purpose, some have been of darker tones, and yet we speak of the light. Your world is one that is made up of many aspects to test you, to bring your mind and your soul to focus, would you be the one to throw these lessons away in an effort to bring joy to yourselves?

Hmm, remember my children, that life is for learning and what you take with you is not the wealth that you accumulate of material things, but the wealth of the love in your heart, the good deeds that you do for others when you bring them peace.

Sacrifice yourselves if you wish, by the lusts of your world, but know they are short lived.

Have a heart for peace and those who bring you mistrust and anger in your world of man, look to them and say to yourselves “You are but a creature of God, your path is chosen, it is there for a purpose.” The purpose eludes many of you and should your world be at war, you would find it hard to understand that love would conquer if you give a thought of forgiveness.

Let them follow their path and if they turn to the dark, then let it give you strength to turn to the light. You see them as ignorant, warmongers, and they have no soul to commit such heinous acts within your world of men and life of Earth.

Humph, we cannot control all aspects of your being, we are of the light, and if you choose a path of light, that is where you will be, but if you choose the one of dark, then you will face the consequences given.

Your world is precious to us, we will not permit mankind to take the life of your planet.

Weapons may fall and people are lost, the animals of your forests may suffer and be sacrificed as the fire burns, but know that their sacrifice is not lost, and life will not be extinguished upon your planet. Terminate your thoughts of fear, for there is love everlasting beyond your world of men.


John, John wishes to speak. Mary I’m with you, I can cope with the many things that life brought, I needed to break the cycle and bring sharp focus to all who looked upon me as being a man of sadness. Truly gloom overruled my life, perhaps I brought much despair, hmmm, I’m sorry (I cough) the wounds of life are still with me, but the amber light that shines before me brings hope. Mary, forgive me my dear, let our children know my love for them was immense, do not allow them the fears that I had, help them to understand that I am at peace and with them. I have not succumbed to those of the dark, for my sacrifice was for love. Don’t be ignorant to the fact that life is for living and should not be taken by one’s own hand, be prepared that should this happen, then the light will shine, healing brought and given to those in despair. I cannot forgive myself for the sorrow I have brought to you, but the joy to see our new son grow up to be a fine man, brings love to my heart. Mary, I miss you, and I bring that of hope that one day we will meet once more in better circumstances, in the light and love of spirit.

Have no fear my children for life is granted peace, with bonds of love that cannot be broken by that of the dark. So as much as you look at these poor souls who despair so, have joy in the knowledge that their peace is once more brought to them in the light of heaven.

The many healers that exist within your world bring thoughts of love as they place their hands upon the shoulders of those afflicted, their despair is felt by the sensitive beings, they assist in the healing process.

Many think that suicide is such a terrible thing, there are circumstances that exclude the thought of life, sympathy, and the caress of light will heal. Do not despair for them, as you are told by your men, the preachers of your world, that it is wrong and that punishment awaits them! Far from the truth is this, for love is an eternal triangle and what may have brought them to their circumstance cannot be understood by others, but yet it was right for them. Their lives were given the others might see that life is precious. Harsh lessons to learn by some, in fact by many. Lessons nonetheless, that life is short and temporary.

Do not bring despair to yourself if your circumstances surround you with despair, for there are always a light that will shine so brightly and it will bring you peace. Have mercy upon yourself, lighten the load do not be afraid to speak to that of the Angels of light, for we hear and listen, always in your lives.

Practice your patience in love, extend your hand of forgiveness and say to them “I love you and I understand your anguish, and although I hurt, I feel pain, my love for you is extended beyond the realms of light”.

Bring no anger to your fellowmen, we are the beings of light that shine before the innocent, allow our thoughts of patience to circumnavigate your mind. We are here this evening to bring the one focus that he may sit and help those in need this evening. Our love is extended to you with open arms, as our arms spread you feel the warmth of our love, the tenderness that is extended to you.

In your lives there are many extreme measures brought against you, but know there are many lives, and those less fortunate than yourselves will be brought justice in the light and love, in the realm of heaven. You are creatures of mistrust, you do not listen to those words that should bring you peace, you sit in your homes and you think that perhaps a drink or two might help, my children this is a negative, do not bring negativity into your life, and even though you may think it little, it eats away at you into your heart and you wish for more, and the more you sink into the abyss the more grief you bring yourselves.

Allow yourself the thought of love, denounce these negatives of life. Hmm hmm.

We bring you peace his evening our ships are plenty as we bring peace to your nations of men in ways unseen to you. You feel the world is on its knees and at the end of its tether. In some circumstances it is becoming obvious that men of war and science are desperate to try out their weapons of war. The arrows of discontent that point at each other, that they test each other’s nerve, not assessing the dangers to people of your world or the creatures that walk upon it, their minds are a focus of power and strength, they have missed their God-given right to rule in peace and honour.

We will bring them to their knees, they will not succeed in their thoughts and endeavours. Hmmm, you think of the East and the West, but there are those of the North that will bring displeasure to many in a limited war of attrition and nerves. Do not listen as they blast and blunder their way through their lives, the one that rules them is an observer of manipulation, torture and mistreatment of his people. They fear him greatly, they neither wish to bring a circumstance of war upon their nation, but they are led by pirates. Extend your love to them, let them know that you are thinking of them, for you must understand that there are many innocents who no longer wish to live in fear, but wish to be at peace with others, there are the powerful minority that family, that gather and war. They think conquest is the answer to their scheming minds, they will be brought to their knees as the people of ignorance begin to understand how their peace and harmony will be shattered in ways they cannot even conceive. Education is the answer, but he, Kim Jong Un, knows that if you suppress the mind, then you have control. His purpose is a grievous one, he feels in his mind that he is a safe person in his hands. He does not fear the West, for he looks to others for support. His thoughts are many, his mind is young, all minds were young at that point of life, the misguided actions nevertheless brought misguided times.

When will you people learn, life is for living and loving, for caring and sharing and bringing peace to others. You may not be able to control the circumstances, but truly you can shine your light and that vibration of light will change every outcome.

You fear his actions and quite rightly so you should, his time will come, his purpose will end and the fear will pass, and the peoples will say, “Enough, enough, but to share our resources, let us bring this world openness.” We hope for peace in your lives, but as you know, your lives are for learning and generations to come, they will look back at you and say what was their purpose, what was it for? Do you have an answer? We surely don’t.

Take care my children and know that we the beings of light look upon you with a weathered and fair hand and the knowledge that your minds are weak and misguided. Look to the heavens and see the light that shines and the hope that it brings for your future’s, and whatever happens within your lives, should it bring you to your end, for those with faith and love, they know that life moves on and coexists with the universe in a universal way, not measurable by your instruments of science, but measurable by your heart and your soul. You know this to be true, give thanks to him that brought you life.

Life has evolved to bring many treasures, you do not see them, for they are not objects but that of souls of love.

Tobias once said, “Fractures of the earth will bring dismay to many, as she is pounded by the mortals that live upon her.” Fractures will occur, as that is the nature of your earth and other planetary systems around you. Creation will recreate, it will evolve, the slate will be wiped clean and generations and many millions of years may pass, when life will erupt once more, but in a different way.

Your spirits, your souls are never-ending and part of the universe. Life is brought, subsequently to many beings, upon many planets. Yours is no exception, your willing heart is primitive, as babies you jostle for position in precarious ways.

No words of ours can express our concern, in truth we are to adhere, to deliver an aspect of consciousness to those who would see a better future for your world. Trace your thoughts back, do not forget lessons that you have learnt and those that are taught to you at this time.

Many of you disagree with the sciences of your world and how they elude you, bringing illusion to your eyes, not speaking of the truth. The military of your world hide the facts, they do not want you see that there is a better way that could be brought to your earth. Control is paramount in their minds, and they will not relinquish it easy, nor will they give man a helping hand to bring a brighter future. For it is in their nature to be of self. Ah, their thoughts dictate you many things of negative, they bring you disillusion. They hide the facts of our being, but they cannot hide the truth, for it will burst out in the near future.

We are not beings who have been in your circumstance, we have evolved through time in a peaceful way, we have been brought negative actions against us, but we have subdued them. We will assist to bring your misfortune to an end, have courage to face your future.

You lack trust, open-mindedness, but you are learning. Many of your world look to the skies to find the truth for their own eyes to see.

Unpleasant thoughts are brought you, hmmm by the mysterious of your world, they linger, feeding your minds and souls with poison, in literature and upon your media. Truth is given rarely, but is seen by many.

Humph, commencement of love is your future, bring joy to others, peace to their hearts if you can, amen.

Favour us with your love and your evening prayers. Temptation of plenty in your world of man, you are not beholding to anyone, for your souls are free, but bring joy to others in a practice and manner of love, that you may coexist in peace and harmony.

Accept those that come before you from other worlds beyond yours, there are some who would transmit fear to you, but there are those of the light, as we are.
Enter into this brave new world with open hearts and minds and bring yourselves a better future, that mankind one day will live in peace and harmony. True there is no Shangri-La of peace and love, for their always will be those who would of bitterness and greed. Mistrust, this is common in many aspects of life, it is as you would say “your salt and pepper” the black-and-white, for where one is, the other is needed to bring truly balance.

It is not exceptional to see that many nations have favoured the light in preference to the dark, we would wish your world the same advantage.

Help us to understand what it is that controls your minds and your lives. You have control of your own aspect of being.

You are guided by mysterious voices that speak to you from afar, their thoughts are with you and you mistrust them at times, thinking you know better, but then you say, “I wish I’d gone that way” – well, all routes lead to one place, and although your turn may have been wrong, your avenue maybe rough, but you will be brought back onto that path of light. You must have faith and trust, truth in your heart, to enable you to follow that path, to bring your being once more, that correction needed, and perhaps this time you would have learnt, and this is what we mean by lessons of life, that you may go awry on one path, but you will come back to that path of truth once more, and should you have not learnt your lesson, then once more you will depart from your way and travel that rough road of life. At some point you will be brought back to the true path. Be warned if you continue in this manner and contain the light within and shut it out of your lives, then the path will become dark and it will be a matter of time before that light would be seen again.

Possibilities are abound for you all, your lives are led in a manner of focus, brought to you before your time. You spoke of Diana and with her this evening, she is an angel of the light, her focus was great in your world and your country, her truth lives on. Many dispute the fact that she was delivered to us untimely, but it was her path. How can this be you say, but there are many in the world whose lives are short, they bring the anxiety to others and their lives are terminated in circumstances not seemingly fitting to you, but there lives are not short and pointless, for they have brought focus and teaching to others, they have helped others to see their path of light, and each one of you has come to this life with a true purpose in mind, it may elude you and you may deceive yourself by saying “This was unnecessary, what was this all about?” But if you sit back and take a minute, and see the things and the many blessings they brought, then you would understand that their time was done, their journey and practice had been achieved and now they would return home.

To all, your purpose is great, and if you see those of negative who seem hostile and harsh, remember, they too may have a path of reason and of being.

Thankfully the light continues to outshine the dark, blessings to you all my children.


(A point to note, the message speaks of ‘fractures’ when in the early hours of 8th September there was an 8.1 earthquake in Mexico.)


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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