17-09-17 Meaning of Life, Dimensions and Layers, Media, Oil Drilling and Quakes, Drug Dealers, etc

Transcript 17th September 2017

Chariots of love will march across your skies bringing the light and love to the peoples of your nations. Have no fear my child as we blend with your mind and body to bring you focus upon those many things of life that should be learnt by the many. Give us hope that one day, you might see that light and bring focus once more to that of the Lord, the Lord of mercies.

We pray that your men of science, bespoke in their ways, also have a will to bring peace through their methodology. We help them in ways unseen to them, in their thoughts, in their patterns and structures of their minds. They deny the possibility that life exists and coexists beyond that of the physical. But what of life? Is it tangible that you may touch the very soul and the heart of a person, is it possible that you may feel or sense those in need, or those who need persuasion in their actions upon your planet Earth?

Come with this now on a journey my son, let us show you things of heaven and earth and the possibilities that exist within the many realms and layers of your focus.

We have come this evening from afar, journeyed many light years to bring you news of events that may have occurred or will occur. Your satisfaction at knowing that our will influences those of your earth, is pleasing to us and we will bring you hope of a bright new world before the dawn of men.

Hmmm, Texas was spoken of, a vast state upon your world. Its many population are of different natures and cultures, they mix, but do not see their fellow man and neighbour. Their equal rights are forbidden to them by that state of power and energy. What hope have they if they cannot live as one and see beyond the physical flesh? The mind generates powerful images to many who see the patterns of life unfold before them. That great state of Texas, will see and acknowledge a burden to them in the shortfall.

The earth is a fragile place, and you permit those who wish to plunder it free access, not speaking a word in protest. Be honourable to yourselves, do not allow these indiscretions to continue for they are a blight upon your earth. They sink their wells and search the oils of mother Earth. These are the poisons that are stored within the earth, that they should not blight the surface and cause dismay to living. But you extract and leave an empty shell in their wake, and there is a magnitude coming that will fracture many mines, and these drillings will unite to cause a major quake.

These are the facts my children, they are before you as God holds out his right hand before you, but you ignore them, for you fear the authorities would take action against such protests. You need courage to face their hostilities, for if you don’t, what hope have you as men of free will?

Tangible truths are spoken with these words. Help us to inspire others who seek their fortune through the earth upon which they live. Their fortune lies within, hmm, it is of the heart and the willingness of the soul to forgive those who trespass against them, and help others in distress at their time of need.

The winds will blow a curtain of dust across Arizona as the heat penetrates the very earth. Cracks appear as if from nowhere as the temperatures rise.

These are the facts, they have been caused by the many indiscretions that you create as you strive for the riches of the earth. Your riches of the earth are before you. You manufacture your own problems and issues, and you ask us to intercede where you supposedly cannot. It is not our responsibility to control the conduct of those mayors who would disrespect you and the earth, it is for you to lead the way and bring them to a peaceful resolution for all your sakes.

Sparrows have flown the nest, the Hawks they lurk and search out their prey. In flight they dazzle with their bright wings, and as they plummet to earth, so the solution may be found. Hmm. Continue not on your paths of destruction, for you care not for your own, humph or the world upon which you live. Bring a thought of peace, that you may find peace. Their destructive actions will become clear in the August of the New Year, hmmm, their patterns will be familiar to you, of cat and mouse, a playful time in their minds as they tease and taunt each other, but these actions are of the negative and can produce a sour note to many.

Inspire those who need help to communicate with others that they may topple their governments in the hope of bringing peace. We mean no revolution, we only wish to assist. Hmmm. The power is yours to bring change, do not miss this golden opportunity, but bring forth your joy to your planet.

We the Arcturians, are a necessary race beyond your world, your planet. We will not toy with you with disrespect or with ego issues. We are familiar with the many issues of your planet, our thoughts bring a welcome change to those that hear these words.

You ask of our being, how would you know us if you came face-to-face with such beings? It certainly is a problem for you, but in your hearts, you would know those of the light. We beckon you not with torturous insults or indiscretions, you have spoken of war and the many indiscretions of man, and we see these things. Our attitude is simple, we are one of peace, bring us not disrespect, but hope in the glory that once more we can share the world in peace and harmony for the good of all and not for the benefit of one. Free your minds my children, allow them to become resolute in their actions as you battle against the negative entities of your world.

Your farcical behaviour amuses us, as you stampede to those places where you think the truth lies. The truth is before you, and before your nations eyes. We cannot tell you many things of the future, for we are disallowed, but know that our minds are set upon your values of peace and love. Bring hope to others through these words.

We do not trespass your minds for your inner feelings and we ask only that you give willingly, and with a willing free hand.

A passage of time is minute within many aspects of being, allow the ones who wish you well to come forward, bring them joy and peace of your heart as you offer them your mind.

(Notes my voice changes with this communicator)

Conscious we are, of the effects that these solutions would bring for peace and mercy in your world.

Comparatively you are a species of the lower order within the nations that surround your planet of life. We offer you not temptation, but purpose and a willingness to fight for the values of the light and good. There are many nations who would wish to speak, they would wish to bring you despair and their notions of domination! Do not permit these things to trouble your mind’s, for if you hold the light within then the balance will be kept and their indiscretions cannot enter. Hmm, but once you allow them in, you must deal with them in a manner offered by the way of the Lord. Hmm, bring yourselves hope and carry yourselves with a demeanour of love and purpose. Know that we mean no disrespect to you or your nations. Once your planet was toppled by such indiscretions as controlled by man, you have not learnt. Your men of power have a will so strong as to control your lives through the media of your world, they insult your intelligence by offering you simple things of life that seemingly bring pleasure, but are merely toys of negativity.

Seek the truth within your hearts do not deny your love to those of your fellow men who walk with you upon your path, for you are chosen in many ways before your time to walk and tread the path of life.

Your continuing ambitions to gather wealth in your world are seemingly unimportant to us, we have spoken of the true wealth, of the heart and mind and your soul, allow these to be the treasures of the world. Live your lives truly and with comradeship to others, bringing them a greeting of the day, that you may pass the time with pleasantries and not bitterness or anxiety, or needless worries of the physical world.

Your minds are particular in their traits, this is given so that you, as an individual, can learn many things of your lives, and if you have an open heart and mind to match then you will learn of others and the paths that they tread. You see many as being awkward or divisive in their ways, hmm, they are obstacles that are put there to cause you to find a new direction and path on which to walk, this is of learning. We need not tell you that your paths are united in many ways unknown to you, you seek the light in your world of comparative, hmm, love. Yet gestures of hate are issued constantly by men of power, the light and dark exists in whichever realm you have to be, that is the balance of life, it is up to you to tip the scales in that direction that is right for your time.

Be aware of the negative balance, for it brings a purpose of mischief to your lives. The proper use of the tools given to you by the master of joy, hmm, is yours to use purposefully and positively for the good of others.

Bring a wealth of joy to your men and your men of science who whisper words unfamiliar to you. They have begun to understand that life is merely a passing of time, and that there are deeper thoughts within the realms of your mind to be researched. They place the instruments upon your heads, and they seek that energy that lies within, which they know lies within, they cannot explain how it functions nor what the conscious mind really is. They are passive in a demeanour and they respect that body that they seek the answers within. Of course their cruelty is equal, in that of their mistreatment of the animal kingdom, of which you are all part and parcel of the same ingenious intelligence that brought you life.

Seek the answers within your soul, within your heart. We cannot explain how your very souls exist within your time and space, just accept that life is there for the living, for the loving, for the caring, and that you, as individuals are as the pupils of your schools, you are in your class assembled together to instruct yourselves of the many possibilities that there are. Your teachers are those of science at this time, but men of ill gratitude will exist within them and deny the lessons that should be given, their secrets are hidden well, they do not intend to disclose in the near future anything that might bring a positive spin upon your lives, for they are seeking the impossible, the secret of life. They look for this, and are given tantalising insights, but they cannot create what the master created in that very beginning.

We as the beings of light, are also the creation of that same master. We exist in a period of time, in a dimension and layer different from yours, we breach that layer, as explained before, as to objects join and therefore a doorway is opened, a passageway of light that we may intercede with your thoughts and bring you messages from this world to yours. This is at your passing, the door by which you will enter, a new dawn will be bright and shine for you, and as the baby and the child, you will learn once more of many things. Not being aware of your previous existence, but an inner knowledge will exist and resume once more.


Hmm. Lies are many in your world, there is much intolerance by many who would seek to destroy them for their own gratification. The murders committed and the crimes are unseen to you, are many times. They are highlighted by men who wish to intercede with that side of criminality. Hmm, they see a story, a focus, a purpose for there being. Ah, we have noted your objection to those of great sin being highlighted and even worshipped in an unfamiliar way, as superstars! Huh, it’s sad to see so many fall for this. Those twins that brought many indiscretions to others, are in the depths much lower than they expected. ( Kray Twins )

There are many equal of them that exist today, in their habitual habits of human trafficking, of destruction of the mind through the substances given, so that they may benefit of wealth and property. They do not understand that their very indiscretions bring them nothing but shame and unpopularity amongst those of spirit.

As they destroy those young minds, many will see them as men of ill repute, drug dealers. Those who push the substances are no better than the man that manufactures them for his own personal greed. We tell you of these many things, that it may enlighten your mind that escapism is not found through substance’s of joy of your nations, for they are of the negative, and create indiscretions that multiply tenfold.

You have a purpose as man, to live a life of obedience and of common welfare. Do not dispose of your path through the simple mind of want, need or greed.

We sympathise with those whose lives are destroyed by these men who are passionate for their own selves, we bring them peace upon their passing, but their minds hearts and souls struggle, truly it is a release for them, but still their soul has been corrupted and needs healing and love.

Bring yourselves healing and love in your very thoughts this evening for those who suffer despair, they ingest these substances thinking that it will bring them peace or perhaps an illusion of a better life. We are sad for these people, these beings are subject to indiscretions of the few.

Life is for the soul to bear witness to the many possibilities and many existences. Your passages of terms of life are fewer than you think, but they are necessary. What is the end purpose of life you wonder, why am I living a life at all and what is the meaning of all? It is true you are blindfolded from this truth, simply as a test. We bring you instructions through your thoughts, hmm, and you may take that advice, or you may leave it, it is your decision alone.

The meaning of life is so in-depth, you may not comprehend its very existence. It is the energy that surrounds, not only your world but many others, it is the energy that exists within the universe, a constant energy never depleting, and there is the positive and negative polarities by which you will transmit your thoughts.

As your souls leave your bodies, your very nature will determine at which pole you arrive to. There are many who hover between the two, they neither believe nor disbelieve, they neither accept or disown, but they exist and theirs are the ones that the energies need to adapt. They will return in one aspect or another, not necessarily as the humankind, for there are many forms of life within the universes and galaxies that surround you, and if you have a thought, as we know you do Michael, that perhaps you are but a microbe or perhaps a micron of something else, of something greater beyond your life, and you would be right in anticipating that perhaps there is something greater beyond, you will never know what part you play, but we will give you this analogy now, that if you were to take a microscope and look to your own bodies as your scientist do, you will see that life exists within life. So is it so hard to conceive that perhaps your life exists within another life, that of the light or the dark, or a greater body than you can ever possibly conceive, after all, the creatures that live within your very bodies know nothing of you, they know nothing of your body. Hmm, and when your body passes do they pass as well? Are they gone as your body decays? No, they are minuscule, they will transform, they are of their world within you, and they exist for your benefit.

Passages of time, spoken of their being of light, hmm, many exist to bring you sustenance in your life, they are compatible with your manner and your aspect of being.

Never before have we spoken of these things, for your pattern of life is one of the utmost discretion.

You look deep within for answers. You seek within your mind an ability to transmit and perhaps communicate with others of like minded souls from other places and destinations. Your abilities are weak, yet powerful enough to bring joy to others, and in this, is your ability.

You come to us with many, hmmm, problems, and we issue you with goodwill and love. Many times you seek your answers within the bottle! Huh, this is not the way, this is not the answer you should be looking for.

Valerie consults with many with negative aspects, as their lives are in disarray. She is able to put them at ease, as is her husband, and allow them peace of mind in their kind thoughts and willing attitude to help in whatever way they can. There are many like them in your world, many who care and have a responsibility to others. Allow them a thought of peace tonight. Their minds are troubled at this time, but still they shine their light, bringing joy to others. Financial concerns are many and the answers elude them. But they have a heart, and they know answers will come, for all who bring joy to others are rewarded in their times of need, not by the plentiful but by the necessary requirements that allow them to continue. Your work with them as a medium would bring them joy in the knowledge that we acknowledge them, and we see their financial problems as being merely a short-term issue. Your purpose is to seek the joy in others and to bring them peace. Your car, huh! We find fault with it, as you do. Brakes, hard to come by, these new parts, and you struggle so, but answers will be found.

A prospect to come forward for you, one of disposable income may help within your circumstances, for we administer joy and help to those who bring joy, hope and love to others. This is your work, nonetheless yours Michael.

As a trio you help others in the teachings and ways and outlooks that they should be viewing from a new dimension.

We instruct you on the many things of life and death and your souls being, and creation. You transmit these messages with a love to others, and they appreciate the many things spoken of. No need for reward, for this brings joy to your soul. Do not despair in your earthly needs as they are, they have a pattern that will assist all in good time.

Children of the light you are, and you are not alone as there are many who practice. Some, true to be said, have an agenda of personal gain. Their wealth will not last long, as we will not, hmmm, continue to work with them, should they mistrust and misuse the gift given.

Enduring blessings to those of the group in Cornwall, as we see the light shine and their meditations grow in energy and power, which is noticeable to them, and their intermittent problems of joy and love will continue in a pattern of learning. We adorn them with the flowers and fragrance of spirit, that they may feel and see the many things that are given to them in many different aspects.

There is a communiqué waiting, he stands by you now, his loving greetings are given, you smell the fragrance of tobacco within you. He is a father to Mary, humph, she has troubles within this dimension, his worth is great, with love is sent, she might find forgiveness in her heart, help if you will to cross the barrier of life in peace, with the knowledge that punishment is not given as described in the books of life, for there is forgiveness for all, and allow her to see the light that shines within your very minds eye and ask you to come forward now. You feel energy, take her hand and extend your love to her and tell that there is forgiveness and love within that light, and healing will be brought to her with a beauty so profound that she will never look back. Take her hand now Michael, guide her into the light that her being once more will be reborn within the love and light of the Lord. It is not necessary to cross with anxiety, you have peace in your heart, bring that joy to her, take her hand, lead her.

(NOTE: For clarification to the reader, as this point I did visualise her hand and guide her into the light as requested, being part of a spirit rescue).

She is with us now, Irish is within your thoughts, and this is her birthright. You have assisted this evening, there is the few that do not understand this energy within that can help others. Look to Valerie and Kevin, Kevin knows he is an angel of the light, hmm, this energy is of a father, hmm, you feel his symptoms and you know of his discretions, bring him joy in the knowledge; Mary is safe in the arms of the Lord.

(NOTE: Valerie and Kevin take part in frequent spirit rescues as a team, Kevin being a sensitive who feels their emotions and discomfort.)

Tantalising glimpses are given, hummm, hmm hmm. You saw before you the light that shone. We respect your mind and its purpose, a commonwealth of knowledge is essential to bring about peace within your world, peace not only between man and his rival, but peace in your minds. Allow not the indiscretions of the world to affect you in such a way as to bring your being into disrepute with that of the light. Your sins committed, but forgiveness is given only for the asking. Help those who are unable to forgive themselves, and tell them that our love extends no matter what the situation, even to the most grievous of crimes. If that soul is truly repentant, then they will be forgiven in due course, time must be served and the analytical minds of your world will study us and say, how can you say this of men of such evil intent? It is hard to conceive that there is a being who would extend his hand of love and light to all. Be not responsible for your actions, of indiscretions. How can we say this that you might understand, this mind functions in a manner unknown to us. We say be not responsible, of course you are responsible, messages are garbled and mixed. Hmmm.

Bring strength your mind, your paths are many and varied hmm, and let us transmit this thought, that to be responsible for your actions, is yours and yours alone, your indiscretions are yours and yours alone, they are nobody else’s even if you feel you have been coerced in this way. For you have a choice, you have a choice to take this path, or that path, which path will you take? The choice becomes obvious should you search a heart and find the truth within. If your indiscretions are of criminality and taking another life, then truly we say, you must face those indiscretions, despite what we say of the love and light and forgiveness, very confusing I’m sure, but please know that we speak in a way that is the truth.

Layers upon layers, you yourself have committed many things of atrocity within your past life, you know of this through your regression, and you aspire to the light. The path is set, those indiscretions are behind you and you paid the price as you would for any other sin committed. Your lives progress, and circumstances sometimes call for an indiscretion to be transmitted to others, do not fear for your indiscretions, hmmm, truly, mistakes are made, as the child grows and learns between right and wrong, so your soul does the very same thing. Belief in us is paramount, your love one another is a natural gift and should not be disregarded or disrespected. Come to us with an open heart and mind, and know that there is no fear, there is no forgiveness for those who deny these things, humph, no forgiveness for many who would presume to bring desires of misconduct upon others.

Your focus is lost.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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