Guest Trance Session by George 27th September 2017- “Changes”

A guest trance session by George, taking place at a home in Cornwall on 27th September 2017

First I’m going to thank you all for being here this evening and thank you for the invitation. As George has said, this is the first invitation of this kind we have had. We have many times been turned down, it is nice that we have been invited to speak to genuine people. Genuine people within their belief patterns. There are so many that play at being spiritualists, at being mediums, but we do not use that term now, we have changed back, or forwards, which ever you like to say, I’m going to say to you all before we go any further, that you are all light workers. You work for the energies of light and in your way and manners of everyday life, you carry out the work. For energy is light, the spirit, the universal centre of all life energies which you call God.

Now for a moment, I would like you all to put out your healing thoughts for the world and all life upon it. It is in need of those energies at these times, your thoughts will come together and go up like an umbrella and go out all over the world, yes they even reach Australia! There is nothing that can stop the power of thought and healing energies combined that goes out, it is picked up by the crystalline energies around and passed around the world. So please send out your thoughts of love, light and peace all over ………..

I am going to speak to you tonight on changes. You may of heard it from others, you may have read it in little books, that change is coming about.

Some of you have felt the effects in your daily lives, especially at weekends or at times when you are supposedly resting, all of a sudden you feel topsy-turvy and out of balance. Don’t let it worry you, you go and see your medics and they find nothing wrong, why? Because there is nothing wrong! It is the changes in vibrations and to your own personal DNA that is taking place throughout the human race, especially with those who are working with the energies of light and who are sensitive to the slight changes that are coming in place.

You will not see the completion of this on your present earth walks, but on return to this side of life you will see the changes that have taken place, the changes that have taken place within your own physical bodies while you are on earth.

Of your own free will you can reincarnate back to this planet to help the human race to progress further. This will come about slowly and only if you wish to, it may not be for some time, but you could be amongst those that were here and assisting when it changes slowly from the world of turmoil and over-balancing darkness, to the world as it once was. A world of total peace with everything in co-existence with each other. True you had meat for food, but you only took the amount that was necessary and you respected the lives of people and animals, not people, but animals, birds, snakes, all sorts that you used for food over the centuries.

Many generations, many civilisations have existed on your planet and your scientists are beginning to understand that there are connections with other civilisations within the cosmos. I know, this has been told before, it has been written that the first civilisation on the planet was not the human race, it was spirit beings from afar, and those civilisations, they walked the planet as pillars of light or balls of energy. They didn’t have legs, all their movement was done by power of thought.

You could think to yourself now, “I wish I was in Australia” and you would be there. You could think “I would like a new dress” and would have it. It was as simple as that. But then the energies of darkness wanted to take over the planet and they introduced fear, greed, and all the other things we associate with the darker side.

There was a battle, it was never won by either side, but was brought into balance and it went like that for many years. And then they started blocking the energies that were being supplied to the spirit being within you. But at that time it wasn’t within you, it was the spirit beings walking the earth plane. Slowly they began to shrink in size because of these blockages of energies. You know about energies going to your body, you know about your chakra systems and the other crystalline circuitry within your being, so we will not go into that. But that was being starved of energies, shrinking and becoming weaker. The universal energy of all life then designed and brought into place the human being, you did not descend from animals, you did not come from the fish of the sea, you were designed for the purpose that you are now.

You all, as you know, are two beings in one physical body, the physical body itself and the spirit within, so you are in fact two in one. You have two brains, one physical brain and what we term, a spiritual mind. While you are on a walk of experience, the spiritual mind is closed to you, certain sections of it is opened at times, the different things on your walk, when you reach certain levels, that will go on, it will continue to happen, but it is going to happen at a faster rate. You will find that there are things you are doing now in your work for light that will become stronger. I am not talking about days, I am not talking about months, I am saying in about a year. You will look back and see an alteration in your energy patterns and how you work and what you do.

I know the level at which you work, I know your true levels of spiritual consciousness, but I don’t tell George that! He doesn’t know, and he won’t be told, because it is you, as you are and who you are. You do not know who you are, you may say, but I am Elizabeth, or I am Robert, but that is your earth name. Your spirit name is given to you in spirit, not by any ceremony on Earth. You did not receive a spirit name, you have already got it, you have had it from the time of birth as a spirit being. We recognise you all, not only by your earth name and the vibrations of your earth body, but by the vibrations of your spiritual self, your soul or whatever you like to call it. That is you, and that is your identity card, the vibrations, you are a number of energies all put together.

When you stop and think about what you do and what is around you, you ask what is this made of? This is wood, this is leather, this is that and that ….. it is all made of one thing, the same as you are, energies that originated from the centre of all life, as your planet originated. The combination of all energies of all the material world, the animal kingdoms and the lot, all come from the same source of energies. They all have their own levels.

You sometimes will maybe have considered doing table tapping. You put your hands on the table, your fingers touching it and the table bounces around. There are two things that can cause that, one is the spirit actually moving the table and the other is yourselves, by your power of thought, you have lowered your vibrations to that of the materials within that table and of course it becomes floating.

How do you think they built the pyramids? By the power of thought, changing the energies within the stones they were moving, so they could move them by hand into place. No rows of slaves or anything like that. They had assistance from this side of life. The same assistance is there for the human race. But before they can use it again, they must, as you would put it, “Clear up their act.” They have taken away discipline and with the loss of discipline there is the loss of respect. And as what we see is turmoil throughout the human race on earth at this time. You have all seen it, you have all heard of it and you have all made comments about how things have deteriorated.

Today there is more concern with “Is this right, is that right, you mustn’t do this because we might upset that”. Use your own power of thought. Sort out your own area, put out your own thoughts for love, light and peace and you will be surprised at the effect that it has throughout the world.

In your conversations earlier on about groups, how they work and some say they don’t work and how you feel energies within the group. The group gets together when it’s the right people and the right vibrations, those vibrations come together and work and you can put out your thoughts to anything and you will help that. But, as you know, you do not only put your thoughts out, as you raise up and send your energies out to us, we will return and speak with you. Not only in this way, we speak in many ways. Some of you think, oh I can’t do this, I couldn’t receive that, you have the capability in you by being sincere in what you wish to do and in your conduct, you can open more doors, and more knowledge will be let out to you.

There is no reason why a healing person who is genuine and can feel the healing will not be able to do the same work as the Christed One did on Earth. It can come about, your belief pattern as in healing, the healing medium, I use the term because in the transaction in the power of healing it comes through you to your patient, you are the one in between, so you are a medium for healing energies, no matter what anybody else says. In building up your confidence in those powers, in those energies and in your willingness to help, you are building up your total vibrations, and as your vibrations rise, ours lowers down to meet you at a higher level.

You may say, “I have John Smith working through me for healing.” That may stay with you for a while and then you may say, “Oh, I’ve got, so and so.” And you will find that you have working with you a section of spiritual healers, each one specialising in a certain group of earths diseases. Well I needn’t go into how the energies come into you and go through you to the patient, because you have covered it in your own activities. That will get stronger and you will do more things, the unexpected. It is all possible because the thoughts are within your mind to do good and to help people.

There is so much to tell you. There are more here who work this way, we have a gentleman (Michael), his energies are also on the increase and you will be getting more and more information. Why is this? Why is the same information coming to different people? Because people like to say, “Well George said so and so, is that true?” and then someone comes along and says “So and so said the same thing from over there”, so there must be a balance, there must be a comparison. The wording may not be the same but what is meant within those words are the same. Therefore people will believe that this is coming about.

You will all have the opportunity to come back on this path, maybe assist in the transformation that is going to take place, that is going to go back to what it was. A world of peace, a world of love and light, but this time it will not be spirit beings who will doing this, it will be the human race.

Recently you had atomic energies set off once more on the earth, we have sent increased rays of crystalline energies into the earth to maintain that balance, to maintain your orbit. You are never going to be totally destroyed, the human race is not going to be destroyed at any time.

It may come about, as has happened before, you’ve gone backwards, you’ve stopped, and then you have to start all over again, but we don’t want it to happen that way, we want to slowly cleanse the human race and move out, what you can call the dust. Move it out, like you dust the shelf, you move the dust out of it, you use the duster and flick it outside and it goes. Or in this case, the ones concerned will move out, they will move somewhere else.

You have eternal life, so do they. The only difference is, they will go on a different pathway, a different vibration and then they earn their way back, when they ask to return to the light. They put out their heart, ‘Please help us’. You will know about rescue missions, of people in-between, there are also rescue missions to those of the other vibration in which Earth mediums are used and work with the spiritual ‘angels’ if you like, ‘guides’ if you like, whatever name you give us, it is not important. We work together offering protection for you while you are there and because of your lower rate of vibration on Earth, you do not frighten the people in dark areas, they will talk to you, and over time, this goes on for a long time, they will be brought back to the light, and when that happens they have to start on a new pathway, and some of that pathway will be karma to repay their debts and damage they cause to the human race.

This how things come about, there is no hell or damnation, there are no big halls of fire, what good would that do? Nothing! Because you are eternal, fire will not destroy you. That has been proved by people who have been burnt at the stake. The witches, etc. What happens when spirit moves out of the body? It comes over to this side and goes to a place of healing and then back to their place in the spirit realms. In time, if they wish they can be incarnated on the Earth. But, let me point this out to you, it is not only the human race that comes to your planet.

Any civilisation within the cosmos, spirit beings, of any shape, size or colour can ask to do an earth walk of experience. They will go before a counsel and explain what they want to do, what they want to learn, and if as most answers are, they pass. They meet their guardian angel and they discuss the program before them, and then, believe it or not, they join a queue to incarnate on the Earth plane and they do, this includes members of the higher levels of spirit beings, the White Brotherhood (NOTE: for anyone unfamiliar with this term The Great White Brotherhood refers to beings of light – see link for explanation: Great White Brotherhood) and others.

Who are the groups within the White Brotherhood, there are so many within that group in spirit and on the earth plane, they won’t say who they are, because if they did they would be expected to answer all your questions, all your queries, but they are there and they are assisting the human race to move forward. There may be one sitting next to you, I’m not saying, but I know.

There is so much for each one of you, do not doubt yourselves, do not doubt your abilities, and do not doubt the love that is in your heart. At times you may have to put those feelings to one side, because somebody is being horrible to you, really nasty
you surround them in a cloud of white essences, ask for a ball of light energy from mother earth, to come up, to be with you, and in your minds eye focus it around them and let them go. You may turn them around and help them see other things. It is one thing we cannot guarantee the outcome.

But remember, dark energies also have powers, but here tonight we are protected, there is a protection around everyone in this room, the whole building and the land surrounding it and all the creatures in that land. You are under a large cloak of protection. Nothing of darkness can approach. Because the light that shines from this building is too bright. You can all do this, just put your thoughts out to ask and remember the combination of energies from upstairs, the waves of the light energy come down and ask from that light, return the energies from mother earth coming up making a ball of light. Imagine that ball in your minds eye, that you can take it with you and when you feel upset, or in times of distress, or having difficulties, or if you want to do a house clearing, or clear a person or whatever, think of that ball of energy. Ask for the ball of energy from mother earth and the energies that you have from above, bring them together. If it is a person, take if from the foot chakras upwards, and then bring it back down again to mother earth, then back up and on that second run up ask for it to take anything up, back into the cosmos, up into the area of light and then proceed as you would with a normal rescue.

There are so many things that I would like to speak about, that I would like to tell you, we will come to you all in turn, especially in your sleep time, that is why it is important, when you go to sleep, your body, as you know your spirit leaves the body and it goes on its travels. They are used for healing, for education and advancement.

It is no good someone down here saying to you, you are at level six, we will give you a bit of paper saying you have moved to seven. That is alright down here, but when you return it is the energy that has been given to you and the council that will decide which level you are on.

You may, when you come back, do everything you want to do, for what you have done is an assessment completed and then you will have other chances to do things. You may pick up where you have worked before you incarnated on the earth plane or you may decide you would like to go here and do so and so, you have your own free will to do it and you approach the border between two levels. When the time is right you will be asked if you would cross that border and go upwards and learn more.

You never stop learning, of course it is up to you, if it is a yes when you want to take that next step or no, I wish to stay on this level. So, my friends, it takes time for you to move forward.

You asked once if we could give our instruments a certificate, we said yes, we could, but your scientists would spend more time trying to figure out where the paper has come from and what it is made of that what is written on the certificate.

Just think, if you all walked out of here with a certificate tonight and you showed it to somebody, what would their actions be? They would laugh at you and say you are mad maybe or scientists may say, can I have that paper to see where it came from, if it is genuine or not.

At the moment people have been fearful of the stuff that is floating about in space. Once, one of your nations sent an armed rocket into space, the rocket came out, but they are still wondering why that rocket did not detonate. We stopped it, we disarmed it and sent it back to them. They have still got it and they are still wondering why it didn’t work.

We are keeping eyes on your planet, by the Ashtar Command, we circle you, we are around, we see the space ships. Do not be frightened, they will not and they are not in place to invade earth. They are in place to keep a control of energies and to help keep your world in balance. And if anything was extremely destructive, they could also come in and evacuate from one area to another area. This has happened before. You have heard of Atlantis, they had a crystal, a special one, it was an etheric crystal, it was a crystal of knowledge known as a fire crystal. It was full of knowledge, they had the knowledge and they were told how to use it. They misused it and started interfering with the places of the earth and different things. So they sunk, their world sunk, the people were not killed outright like that, they were moved to other areas. Hence you have the same type of knowledge popping up somewhere else, all over the planet, but at a lower level and detail. It was the same with the Mayans and various other civilisations. The knowledge that they became dangerous with was taken away and has not been returned to the planet. And it won’t be until the planet is trusted.

Millions of years ago there was a planet in space that had been given total free will, you only have limited free will, and their scientists conducted their experiments and controlled their people with electronic tabs, there was no such thing as freedom of movement or anything. Oh yes, they walked around like you do here, but every movement, everywhere you went was recorded. Then they went further with the energies, they said “We will improve this, we will improve that by doing this and that”. They came to an energy that they released, there was a chain reaction that they could not stop and their planet blew up. The inhabitants scattered, they were all rescued by a spirit armies. But that planet, and explosion of it caused so much difference in the areas you call space, it nearly caused the destruction of other planets.

So therefore the universal the centre of all life said at that time, it will never happen again. That is why there is a divine law in place that we can interfere with your free will if there is danger of you bringing the earth plane anywhere near that type of destruction. We will just simply take the knowledge away and put down what is happening using your crystalline energies.

I will leave you with those thoughts for tonight. Don’t forget, nothing is impossible to the universal centre of life.

Now I wish to bless you all and thank you for bringing me and once again thank you for the invitation for coming here to speak to you.

I am going to give you a name and that is all energy, because that is what I am. All energy and friends that are here with me. Love and light is around each one of you, your personal guardian angels, your door keepers, and your guardians are all given the energies of love and light to assist you in your Earth work and help you in all that you are doing. Blessing for each of you.

Thank you.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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