12-11-17 The Soul, Connection, Energy, Danger of Cern, Saturn, Seeded Planet etc

Transcript 12th November 2017

Time has come once more for us to tell of the things that once were within your universe.

A passage of time is but a funnel through which you pass into each destination. Your soul will travel through the universe observing the many things, creations of the lord and master.

Bring forth not your fears, nor your troubles of Earth, but allow your minds to be at peace and at one with the universe that surrounds your very being.

Your hearts, minds and souls are focused upon the many things that life brings, the trials and tribulations, the sacrifices that are made by many of your world as they perceive the good in nature and in others. Your heart is strong to master these disciplines of those of times past. Bring not your thoughts of despair and worry, allow them to rest, be at ease within the body that you dwell. Your heart and mind has a strength that will overcome fear in the coming days.

Nature has a way of becoming dominant, for nature is of mother Earth and of the natural world, and will always overcome her trials despite the many sanctions set against her.

Call us by name if you wish, we are the media by which your thoughts communicate. Conduct yourselves in a manner respectful of the master, for he is with you, in your hearts and minds, your very soul. Let that being, that creature of love, become one with you as you go through the trials of your lives. Be not at ill ease, many things that speak of the truth, for the truth will be set free.

Cosseted are many that suffer so, gravely ill, they come before us, their minds in balance with the universe as they understand their passing is due. Fear helps many to overcome these trials, they forget their worries of their natural lives as they focus upon there being and the light that they see before them. Their hearts are elated, their fears allayed as they become part of the universal energy that surrounds your earth. They see the misgivings of their days and the light which comes for them in that great beyond. Bring them peace in your thoughts tonight Michael, and allow them a moment of silence as they cross that barrier of life……..

Correspondence has been written of the many things that beset your world, they are secret and hide their writings away from prying eyes, but they know that their deceit will bring down the many who dominate your world. Their characters are of ill repute, they see themselves as being dominant over your world. But populations gather and cry out for the simple things of life, for they know not politics and the corridors of power that work within those nations. They forecast a change of prosperity for all, but belief in us is what you should bring your attention to. Be not fooled by the thoughts of avarice and greed, for they will not permit you that overwhelming desire to be free, for you are their work horse and you must obey their laws before their courts of justice.

Many have become betrayed by their very thoughts of economic success, for what worth is this in the grand scheme of things? Power, money and success, are but an illusion of your world, they exist and occupy your mind’s in ways and thoughts that possess you. For some it is an overwhelming desire, for others, they can take it or leave it, it is not of concern.

The artist that paint the pictures of life, they have no need of such material things, for they have vision and they see the beauty that lies within, the beauty that lies within all of you. They have focus and can explain their very thoughts upon paper and canvases of life. We spoke of poetry and other forms of art, but there comes a time when man must perform the arts for oneself and not of drawings or artistic paintwork, but the art of love, of compassion, of overwhelming feeling of companionship with that of your world. The poetry will sing to you, as mother Earth vibrates, and sings to you.

Your formulations of mass destruction will not accomplish anything, other than to destroy the world upon which you exist. We are here this evening to bring hope to those who are concerned with the men of power who dominate your species. In frankness, they are a weak link in the chain of life. They can only hope to be part of that everlasting life. In times past when men have dominated other men, we have intervened to bring peace and hope to those who have a heart and will to live in harmony with one another. Our race is of beings of companionship, we have no knowledge of war, we care not for violence, nor do we understand the thinking behind this. Your race is one of many strange and almost untrue in belief! Why is it that you feel the need to possess and not share? You don’t seem to care for the hearts of others. This is not true of all, but to those of success, there is limitless bounds by which they would travel, they would trample their fellowmen and squander their misgivings on trinkets of life and they watch their fellow men die with not a blink of the eye. Humph.

We are of a race of beings strange to your eyes, our concern is not with your trivial pursuits, we only hope to bring peace and logic to your world. We have travelled many stars, many aeons, to come before you. Our ships lie in wait as we gather to intercede with your lives. You may not understand our purpose, and will be told of our treachery, for we mean harm to your being! Hmm, if this was so, would we bother to continue, in your present beliefs, in your time, hmmm? We have not seen the like of you for many distant days. Combat your fears, retrace your steps!

Keen are your men, keen to know much. We are triumphant in our ways of bringing knowledge to others. Of those masters who control your knowledge, your lives. Forget not your individuality, for it lies within you all, your purpose of being.

Fragments of imagination illuminate your night skies with thoughts of, hmmm, dreams. Dreams are but illusions when not observed with knowledge. Help yourselves to a better way and bring hope to others, that you may exterminate your fears, worries and concerns that hinder your daily lives. You are beings, creatures of the earth, we are here not as your masters, but as your teachers, we hope to establish a thought of love within many of your planet.

Concern grows for the many who are lost in the tragedies of your world. Their hearts are stopped by violent actions with others and they cannot elude the struggle within, for they are trapped like wasps in a jar. We hope to bring you peace.

New moon of Saturn, as she rises within the northern skies, to which will be the anchor point by which we will be seen. Hmmm.
*   See footnote at end of transcript and link regarding Saturn in the November Sky

Mysterious islands are formed beneath the seas. The deserts of the ocean will rise to cause a sudden flood. Concerned you are, for the many lost, but has there not been enough lost already? Hmmm. Flood warnings are constant, they are a natural disaster to cleanse away.

Those cities that rest upon those shores, concern oneself not with their location at this time, for it will become clear and obvious to all as the seas broil and the heat takes hold. Not all nations will suffer, not all peoples will be lost, for there remains hope of new beginnings in the time to come and the passage of your lives. Bring new hope to those, not of fear of retribution, but with hope of love and honesty which will bring them peace.

Our hearts are with you, retrospectively our concern for you is great, but you need not fear, for life is a continuation beyond your atmosphere.

We will send an envoy to encounter your problems, to bring hope and teaching to you all. Do not fear these creatures, for they have hope for you, that you may see the error of your ways and that you might once more become a nation united under the singularity, not one dominant species.

Tragically we foresee the shorelines washed, but do not fear, for those who have a heart for peace, they will survive and bring hope to others in the light that will shine once more.

Fractured your thoughts, for your concern is great we feel, be not ashamed to bring these words, pass them on as a message of love to bring hope to those peoples of your world who are tortured, their thoughts of the powers to be. Graceful are you in your ways, in your actions, decree, hmm, an obedience from others. Concern yourself not, for life is ever-changing.

To those who have concern and fear, we will tell you this, be not afraid, for we are here to accompany you. Your beliefs are strong, as are many of your world, and they pray and hope for a better way, but to change they must be as Noah, he risked all to save the good of society. It is but a story you may think! Not so, Noah was Noah, and he was, hmmm a speaker of truth, of the love that surrounds you all. His savings of those lives, of the creatures of your planet, was testament to his words and ways. He saved many, not in a physical way, but in a way that matters most, that of spiritual, his needs were of many as he helped those to reconcile their lives.

A flood! We speak plainly this evening, your words are not able to converse in the thoughts, but the flood was merely a story. Which represents not the waters, but of the passion of this man. His tide washed away the fears of many and brought peace and love where there was deprivation and degradation. He helped those of insight to see the beauty within. His whole being was of a purpose, to change the ways of man.

Your stories are great, but their meaning misunderstood. Literal sense, always dominates your thoughts, look before, look beyond them, see the true meaning of the stories told.

Your heart aches, humph, for peace. You declare yourself humble. Hmmm, shall we see the truth of many and the many who suffer greatly at this time, concern yourself not with that of grief, but of hope for the future of all your race. Raise awareness this day and then a purpose has begun to dominate your species and bring hope to all who are persecuted.

To you we say this, to your heart and mind, pass our thoughts as you receive them, clarity of mind should be helpful in this work. We see you struggling with your purpose. Peace to your soul.

We’ll deliver this message to the one to help insight of others

(channels note: I was asked a question by a scientist for answers to his questions – I think this is part of that answer but not all)

The passage of light is not given to any particular one, but to all. Release. Expect not answers to your questions, for we will deliver in our own time a special sequence of events that will enlighten you all to travel. Our energies are formed together to generate a field of a magnitude. A beam of light has the energy of the sun, hmmm, it displaces matter and as the particles heat, so it rises. There is a field of energy unknown to you as beings of the earth, you use this energy daily, hmmm, but are unaware of its potential. If we create a thought of willpower and as the laser beam you focus that thought in multitude and that energy will be released. Hmm. Construct your own thoughts in ways, hmmm, that you may influence the things around you, hmm, do you not see that the power is within you. You are beings of spirit, of energy, you cannot manipulate the things of your world by pure thought alone. An energy as thought of a feather is needed, an energy of lightness, tenderness. Gradually we will impart upon you, by scientific means, a measure of enlightenment. Your men of science have many questions, they have seen our credentials. Hmmm, they bring together many minds and focus upon the question of ‘gravity’. Ahh, he asks you for answers. We will enlighten him in his thoughts, and there are many like him who defy the authorities of earth as they begin to understand the truth, that man alone did not create the world, nor did the world create man. Hmm, the creatures upon your planet were seeds, as you would plant your plants. Hmmm. You have been instruments of a nature, your planet has a crisp atmosphere that permits life, but life exists in many forms. Bring enlightenment to others, that they may understand, that man is but one creature of many worlds that exist within your universe.

Your collateral is of nothing to bear, no consequence, be assured that in time, if man does not create the energy, we will assist to bring hope to those who have hope for the future, those of peace and light. We talk of the light as being of the spiritual kind, as your creatures on the earth believe in the magical beings and mystical things of the creation of life. Hmmm hmmm, it is true to say that there is a creator of a magnitude which is inconceivable to your minds.

The creation of life has been manipulated many times throughout the centuries upon your planet, throughout millennia, and trigonometry has played a part of these things, hmmm, scientific calculations of other worlds have seeded your planet, they watch you and inspire you. Your souls are part of their world, you are the creatures that carry these souls, it is not unfamiliar to you.

Primitive you are, your minds have not developed their full potential at this time. Clever you are, and you think that you are the dominant species, but look at the lesser creatures as you call them, in your world, and they have a practice far in advance of you. It is your arrogance and disbelief in other possibilities that will bring you doom.

Please don’t despair in our words, for there are times when man must open his eyes to the truth of the world’s beyond the stars, beyond your vision.

We have touched on many things to bring hope to you. Some have been harsh and bring fear, fear is part of living, part of your souls journey. An explanation of the soul, hmmm, you need to open your minds, you are part of a larger energy. Your connection is well documented as many of spiritual belief say that “One is connected to another” and it is true, this is so true. Your lives are dominated by fear, fear of the unknown, you are part of one sphere of energy.

To change your world you must bring hope to one another, and enlightenment through your thoughts, for this chain of energy will unleash and radiate this love, influencing others. You are born of energy, of energy.

Be careful not to overstep the mark and the boundaries of your limitations. You research many things in your kaleidoscope (channels note: they mean CERN) you destroy the atoms and neutrons to bring a piece of dark matter. Be warned, there is risk in this. You have heard of the mad scientists of your culture, and there are many who are careless. You play with toys, weapons of war in the hope of dominating others by using this nucleus of radiation, to perhaps commit a heinous crime against humanity in the world, be careful, for there is a chain reaction that can occur. Hmmm as each atom destroys the next, this energy is released and will go far, unchecked. We implore the world of your science not to pursue this tragic sequence of events, we will hope to intercede before these events occur.

We implant many things, hmmm, that your science would deny, they know the truth, they know our abilities, they are aware of our presence and they continually scupper our plans, but we are dominant in that sense, for we will not permit your errors to bring disillusionment to your world and destruction.

Vast amounts of time and space are spent in their schemes, in their experiments. Help them to understand that their limited knowledge is dangerous at this time, like the child who plays with matches and creates fire, hmmm, they get burnt!

Be careful my children, hmmm, I am the one who once empowered your bodies with thought and progression. I see you as buds, and many will bloom while others will perish, the dominant bud will open and choke the others. We have hope for you, that you are all equal, that you will blossom together and bloom as the flowers of your earth. But there is an interwoven negativity that will counteract your very measures of love and peace, it grows within the blooms of life and in your flowers of love. It grows and chokes the plants of life, you are the seeds of our being and somewhat lost, as these insignificant beings that choke your very thoughts.

You must be creative and dominant, your thought of love and light, your will and want of peace and connection, will choke and stifle these weeds that threaten your existence.

Join together in the light, see the light in your minds and practice your ways of spiritualism and focus upon the light. Share that light with your neighbour, the one who sits next to you, bring this energy together and the great sphere of life will sit within your circle. This energy that you create is not wasted, for it disperses and joins other circles of light.

We talk of connection, each one connected to the other, and so it is with light, that you generate this light, and this light is not wasted because it expands to join others, to influence others, and bring them hope and not fear.

We have faith in you, trust in the words, for they are here to help the many of your world.

Circumstances are out of your control, we understand this, but the lessons given, the light will spread as men of destruction cannot succeed whilst there is hope and love, and a will to live free in the light of the Lord. We bring you peace this evening and blessings to you all.


Triumphant are you in your words, I have listened. Some watch and read and have not the will to read through, nevertheless they do see.

We hope that these new beginnings will bring you hope and a joy to your heart that you might set your soul free to help others in the many illusions of life that bring disappointment and disillusionment to those around you.

Barking mad they say, a crazy man! But who is it who’s crazy? The one that can see beyond this life, the one that can cross that barrier and see a better way, or is it the fool who thinks that life is “just an experience, just a fluke”. Who is the mad man? We say it is not the one who has the vision to look beyond their own existence, and to see other realms of possibility. The narrow-mindedness of the few will keep them in the dark, but their point of view will change, and their attitudes will differ as they begin to see perhaps a better way. When the time comes in their lives when they have to suffer through loss of loved ones and they will look for a better way, this is the time when they will look, and they will wonder why they’ve never seen this before, that perhaps there is hope, perhaps the ones that they have lost continue on? And as the light grows within their thoughts, then so it changes their soul and being.

We bring you hope this evening in the many ways of the Lord. Amen.

* Footnote re Saturn: Saturn out from dusk until early evening. On these November evenings, look for Saturn as soon as darkness falls. It’s in the southwest sky at dusk or nightfall. Your best view of Saturn, from either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, is around nightfall because that’s when Saturn is highest up for the night.
From mid-northern latitudes (US and Europe), Saturn sets about one hour after nightfall in early November and around nightfall (1.5 hours after sunset) by the month’s end.
From temperate latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere (South Africa, southern Australia), Saturn sets about 2 hours after nightfall in early November and around nightfall by the month’s end.
From anywhere worldwide, this will be the final full month for seeing Saturn in the evening sky before it transitions over into the morning sky in December 2017.
Be sure to let the moon guide you to Saturn (and possibly Mercury, which lurks beneath Saturn) for several days, centered on or near November 20. Saturn and Mercury will be in conjunction on November 28.
Saturn, the farthest world that you can easily view with the eye alone, appears golden in color. It shines with a steady light.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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