22.11.17 – Gravity and Levitation, Flu Epidemic, Only We Can Change Our Future, Messages …

Transcript 22nd November 2017

Welcome Michael, your purpose has been given so that others may benefit and appreciate their own worth.

This is a time when men’s madness brings purpose to others of evil, of the dark. They focus and prey upon those who have not the soul nor willpower, or belief in the purpose of his being. Bring peace to your heart this evening and let them know, that the everlasting being who watches over them will continue to be around in their lives, hidden as ever awaiting their welcome into their lives.

Consciously we ascertain that many of you, the peoples of Earth, are less fortunate than others, the inequality that exists within your world should be eliminated, as the purpose of man is to bring his brother to his bosom, care and nurture, that all may live with peace and gratitude.

We cannot envisage a day when the light would not shine, for its purpose burns bright in you and others who read the lines of the text.

We have focused upon you many times in the past and you have delivered many messages apart from one, it is a special one, for those in particular who have grieved so this year. Bring them to focus and call upon their names.

Alison, is one who wishes her family well, she has passed a long time since, but still watches in the gloom of the night sky. Her purpose was given so long ago, and she managed to provide wisdom to many through her books.

Her impeachments of many were read at the time. They concern themselves not with people’s who may have relied upon them to bring them peace, they offered little in redemption, no purpose, but that of not peace, but the blisters of war.

She has come this evening, not with regrets, but with hope in her heart that men would once more see their true beliefs.

From poverty she was, to a noble status in the world of hearts and literature. She cannot be seen no more as in her accomplishments of life she denotes wisdom from the heart to the many of her time. Reach out to her Michael she has care and wisdom to offer.

Bring this message to those peoples of the United States, that their time was done many years ago, they neglected to offer each other comfort and began an endless road of unbearable misfortune.

Tabatha has also to establish a foothold within your thoughts. You are aware of the sacrifices of many, but are unaware of those silent ones who sit with murmurings of intent to bring misfortune to the many nations. We completely understand, that for man, belief is not a tangible thing for it cannot be seen, or heard, or felt, but the wisdom nonetheless remains the same.

Speculative thoughts bring a passion of love for those who have care in their hearts, be not afraid of the future, do not diminish your responsibilities of your purpose, allow the thought of transformation to enter your mind to bring you peace in your final years on earth. Contemplate not your end, but your beginnings, for life is but a starting point upon which you will grow and be nurtured within the light of love.

Many heavenly events have happened since that time of Christ, many have yet to occur. But belief in us will bring satisfaction to the mind of those who have a will to listen and a purpose to achieve. Truly we say unto you, be blessed my children, allow not the temptations of life to become your stranglehold, allow them temperance and forgiveness for others, even if they will not forgive you.

Today we have seen many perish in your world, many pass with a smile, but so many more are less fortunate. They come to the light with nothing but a hope of a dream. Hmm, they see the things before them, and of the past and present and they are afforded a wisdom of knowledge of things to be. Their passage of time, although may have been short, was full of purpose and need, and they create a void with their loved ones who miss them so.

Reach out, that their hearts should be happy in the knowledge that they are the fortunate ones who have been blessed with the light and love of the Lord.

Your grieving’s and heartache are many at this time. Forgive us for not allowing you sanctuary, but lessons are hard fought and sometimes grief is a pain hard to bear, but you enlighten your lives with thoughts of perhaps, “new beginnings”. She is with us, today you have got her signs, her blessings are with you. She cannot stay for she has a message for you and your family, “You must band together, move on, for life is for living and full of purpose.” How can you be so knowledgeable and yet you cannot comprehend her passing? See your light as it shines, it guides the way of many others within the universe of life. She cherishes the many thoughts of wisdom that you have shown to others, that this was to be yours, and know that she is “okay”, now resides with her loved ones. Be at peace, do not open your heart to dangerous situations, for the life force within you should be shared by those who would warrant its value. Condemn yourself not for those things you should have, or could have, they are is misfortunate and they will blight your life if you cannot bring peace to your heart and mind. The shadows of things that were will be once more in the light of heaven. Blessings upon you.
(Channels note; This was a message from my wife to myself and my family, it’s self explanatory telling us to move on with our lives and not look back. I am happy to share this with you in the hope it would help many others who have lost loved ones.)


Hmmm. In the field of wisdom, knowledge is gained at great cost to some. The knowledge and wisdom of the universe sits within you all. His feelings towards you are neutral, but he is curious and asks the questions of science. We have answers for him, for his politeness has underlying meanings. The question of gravity and levitation was one of curiosity. He cannot believe one such as you would communicate with those of the access to the Universe. Hmm. He awaits the arrival of the one who has made promises long ago to sacrifice, hmm, his people, for wisdom and knowledge of gold. Hmm. We can tell you this, some would have you believe that it is not possible to gain wisdom from the universe, we disagree, there is much to be learned.

We would like to tell you of the temple that is hidden far away from prying eyes, it lays in the North, north-east, it is central to America and it holds many secrets within its walls of construction. Your men of science consider how these places of worship were constructed. Levitation, thought of the mind, using powers and instruments unfamiliar to you. The process is a simple one, all it needs is thought. Think about the many microns of infinitesimal matter. How would you activate these to cause levitation? It is so unfamiliar to you, in a world away, but the beams that lift these stones are created of light generated from the very energy that gives you life. Hmm, its power is immense, as it dazzles you by day. There are many hidden secrets to bring levitation from its energy to the field and nucleus of its very being.

We have a list of names, might be of interest, “O’Connell, Digest, Frasier” meaningless names to you, and yet they have purpose. Negative thought of the many things of levitation and how it was achieved to move these objects of great stone. Hmm hmm, magnetisation, hm? A lift, a field, a resonance, hm hm, and you think of sound? You listen and your hear those vibrations, they cause waves within the air and atmosphere. These waves can be felt at a great level of amplification, these waves also, can lift, as in levitation, the sound barrier can be broken easily by your people, but they misunderstand its energy. If you were able to break the sound barrier without need of flight, its energy could be focused as a beam to raise an object, a structure, there would be no need of manual power, people power, for there is great energy to be grasped.

The voices of the many thousands can also create a pitch of megahertz, now what would be a gift to you? Would you consider magnification creating gravity that would combat your very own Earths gravity, we say to you, sound as the answer, the barrier can be broken by thought. A sonic boom would be heard, but only in the mind. Focus your being on the gravitational pull, theatres near a water, to be brushed aside. You consider our thoughts.

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A new transformation, a miraculous wonder, the mysterious earth upon which you reside, you all have purpose, a responsibility to one another, but you are lacking at this time.

Gravely ill she is with a sickness that will affect many, combat your fears, for nature will take its toll and its formulations of anti-bacteria. Your nations will be put on alert with extreme caution to be taken as a flu epidemic has begun within the nations of Asia.

Hum. This has occurred once before and would occur many times in the future. You alleviate the symptoms with your remedies of life, some will be immune and carry the antibodies, many will perish and it is sad to say, that these are the fortunes of war and life. Take a grip upon yourselves and keep calm, for those that fall will be held in gentle caress. Your formulations of remedies will not affect the many at this time.

You focus your thoughts on a cure, hmm, it is difficult to see how man can prosper from another when fatalities occur. For the multinational companies that would offer this protection, it will be at a cost. Many nations will be affected by 3rd July a remedy will be sought, too late for many we fear, a costly experience of man’s desire for greed over his fellow men’s welfare. They have no care for the poor and unworthy, as they see it. Hmm hmm.

Your pharmaceutical companies wage war against many indiscretions of your life, but at what cost? Will they tell you of the many things discovered and yet to be released? For they wait like hounds at the gates of hell waiting for those to claw at their door and clamour for their profession. Their cures will release the pandemic, but they will neglect their human, hmmm, side.

Well, our thoughts are many with predictions and calculations, but you may think that these things are not uncommon, hmm, time will tell. Humph.

You have made yourselves inescapably vulnerable, be prepared, we have measures that are set against you, will be created by man, by the greed of man. The Common virus not only has microscopical size, hmm, but you see them all around within your world, they stare you in the face and laugh at the joke upon humanity. Their carelessness of thought will bring them a bitter end, for they will not tire of scheming to bring profit to those companies in exile.


Be blessed with your thoughts and allow them peace. Microscopic issues? A doctor’s advice – stay calm, go out only when you need, be prepared, do not be the sacrificial lamb of these companies. Help yourselves, for the natural world holds many remedies, formulations can be easily obtained in your world of late. The banana, the passion-fruit, hold qualities unbeknown to most, even the common tomato has a remedy for those illnesses that affect that of the body. Your metabolisms are weak at this time, for you are force fed the chemicals and additives in the ingredient,of your food. Eat healthily, be as one with nature and of the bee.

A remedy will be found, but not by those companies, but by man’s desire to live. Ask yourselves this, is there a better world to bring to the future? Naturally you say yes, but your responsibilities are great at this time, for the future rests upon your shoulders, and what you achieve or don’t achieve, what you say or don’t say, will affect a bearing upon which the future of life will exist.

Forget not your purpose, there is need of love within your hearts.

Truly remarkable the thoughts that you bring, might bring peace to others and fear in their hearts, and the messages are great in their worth. They belong with people of the world. Do not have fear that you will upset the many, for isn’t it better to tell the truth than to tell a lie? Life is fragile and always has been, and as we said before, manipulated in many ways. You do the very same thing at this time, manipulating the very cells of your being.

Be careful. These things are not meant to be, for they are not of the natural world. Your knowledge is lacking in many things of the intellect and body. Those microorganisms that we spoke of, that can affect you unawares, are present in everyday life. A catalyst is all it needs to spark a storm.

Your world is full of tyranny and fear, and our messages are not meant to bring fear to you, but wisdom of the mind. Together we will assist in the minds of those who have a heart to care. For the rest, have trust and faith, belief in us, that we will be there to guide your steps without fear, but with wisdom and knowledge that can carry forward in your everyday lives of life.

Entrust in me your powers of thought. Tabatha was spoken of many times, she is around us now, her being is with you, her focus is upon you, and you may sing the praises of the spirit and souls of the light of heaven. Be not afraid to whisper her words as she grants many of your world peace. Bring wisdom to the hearts and minds of many in the hope that change will come, be blessed in the knowledge that the wisdom is of the truth, and is spoken by your tongue from the furthest reaches of your mind. Come together my children as one.

Creatures of the earth you are, and seen by many planets in other solar systems beyond your reach. But here you are, reaching out to destinations afar. Their secrets withheld from men. Your inability to work as one will be your downfall, there is a ship of everlasting power that proceeds to your earth, she will be seen, known by many, as she sits in the west. Humph. Her purpose not of doom, but more as a matter of assistance. There are many who await her arrival, they contemplate the change that it might bring. You are like children who await for the parent to assist your lives. Hmm, but like children you must grow, you cannot expect as mere mortals, to rely upon others. You have to do dedicate your lives to one another, to bring each other peace and nurture your future with love. We have been many times before and in many sleepless nights we have spoken to many with thought of but a dream. Yours is different, you come forward thoughts of energy, you have curiosity, and a need of knowing, but you lacking the ability to focus your mind as an instrument. Compare us not with the dark Michael, hmm, we comprehend many things of life and light. We have spoken before of the worlds beyond yours, and those to come within the near future, who will bring assistance and much needed love, but you must grow, your world must change, your peoples must acknowledge that they are part of one another and that their very souls exist within their bodies as a privilege, and not of desire.

We are plagued, hmm, by the thoughts of those men who have need of power. We entrust your love to God for that is where humanity stems from. A word foreign to many of you, the ‘Great Redeemer’, a spirit of essence you may call him, yes, he is with love for you all. You see him as being a figure unseen, and yet is all around you and within you, if only you’d but look.

Classical minds have spoken of many things, of poetry, for rhyme and reason coexist within all your lives. It is not necessary to look beyond your scope of vision to see the beauty that is withheld within your world.

You manufacture instruments of torture and hurting one another to sample the taste of hmm, indiscretion. Humph, we see nothing but fear in men’s eyes, for it will not be you who will dominate your earth. Hm. The creatures will grow as a species. Your nature intercedes with many thoughts of despair, be positive, only you can bring change for a better future?



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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