28-11-17 Message from the North American Indians, Light Beyond Pluto, Cave Paintings, Sacred Trees etc

Transcript 28th November 2017

As the air moves across the earth, it eddies and waivers over the many forests and fields that breathe air to your world.

Bring peace to those who have knowledge of spirit, allow them, and afford them the knowledge that they may gain in stature, to help and assist others in their lives of your world. Bring peace to your men my brother, allow not your heart to waver as you begin a journey upon which you will lead the many in the gracious words that are spoken from beyond your world.

Come and gather round people, gather around and allow your thoughts to roam free, that they may be at one with the universe and of the sky above. I have no regrets for the actions I have taken, for I am at peace with the Lord.

You are courteous in your method, you bring salvation to others, but let me inform you of this, that salvation comes to those who have a heart, not of the wicked ways, but of the ways of light. There is redemption for all who seek his purpose within their lives, be blessed in the knowledge that the Lord, our father is with you, in whichever form you dedicate to him.

This evening we speak as a matter of importance to those of your communities that surround you. Your positive being must encourage those to bring peace to their hearts, even in these desperate times when life about you is beginning to fall apart, for things are never as bad as they seem. Life is but a journey upon which you must all tread. Bring hope and peace to those who require the blessing of the Lord.

We are here tonight to bring the message of peace to your people of the white mans world.

We were once a proud race of men, warriors who battled frequently with those forces that would besiege us in our lives. Our bespoke ways were strange to them. They uttered words of peace and brought doom. They had messages of affairs that they would share with us, in the hope that we would give up our lands so that they may profit while we would forfeit. It was not to be, for we had grown with the land of mother Earth, we had fortitude, and we had an understanding of mother nature that could not be explained to those who would not see.

They fought us in unfair battles, bringing us misfortune, and our way of lives were shattered by the remedial actions of the white man, but there are no regrets, for what was to be, was to be.

It is the way of the master, the great spirit, that we follow his path and lead the light to bring an aspect of consciousness to those who need awakening from their dark places within your world.

They gather their forces needlessly, in preparation for what might come. They give them no quarter, and do not extend the hand of friendship. We are so aware of the forked tongue that speaks to us, his name is not ‘fortitude’, but a collaboration with others, that they seek the minerals and wealth of the earth.

Truly we say unto you, if he was a man of recompense, then follow your heart do not mislead others in despicable thoughts. Your actions will bring fear among many of the Sioux nation. I call upon you now as the leader of many, past and present, to bring your thoughts and actions to bear in peace, and in fortitude, that you might say one day, that you led men on a bitter struggle.

You compare us with that of a bitter enemy, we are your brothers, sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers, we bore no ignorance or ill will towards you, we granted you a piece of our lands in the hope that it might satisfy your whimsical ways. You brought us fear, treachery and despicable murders upon our lands of grazing. We come tonight not with anger nor reprisal, but with a thought to the men of the world to teach each other that life is for living and loving. All are equal in his eyes, and whatever battles you may fight, be it at home or away, or all for the rights of men, do it for the right reason, do not betray your heart and your brothers with double standards. For we understand the worries of your world, of those who have a heart to listen and repeat the words of peace. We will sing to you in the winds, through the trees of our lands. We will see you, not with sharp eyes, but with the memory of what was.

We cannot concede to the dark forces that besiege you. Allow your hearts to sing in harmony with ours. The winds that blow through the forests will continue to harmonise and bring peace to others. Let not your hearts destroy the world upon which you live. Your life is precious among his many creations. You are not the image of him, but the heart of him, you are the spirit and the soul, and part of the light. It is your actions that will decree your doom or gloom. Hmmm. Compare us not the winds that were, but to those that blow with a promise of love of community sharing. Arrange your teepees to maximise the energies of the earth. Counter your fears my son, and allow them your blessing.


Kind hearts have thoughts for you. They sit many times, that band, as if they existed only for one purpose, to destroy, could this be true or is there a better way.? A friend who spoke, tells you of many truths, of his life and of others who were besieged by these thoughts of negativity. Let us bring hope to you this evening, that you may find a better way. You look to the stars and think “How can this be, is there no one there who would intercede on our behalf?” Hmmm, you need no help, other than to see one another with the sharp eyes that many possess.

Contemplate not with fear, your futures, for your tasks are set that you might intercede with the path of the light. Concern yourself not with the souls that are lost this evening, for they have found paradise. Retrospectively, you must not fear, how the ending that comes to you all, for this is part of life, a journey upon which you will travel, your soul’s journey, or new beginnings.
You have asked the question, “Is there a link?” your heart will tell you truth. We cannot prepare you for the day of journey, the way ahead, but we can tell you this, that your soul is a part of all energy that exists within the realm of your world and beyond. (NOTE: Michael had asked if there was a link between spirit and E.T.’s)

If you perceive that other life forms also possess such spiritual energy, then that is so. Your belief is true, and jointly you will seize the hearts of many to bring peace to their thoughts and their journeys of life. Be not ashamed of who you are, for you are the three who would make a difference to many.

They carry your thoughts far and wide, with many murmurings of peace and love, and yet they feel that they cannot intercede with this, for their lives are, but a rough journey on the ragged road of life. They look, and they see the words written, and they behave in a manner unaccustomed to them, for they see the words are of a meaning, but they cannot adhere to them, or allow their thoughts the merest fraction that these things are tangible. Caress their hearts with your minds my friends, do not let go, for there comes a one who would make a difference to all. You will see her in the dawn of the morning light. She comes not with fear, but with a prophecy of love that all might share upon your planet Earth.

We speak of star ships, flying saucers in your language. They talk of some mysterious light in the heavens, suddenly appearing beyond the realms of Pluto. A massive beam of light will begin to illuminate many of your world, as their thoughts turn to possibilities of an encounter. Improbable thoughts you think, many will not believe that this is possible. You consider yourselves alone in the universe, and yet there are cells within your body’s that have existed in places other than your world.

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You are not merely man the animal, but you are of a spiritual being that inhabits a body as do others. Those other bodies have indistinguishable differences. There are many creatures, not just of your world, but of others that have a similar spiritual belief, and they come not with fear or to frighten you, but to enlighten you, as your missionaries of past did, to bring peace and love to your world. We do not expect to be welcomed at this time, for there is much fear and ignorance within your world, but they know of those who have an open mind and a heart that might listen to them and bring fair warning of their arrival shortly.

Your astrological beings who see the stars formations and think that this is ‘casually nothing unusual’ they know, they know that there is a specific star that shines brightly in your sky to the east, and they watch this star and understand that this, this is the beginnings of time.

They create many methods to view beyond your world, but they do not see that which stands before them. The creation that is directly in front of you in your everyday lives. They look for other forms of beings, and they worry that they might bring misfortune to your world. Really? Humph! How much more do you think that they would bring? Do you not bring misfortune to yourselves in your actions of war and of restlessness? Have a heart and open mind to those that may visit, for they will bring reassurances and peace to those of your world. Combat your fears, allow not the thought of “alien”, but of friend to enter.

The Native American, the Sioux, Navajo, were of mainstream thoughts, they knew and understood the many things of your world and others. They welcomed us at a place “three trees” far beyond your place, humph. They were named the three trees, as they were standing tall and central to the park. They have ancient origins, hmm, they bring many visitors to view them in the national parks, humph, they do not understand the significance of the arrows and markings upon them, but they know they were there for many centuries, belonging not to the people, but to the world of the Earth. We sought sanctuary there many times, as we spoke to the sky people who taught us of the earth and of the natural world that surrounded us.
(NOTE: We have not found any specific link to ‘Three Trees’, but this was interesting: Native American Trees )

The caves beyond that region are vast in expanse. Many have researched the writings upon the walls, hmm, they cannot express their concerns enough as they find them out of this world. They do not understand the scratchings and inscriptions that have been written, for there are many messages of love and connection, and of peoples of other places beyond this world. ( Link to Native American Cave Paintings: Cave Paintings)

They see the drawings simplified in their terms, yet expression is great, beyond their understanding or belief, they see the etchings of primitive man, but are you not primitive, huh? Did you not learn of nature and the bounty that she brings? For they knew of these many things, the herbs and spices that grew within the forests of their wilderness, and they knew that these would be of benefit. They used them to transform their being into thought, in their marquees of temperance.

Hmmm, the white men see them as “ignorant race”, they wore rags and clothes of skin, what sort of peace person are these, that claim to know the many things of the earth, for they are of bow and vagabonds, they are unworthy of this world as they are primitive and uneducated. What is education hmmm? Is it from the books that you learn, or from the earth that caresses you and comforts you with many remedies and comforts of life. Hmmm and who is the ignorant that cannot see that the many things that surround you are part of you, they are an essence of your very being, they bring positivity to your lives. Hmmm. You poison them with your chemicals, you have not a care other than to bring riches to yourselves, but what is wealth? Surely wealth is knowledge, knowledge of the world that you reside in, wealth is the knowledge of knowing the many species of plants and insects that exist, that are there to coexist with you. They feed upon you, and you feed upon them, it is the way of the natural world and beyond, which your eyes cannot see, for you are focused upon the trinkets of life and the many bright colours that dazzle you before your eyes.

Open your hearts and eyes to the world, do not be ignorant of the many things that exist to assist you upon your way, and there we grant you peace, but allow your hearts to fly in love, tolerance for others, and have purpose in your ways of your lives. Do not dedicate your lives to the mere possession that you may acquire. Knowledge is the only treasure that is key to your being.


(Channels note; the next paragraph is a visualisation journey that I was taken on.)

Transfer your thoughts now, as you find them travelling across the skies of your world. See before you the many things that your eyes cannot behold statically as you sit before us.

Travel beyond the stars and the galaxies to see the many formulations of life that exists. Surround yourself with the oxygen that you breathe and allow a focus as you allow your thoughts to travel beyond the stars.

Your redemption may come quick, but, help us to intercede with that of many.

Valerie she sees you now, she sits before her man and they discuss the many things and the treasures of the earth that are far beyond mans comprehension. They have much knowledge and they seek knowledge from others, that they may base their selves in the lap of light. They sit now in meditation, relaxing at peace at this hour (approximately 8:30 PM). They comprehend your words and discuss the many ways and measures by which they may bring them to others.

A doctor, a practice of medicine, he appears before them to bring them words that they long to hear, for he understands that life is just not the physiological person, but a spiritual being that resides within your body’s. He has seen things, of many things of past lives, his positivity will enrich their lives as he encourages them to bring their basic knowledge to bear and assist others. He is a man of medicine who will visit soon, bring positive change to their home and their aspect of being.

Continue upon your journeys my friends, and allow not the indiscretions of the world to bring you despair, for you are at peace with yourselves. You are focused upon those many words and worlds beyond. Your knowledge grows as you share the many things with the people who visit your home. You contemplate many things that might bring change, perhaps the odour of incense should be changed, more light by candle, these things are instrumental in your comfort. Unnecessary, for we are with you. Hmmm hmmm. We will cause a shudder to your table, you hear a glass ting as if hit by a pebble, you are aware of our presence and being.

Travel now, to see that room, they sit in quiet contemplation, she upon a single chair, and he sits in awe as she brings words of comfort through her mind. She is aware of your presence, you feel the energies, you are joined in spirit and by the light and vibration of love.

She begins her journey of meditation, they see the orange glow and the trees and leaves that fall before them, as they climb the hill to that temple of love. To the white stone and columns that reach upwards to the sky, and in the centre of this dome, sits a white chair and as you reach this chair of light, so you stand around, hand in hand, joined inseparably by the very universe that you exist.

Look up and see the dome become bright and light, and as you see this light, this luminescence grow, you see it as a pipeline, a cable perhaps, or just a white line that leads upwards. Look deep into this light, observe the many shapes and colours within, feel yourselves move within this pipe freely, with no gravity, nothing to hold you. You look up and you travel faster, and you begin to see a glimmer, a gold glimmer perhaps, something special.

Your hearts excel as you propel yourselves, your very spirits towards this heavenly place. In your love, green surrounds you, the colour of the earth, the blue of the sky, the very essence of life is held within this very beautiful myriad of colours. You see them sparkle and shine before you, soak up these stars, allow this energy to penetrate your very being…

Give thanks to him, the Lord and Father of all. Your universe is blessed as you see his hands of light in the praying position. Follow his hands and bring them together in prayer, ask his forgiveness, and that the purpose of light may be yours to bring to others.

I am the humble servant who would bring the hand of light to all. I am the father of all creation, be not afraid, as you will not fall whilst in the light.

Travel now, bring peace to those who would listen, and as we go back down the pipe, gently, gently, on a cushion of air, you see below you the dome of the temple, it is nothing but light, and as you pass through the roof, back down you sit on the seat of light. Your hands still clasped as Mary joins you, a rose of comfort is with you all. Bow your heads and give thanks for your meeting this evening. Bring your hearts of desire of love and allow them to join as one, as you allow them to separate and return back to your places of abode.

Your lives are joined, your light shines, have peace in your hearts. Blessings to you all.

Continue your journey Michael, bring a practice to all who would learn with you. Form the school, bring your thoughts to the many in the physical. However no fears for the future, for peace will come to all who have a heart to wander in the realms of spirit, within their thoughts and very being.

Focus now upon your life. Bring peace to those you meet. Amen.

(Valerie’s Note – I confirm we were in meditation at the time of Michael doing this, it was not pre arranged or spoken of with Michael. My meditation was very deep, I had an awareness of strong spiritual energy around me and a lot of colour and patterns including gold light (as described in the ‘pipeline’. Other than that I recall nothing! I know I went somewhere and apparently I made murmurings, so yes, Kevin did stir and was watching me carefully in-case I slipped into trance. I wasn’t asleep.)


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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