16-12-17 Seasonal Message of Love and Peace, Arcturians, Jesus, Pagan Celebrations, Religious and Cultural Celebrations etc

Transcript 16th December 2017

Keys, a way of locking in or locking out memories of the past. You change within many forms of past lives and loves. Your beliefs are shaken at times, but bring them to focus, for there is one of Lord in the heaven’s who watches over all. Your path’s and destinies are set before you, they may bring you peace and they may bring destruction and terror. For the most part, it is your choice upon which path you may tread through your lives, bring focus upon yourselves, allow not the words of wisdom to be neglected, as so often they are.

From the peoples of this world to yours of the living, let us now take time to bring words of sadness to an end, for there is nothing but joy in the passing of those that we love. You see them as coming to an end, they are deceased and no more. It is so sad that your belief system does not allow you to focus upon the divine that exists beyond your world of life, allow it to enter now, do not question the words given, for they are of wisdom and of knowledge and much meaning at this time of year.

It is the season to be jolly and not to be sad, do not reflect upon those things that have caused you ill will or concern, bitterness or sadness, allow now the focus and rejoice upon his return, as he is Christ the Lord, the saviour of mankind, the star man who travelled forth from far beyond your universe to assist in the upbringing of the young planet of Earth and its peoples. Of course many times has he travelled with his force of light and army of love, to bring words of wisdom to the creatures upon your planet of negativity, always in the hope that redemption would be seen and perhaps a little kindness would overcome the sadness of your ways.

Be blessed this evening, that we are here as the beings of light to show you an example of love far beyond your comprehension and your human soul.

It was once mistakenly called a paradise of purpose. Your thoughts are of wisdom and knowledge brought to you from far away and long ago, have faith in the things you trust and love, have positive thought, will bring a positive result to many of your world.

As we approach your planet, we can see the many tragedies unfold before us and before you. Your common manner is to obstruct the light, for how can there really be a god and lets all this confusion continue? It is of your making, it is not of love, but of your anger and unwillingness to cooperate with that of the heavens above and the light that shines within all of you.

We describe an example of love; this is the mother who cradles her child without a concern in the world other than the welfare of that being, she lovingly caresses the baby, and, as in the womb, gives it shelter from harm. Causing the baby no stress, but positive vibrations that reflect her love in the comfort and warmth of her being. This is a prime example of a woman’s love for her child, not all it can be said of some women, but of the vast majority love and focus upon that being is all consuming, and one purpose for her very being.

Why is it that you do not live with each other in this way and cradle each other with the words of love and wisdom. Come together to bring peace and joy, happiness to those who are lacking in funds and necessities of life.

Your world is segmented into many factions, the rich, the poor, the confused, the ill, and those who suffer behind darkness unseen to your blessed world. Have a heart to imagine yourselves in a position whereby you too would be in harms way, hunger for the slightest and simplest meal, or thirst for clean water.

Your mother is the earth, she cradles you as the mother cradles the baby, but you abuse her, as the disobedient child you are. Can you not see that a positive warmth and love shared with another, would bring a smile and perhaps a blessing in disguise. Do not abuse your mother, show her your love and caress her as you tend your plants, for she is mother Earth, give her your prayers and blessings.

Your thoughts are many and the wisdom of many eons ago. The paganism of the world was looked on as supernatural, barbaric even, but they knew the purpose of the mother earth they celebrated her in wassail  and ways of misunderstanding by your modern age. You see them as primitive, dancing around fires and bringing forth the mercies of the Lord as they chanted their songs. These songs and prayers are learnt through the natural way, they are the purest form of love and worship given to the Lord. True to say, some may abuse this system and not be of a loving heart, but for the vast majority who look now to Christmas, and it’s coming, you must see that much in the way of wassail and the celebration is of your pagan past.

It is not of Christianities making, it is of nature and the blessings given to her for her bounty and love as the mother of all beings that live upon her. Hmm Hmm.

We are the spirit of love, we celebrate the Lord’s birth in many ways within this spectrum of light. He comes forth to those beings who would enter his presence through their thoughts of love and peace towards man. Do you not feel his warmth and love inspire you and bring you peace to your hearts? His many verses and chapters spoken in Luke and Mark of the Gospels bring truth to the many, for they are the words of Christ, they are the blessings he gave to those at this feasting time of year. His words are misunderstood, misspelt and not adhered to, and we would entrust you, that you would focus upon his words within these Gospels, Mark 21, Luke 38. Paraphrase his sayings and his beliefs, his wisdom and words in your very thoughts as you celebrate in your homes this year. Do not forget those forsaken that walk your earth in strife, misery, hunger and thirst, for they are the meek of the earth, who will inherit the earth.

Hmmm, compassionate words spoken of a being of the light, his name is John, he is well known to you as a father to your Christianity and your beliefs. He spoke of paganism, and the wicked ways of some who would abuse the very nature of your world.

Hmm. They continue to formulate plans, those masterful men in their high and mighty places, as at a brushstroke they would dismiss you as the poor man, the common man of the earth, disregarding your respect as virtuous to those and themselves. Their contempt for you is great, for they have all the wealth of the world, or so it seems.

Some will fall in due course, for their patterns of life would expose their true nature. For Armageddon is their purpose, as they seek to control others with force, perhaps of nature, perhaps of weapons of war. Extreme measures will need to be taken to dismantle these displeasurable things that affect your being and your very earth.

Have purpose this evening as you read these words. Retrospectively, focus upon their simplicity as we speak them to you. We mean you no harm, for we have purpose with you, to unite your world with the ways that you cannot at this time. We are the men of Mars, so popularised in your books, we play on your minds as perhaps “little green men”, that is from far away, that you call E.T.’s. Honour special knowledge of these words. Many look to see perhaps a glimpse of a spaceship, or something they feel would assist in their world of love. We intermingle many times in many places of your world, we do not affect your atmosphere, for we are peaceful and graceful in our purpose. Let our words come to you as wisdom. You are the creatures of the earth and all the beings that walk, are of the earth. You formulate plans to live your life without regard for her that supports you. Your disregard of men of peace is astounding!

We shall not say where our purpose lies, for it is enough to know, we bring love and joy, not hatred and war. As your men of war would obstruct our path in their futile ways. We have seen too many times, the beings upon your planet who have cause and fear to protect their position, they think that they will be exposed as the true aggressors in your life, and yes, perhaps there is truth in this. They fear the loss of their ability to manipulate the peoples of the world, and the finances that control your very lives. We will expose them in the near future, we will not permit them to use arms against us, in your words.

We have come from a future and the past far away, there is no time within the universe that cannot be traversed in your very thoughts of your spiritual being.

Your lives are varied in many ways, different in structure, but combined in a common interest to live your lives as best you can. All nature upon your world and many others, have a survival strategy which is built into your very bodies that carry your souls. You cannot help being you, but you can change the course and path which you take. Bring peace to others and yourselves and look to us not as the aggressors, as popularised in your papers and media for we have a purpose of love. Arcturians we are, you do not see us, for we are far from view in the blue yonder. Devastated your minds, to think that other life forms exist beyond your solar system, you are shielded, blanketed from the truth. Others see this and attempt to expose the very confines of your prison, but you do not see the bars that are laid before you. For there are many blank spaces unanswered, unquestioned, or not asked. Why would you believe those that would manipulate your lives for their own purpose and greed, look to the heavens my friends, see the stars that shine at this time, and imagine if you will, that perhaps those little green men from Mars are watching over you, not with the intent of malice, but with the purpose of love.

Arcturian we are, a breed of beings unusual to your eyes. We scope your vision, hmm, as you look to other planets to see what lays beyond, your instruments of mankind deceive you! How can we help you if you do not help yourselves to the luxury of insight and free want of possibilities abound. We will show ourselves in the March of your New Year. Your crop circles are known and exposed by one man as evidential of our existence, the many messages that are sent and created within your fields, have purpose, do not disregard his descriptions. Seek out the truth for yourselves, ask yourselves this question “Am I human or am I of another species foreign to this world?” Intriguing questions.

Seeded worlds, do you think it’s so unusual that your planet was not also seeded? Your bodies were created by mother nature as in all other worlds beyond yours, the very nature creates the organisms that exists upon the planets, they create them in a fashion that they may survive in the harshness of the terrain, that they may bring fertility, and nourish her, the very bodies, those heavenly planets. Yours is unusual, you do not nourish her, you harm her, and you complain bitterly when your weather systems are not cooperative and bring disruption and despair to many. Humph, it is no wonder with your thoughts of destruction, your abuse of your planet, have you not learnt the wisdom or the ways of nature yet? They are in front of your very eyes. Your purpose in being is that of cruelty to one another and nature. How can this be?

Your seed was nurtured in love and compassion not that of destruction and war, these are influences that are brought by others of the solar systems. They play their war-games and manipulate your men in many ways unbeknown to you and to them. They have thoughts and ideas of domination, but these thoughts of domination are not of their own, they are manipulated as toys in a child’s playpen. Hmmm, the innocent suffer for the lack of obedience. Look to us, to the stars, to see a symbol of love, one such symbol will be seen in the near future to the east of your West. It will shine brightly as the northern star, and you will gaze upon it and your men will comment that it is a supernova that they see, a planet that exploded many, many thousands of millions years ago before your time. No, this is not so, this light is not of man’s making, but of ours as we begin the season of instruction to you. (crop circles).

Open your limitless minds, observe the thoughts that come to you in your sleep, in your times of passion, of love, humph, bring not hate or fear, but purpose of love to one another. Allow our thoughts to enter for we are gentle in purpose and guide many in thought.

Your world is on a course of destruction. We do not understand those Greys who manipulate your men of war, they are an awesome foe of many millennia. They brought trouble to our being, we defeated them with the power of light, as you can with your positive thoughts of being.

Bring peace and love at this special time of year in your lives, hmm, for your men of peace, our Lord Jesus was of the star man, of a world of light. Let this season bring joy to one another, put aside your fears and combat your feelings of discontent, be happy for her you are and the lives that you lead, bring joy to those who are not as successful as you and do not have the luxury of your homes.

You begin your feasting, consume your production, give a thought for those who starve at this time, who do not recognise Christmas and continue with their daily lives with a burden so large that it weighs down on them, for they cannot feast or drink the health of one another, for their poverty is much.

Look to your men of peace and say to them, “Have pity upon them, bring peace upon them.” And if you should see a soul in distress, do not walk by and say “It is not my problem” because it is your problem! Your fellowmen are… your… problem! Be in no doubt of this. Be not in dispute with your neighbour, but love your neighbour, allow him a hand of friendship and love that he may bring to another. And so the fruits of this love would grow. Beyond your comprehension do you think, why would you think that? There Is nothing so simple as greeting somebody in the street, taking them by the hand and saying “Hello stranger, I am here for you, would you be there for me?”.

There are many who are fearful of greetings, have pleasure to one another for they fear a reprisal, that they may be under attack, or perhaps there is something you want, but no, if you shine your light, if you show them your love and the warmth of your being they will respond in kind, and know that they are loved.

Have purpose in your lives, bring peace to one another, do not allow those of the dark to continue to obscure your vision of the light. There is nothing to stop you, you have the strength in each and every one of you, to open your doors to a stranger and invite them in to show them the love and care that you have for them. There is no harm in showing your humanity to one another. You are told “Beware of strangers, for they will bring you much grief,” some of the darkness may exist, but the vast majority are those of love and peace and if you continue this chain of light, then it will grow and eventually those of the dark will also see the glimmer of light within their lives and a purpose of being within this universe of life.
We are of the spirit, we bring you peace and love, we are around you, in you, within your thoughts, bring us peace and love.

You speculate perhaps one day, you will pass to a place of light or a place that may not exist. After all you live and die, end of it! Is it? Do not see or open your eyes to the things so obvious before you, in front of you. It is a universe of light, peppered with darkness. But illumination can total if you are free of heart and mind and fears of retribution from others. Do not fear to speak of God, the creator or those of Jesus or his apostles. Do not fear others who respond in an un-warm manner, hostility, disbelief, hmmm, be not afraid to speak of the Lord.

Even in their darkest hour, these beings of dark will call upon him as they despair in what to do next, all ask for guidance. It is seen in so many circumstances where loved ones are lost, and their disbelief in the Lord and the Bible is great, and yet there they are, asking for their loved ones to be at peace. Huh, it’s so silly, that they disbelieve so heartedly, and yet in times of crisis, call out to him for his assistance, and when they feel they do not receive this they say “He cannot exist.” Or is it just simply that they cannot see the blessings given to them and the ones who have passed.

Hmmm. You were all born of spirit, you exist and live within the spiritual world that surrounds you in your very space of time. Humph, console yourselves with the fact that you too will one day pass to this world beyond that of yours. An example has been given, extreme it may seem, others do not see as you help them to open their eyes. We ask not for favours of love, but of your blessings, be kind to one another, have faith and trust in us and the knowledge of our existence beyond that of your earth.

A king of men is among you once more, do not destroy his soul with your arrogance and ignorance as has happened many times before. He speaks now, allow him an ear and a thought of peace, for he exists within each and every one of you. Be at peace my children, do not despair at your lives or the ill will set against you. Allow not a thought of hate, but that of love in the everlasting light of the Lord. His castles are built in the heavens above. Your stars shine brightly as you look to the heavens. Bring peace to others that they may see also, this light, bring penance to yourselves and those who would consider themselves above the laws of the Lord. His mercies are great.

Through me you may see a being of light, a purpose that shines through man. Many beings of your world, as they communicate with those of spirit, do you truly believe their words are of their own making? The evidence exists, if you would only look, your churches of love have shone many times in the past, brought peace to those whose souls are tortured by the turmoil of your lives. Let not your own thoughts of despair obstruct your thoughts of love, put them to one side and give of the bread of the Lord, that those others may also benefit from that peace and love.

Your services are many at this time of year, they call out to him on high to bring love and peace the world, you all play a part in this. I was created in the image of love, I brought purpose to those times of Jordan, when men were bound by slavery and a lack of obedience. For there was much disobedience. I demonstrated my purpose through powers, prayers and thoughts, that man might see a better way to live. I gave healing to those who had mercy upon others, I shone the light of love that they may see a better way.

All too often I was ignored, but they came to see the error of their ways and the penance they must pay for their non-belief. I do not say to you, that you must do this, or you must believe that, you have a free will that may roam the world of life, but be prepared, for thou art with you in the next to come.

Establish a foothold with a purpose of love, that you may pass gently into the light and not look back in anger, but with love, and look forward to love as you pass through the portal of time and space.

The creatures and beings of light bring many words to you, will assist in their ways. But do not disbelieve this man as he considers himself a mere mortal, as all of you for he opens his heart and mind to allow these blessings to be placed before you. These words are spoken in truth and honesty, with a heart of love, that all may see that birth of Christ was a measure of forgiveness by the Lord.

You adopt your different practices in prayers and worship, to Mohammed, the Tibetans, to their higher priests, all have their different ways. The Hindus in their beliefs, they do not differ, for ultimately they seek God in their practices of love. Jesus spoke of worship of idols, idols of gold, and you see the Hindus and the Hinduism, who worship these very statues. It is difficult to understand that their ways are different to yours, they are fortunate in their belief, for they wholeheartedly believe in the destiny of man and the ways of the Lord that will bring peace to you all. If only all nations would unite in a thought of love as they do.

The pilgrims of love are many, they practice their ways in your world in the hope that perhaps one day men would see that there is a better way to exist.

Complete your missions, have thought of pleasures not displeasures to others, but to bring them peace, in your love and courage.

Complain not that you’re being will distress in the ways of your life. Complain not at your tables of food, that you would rather have this or that, be grateful and thankful for the blessings given. Say grace, thank the Lord in your own way, whatever beliefs you would hold. Not all will celebrate Christmas and not all recognise that time of year, for they have their own messiahs within their belief structures. Have compassion for them, for they are different in their ways of life and they bring no more displeasure to you, than you would bring to them, have courtesy to them and give them thanks that they may bid you welcome.

The Chinese celebrate New Year with a festival of love, the Dragons, the feasts and the obelisks that they construct, are all features of their thoughts. Of the construction of the very universe, the Dragons represent fear and terror the obelisks are of fortune and not of tyranny, but that of pleasure. They celebrate with candlelight, mmm, and the many things you see as they illuminate their lives with the light, hmmm, they may not understand wholly what they do, but they know it is good. Their simple lives and many, they construct their monuments of purpose in an organised way, a fashionable way, they work together, bring peace to one another. hmmm.

The peasants in the fields are less fortunate than those of the city’s, but no less important in their belief structure, for they all worship that one being, and they continue their lives and their ways with consideration and courtesy to one another. Unlike those Western civilisations who do not greet one another. For the rich and poor of those countries bow in greetings, and those of the Asian world will accumulate one day, at the displeasure of many of your so-called world of men.

How can we explain this in a way that you might understand? We foresee many things, past and present, and that to come. For time is limitless, it can be traversed in many ways. Archimedes, thought of many things of construction far in advance of his years, and yet here we are looking back at him and saying “How did he see these things?” He opened his heart and mind to the possibilities abound, he had vision and focus, as did many of your world. Nostradamus was one more, who use dubious ways of opening this passage of time, nevertheless he see the many things to come. Time is immeasurable, the clock ticks as you pass your lives, but time is more than this, it is a passage of light which you will travel beyond the stars and dimensions of your world. Those that obstruct the light will not be fortunate enough to see this, as they are given many opportunities to bring themselves to bear upon the light.

You have led many in the words of the Lord and the light, let them see now that they are own personalities, their own obedience of the light will bring much to their lives, not in fortune or possession, but in love, in the knowledge that their lives are full of purpose and if they share that purpose with another of their neighbours, then this will bring joy so immense that no amount of your wealth could ever compare. Let this joy in, and be at peace with yourselves and your world of life. We say unto you, have faith, trust your fellow men and the paths that you lead. Allow those not of the dark to obstruct your way bring them peace and say to them, “I love you, do you not see this?”. They will be discourteous and abuse you, but inside, there is that little spark of light, like the fire that you stoke, the more fuel you feed, it the more the fire of flames will grow and a light will shine and the warmth will radiate out as if by magic to affect others, and spark and ignite their flames of fire, that they may also see this warmth and light. And so it is the chain of life will begin to emerge into a beautiful pattern, a spectrum of light, unseen in the physical, but felt in your hearts and seen in your minds.

My children, we need not tell you more of the world that exists beyond yours, other than to say that freedom of thought and of the heart, and joy of being with one another, will radiate love and warmth. And even those who travel in the darkest regions will feel this warmth and see this light, and will one day want to be part of that love. And they are blessed by the Lord of Mercy’s, that they may live once more, to bring focus upon their souls, that they may too journey upon this path of light. Time and millennia it will take, but to all, love and light is granted. Hold fast your energies of love, allow it to feast upon the love given by others, despair not as your lives take terrible turns in tragedies and unforeseen circumstances. Hold within your heart the light of love and bring peace to your fellow men.

You focus now upon the plasma created from the light, as you feel it generate its energy and expand, bringing the spectrum of colours to your mind Michael. Allow now this plasma of light to go forth and greet others, allow them to share your energy, that they may also see the path of truth which is laid before you, amen.

And now the Lord’s prayer:

Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thine kingdom come, thine will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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