09-01-18 A Message of the North American Indians, Political Events and E.T. etc

Transcript 9th January 2018

It was long ago when we sang the songs of love and our thoughts and prayers went out to the universe in the hope of resurrection.

They came with their guns, not seeing us as a people, not seeing us as human beings, but as those savages of the plains. They spoke their words with forked tongues, not allowing us our divine right to roam free upon the planes of Arizona, or in the planes of Mexico.

They came in their multitudes, in thousands, to deny us our right to live as mother Earth intended and the great spirit granted.

Let us sit now together, and think about those times before the white man settlers came and robbed us of our life possession.

Help us to understand what it is that became of those we left behind. They fight on to this day, giving thanks to the spirit of love, to the spirit of the trees and the woods that surround those many things of life.

Our tepees no longer stand on the great planes, for they have long since gone. We cry at those times, as we suffered, those many nations and indignities set against us, we call upon the great warrior spirit ‘Iniaturo’ (NOTE: The channel struggled in trance to pronounce the name: List of N.A. Names for information), honour our love and grant us peace, for we are the warriors of love who sit before you this evening.

Michael, you know of many past regrets, and you have become seasoned in many ways. Your tongue speaks many languages and is afraid to say those words that pass our lips. Be with us now and sit with us awhile as we contemplate the days in the pine forests of our Americas.

We come with this evening not to honour those of war, but to bring peace and resolution to those, who to this day suffer the indignities set against them. Bring peace to their thoughts and let them know that our words have been spoken by the four winds as they blow. Do not dishonour us, for we are the warriors of love. Bring peace, not hate and war to those upon your journeys of life. Grant them knowledge that you know much in the way of understanding of peace and spirit. Let go not your heart, to ponder not upon the evils of your world, for you are like the spring that refreshes the grass of the planes.

Your waters are pure as you bring many words of wisdom from our tongues long ago. We see you as a man filled with love and not hate, you consider your ways as being imperfect, not recognising the many things that you bring through the words of spirit. Allow not your heart to sink, for these words are wise and sit before you as we do in the tepee.

Come now, surely you cannot misunderstand our words, be frank with us and allow us your thoughts as we give them to you.


Horace once said, that men were of a nature not common to the earth, he granted other men knowledge as he sees fit, he did not dishonour us, but brought the truth. You see him now, a man of guidance and much understanding. But beware his thoughts are of a nature not becoming of the spirit. He is a man based on facts, his mind is not open to those many creatures who work in and through you. Belief is not essential, trust and faith are a measure of goodwill, for he brings you no ill, and carefully awaits the signs of his belief. And there are many that exist beyond your solar system, they care not for your ways nor wisdom, for they see you as unfit to be associated with that of other beings of light, but you are the children of the earth, and you must see your path.

Do not be overcome by those who visit, for they mean you no ill will. They bring their ships closer and the observant will see them in the morning sky. They sink to the East as the sun rises, and awaken in the West in the shadows that come before the dawn of the new beginning.

We are contrary to your thoughts, our ways are different to yours and our aspects of life bring many measures of peace to others, of many worlds that surrounds your own. Have no fear, but do not beckon us to assist you, as you are children of the earth. You must grow and prosper in knowledge. Many things are hidden from you in their temples of love, (churches?) they care not for those who seek the truth, for they have an agenda to hold you tight to your beliefs as they see it.

The common man, the mere mortal who walks the earth is filled with the presence of love, and yet neglects many things of the natural world. Your aspects of light shine bright, but are shaded and obscured by the many measures brought against you, and the obstacles to be surpassed are great. The facts before you stand out and cry out in the night, but you don’t see them. Harness your love and bring a will of aspect, of obedience, to those of love who will come before you in the shortfall time.

Creative minds think alike as they believe these beings are of us. Their ratios are given as numbers, there is a chance that a being of another world is as intelligent as us. What are the odds, but no, they think billions to one. What would they know, the odds are much shorter, a ten in one chance of a human meeting a being of another world.

There are obstacles to climb, your minds are clouded with misjudgement, as your characters and will are shaped by those of your governments in your world. They misguide you so that you may not see the truth that lays beyond and before you. Their aspects are not a measure of love, but one of self and self-importance. There will be a breakthrough in the near future, but first nations must crumble before the wicked. A scary thought, perhaps. And maybe, just maybe, you will redeem yourselves in the arc of the light that comes before you. Fear us not, bring not temptation to your hearts, but salvation, that you may once more walk the earth in peace. Honour to those creatures who also walk with you.

Adam and Eve, a misfortunate pair! You created a myth, a misconception, for we are the truth and the light. Your modern man is still primitive in nature, but they grow. Many thoughts and aspects of light reach out beyond your planes of living, we see them as specks of light, they grow, as your nature intercedes with that of, what you term as spirit.

You write your book in an attempt to explain the wisdom and words of spirit. Your attempts are fragile as you struggle and seek the right path. Temptation overcomes you sometimes, and you unleash many words, not that of the light, but that of self. We see you recognise and attempt to correct your observations. Continue on, and you must learn to control your mind and bring a thought of an aspect of love. Continue your path my son, abbreviated are your thoughts, focus is good.

A cure can be brought to many with a simple wish of love. Be brave, allow not your thoughts to wander, for you are a man of the world who once walked many times before.

Truly remarkable, a creature, a being of the earth, who’d assume to be the master of all. His faults are wild and varied, in degrees unfathomable to us. His measures against those who brought tyranny against him, will be swift in justice. He seeks those who put fear into the hearts of those he loves. They seek him, they have found him a strange man, but open in many ways. He cannot see them, but they know of his importance and how to bring him down. His shoulders are heavy with the burden and responsibility of the office he holds. Take heart, as he knows no bounds of extremism. His thunderous roars will be heard in the nations of plenty, as he becomes masterful in the ways of, figuratively speaking, “Objective Criticism”, humph. His purposes unfold as he highlights his enemy within his own nation, he’ll bring a torturous regime, hmmm, that will encourage others to openly point the finger, as communism once was once to those states. So Muslims will suffer at his will.

They have tortured him in his place of living, they burned those things most precious to him. He will eliminate those who have crossed his path. Secrecy is paramount, but his natural ability to speak will betray his thoughts. His conquests will be few, but as his allies grow weary and ill at ease, his power will relinquish. His masters observe him, for he is not the one who brings to office the power, or the judgement, he is the puppet master of many, but he is also the puppet, a public face. Hmmm, as anger grows, his towers will be besieged, his thoughtless actions against those of other races will be seen as an atrocity against the human race. We need not say the name, but his gestures will bring his being into the limelight.


Curb your thoughts of disaster, for they betray your fragile self. Let not your thoughts be of doomsday, but of a new beginning. The light will come and shine for all who welcome it. Hmmm, granted are they the peace within, should they asked to enter.

Many of your world have lost all hope, their bitterness towards their governments and fellowmen, bring them to the dark places of life. They lose focus and can no longer see their way, for they only see fear and tyranny within the world of man. There is much more to bring to one’s heart than the fear of others who dominate your lives with their rules and regulations, their laws and their restrictions that they bring against you, for they cannot invade your soul unless you let them. They cannot intercede with your heart unless you allow them. Bear this in mind as the darkness rises from the east.

Set your self on a path of light and know that you are free, if you are willing and able to accept there is much more to life than fear of other men.

Your being was created of a body that inhabited earth, it now walks and roams freely in the multitude. There are many influences that are set before you, they can calm you, or they can bring fear. You were created not as man the beast, but that of the spiritual walker, who walks many realms within their allotted time. Your conscious mind cannot perceive this, for you see only the physical before you. You do not allow your mind to open or wander that realm of the spiritual plane. To do this, all you need is calm and quiet, to bring a thought of love to others and endeavour in assisting in any way you can to your fellowmen. There are many who bring displeasure to others, and equally there are many who bring pleasure and satisfaction in the way of love.

Your hermit ways are a natural course which you must take, your cell has become devoted to the realm of light, hearken not to those who call you the devil for your ways are strange to them, and they see you as a man of “reflection” perhaps. They have thoughts of unbalanced nature, and they will bring tyranny to your heart. But rest assured, be not afraid. The soul that sits within you, that is you, cannot be harmed when surrounded by the light.

Granted you are of many things in your life as men, not least that of love. Hate and fear will intercede to break that cycle, that chain of light, and they can only win if you let them. So be good of heart and of nature, allow not your thoughts of focus to be diminished by fear or tyranny from others.

We call out to you as fellow beings of a planet far beyond yours. You are our brothers, you see us not as creatures that are familiar to you.

Your thoughts are of man only. Release your minds and travel the wide expanse that exists before you, see beyond without fear, compel your minds to actions of love. We speak many truths, many will see us as wise, or of wisdom. Some may say “these are the thoughts of man” let them not bother you, for they cannot see what you see, and their extremes of life will only blind their focus. We are forever with you, be blessed in that knowledge.

Travel the world not with your eyes closed, but with an open mind. Allow us to others, allow others to intercede as you intermingle with their lives. The passage of time will bring focus to you all.

Deceive your minds not with the many things of life, for they trip you up and they have hazards that will bind you.

Once more we will speak to those nations who once were of the plane Indians of Nebraska, the Sioux and Cherokee, the nations who suffered much torment at the hands of those of the West and of the East. They have borne the burden of discrimination against them for many centuries. We see them now as their tepees, and the skins, they are stretched before you, are that of the elk and buffalo. Their ways were of simple minds and mannerisms, they tortured not others, but only those who brought indignities against them.

As the woman sits and scrapes the hide outstretched before her, she sings a tune, a song of nature, as she whispers to the spirits of the forest that brought her the bounties of fortune in food and love. The animal stretched out before her is a creature of the earth, and she understood this, and treated it with respect. For it gave its life to nourish her and her family. The leather is tanned with a mixture of herbs, that it may preserve it, and bring them warmth and clothing, moccasins to walk on.

They hear a noise, a crack of the wood, and their eyes open, lit up with fear. She turns but sees no one, her heart beats faster as she continues to scrape the hide before her. She listens intently, hearing the whispers of the many wise men who spoke to her through her meditations. She has fear, but knows that if her spirit also is freed from her body, that great Eagle of life or come to steady her, as it soars through the sky.

She continues with her task before her, and is greeted by a light-hearted “hello”, she relaxes, less tense now, as recognises that the crack of the forest, was merely the voice of the forest calling to her.

Her voice once more gently whispers the words and songs of the forest, “Naho, Naho nay, mana, tonka.”

She is grateful for her being, and asks the great spirit that guides her, and walks before her. Sit now in the quiet and hear her song.

Your brothers of the woods, gather round. Bring me the wood for the fire, that it would warm all my body and soul, and that of my family. My brave one, my baby, is warmed as the crackle of the fire burns. The men beat their drums and sing and dance, to echo through the woods, of their gratitude, there being, as human beings. As they sing she sits with her papoose, she cradles her baby as mothers do, reassured by the voices of the men of the forest. Come let Braves and children of the mothers who sit, walk through the forest of life without fear, recognise that those who have sour hearts, are merely beings of the dark and bring their own troubles to heart. Let us hear your words, your songs of gratitude, let them cry out as the eagle cries at the forest below. Your eagle eyes will see many things of focus. He is a brave, one of the Navajo who sits before you, you see him as an elder, (channels note; at this point I had the image of an old man with a band around his head with a single feather protruding from it on the left.) A man of much knowledge, he is a wise man, a medicine man. He sits with you and before you, a feather in his band as a measure of office. His tribal customs will unite you in the world of spirit. You are a man of the world, be blessed in that knowledge, and as you walk your life’s path, bring focus to others and let them also see the Navajo man that sits before you.
(Channels note: in the transcripts there been many references to my connection to the Indian nation, it is my belief that perhaps I was once incarnated as a native American Indian, as in “H. G. Champion” This is confusing considering that I underwent regression hypnosis a few years ago and at the time of Mr H.G. Champion, I spoke of being a young girl of 13 named “Joanna Finch”. Both existed in the 1850’s, so how can this be? I believe that we all have many parts that may exist at the same time, these parts come together in spirit as a whole and this is our spiritual being. As a spiritual being we travel many roads of life learning experiences and understanding of others, and are only a whole when we pass. I cannot prove this, it is just a belief of my own, it’s hard to explain and for anyone to understand this, but read the transcripts and they speak many times of reincarnation and the path’s and roads that we walk. It is for you to determine your own belief and open your mind to all possibilities within this life and the next.)

Red Cloud is a man of many tribes, he sits on the council of love and accompanies the Navajo man who sits before you. Bring him respect in your aspect of love. Burn the sage, that it may cleanse and bring you purpose my son. Come sit now, no words are spoken, but are felt through your thoughts of love.

As the snake is the serpent of man, so the eagle glides, encircling the great snake of life, cries out, and is echoed through the hills and valleys of the forest. We bring you peace brothers, we are of spirit and you see us as we see you. Be not afraid of the woods, for they are forests of love, and whisper many words, unspoken for many years. Only the wise will see their beauty. Help yourselves to this vision and bring peace to one another, as the great Tonka sits before you.

Thank you friends. My treaties, my word of bond and love to you all. God grant you peace and love.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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