07-02-18 Crystal Healing, Motor Racing and Speed, Visitation, The Serpent, etc etc

Transcript 7th February 2018

Welcome James.

Masters are with you. Blessings friend, welcome this evening, to an evening of trance and meditation, of thoughtfulness and all those loving things that deem the world of spirit as beautiful. Bring forth your love allow not harm to come to those who you may meet upon your journeys, linking those of your friends who are blessed in the knowledge that all is well in that world of light.

We come this evening as a friend and as a guest at your behest, as you are joined in company by those others of your world who sit so still in peace and harmony, bringing blessings to others, a love that may be shared within the world of light and of earth.

Comparatively, there are many in your world who deceive their own minds with thoughts of darkness and disbelief. They live in the shadows of your world, not understanding that spirit is around them at all times, coaxing them into the light giving them their blessings and allowing them peace in their lives. But they shun this peace, they have no time for love and blessings to them, help them to focus. Some may listen to your words and think they are not of the light, but you know as you sit this evening and join with your colleagues, that there are such things as love and peace. Heart and mind needs to be a focus to bring these things to your world of men. Welcome as you join us now, those who sit in peace and love, they are with you .

Youths of your world have not the focus that they once had, their lessons are learnt of life and not of love of the light. The Lord is but a shadow to them, for they know not of religious terms or books written to aid them upon their journeys in life. Bring them peace and guidance. wherever you meet them, help them to engage in a manner of love and peace to this world of calamity.

We have come before many times to others, that they may spread the word of love to your world, let it not be wasted this evening.

Our focus is now on those indignation’s of the Americas, there is one who joins you now as he listens intently to the music playing on his recording device. He listens to the beat of the drums, the whistles and bells that play and he has thoughts of peace and focus as he admires the many things spoken of within these transcripts that you pass.

She is about you now, her mind deep in meditation and as the four of you come together, let them be as the four winds of love and peace. See now the font before you, this is the font of blessings where once you were christened and brought the world of life. Once more, you will be baptised in the light of love and of those that join will also be cradled in the arms of spirit to bring them peace and healing.

(Channels Note: The next paragraph is reference to my bad knee, even though they speak of another person)
There is one who has a bad leg on the right. Knee is of concern, bring him thoughts of love and blessing and feel the energy as it surges through to bring him relief and peace at this time, his hips play a part in this, as the muscles and nerves reach down and aggravate those others. Bring him thoughts of peace, feel the warmth within that knee and the right leg, and know, that healing of thought this evening is as an example that the power of the mind is great within all who work within the world of spirit.

Our knowledge of many things that may accompany your lives and bring you peace. Hmmm. For example, we come this evening with gratitude that you may join us in this world of spirit, you bring your thanks and your blessings and continue your journeys within the light, learning and greeting others and expanding their knowledge with your thoughts of love and peace. Valerie, she sits with a single chair. Her focus is great, as Kevin joins her, bring them blessings this evening, allow them the focus as they hear the bell ting in their ears. The lights flicker, the candles dim a little, as they understand that they are not alone, as none of you are alone, for you all feel this warmth.

Let us join you in peace this evening and greet you with a sign that you may understand. Do you feel a shiver that shakes through your body at this moment in time, you know, this is our energy. You have felt it many times before when you are aware of our presence. Others will read these words and say how can this be that you are joined at such a great distance. There is no distance, there is no time between the lives of all that exist upon this earth or in the realm spirit, for you are all connected as one, the special bonds that exist between man and other men will never diminish. They seem separated and far apart, worlds apart as different countries worship in special and different ways, and men act in ways contrary to the other.

Women are of such importance in your world. They are the mothers and the wives, the grandmothers, who have spiritual wisdom within them. They are born with this wisdom and the special love that they may care for their young, and they watch over and tend their young with a special bond that cannot be broken, as with your mother and you Michael. Mother, she will join us shortly as she sees your light shine once more. Your family come together and observe your ways unknown before of your being, and here you are. Linked to life in a finite way not understood by many of your world.

Charles Hanson (or Manson) has a word to say about love. You may not know of him, as he is a sad figure on earth. His peers were blessed in a purpose, unbeknown to others. His love grows now within the light of the Lord. ” I cannot say that, I was a man of great importance, but I understood the ways of those around me. They beseeched me to give them my blessing and I denied them the many things that they deserved. My wealth was of no concern to me, but was of great concern to others. I can’t say that I was a good man, for I was corrupt in many ways. I feel blessed that you would join me this evening and hear my words. I had a passion of the things that many didn’t. My love extended to few of my life, but my arms are now open wide, as is my mind and body. Cruel man, so cruel. I never truly understood that the passion of the Christ was within us all, he deemed us his children, and we are blessed with his light. And as me, myself, many shut this out, not accepting the word of the Lord. Now I know that there is much to learn in life as there is in spirit. Bring blessings to the souls who depart your world at this time and help them see the light within your mind.”

You see this radiant light as it shines before you. There are many welcome hands, helping hands, beyond this light who reach out, as one reaches out now with his right arm, with a goblet. He reaches out to you all, as you see his hand and the glory behind him is obvious to see, for he is the man called Jesus, his welcome is to all who would take this cup and drink from it, not of liquid, or of wine, but of love and peace and unity.

You see a lions heads, the lion is of strength and power and is of a king, as he was. Keep him close by your sides. (NOTE: Lion as a metaphor for Jesus?)

Margaret, Margaret was a special lady. You know whom of we speak as she sits and focuses upon your being and your seat. We have spoken of her before, as a woman of great energy and strength. She sits within the Glens, she sees her granddaughter. She is not impressed! (Note from Valerie: I am not sure who Margaret is, she may be the same Margaret mentioned in transcript of 27th March 2016, if so she may be an ancient Scottish ancestor of mine and won’t be impressed because I haven’t focused on her since! I felt someone with me though.)

Valerie be blessed, for your love and your passion of healing. Your thoughts are with Margaret at this moment. Let her come forward to you from the shadows of the light.
She speaks of wisdom of the deer and the antelope as they graze in the pastures of the fields. They seem so at ease, but they look up, look around, for we have spoken of the deer and its senses before, and how great these senses are. (They) hear, most anything, they hear you. The deer is a creature of peace, its habitat is that of the wild, and it brings you no harm, but joy as you see it grazing in the fields. The stag he stands so proud over his domain, knowing that he is the defender of the many. Thus we can say that those who work in the light are also the defender of many. Their senses are sharp and they are adorned with peace and love, to give to the many who seek them out. But, like the deer, a crack in the woods, the sound of a snap of a twig will bring them to full alertness.

Bring them peace and know that we will love in light, for this September are there will be many that gather for the harvest of the dawn. The shadow of the light will fall upon many of your world, we foresee much terror and unrest, for this will be the season of upheaval. Blanket your mind, not with fear, but with open eyes that we tell you the truth. The season of love will come soon, but like all in creation, disruption and mayhem may reign first.

Seasons of joy will bring many hope in the new spring of life. Come close to us, don’t ignore our demands of love, for we are with you as a people, as a nation beyond yours. You disappoint us in many ways, but you cannot comprehend other minds that intercede with your lives. Compassion should be great within your souls, for all who exist, be it animal or man, plant life, mother earth. Why do you discriminate so, can you not see that you are one?

The buck who stands proud as a figure of dominance in that land of the Americas. He sits with the buckskin around him, he adorns himself with those of native American Indian, in a hope of connecting and communication with the many of that land. They sit as Hiawatha, and they watch, to help him bring focus as he now brings the Eagle before him. The Eagle, a creature of power who flies high, but with a keen eye. It can spot the minutest of beings below as he soars in the winds, he is seen by many, he is dominant and has a reputation of being cruel, but really he follows his instincts and although he metres out much heartache to creatures below, he is of nature and he follows his path.

All men are created equal when born to the cradle of life, it is only when they are corrupted by the sins around them that they become un-pure. All life is precious and will remain so, and as you pass through your years and add to your sins or your troubles, cares or worries, we are there beside you, hoping one day, that you would see the light before you. We too cradle you as children in our hearts, we bring you peace and joy when we can, but your troubles are your own making. You curse those around you, asking them not to interfere, but you must open your arms to your fellowmen, you should welcome them, welcome them with a smile and a greeting so profound that they know they are in great company.

A man approaches, he wants to know your name, tell him that it is Michael, may I ask yours my friend?

Erik, Erik, (or Eric) so long since I’ve spoken that name or uttered the phrase of “I am the dominant one”. My name has meaning in your world. I was a king and the torturer of many. My sins were many and I thought I was the master of all. My seat, my throne, was of stone. I demanded their attention that they may sit before me and call me by my name, “Master”. I was a cruel man and brought many to injustice and enslaved the many who would ask for mercy. Of course I am not that man any more, my soul continues forward, and I adopt the many things taught to me by the teachers of spirit. I am of a kinder nature, but must move on my path once more, as I return to your world of men. There is a school of thought and learning on this side of life, that all those that come before us are welcome should they wish to repent. Many do not, and are afraid of the light. We admire their courage, but are sad that they cannot see what is before them, we encourage them gently, some are lost, but are gained once more, for there are many who do not wish to sit in the dark, yet are unobservant and are afraid to approach those of the light, those teachers of many. (Possibly Erik the Red, a Viking King?)


We have spoken to you of many things, considerable lessons should have been learnt, but are not. We see your actions as men of fortitude, we strive to bring knowledge to others, help us to intercede by allowing our thoughts in. We hope in this way to bring peace to you in your struggles in life. Never forget, we are the beings of light who care and watch over you.

Tranquil minds listen, their hearts in their mouths as they read excerpts from the Bible. They are not overwhelmed by this, but store the information needlessly. For their hearts are open and their minds are shut. But, the many of your world, they do not see the words of love. Be blessed that there are many that watch over you. The time has come to pass that we must say farewell, for we are of the lights and once more the dark, your world, will repel the light, but do not fear, for all it takes is a thought to bring your minds peace.

Soon there will be a visitation, a coming together of lives as they observe this being. Their secret thoughts will be kept from you, as they cannot understand why they should tell you. After all, this being is a creature of another world and has a store of information that is valuable to them. But this being is of the light, he understands their purpose and their menu of life, he will not fulfil their wishes for they have dark thoughts, but he will approach those who have an open mind and heart. Welcome him as a friend, for he is of the serpent.

Do not be afraid, for there are many who watch over you. His name has been cursed by many as a creature not to be trusted. By what manner do they bring this judgement upon him? Have hope in your hearts that a settlement may come of this meeting, and those minds that are shut to purpose and greed, will once more be opened to the benefits of the many realms that surround your world, who can help you in your meditation, in your focus. Bring purpose to your mind and a vision of love to you all, for the serpent of love and truth will be with you soon. Your Bible speaks of him as Adam and Eve, for he was suspicious and he lures people in with false hopes, let us tell you now, that he brings purpose, we know that his words cannot be trusted. Humph.

What do you see, a key? A key to unlock what? Your minds perhaps, you are confused, for you know of the story of the serpent and those beings of long ago. Rest assured no harm will come, those of the serpent are not of that species, for there are many different kinds within that realm. You know this yourself, because does not your own world hold many different regions with many different customs and beliefs, and do not some of those portray hate and fear, while others exude love to the many of Earth and beyond.

There are many kinds of different things, there is hope for peace and the bringing together of man. Disillusion will entertain you my friend, for there is purpose in these conflicts. Your trade is a good one, as you share it with others, and like a gift to God you hold out your hand asking prayers for peace. It is given to those who ask.

Many suffer disillusionment, for they do not see their results, cannot compound why a being that exists with love for all would torture others, once more we reiterate, this is not his purpose, this is your doing, and although many can’t understand his purpose because their lives are torn apart, know that there is an end game to this, and that all exist, a part of that light.


The rattle and the snake were my tools, my instruments of love. We wore the skin of animals as we danced through the flames of torment, our dance was of pain and anguish, as was our lives. He came with the Buffalo, many words of deceit, and they roamed the plains as we once did. Our nations torn apart as he ripped through our lives with torment. For us, those days are now past, but these things still exist and continue on to this day. The white man brings much hate to others who differ in appearance and opinion. He does not see the nature of the great spirit within him, we cannot focus upon those of hate. We store much information of love and forbearance for others, but the blind man still will not see, as he shakes his stick at the ground and asks, “Why can I not see those things you speak of?” There are many as the blind man in your world, many suffering with inflictions of blindness and this is a way of blessing to them, for they do not see the indignities brought against each other. Your eyes perceive many things of violence and anger, they do not see this, they have a beauty about them, hmmm. We are not of the blind man, we are that of the light.

If you would now ignite a fire of love in your heart, so it will spread like a storm, like the stampede of the Buffalo in your hearts, blessings to you all.


Crystals have many facets, if you use them wisely. The quartz is placed in the centre, it is of a beautiful thing, like a spearhead, like an arrow with points down, and balances upon the tip as if suspended by nothing at all. Has a frequency all of its own, 8 MHz, so low, undetectable, yet if it is knocked you will hear its ring, its tune plays to your mind with a much higher frequency, for it possesses the ability of healing, vibrational excellence. Extend your hands forward and hold the crystal within, look into its light, look into the centre to see its light, it will radiate. Your senses will detect that slight pulse of light. Place one at the head, two at the feet, the other in the centre of the universe of the body. Give blessings, thoughts of love and healing, as you place these crystals so. The energy will flow in a manner unknown to you, but by which is felt by the recipient. Close your eyes and ask for his praise, bring love to those who see his crystals of healing. See them in your minds eye. In those positions, watch them as a glimmer, vibrate in tune. Feel their energy surge from your feet through your legs, your knees, to your thighs to the base of your body, as this energy reaches up and meets that of the centre of the universe, so it will then expand. And as you feel this warmth, allow it to extend to the tips of your fingers. You will notice its penetration as a deep warmth within your heart, the centre of your universe. Allow the crystal of your mind to turn, and as the facets flash before you, you see them, and as they get faster, and faster so the light becomes one. And you are mesmerised by this light, and you feel your head as if was going to burst, for it is filled with this light and love. And now as the light joins with that of the centre of the universe, so this warmth will radiate throughout your body and bring you peace and love, healing to where it is needed. Faith and trust is all you need. Sit quiet, focus upon this crystal in the centre of the universe and how it connects with your feet and your head and know this is how we connect. Whisper his name within your heart.

(Channels notes: throughout this paragraph I felt and experienced everything that you read here. For the past couple of weeks I’ve had problems with my left knee, but during this meditation and in particular this paragraph I felt this warmth and saw the crystal as it flashed before my eyes. When I had finished I felt no more pain in that knee and it felt strong again.)

He strums his guitar in a soulful manner and he may play the tune from C to B flat, A minor, and the cord strikes a note that is familiar to him, and he repeats this pattern. His conscious mind is aware of the sound, the note that he plays are of a familiar song played upon many of his friends. Texas Joe, you know not this name, but he is a friend, hm hmmm. You know of his problem, many men suffer with his prostrate, give him your love and warmth and feel your energies pulsate through these crystals of love as they transverse time and space. (Note: This message has been accepted by a friend. Michael had no idea that this friend was learning to play the guitar or about his physical complaint!)

A Formula One racing car of old, experience to be gained of speed and motion. You see it as it was, you know not the make or the name, but you know it is of the 30’s. A machine built for men who have a need for speed, many have perished for this need. What is their hurry? Men do not see the rights or wrongs of things, nor do really they care. Their circumstances are many and there lives are filled with regrets, for they cannot comprehend that which is with them.

Douglas was one such man, Donald, he creates, his heart remains in that sea of love, where they place flowers upon that Lake Coniston in remembrance of him. (Donald Campbell – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Campbell ) He knows of these things, and has since slowed down his pace, for he now understands that speed does not always get you to where you want to go. We say this in relation to your relaxing times, do not be hasteful and expect of spirit, take your time as tortoise would, allow these things to sink in for they will get you there faster than that car of the 30’s.

You see it as silver with a touch of blue, sits upon the shelf. Malcolm Campbell  comes to mind, hmmm hmmm. His fame and fortune got him nowhere, he is loved by many who exist today and follow this sport. Once more we say that speed should have less haste. His part was played in your sporting world and he agrees now, that his time was wasted. For his precious needs were many.

Compel your minds to have peace and love. Search out your heart and find that home where you may reside in love, honour and peace for others.

Campbell, his name was born to him, he foresee many things not of your world. His disclosures were few, for he is a man of independence, of a quiet mind and nature, and his expressions were seen by all. The Austin, you see it before you with the silver grill and the black body work. Intriguing, we should talk of motors and speeds this evening, but have focus, for there is purpose in these words.

The manufacturers of your day are of reckless behaviour, the performance of cars is great in your world, but imagine a world without them, without the need of oil, that liquid from the ground. Imagine the air being cleansed by the sweet smell of nature and not that of the sour notes of that black oil.

It has gone too far now, your lives are reliant upon these things, but they need not be, there is another way, another option. A better way, using microorganisms to cleanse the planet.

Focus upon your seas for they are the spring of life, the eternal fountain of youth. Allow not the anger of others in their desperate measures, dissuade you from your paths, for cleanliness is in need at this time, use these microorganisms, they may clear your seas, your atmosphere. We will bring you purpose if you have need of us.

Malcolm has ways of interceding with this nature, but is not listened or adhered to.

God bless you too, as I hear you bless me from afar. The sound of trumpets can be heard, as a fanfare. Listen hard, for this is not unique to one man, but they are of the wind’s that blow, that create this sound of musical notes. Be blessed with peace my friends.

(Channels note: At this stage of the meditation I had forgotten I had been told that my mother would come later, she appeared in my minds eye at this point before this final sentence.)

Hello mum I know you are with me now. I love you so much, miss you every day, as I do Beatrice. Such a shock, I never thought it could be.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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