22-02-18 Distance Meditation and Personal Messages

Transcript 22nd February 2018

Welcome friend.

Your responses are good to the meaningful souls whom you lead in the purpose of light. Allow not your imaginations to wander beyond the realms of spirit, for earthly thoughts will condemn your meaningful purpose.

Be blessed in the knowledge as you form your circle this evening, that all will be greeted with respect, and likewise our love emits to you from this side of life. With purpose, purpose in the field that you concentrate upon, those who will know may receive answers this evening, for they whisper your name and ask of clarity of thought. They sit at this time, surrounded by the light and love of family and familiar members of the group.

Your meaningful ways have purpose my son, in this life of man you calm your mind and practice your meditation with a soulful purpose of communication with that of your creation.

Our love extends to all who watch and observe your ways and familiarise themselves with those meanings within the words written, those informative transcripts will unfold before your minds eye.

Have purpose this time with the evening Lesley, and let your thoughts not wander from the task ahead. Welcome as you join us now with reverence, and thoughts of love that far surpass your earthly being. Tonight we will join you hand-in-hand, with those of far away, to assist and help in healing, the hands of those who assist those beings in need of freedom of pain. We can only assist if their mind is focused upon the purpose at hand. There is one this evening who joins you, not of the circle. Lesley is fishing purpose with you all, greet her now with your minds and welcome her to your circle of love, as she joins us, so we will begin an evening of meditation to bring purpose to others in the regions of your world, that they may see the transformation of minds and wills of purpose.

Help us to understand the meaning of your world, for it eludes us at this time. Many have fear in their hearts and lack the wisdom to follow the word of the Lord. They feel that their being is excremental to these things of spiritual truth. Consider us as beings of the light that possess many souls, many faculties, as we assist in your lives.

She has concerns this evening, of one who lays in hospital. His torment is nigh to the end, and he wishes only peace in his troubled times. (Valerie can take this message)

Raymond, is a man of many misfortunes. Join us and hear his words. If you disbelieve, then open your hearts and minds to the regions of love from whence he now comes: “I was filled with purpose, with much regret in my life, encircled in pain, for my being was not aware of the welfare before me, within the stars and heavens of this universe and of the light that encompasses all. I have no regrets, my name was of arrogance to others, for I am a being of the light whose name was mentioned upon this earth many times. I tell you friends, my regrets are many, I have much to learn in this world, the universe of light. Open your hearts and minds, allow my words to bring you to a forthright manner and not to be (? unknown word here) but to be one of love.”

There is a question that burns within her heart of love, she focuses upon a memory of long ago, his being is now with us, she should not fear for his welfare, for all are welcome within the light. Many, hmm, who enter this world of spirit come with many regrets, many sins and all is forgiven, no one is discounted from his light and love. Her mind dominates focus at this time and she can’t bring herself to welcome thoughts of love and settlement. She has absconded with fear this evening, she knows that a being of love will enter her life soon. Bless her with your wishes of light and love.

Valerie has entered this evening, she joins you with her circle of light, her fragrance is that of embarrassment. She knows of many things of life and spirit, but she cannot encompass her mind, for she fears a disgrace to her name. This is unnecessary, your wisdom and knowledge is great and your mind has settled upon a purpose that is also great. Welcome with your mind, rest assured all will be well, your embarrassment is not necessary. Help others as you intend. (Valerie’s Note: A local man, who passes by every day and gave me a ‘message’ earlier in the day, he was compelled to tell me that my life would be changing and bigger things happening – it was a shock because I was hoping for less to do and smaller things! On a personal level at present I don’t feel ready or able for bigger things, hence a feeling of awkwardness and feeling possibly unworthy/unwilling to change at present!)

Entered are the thoughts of another, she sits afar, far away. Her maiden thoughts of times past and love lost, and that will be regained once more when she passes to spirit. Hopefully she will not bargain with us too soon! Please help her with your thoughts of love and expressions of freedom of thought and light, compel your mind upon her focus this evening, as she sits in the Americas, unwilling to mask her fears. For a forthright manner will be heard in the autumn of next year..

You see a lady with white hair, curly hair, curly white hair, who sits in a circle tonight. She is a teacher of long ago in your life. Her mind joins yours with a fairness of manner, the manner of “welcome” she bids you welcome.

How can one love all, when there is such terrible circumstances within this world of life? It is a question of faith my dear, you ask this question with an open mind and heart. Bemused at the circumstances which befalls many of your world at this time, their fate is beyond your help, but your thoughts are of love for them and as you bless them with thoughts of love and light in the hope that one day salvation may come and they will be free of their bonds of life and circumstance. Not all are doomed in such a way, for many have a life of happiness and jollity, but your minds seek answers to questions that only man can resolve himself. There is much misery in your world this is true, and you can help through your messages of love, in your prayers and in your lives. You are worthy of many things, do not think you are not, for you ask for prayers of peace and love. These will be granted to all who turn to the light.

A father requests an audience with you now, his name is Bert, Albert. His name is unimportant at this time, for he is a worthy man who was not deemed worthy within his life. He brought fear and anxiety to his family ‘rumours’ for he was gruff in his ways, but his heart was good. His Victorian manner did not bring purpose of love to many, and he was, in his words “standoffish”, he felt his ‘Victoria’ should be a family of worthiness, and he regrets those torments he brought upon them. Albert wishes to greets you with his love now that he is at peace. Thoughts are of those days of misjudgement, his love extends to you and has always been there for you, and he has been unable to express this, for his unfortunate circumstances which brought his mind to a singularity of purpose, and it was children were to be heard less, a saying in your world I believe is, “to be seen and not heard”. What a regretful circumstance lost, but you visualise hope in your minds eye.

She can remember many things of her days of childhood, arguments of many, but the love was there, and the purpose of her was always held dearest to them. Grant him peace, allow your love to shine through and dispute no more his mannerisms and purpose. He wishes forgiveness, for you are his daughter and blameless of the things of the past. He held a mighty stick in his hand and wielded a leather thong that sat by his bedside. Greet him now with love and peace and forgiveness to allow him peace. All are granted forgiveness and to hold it in, and we salvage the soul, bid him welcome with your heart of love.

Tony, a solemn man, as are many in your world. Bring him thoughts of love and peace this evening, bid him welcome to your light. “Affairs of the heart, so often I misjudged them. I could not bring myself to fulfil my purpose, even when the chips were down, my life seem so … beyond reclamation. You brought me joy in your words of comfort that all may be received within the light, I had thought punishment, but only of progression.”

Dismay not as we approach your world, bring belief to all that they may see the light. A storm of love will not be great, arguably we see the many things of torment within your world. Allow not your emotions to interfere, but bring peace to others.

I see the crystal of love surrounded by the 4 candles illuminate the room, 5 are sitting this evening with thoughts of welfare to others. One sits alone, apart from the others, hoping for a response, a sign or signal. Have faith, not doubt, and trust that you are seen, within your heart and mind. Your thoughts are crystal clear, as you imagine the words that are to be spoken. But your hope is peace and love for all of us. Your circle greets many messages of light that are welcomed. Tenfold your purpose, your hearts desires are reached in many ways beyond the physical.

You see the toy train made of wood, its funnel tall, in a shape familiar to you. He made many articles with his hands of skill, as he whittled away, and the wooden doll that she received so well. The hopes and thoughts are with you this evening for we extend your love with appreciation. He had many joys in life, members of his family sat with him during his trials and errors. He laughs at your disabilities and the horse that rocked made with love.

A bequest is heard, consider yourself not unworthy of the light. I am here to help you connect this evening. Relax your mind and see the circle as it sits in truth and honesty, they join hands to energise their thoughts, their minds drift and wander as their attempt to focus, to see the crystal before you. They have lessons which are given as an offering perhaps, a visualisation and you see the salt crystal, observe in the form of a lamp, it illuminates the room.

Tonight we would like to greet Michael in our thoughts of light, help him to focus as we issue our thoughts to him.

Despair not for the world around you, for your fortune is love. Your commitment serves you well within this world of beings of light. Your circumstances are many within each and every event, individuals lives, and their hopes and dreams, with acceptance are granted. Your work colleagues look at you with disbelief as you progress your way within your studies. Concern yourselves not with the world about you, but with your hearts of love to bring joy to others as they commune with you.

Many times we have taught the words of wisdom to those with focus. Many times we have seen others fail in their attempts, for their minds were confused between reality and that of spirit. We are all a part of that universal light which shines throughout all the worlds of your universe and beyond. Help us instruct you in the ways of living and purpose of being, focus not upon your thoughts of individuality, but of that as one universal light.

The pink bonnet you see represents that of the innocence of a child. It will be unnecessary to reverse your decisions in life, for you must march forward, bring joy to others. A new baby is due within the spectrum of light, she announces her happiness to others in due course, it will bring you a new light, a new beginning.

She whispers your name that you might hear her thoughts and words, the spoken manner that she only knows. ” I have intolerance to others, she asks, help me to perceive the light and read the signs that are given.” Your heart is strong, do not deny the things you see.

Tonight’s mission is one of joint efforts, be thankful for your being and your purpose.

Strange times indeed when souls group together to form their circles of light amid the controversial and the ugliness of your world. Some accept the many things of life as being that of fate, humph, others see it as a path or light to be followed.

You can smell at this time the sweet fragrance of tobacco as he draws close to speak to his daughter. Allow his thoughts to enter as you inhale his scent of love. “I am the grandfather, the man who once was “George”. Sat in my parish church many times, preaching and listening to the gospel of St John the Baptist. We brought you many aspects of love through those words of wisdom. As you smell the aroma of my tobacco, so it should bring your memories, that sweet smell that has formed your childhood. Crippled I was at the end of my days and the glass that smashed that held the wine, was reborn to the world of light. I sat you upon my knee, hummed you tunes unfamiliar to you, whispered words of love. I told you of the story of (Fogoo? – unclear word) and you laughed as he ate the apple of sin. Hmm, you were her daughter, as I sat you on my knee, told you these stories you giggled profusely, murmuring “Grandpapa” why, why are your eyes blind to see the world?” Cataracts, they are an affliction of age, but now I can see many things without my eyes of life. Greet me with joy in remembrance as the anniversary approaches in April 10th. We will join once more in the avenues of light and life beyond your world.”

You write the words as your hands close over your eyes, as she remembers the fish! The letter L and W are written, a line is drawn under a butterfly seen. You attempt to write a word of love. She joins her hands together, knows that you might see the word written within the folded paper. John is written. Jonathan, a name of strength, Albert the man spoken of hummm.

Did you know that many were named and yet their names are not used, as alternatives were given depending upon their behaviour, behavioural habits of their trades. We speak of Jonathan and Albert, their identities changed into Jack.

Bert, hmm, he sits and rubs his hands together as you feel his energy in turn, you feel a chill, an awareness cap, a beard and moustache much as yourself, and he wrings his hands not with anger or fear, but in anticipation that you might speak this evening. He was the member of many factions in life, his joy of fishing brought him much pleasure, he can remember those days of bowls, and the local, ‘The Rose and Crown’. You smell once more his tobacco and he wishes you to remember that she may remember. Help him to understand your purpose is one of love and connection as you feel the chill of his presence around you. So too will the members of the circle that sit with you, to smell that sweet tobacco, that scent of the grandfather that was and the love and memories that are brought back by him. He cannot forget those days of joy, hmm, hmm ha ha! The Larkspur were one of his particular favourites, ahhh, “why oh why was life so short?” This was my thoughts when my time came, but you know, life continues on. I am in a place much the same as all of us, it is filled with love and my family around me and we watch over you and we signal to you, perhaps a tap, a noise that is heard. You see Lily of The Valley, the beautiful white flower the favourite of many of my time. Your purpose is good and meaningful and we are proud to see that you have grown into the woman that you are. Continue with your work, help those in need that they may pass free of worries and concerns.

A tipple or two, ha ha! Well Brenda is a name that may be familiar to you and she knows. Feel my pain in my abdomen (channels note: I sense the pain) feels as if indigestion is striking you, fear not, this is my pain in my time. Humph, hernia, haemorrhage, ah let’s not dwell on those things that took me to pass. Remember the river boat and the joy it brought as we watched those pass. We swam in the rivers of life and we were happy. The Swans who stormed the boat and brought fear to you as a child. Blissful memories of the River Hamble. Memories fade, long time since. Jack was my name, visions of love I gave in the stormy seas. God bless my dears. Greet the fragrance that meets you and know my love.

Above you! He attempts to draw, hmmm, my life! He wishes you to answer his question “When the battlements are drawn and the door closes behind you, are your memories heard and forgiven?” Don’t ask questions for absurd responses. A castle tower he draws, some significance to many of the cards, it is a defensive position and the height reached in the tower signifies that of life and of being. If you draw this castle tower on the deck before you, know that its strength is with you, and no one who besieges you will defeat your purpose, for you stand upon the tower knowing that your strength and will, will defend all those who harbour within. The nervous position. He is unsure as to his purpose, his heartaches for whims of mind, hmmm, his concerns are great of health, a backlash he feels, of the whip hand that he has been dealt. Fear not, pain is but a human response that alerts you to the things of concern. You are a tower of strength, stand upon that tower as the King of life. Let nothing, no one defeat you, for your purpose is great. A small noise is heard by some.

Colour green, pastel shade, a white dove of almond white. Devon, of interest to some. Barnstaple featured much in your early life, your wisdom and knowledge is great as you hark back to those times of dreadfulness. Hm, the pleasures of one are seldom few. Do you remember that time when we thought we had lost the pup, gone we thought, never to be seen again. And as we whistled he heard and responded with a bark, and joy overwhelmed our hearts as he bounded towards us and laid in our arms, and we kissed and cuddled that animal of love. Hm, so long ago, those Devonshire hills of milk and honey brought us so much pleasure and pain. But the word is of the light and not the dark times that besieged us.

Your coming-of-age is great, your daughter she sits with you this evening, in the hope of hearing of her brother. He whispers in her ear, she recognises his voice. Hm hmm, in her side she feels him, as if tickling of long ago. Hm hmm, how it made her laugh, and he would hide, surprise her below the stairs in that game of hide and seek. In the cupboard he sat for many years, a symbol of his life, years. Hm hmm. You brought him joy and fond memories of the apple orchards, and those times by the streams and rivers. You fell in, your knees were wet and you feared the reprisals that would greet you! Humph, he was your big brother, he would care for you and caress you when needed. You miss him so and he is aware of this, and his response is one of love. Albert watches him, take care my dear, remember Twizzle! How we laughed and joked. Return those times to your lives, I am in heaven and now at rest. Grandfather watches over me.

The teachings of life are many, and so sad for some. For others a new beginning. Fear not for love will come once more.

I approve of him as a father for my children, she hides him as a secret, not wanting a response of negativity. For she knows of those immense feelings. Time moves on and so does life, fear not change in your world or your lives. He is a man of much courage, and of the sea we feel. Bring him joy and greet him to your life.

God bless you my children.

Heart-warming thanks are given to those who sat tonight, things are not so crystal-clear you feel, but we know of your energies and feel the love and light in a response, you feel light-hearted and renewed jollity as you joke around the table. Communal wishes, you worked in peace. God bless.

She must go now, and so will we. Bring us joy once more with peace in your hearts and love in your minds. Amen.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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