26-02-18 Species that Co-Exist on Earth, Constantinople, Cornish Martyrs, Terry Pratchett, etc

26th February 2018

Search your heart and minds, that paradise may be found within a measure of love.

Welcome James…

God has blessed you with many things of your life, sometimes the ups and downs of life have been a struggle for many, for there are many different aspects of being within your world who consider themselves as having a good focus upon the things. Their imaginations are unable to envisage a time, when they themselves become a frequency of light and of that being of love.

The total abstinence of spiritual growth, ‘Islam’ is a measure and cause of concern to us, as it is a matter of living a life to gain a step forward within their spiritual beings. And as pupils upon earth, the master calls upon you to read the words written, so that you may understand and have a basic knowledge to build upon within your life’s structure.

We have seen that many in your world of this day have completely lost track of their senses and their abilities to focus upon their spiritual path.

Blessed is he who looks for the signals and many signs given, as he becomes aware with his sixth sense of a deeper awareness within his life. We ascertain a measure of tolerance towards you, as you are our children, the beings of earth from whence we came. Our love for you is immense, and our overpowering sadness is making us more acutely aware of a need, of a purpose to bring messages of love through beings of focus.

Commonwealth Games are amassing in the countries abroad. They can’t figure skate manoeuvring in a form of dance as they are negotiated by circumstances out of their control. The Commonwealth of Games are a measure of peace and tranquillity to all. They have a bearing upon mankind, of a unity, collaboration. In the sporting field, it is filled with many heroes who bring focus upon their peoples.

Tonight we welcome a new speaker and as she approaches you will feel her need within your heart. She comes as that of a mother to her children of Earth. Many of you are born of her as you sit in her light in the chapels of rest. You may congregate to applaud her name as she sits with us now.

The lily you see as a measure by which she is known to many of you of the catholic religion. But she speaks broadly to all who would listen. Gather around be not afraid, for there is always light at the end of the tunnel to which man is born:

“I am the mother of the earth and you are the children to which I bore. Bring peace amongst yourselves, tolerance with love. As a mother looks upon her children and stems the arguments that arises from mischievous play, so I am here, to help broker a peace amongst your many nations, with factions of your world. Consider yourselves as the naughty children who would playfully ignore a mothers word. Take my hand, allow me to lead you into the garden of life, to blossom and grow with health and vitality, vigorously gaining a need for teaching.”


Welcome, your sign is given.

We have a need to speak this evening, not of purity of heart, but of a need. For we are a race of a nation that coexists with yours in this earthly place.

Help us to negotiate a peace, put away your weapons of war and mistrust, for we are here to bring peace to the human population, to the creature of man.

Solidarity we once had, and we taught you trigonometry as a measure of guidance, and you built upon this knowledge, not truly understanding its purpose, but we had trust and faith, and you saw that it was good. You became men of the earth, great nations, not of warring factions but those of peace as you brought communication and need to each other in a common interest of survival. Your nations were many and vast throughout your world, but much has now disappeared, as the eons of time passes. Many more nations will grow and tumble in a familiar manner, as seen by those of spirit.

We are the guardians of the earth, those who watch over the meek and the mild, in the hope of resurrection of peace. Be not afraid of our words, as we demonstrate our anger at your foolishness. Your behaviour towards our people is not negotiable, you must cease your constant battles with us, your nations are unaware of our peaceful terms, and your nations and cultures of the Western civilisation care not for those, hmm, academics, those peaceful communications.

They see a threat before them of an unknown species and kind, they cannot fathom how it is possible for these beings to negotiate the minds of many of your world. It is unfair to claim us as being ‘alien’ for we are of your earth. We resided in many places unknown to your men of science to this day. Frequently discoveries are made and are quickly abandoned and placed on a shelf, for they fear that reasonable people would misunderstand, and that fear would be widespread amongst your peoples and nations.

A ball will be found, and on it is decorations, figures, figments of speech. They will look at it and declare a game was played, but they know not its significance, for it carries a message of the unity between our peoples. A treasured item of its time and ball stone to you. Let its words not go unheeded, as its translations are difficult, a clue is in this message. You should look to the East to find a pharaoh’s tomb, see the writing, the hieroglyphs upon the wall, for they are the key to the secrets of the ball, and a token of peace.

Your nations are foolish in their thoughts of dishonour towards others. Let them not intercede with your minds as they play their mind games, for their hearts do not reflect their intentions.

A masquerade of peace will be given to those nations of the East that but are triggered by the West, why do they do this? Surely there is no gain in war, only peace. Your men cannot conceive a time when nations will act as one. Their eyes are filled with need of much power. Their hearts are filled, not with compassion, but for the need of meagre things of life. Truly we understand the many things of your beings. Let us not intercede on behalf of hate, but bring you hope of a new morn, a new day.

Constantinople, a city known to many. A tribe of people once inhabited this land. Its power and structure was great within the world of man. Many nations were unaware of that great city and its downfall. They occupied many cities within the nations surrounding the temple of peace, and it became a major trading centre for the peoples of your world. Many pass through seeking a bargain in life, a just sum for their wares. They sought not peace, but domination of the minds of many, that their empire would grow to a staggering economy. What became of these people? They fell, crushed by the weight of greed, by the need of want. Look to your own nations at this time, see that there is a parallel in their actions, in their hearts and minds.


Your hearts desires are many within the world of men. You seek out those which you could benefit from, and not those of foolish words and deeds. Your men of power have lost vision and focus, for they can circulate within those corridors of power, undulating, murmuring their words of wisdom to each other, but expressing none to the nations that they behold. They cannot achieve ultimate domination of the minds of people, and they know this, so they sacrifice their noblest deeds for self awareness. Their gratitude towards the many who farm for them is little more than nothing, discrimination. They have need of your labours, but do not need you. Expendable you are to the mighty nations of your earth. As they choke the arteries that feed them with lust and greed, unnecessary wants. Too many times we have warned your nations of these things, but still they continue to unheed these signals. We will unleash and strike at the heart of these nations in the hope that their eyes will be opened once more, and that their dominance cannot succeed, once there is love.

Commonplace it seems, that man frequently entertains the many things of pleasure to seek relief from his purpose, his deepest sorrows.

There is no need for those things of the physical, for patience is needed, required by each and every one and all, who exist upon your earth.

There are many intelligence’s far beyond your awareness that intercede with people such as yourself. They accumulate knowledge, they do not open their heart to others for fear of reprisals. She was a medium of greatness and could not understand the messages given, fear ruled her heart as she began to speak of the many nations, tribes of worlds, far, far away of your own. Julius became a trusted guide, but his purpose was unheeded, for fear which eventually blocked those thoughts and this channel. Yours is open my son, and you frequently ask for guidance, for your purpose. Open and tame your thoughts, you worry yourself needlessly, for your purpose is given for the benefit of all. Sacrifice your hearts needs for the work to be done.

You see our image (channels note; visualisation of an ET) of olive eyes and you fear us not, for you feel our minds. We are of a blank expression, but of much thought. We will contact one being of your earth, he will not realise that his destiny has come to fruition. Many see us in the skies above your world. They encounter beings of other worlds and are deployed in a measure of openness, yet unseen. We cannot bring you displeasure for we mean you no harm.

How can we transfer our thoughts without fear being struck into the hearts of those men who would read the words?

Life exists in many places throughout the stars and universes. Within galaxies. For many secrets are unknown to you and you are apart from them. Many light years must be traveled to bring a sequence of events that may reveal the larger picture to all nations.

You, as beings of the earth are at the pinnacle of change, but you need to reach an understanding with one another so that you may advance beyond your years, or you may fall. We coax your men, your nations, to do the right thing, but our thoughts are stifled. Listen now to our peaceful intentions. You call us those of the grey, as beings who have no features. Hmmm. Can you not see beyond and hear our thoughts?

Your air is not compatible to our being. You see us disguised in a suit of armour, a shield that protects us from your atmosphere. We strike fear into the hearts of men, with misunderstanding, for he has not seen such things before.

Creatures are vast and varied within your world, yet you do not fear them. You do not sit back in anger and violate their presence through fear, no. So why must we endeavour to assist you, when you only strike at our hearts?

Your Battle Cruisers cast their nets in the ocean in the hope of springing a trap to our being. We are a natural wonder that few have seen, a natural wonder to your world. Below your oceans we exist. Our world is your world, but we are advanced much further than you. You are the Terra Formers of your world and you breathe the air of the earth, we breathe the air of the oceans beneath you.

Is it so hard to believe that there are layers within your earth, with beings who exist, coexist with you.

There are some of your world’s, in your world, who would have you know this. Terry Pratchett is but one who wrote many novels in sequence outlining these descriptions of inner worlds. Hmmm. His knowledge was great and he was drip fed information for writings of focus, upon which many, hmmm, deliberate their feelings and aspirations. They are unaware of the presence that drives them forward, feeding them information. His journals exist within your libraries of books. His heart and soul and spirit now resides in that place of light.

He left you much information, if you should read his paragraphs you will discover these so-called “fantasies” hm, but how much fantasy is contained within and how much truth outweighs that fantasy? These are things for you to search out in your hearts, souls and desires; do you wish to continue as your kind at this time or; do you wish advancement from beyond your years to know the knowledge of millennia ago upon your earth and your peoples before you. They knew much knowledge, dissimilar to yourselves, for they were far reaching in their thoughts and manner. They had no requirement of self wealth or self-assessment, for they were aware of their communities and they whispered much love between themselves.

War and fashions were always part of life, hmmm, this is not uncommon in many civilisations upon your earth, or within the many realms and universes that exist around you. There will always be conflict, but the truth will always shine through in the love and the light that you call your “God” will always be there for them to lean upon.

Peace will come once more to men upon your earth, but violence will erupt as a catastrophe before this turning point of your lives. We hope that many will survive and understand that their purpose indeed, was of the light and not of the dark. We will assist in whatever way we can, allowing your thoughts and minds to connect and to communicate with us, for the power of love is great. What you deem love is universal throughout the cosmos, the many heavens.”

She has joined you now, brings you words of peace my children: “My name is of Mary. I came to bear witness to him who brought love and peace. The messenger of God, one of many, and I was deemed his mother. I can tell you now, fear struck in my heart when I was told by the spirit of love that I would bear the child that would change the world of men. For I did not know what my purpose was, my heart truly lay within the words of the Gospels, of the clerics of that time. I feared their wrath if I should say that I bore a child out of wedlock, for they did not understand and stoning was such a common thing for harlots of that time. I was innocent, I misunderstood the meaning and the beauty I was honoured to behold. Let not fear into your hearts my children. I found my path and was led and guided by that star of light, and so you will be. Trust in faith of a heart, a courageous heart, that you may step forward without fear. Times are changing, your people no longer see the ways of the Lord as they were in those days. It is a hard judgement to make when your mind struggles between peace and negativity. I will guide you in one thought that you might understand, that the need of many is a combined need.”

In your minds there is a link, an open space, a void to be filled with knowledge of past and present, and even future. Your men of vision knew this, and they accessed these sinews of the mind. You are afraid, in an unfamiliar fashion to us, yet we see the beauty of the creation within you. The Lord granted peace to many of other worlds and he did the same with you, should you commit to a road of love and light. We speak to you as if change would be easy, and alas it will be long coming. People read these words and not truly understand the angel of the light as you see me before you now. (Channels note: I visualise an angel.) They do not have the faith and trust that is in your heart and mind, but they welcome your words as an institution to follow, in the hope that they too, may see this light.

Be not ashamed, we will bring peace in your manner and in your strife, your struggles upon life. They see this light and they follow the many scriptures written and they do not understand why it is that they are attracted to this thing that you do.

They have a need, a deep-seated need, for belief in what you believe and trust and their hearts yearn in your desires and they look to your words, the different messages from many kinds, in the hope of having that same trust and faith. It is there for the taking, theirs for their wishes. They should not fear ridicule by releasing the words written to their friends and families. They secretly hide away their passion of love, for fear of reprisals for being looked upon as a fool. It takes courage to face your fears my children, you must find this courage within your hearts and not allow your minds to be anxious and full of fear, for this is what obstructs your way upon the path of light. We talk to you as beings of the light and we talk of the light, this is foreign to many of your people, they cannot see that there is a world beyond yours or an existence beyond what they experience at this time. Therefore they shut out this light with the darkness of their minds, in the satisfaction of the many pleasurable things that are on offer to them within your world. They do not see the light because they do not wish to see the light, they have a choice, it is theirs to make and not yours to grant opinion upon, they have to choose and their guidance is needed by people who will lead them to the path of light.

You feel your need is great and there are others who will assist in these words. Few publish through fear. Your mind is in anguish at the past year, but you see a brighter future. Your heart soul and mind are once more focused, continue in your work, allow these followers who fear, to see the fearlessness in you. They can ridicule you, they can tear you to pieces with their minds and tongues, but they will never, never gain entry or destroy your will, as your heart is with the love of the light and the Lord. You have experienced many things in your life, torturous it seems to you, but they are minuscule in their valuable lessons that are taught and many experience much more than yourself. And they fear life for what is to come, what is there to fear? Why fear your passing? It is a beautiful thing and you will remember much. Your joint efforts will bring a beauty to these words. Sacrifice your minds not to fear, but to courage as the lion, the lion of love.

Your passion will be seen as the many turn to the light as fear of darkness grows, and your warring nations clamber for the last minuscule resources upon your world. Oh yes, there will come a time when you will have destroyed your own selves through your greed and dishonesty, your ignorance at the lives that surround you. But that time is in the future and it does change, this is the time to change, if you do not change then how can you succeed in growth in the word of the Lord. Have you not seen enough destruction in your world, do you not see their closed hearts and minds before you, the many who shun the light.

Open their eyes not with anger, but through focus of the words. Truly there are many who look to you as a fool, hmm, who is the fool? The one who follows like sheep aimlessly into the wolf pack or the ones who look and see a different way and change their route, their path, to avoid the wolves who will wait in their packs to devour your minds with foolishness or behaviours of intolerance towards one another. Be that sheep, that individual and walk your path with love, truth and honesty. Coax the others to follow you and open their minds to the truth. Be not led to the wolves, for they are the tyrants of your earth.

A crook was given to him that he may shepherd your people in your world. He told you he was the gateway, the shepherd. Be as the sheep who follows the path of enlightenment, this is who you must follow, not those who will entrap you into foolish needs of needless things, for they will blind your mind with obscenities of their life. Turn away from the pack and walk to the light, avoid the wolves of your life who tire of you at this time, and see you as toys to be played with.

Comment not on those of self-destruction, for their hearts are torn. They are blinded and confused by their world around them and they cannot see the way. Healing is granted to those who come to us in a tormented fashion. Be that guiding light, be the trio of truth and bear no ill towards other men and harbour no fears of retribution, for you are of the light. God bless in your purpose.

She reads her books, wishing to bring focus upon your words this evening. She knows of your valiant efforts and riposte at the things that are written. She cannot reveal her true mind with worries, thoughts of ill will torment her. They sit this evening, in turn discuss the terms and conditions by which they live, they talk of ways and purpose. How to approach and discuss the many topics given. They look to the fire and think of its purpose, for it consumes all within its burning light. Should you fear this light? Or be part of this light? Their hopes and dreams and aspirations are many, and their hearts are filled with worry on how to prolong their existence in this place in which they live. Their fears are needless, for there will come one to assist and alleviate the tensions that they fear. Their house is filled with justice and love. Their thoughts are of compassion, healing, rescue of minds lost in the wilderness between your world and this. They are greatly admired by those of spirit and of worlds beyond yours, and they are seen as leaders of a fashionable, different kind.

Tell them this, that we will assist in the gateway, the pathway. There will come a time when they will wish for peace, but that time is not yet. Arthur comes with words of hope for them, they recognise these words and they will uphold them in their hearts and minds. Cherish them as friends, for they will accompany you far beyond this world of life.

You reason not with men of anger, show them your love and courage as that of peace and love. Your hopes strive on and we will bring purpose to you once more. God bless.

You feel my pain , of your neck, the pain which I suffered in life and have spoken before to you. This pain is uncomfortable, unnecessary you feel, and forgive me, but you need to know of how I passed. (Channels note; as a medium I very often feel pain of the spirit communicating), things will become clear to you as you understand that my purpose is one of love. I was a gentle soul who had purpose in this place of earth, yet my purpose was lost, my focus gone. I preached the many words in the chapels of those places. Cornish, they called it in the Cornwall’s. We spoke a different language, our tunes were heard through at many in that place, that time, Cornish men we were and are. You are a part of their structure.

We battled the mighty ships that sailed before us, we gathered our men in anguish to argue our practices of need. We were condemned of men. Forced to sign a declaration, what thanks did we get, but the pain you feel around your neck. Martyrs they called us, martyrs of freedom, of truth. We were banished to a foreign land. Do not think too hard upon our words, for it is unnecessary. Do not worry for our being, for that truth was heard. You know of us, you feel us. Our wives felt an anger, they despised those redcoats that came for us, a trial was unnecessary they deemed, “we will rid ourselves of these people, control their minds with our fear”. Surely men can live freely without restraint from the Lords of the land, that, that is what we felt, it was not right that we should be condemned for our truth. ‘Twas in that autumn that we were told of our destination, we were imprisoned in that jail, you think of Bodmin, ah ha there is a goal much closer that bore our persons, Plymouth that town, I feared of our departure. The seas were turbulent, we feared for our being and hometown was reached. We beseech them to allow us our freedom, but they would restrict our words. So many condemned unnecessarily, for their thoughts of freedom. Hmm you see my beard, pointed, you see my features and you know the truth by which I speak. (Channels note; once more I visualise a figure the face of this man – possibly Cuthbert Mayne who was hung in Launceston, Cornwall.) (Cornish Martyrs)

Ah Anglesey, she is a part of me. Don’t preach my words in anger or frustration for they have long since passed, I see a future for many in your world now. It will come to pass as mine, when exiled you will be for your thoughts of freedom, of words of light. Pass in peace, and not as I, in anguish.

Shepherd of the people they called me, pronounce your being to us in exalted light. Bring purpose to all who greet you. Be not ashamed to utter your being to them. Bring thoughts of pleasure, of love, open your heart to honesty and truth. Be blessed now.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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