07-03-2018 – Ancient Technology, Oil, Churches, Abbott and Costello, UFO’s, Female Political Leader etc

7th March 2018

Welcome as you join us this evening from the world of men.

Join us in our light that you may inspire others to follow your purpose in this life of men.

We have seen unfold the many who have come to the light, and (they) have sat before us, arms open in a welcoming gesture, they have been nurtured and have grown in strength, as you will and others who follow the light and practice the love of the Lord.

We have seen many terrible things in the world of men and yet there is such beauty that cannot be hidden nor denied, for man has a practice unique to his world.

He came with desire to us, of allowing his thoughts to believe that there is such a thing as another realm within the world of life. We taught him of our love and consequently he became a master of the light. His thoughts and deeds were issued to many in your world as they observed his powers of thought and inspiration. He recognises now, that in the beginning when his soul was young, how wrong he was to have assumed that he was all-powerful in the world of men.

There are many such men in your world to this day, who cannot see beyond the end of their nose and only focus upon the physical things of life, not looking nor trusting anyone else with a measure of love; but intolerance, intolerance for those who whisper in their ears the many things of the light, for ‘How can there be such a thing, as there is no evidence?’ Have faith. Trust should be in your hearts, not doubt or dissatisfaction at your lives, but the thoughts of new beginnings; a fresh start from whence you came and will return (to) in due course.

Your memories of old inspire you in many ways with thoughts of reclamation or reconstruction of the words written long ago. Their assistance is vital in your path as they are also teachers of the world and they will become stronger as you meld your minds this evening in total focus as they sit and watch the screen. They study the movements of men of long ago, in those days of torturous times when men observed the stars but were slaves to those of Egypt.

Palestine , Palestine in particular is a hostile place for men of the light, it harboured many ills within the walls of Jerusalem. They came as soldiers to fight and to overcome those of that country. They tore it apart, the ruins, and built their walls; constructed their highways with paths of intolerance. There were those who were tolerant of others, but they were under orders by him to establish a foothold that others might see that they ruled the kingdom of earth. They were soon to be taught a lesson of obedience to the Lord and that their aspirations of kingdoms and power were useless in the light realm of the Lord.

We sent him as a biblical reference that all might see the power of the Lord and the truth spoken within these words and his demonstrations of magical inspiration. Despite their eyes seeing, there were eyes turned, for the clerics of that time were dissatisfied with his murmuring’s and ‘utterances of blasphemy’, as they saw it. But he was the light, the light of the Lord; the shepherd who saw to his flock as he saw fit.

Man was created long ago in a flash of light and inspiration. It was the end of another world.

You call this heaven and you call them spirit, we are of the light. We bring new voices in your world, voices of love, and their terms resound in the minds of those who follow the light.

With haste this evening we must issue great warning to all who would utter dark thoughts, harbour thoughts of disillusionment to others. You cannot and are not permitted to affect those of the light by your sour notes.

The words of inspiration given, are given in trust and honesty, in the hope that the rose will once more shine within your world and bring peace once more to your troubled times.

Continuously you fight and battle the negative thoughts of many, but eventually we will bring their thoughts over, as we demonstrate our magical powers to bring from the heavens above.

UFO’s you call them, those machines that fly within your atmosphere, their power is propelled by the cosmosis of earth.

Oil is a propellant gained from the earth, it has many uses within your world, but it is also a negative substance that should be used sparingly. It was used many eons ago, unbeknown to your modern world. There were many things gifted to them that they used to build their civilisations, they used to build the pyramids and temples, their stones were cut by instruments of light, as mentioned before.

There are many variations of tools used and devices that cut. Millstones, grind stones, so many things lost to the eons of the time by the neglect of man. You are only just learning how to comprehend the many things of spirit. They are a nation at rest, at peace, and devote their lives to nurture others. Early civilisations such as man have to comprehend their being and abilities should they wish to embark upon a journey of inspiration and discovery.

It seems to us that the men that control the power of your world are intent on denying you this opportunity given by the gods above. You call us Angels, but we are beings of light, and we’ve come to assist in your world of men. Be not afraid of us for we are here as protectors of the light and will cast a shadow of light upon those who would attempt to deceive, to deceive others in your world of men.

Churches are many in your world they are familiar to many men and women and children who practice and worship their faith in them. They are buildings constructed of many things, of wood and timber, of brick and stone, constructed with love and faith. And they trust that these would bring the Lord to their being. They say their prayers and sing their hymns. The hymns are heard, as are the prayers and the good wishes of the folks who sit within the aisles. But equally, men carry the church within themselves, they display their being to others in their practices of life. Combat your fears as not rush within church, it does not mean that you are not worthy, for the temple of love is within your hearts, in your souls. And your mannerisms will reflect that to others of light.

Abbott and Costello were a comedy duo of the early 20’s, they brought humour, mischievous behaviour, to the many. Their humour was great as they fell about laughing, practising their pranks to amuse people in that time of fear and depression. They came to us with longing for life long ago, and they practice their art still, to bring amusement to others who watch them.

Entertainers are many and prolific in your world, and for the most part their humour is good and relieves the tensions of life and the worries and troubles within. But we find a practice not so tender exists these days, their vulgarity is not the practice of good, for it isn’t humour. They condemn others with their thoughts of mistrust and disillusionment. We are those of old who demonstrated their arts and practices of goodwill, we find it hard to honour those who bring disgrace to themselves and disrespect to others through their so-called humour.

Many look back these days and they think about their lives and the path’s that they led, their regrets. Their thoughts turn to love and inspiration and they bring a practice of sorrow to others, because they are unable relinquish their concerns; their worries and their anger. All that is needed is an open heart and mind to practice the love of the light. There are many who would disagree with these words or think that they have a ‘good handle on things’, in your words…they cannot see that there is a better way, a better way for all to lead their lives.

Continuance of man is assured for the time being, but their practices must change. Their lifestyles and habits and habitats, must also change with them. There are many performances by others in your world, and they are set to deceive you, to deprive you of the true value of life and the variety and vastness that encompasses life. Do not destroy the creatures of the earth just because you can, bring them a practice of love and inspire others to look after the animal kingdom and the insects, the invertebrates.

The fish within the sea diminish at an alarming rate, and this is due to man and his greed. You give them no respite, should you not understand that the many fish of the sea are the lifeblood of your earth. The plankton that feeds them are vast in their multitude and they serve a purpose, not just to bring you oxygen, but also to feed the fish that feed you.

Jesus was a man who understood this and he fed the five thousand with the loaves and fishes. The two fishes he used were given with love, and the people looked on in amazement, for he continued to serve from these two. It was a miracle they proclaimed, a miracle. Quite rightly, there were aspects of spiritual assistance and God assisted all ultimately. It was a demonstration to all, that you only need take a few to feed the crowd, do not take it all until there is none remaining, for this will cause hunger and thirst throughout your world.

The children must learn responsibility and above all the courage to turn your back on the dark side and say to them ‘enough is enough’, it is time to practice the light, to be a friend to the earth and the creatures upon it and all those that surround it outside your atmosphere. They will come in due course to assist and care in your being, and they are sent from the spirit of light, for they understand this of the creator. They are not creators in themselves, but carry the words of the Lord in truth and light. The Saviour you once called him, and truly he was sent as a being of the light to support those who might change the world with their thoughts of love.

Bring peace to yourselves and others, allow them a thought of love and not contempt. Bring peace to those you meet, for they are your brothers and sisters of the world. And the lowliest creatures that crawl and walk upon your planet are no less worthy than yourselves, for they are part of creation and the creator, created all within the solar systems that surround your planet. Have no less thought for the man who speaks these words for he communicates in a manner unknown to men, it is available to all should they have a practice of love in the world to commit their mind.

Trust is a practice hard won by many, for they feel threatened that perhaps something awful might happen. But faith and trust and goodwill, and above all, the nature of love is all that is required to protect you in your world. Bring this thought to many of your people, allow them to question you upon your remarks and your feelings upon the subject, and they will find that truly there are answers written in the many texts given over the past years.

Your friends assist, as you honour and they have well-meaning for all. A forthcoming event will enlighten them further and their aspirations will grow. Peace in their hearts will be given as they continue to practice their love and healing for all. We would like to give thoughts this evening to those that they are praying for, they ask for healing for the young lady and a gentleman. And ask that a practice of light and love be given to them, and as before focus upon their illness. Concentrate your thoughts upon their well-being and see the light of love shine within. Your vibrations for healing are sent to all in need at this time. There are many who suffer with hidden illnesses. Their pleasurable beings, their attitude hides many secrets and divulges few, but their heartache is plain to see by those of spirit and those of men who have a caring heart.

Focus your minds once more and establish a thought of love throughout your world of men in the hope that peace will come soon. There are many travesties of life that beckon thoughts of darkness, but allow not your thoughts, to be those of the dark as you see the atrocities occur throughout the countries of South Indonesia. The Southern Pacific will suffer equally in natural earthquakes. Allow not your feelings of despair for them to overrun you for they are protected and although many seem lost within these terrible events in truth they are reborn from whence they come.

There are many terrible circumstances that occur within the lifetime of a man, and you will struggle to comprehend their meaning, and perhaps will find it difficult to bring yourself peace. Peace will come to all, in life it is a natural wonder to many outside your world, but they cannot comprehend how creatures such as yours would combat ill health with a chemical, and your warring nature is absurd to them and they cannot bring themselves to fully comprehend your natural behaviour, for you are a complex being, a mixture of love and hate, of dark and light.

You roam your earth as blind men, not seeing or understanding the true meaning of all life given by the creator of love. You are as the blind man who stumbles in the dark, not seeing the pitfalls before him, not observing his true senses and true self to enlighten his way. We ask of you this evening to bring your thoughts to that being of light, be not afraid of simple minds accusing you of intolerable things. Have you never wondered at the wondrous purpose of life and the many blessings it brings to those who see beyond their eyes of earth? Have you never wondered why it is that many suffer so, and yet you speak of the light and love the Lord, for we cannot help those who cannot help themselves. We bear witness to many things of your world and peace comes in small measures. Ultimately we will regain and establish a foothold within your world as people such as yourselves who work within the light, begin to illuminate the path of others and he will come.

Malcolm will come once more, he has come before, he is an actor, well known to your people. When we spoke of the arts and how these arts can bring satisfaction of mind, peace and contentment to others. He would ask who were lost? A Man well versed in Shakespearean things, he spoke with clarity and a voice that was loud and clear so that all can be heard. This is how you are requested to work, with clarity, clarity of mind and a purpose so overwhelming that others cannot help but see your well-meaning.

You question yourself and your mind, minds ability, but do not think of your mind in earth terms, for you are a spiritual being Michael, you must overcome these physical disabilities that obscure your way. You begin to learn many things now, you are creature of man, but the soul of spirit, as is all who walk your earth, whether it is the animals; the insects; the plant life; the merest life forms that cannot be seen, they all exist because of the creator, and all have purpose to one another. Yours is no less, so consider yourself not a man who is fallible in thoughts, but in clarity.

We will assist in the many things required as you three walk your path’s with purpose and light. Your efforts will remain unnoticed for a time, but truth will be heard and seen in the vast cosmos that surrounds your planet of men. We speak here tonight with authority, acknowledging your being and your commitments, and your circle that joins you from afar also understand this. They seek purpose in many things of spiritual being, clarity and ability to overcome their fears. Let not your hearts be condemned with the pitfalls of life, for there is a much brighter future that exists within the world of light. Have purpose in your being, allow not others to diminish your responsibilities. You have focus and will bring much thought to others as they proceed in their working days, they will consider the words and hark back to the things that were said for they will reflect upon their own lives.

Do not harbour fears for the future, for all will not be lost. There is a brighter future ahead.

A Master being will once more return to your world to bring focus upon these things and his being. His form will change, but his mannerisms will always remain the same as he resounds his words to your modern world in a way that they may understand. Have thoughts of peace tonight my brother.

Trumpets will blow, many will be heard in the world of politics. She has become outcast amongst her own who continue to scupper her plans, for she is a woman of single-mindedness. She does not want her plans to be issued, or released to the public, for she knows it will bring fear and resentment to all who listen. She must in her way as she’s patent her life upon the previous predecessor. Females are strong in heart and will, and they dominate the male of your world in ways you do not understand or cannot understand. They have much purpose in your lives, they are the mothers of your children and they bring peace to others in their care and attention, for they are not afraid to say that they are women of your world and they have love in their hearts for all who would see them as the angels they are.

Your mother comes soon, for she has tolerance of your being. Her thoughts of love embrace you each day, and as the celebration of mothers comes forward, so many mothers in spirit embrace their loved ones without fear. A mother of the world is no less, she is a mother of creation and without bias, loves all. (Mothering Sunday in the UK – 11th March 2018)

We strolled across the desert of your world. We drove our flocks before us, from one water hole to another. We roamed the Sahara’s of your land, nomads they called us, men of the desert, people to mistrust. We had freedom, free from responsibility, for our lives were as travellers across the sands of your world. hum hum, we took many trains out and into that wilderness, many followed with a desire for fortune, but it is a desolate place and many were lost to its cruel conditions. You have to learn to adapt and this is the lesson of life that all should learn to adapt, for survival is only possible when one considers the future of their being and their race. The camels of the desert were highly trained and obedient, and relied upon those men to bring a purpose their being.

We cannot understand why it is that your men continue to roam the deserts. Do so not with a love to the sands they walk upon, but with hatred in their hearts and you bring misfortune to many, destroy many homes and the habitat in which they live and for what? Do they understand love? Even now what it is that they require? They are puppets on a string controlled by men of money and power throughout your world. They bring disillusionment to each other as they fight for the right to live with focus upon their being, they do not share their lands or their love openly, they worship their creators, not understanding that there is but one creator and his love is issued to all. They are manipulated in many ways by your Western governments of your world, for they bring purpose their being and profit margins rise as the oil cascades out of the ground and bring riches to many, but what is wealth? You do not have a right. Hard questions that need to be answered by one and all. We cannot change their ways nor bring them to heel, misfortunes will look down upon them in due course, but also will reflect upon the world and many will suffer for this black tar.

Your oceans will turn from green, blue, to the dark of oil as a dye, as a tanker runs aground, once more polluting the many habitats of the Caribbean’s. And yet zero understand the destructive power they bring. Your oceans are a delicate balance and their profiteering will destroy you all.

Like the ships of the desert you wander aimlessly, being controlled by men who are controlled by others. Not understanding your purpose, but blindly following obediently your master, as you are the servant. Break free from this pattern of life, help yourselves to a better future if you dare. This does not constitute a revelation, but merely freedom of the heart and mind, freedom of your soul to live peacefully with one another. Have purpose in your world friends.

She sits with blinkers on. She hears the words, but cannot see. What a strange lady she is to ignore the wishes of her people, for her dominance is great in her mind. Her love for the natural world is poor, and she concedes to no one despite their pleading. To secure the resources for the future, the natural habitat of your world, hmm. She must not lead men in such a manner, cast her out with your vote, for there will come one very shortly. She will be denounced and the vote must be taken to announce a new leader of men. Your country is in turmoil, its riches cast to the wealthy and not those in need. Revolution will be heard in words and thoughts, she will have no regrets at her time in office, for she thinks she has purpose. Hmm, sadly she is mistaken. She will cancel out any good humour set against her. She admires the ‘Iron Lady’ and her strength and will. She is a feminist at heart and believes strongly that women are the future, and so it might be, but not those with a closed heart, those focused upon the riches and wealthy people. There will come one in the near future to begin and start a new party within your political world, she will announce her being very shortly, others will be aghast at her murmurings and her frankness of thought. But many will follow as they see a new light to follow, give a practice of love, for she means well in your world.

The dark looms over many countries of your world but as the light begins to shine so times will change, men will change part and denounce those wicked who would bring their purpose upon their being, honour your men and yourselves by bringing love to others, good evening.

Held hands in a circle of light, they contain their thoughts as they whisper their words of healing. Listen to the tunes of Mozart, as it brings focus this evening, She is Valerie, he is Kevin, and their purpose will be of great importance to others. Assist now in the healing light, take their hands, and they will feel this, they will feel the sensation of being held.

Assist her Lord, nurse her in their troubled times, bring peace and healing to their friends who requested love. See now the colour of gold and orange, that they may know your connection and love and that your circle is complete.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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