19-03-18 – Winston Churchill, Energy, Healing, Bereavement, Creation of Life, Judgement etc


19th March 2018

Surpassed are the many things of life that bring temptation to many within your world. The minds of the masses are focused upon those things of life that bring torment and pleasure, there is much to learn for all who have purpose in this world.

The blessings sent to those who wish to communicate in a manner of love.

Deepest sympathy and wishes, you feel a loss and it is sad for many who lose their loved ones at this time, but they should be aware of the love and peace that awaits them as they cross that barrier of life to once more become an arbiter of the spiritual realm from which you all have emerged in a practice of learning.

Be at peace this evening and know that we surround your life and the lives of many with love and status far beyond your imaginations.

We have not seen so many that have this purpose in these times, but the will is strong and emotions hold them back, because they cannot see a future in their life or their structure of being.

Complimentary they are to many things of the good book, whose verses and Psalms have been sung so many times. But truly, in their hearts, they have a doubt for they see the many ugly confrontations within your world and they wonder why in this time of war, retribution, that peace and love does not reign once more. In your terms Rome was not built in a day, it takes a tower of strength to stand up to the storm which you face at this time, but you must not lose hope or faith, for trust is the weapon of choice. Trust and faith that will bring you once more into the light in the realm of heaven.

On many occasions in the past we have spoken of things, of that yet to come and your words have told many stories of those who’ve had past lives in your world. There are many waiting still to come in the hope of changing attitudes of the living. Their work is good as they train in a fashion in that spiritual school from which men have acquired knowledge in the past. You too acquire this knowledge through the beings who speak from that far distant place. Let them now raise their voice, ‘Alleluia’, that they may sing the praises of the Lord and of that spiritual realm.

We see the many who sit before the throne of Jesus and ask of his name, that they would bring salvation to their lives, a peace in that chapel of love, that they may sit and become enlightened once more.

It is of great importance that their minds are open and that they consider themselves a channel of love. For hope is given to all those who would sit in deep contemplation, bringing back memories of love from the past and the hope of resurrection of life once more.

It is a matter, a question of great hope, but we can assure you of this, that if you wish for salvation and love, then cherish your life, bring hope to others and give aid where needed. Do not be that of the selfish man, who would step forward only to feed his greed with the benefits that may be on offer. For you should take no benefits when lending a helping hand to those who need. Let go your minds, for your wealth lies within the light and not within those earthly possessions. It matters not to us how you live your lives within reason, but trust and faith is uppermost, and your thought for others should always be paramount within your lives. Providing others with love and consideration, especially at the passing of those so close to them.

Once more we bring a message of hope and of love from one who passed most recently. There it was of a childhood, a young man of eight, whose life was over before it began, but he brought purpose in his short life. His torment was plain to be seen as the cancer riddled his body. But his love shone through, his courage and light brought purpose to his parents and others of his family, for his life was not in vain, but full of purpose. He came with a smile and a grin so cheeky, who could resist such a lad. His name, Simon, is often spoken of in the memories of those parents. They continue to miss and love him, and their hearts bleed inside at their loss. And if this communiqué should reach those parents “June, Juniper” then perhaps peace might befall them in their latter years. Their son has never left them, but sits with them, with his beloved dog “Shep” his name of the creature. She (the dog) would lick his wounds with love, and was a companion and brought him joy in his final year. They sit now together in that realm of light, looking down upon those who love them so. And they acknowledge their mum, who would sit with them and whisper words of comfort, grasping his hand as he lay. His uneventful life was of purpose, not to be seen by those of the living. The lessons brought were a harsh type, that many experience, as yourself. Be blessed to know that he is now peace, and rests with his Gran and grandfather “George, Charlene” ah, they huddle together and George shows himself with a white beard and the elderly face of a man whose respect is great for those who welcome his being this evening.

No matter how things evolve within your lives my children, you must reinforce and state that your lives are all of purpose and worthwhile. It is unfortunate for those who throw away this gift and bring despair and discouragement to others in the amusement of themselves. They have lost focus and see the things of the physical and not of the spiritual. Their paths were chosen for a purpose, but they are wayward, and for the most part many follow in their paths of life without knowledge of that inner being that they are, that spiritual being that they are a part of, on the journeys for which they have undertaken. And they live their lives, not in ignorance, but with a purpose that they feel is natural to them, and they do not wander from the path, do not stray from that, from which they have brought purpose to others.

They would like to offer the love and condolences to one this evening who regrets many things of her purpose, as her uncle has passed. His name is not necessary at this time, but his light shines, he joins your Auntie Mary at this time. He was a wonderful man to his family and friends, his work brought him on many travels within your world, offering assistance to others.

There are many such men who walk your earth. Their love is great for one another, not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual. Your senses and feelings should be judged correct when you meet an honourable man or woman, for you are guided by this in the light, to which you are all connected.

We have blessed many with vision and sight, that they may see the light of heaven shine within their eye. They bring blessings to others through their work as mediums and trance mediums, and their purpose is great. The healers of your world, no less important, as they too have a commitment and connection far beyond many, many people’s.

Knowledge, the tarot healing can be given to all that teach a wealth of wisdom and give kindness and assistance to others.

It would break your hearts to see the many who fall before us, who cry out their heart and ask for forgiveness, for they were blind. In your purpose, they hope to achieve a small percentage of light to shine upon those who were once ignorant of the many things. Many will come to see the words written. A stranger to you, but in truth, a spiritual commitment to all.

You cope with your lives as men, in varying degrees of anger and unsteady postures. Your beliefs are many and varied as you walk your lives. Many cannot bring a favourable outcome to their lives, for they are tempted by the many things put before them, and their purpose is lost, but will be regained as they are set upon the track of life once more.

Temptation gathers in many ways, it creeps up on you, and your mind is confused, but you succumb. It’s a story of many men and women, but the vast majority resist these temptations that are set before them, and their inner strength grows and their light shines.

Help us now, not to bring judgement upon those who have fallen by the wayside, but to give them a hope of resurrection and renewal in the rebirth within the next time to come. Many have desperate times which calls for desperate solutions in their situation, and they ask for forgiveness, for they have measure of love.

Heads have sided towards your love, they cope with many things of life, not really understanding how to deal with it, and you all just open your minds and reach out to us. We have solutions for you, they are there, a simple thought of assistance is all that is needed to bring a connection of light, that lifeline by which all exist upon your planet.

Allow not the temptations of greed and want be uppermost in your minds, help us to help you and assist in your minds thoughts. Have a care though, many things are heard, and listened to by others, these things are detrimental to your beings.


Tabatha once more joins us, she speaks from the heavens above to bring a message for many upon your earth.

She was a woman of ancient times, that brought judgement to others and was judged herself, but her heart won over the many things set against her in her lifetime. She was a woman, some say of ill repute, but her heart was of gold. All too often men do not see the things of beauty that are held within. They only see the purposeful things that they wish to see, and they continue to this day, judging others who have brought shame upon their lives. You all at some point call the judgement upon one another, but have a heart of peace, for all eternity will be judged when the time comes.

His creations were many and advanced in your world and others that surround you, they focus a beacon of light upon you at this time. Their minds knew well of peace and they continue to uphold the law of the creator of life. They may have many names for this being, this supreme being of life and light. But no matter how you call him, he or she is a being of light, the creator of all time.

New beginnings appear all the time. With a hope of a fresh start. And the creation of life continues in many ways unseen by men and other creations. The soul, the spirit, of which you are part of is an energy force which illuminates many within the many worlds and civilisations. You are a part of energy, a wheel of existence and you bring a measure of peace to others in your lives, and as you progress, your soul becomes brighter and less dull. Energy is created through thought of mind, your being creates this energy in a way that you cannot understand. It holds you and caresses you, nurtures your life in ways that should not be ignored. Express your love to others and join that circle of light and love, in the hope and sureness of the resurrection. Energy continues, it is a force that cannot be extinguished. One day you will rejoin this energy and like a battery of your world, you will be recharged and renewed and once more set upon your way to shine the light, that beacon of love that is held within all should they wish to promote their being. All too often we have seen many fail, and they fall like the battery that discharges quickly, their purpose is done. And never neglected, they are given an opportunity to once more re-establish their light and love should they wish.

The commencement of life and the birth of your being is miraculous. And your soul, your spiritual energy will enter your bodies, not directly, but as you develop, in your early years and your characters as you call them, are the beginnings. You and many more are old souls who have returned once more, recharged and capable are many things to expand your minds within the creation of life. Nurture your being, hold one another’s hand and as a chain reaction in the love, it will be recharged whilst in existence of life.

In the circles of light created, share this love unconditionally, and it is good to see the many of your world and the misfortunate, they hold this passion in their lives. There are of such inequality in the realms of life, but even those who dwell in the forests of your world have a rudimentary understanding of the spiritual things that sustain them and they need no books, they need no man to preach to them of the things of the Lord, for they know of the energy of mother earth, that spiritual energy that sustains them throughout their lives and their beings. They have trust and faith blindly, as they see much in the way of modern man as being cruel and ineffective, they dismiss them, opting for the natural life for which they will resume.

Many men, many such men, have now vanished from the forest, sold up by the media of your world. But their hearts are strong and their pure minds exist still. It is only those of the West that have lost their own ability to trust their senses, their natural being. Their courtesy has been lost as they fight one another, for what? The wealth of the world? We issue warning to all who will not look within to see the light and love, but will continue their journey, and as the battery, they will be exhausted and their purpose lost. And as the batteries of your world, they will be discarded. Perhaps recycled if wished. It’s a harsh thing to say, to discard somebody, and these lessons are to be learnt by those who have exhausted their life force by unnecessary things. They feel themselves hard done by when they hit the bottom, but they must learn that love exceeds all, it is paramount to your existence.


Ah George, a mentor or of yours. You read his words and his creation and what he has channelled through his mind of the creator. His words are true, give him a loving response. He continues his work as an inspiration to you and others. Despite how old he may be you are truly recharged should you hold that light within. His purpose is great, and his time will be soon, but he understands that life ever after exists. His friends surround him and invite him in once more for session of light and love. He will join them in the autumn, and perhaps bring a note of sentiment to others through his experiences of life. He has vast knowledge, superior to yours Michael, although his life has been full of purpose, they will be for the benefit of all. He is a wise man and much loved by his admiring wife, she brought him purpose to know these things, she wishes him well upon his journey until they meet once more.

Harrison is a name he would remember from the past, from his war years. A great friend of his who sacrificed much for him. His wound troubles him but is not in despair, quite frankly he loves life to the full and lives life to the full, as do many of your world despite their illnesses or troubles. Congratulate him on his journey of life, for he is one of many who is admired for their strength and inner a being, and his wife awaits him. He has much purpose and commands much respect. Cast him your love and light, give him blessings.

(NOTE: The above paragraphs are about George Burridge, a trance medium from Cornwall – he has a guest message on this blog site: Message from George)


Your fingers, hands, they feel numb, cramped in a position, many suffer through this complaint, illness you think. Exercise is good for the soul they say. Support her being with your thoughts of purpose tonight. You disregard your thoughts of healing as being merely, not your purpose! They are in everyone’s mind and thoughts. Send the warmth that you feel now, send it to your friend, ease her pain and burden, and she will feel the warmth overwhelm her this evening. Her joints are free from pain and she has a little respite, as you send your healing pulse of light to radiate around her.

Caress her in your arms, your spiritual arms, and shine the light of love and healing upon her.

Be not with pain and give him a share of this healing light. Feel it radiate across your shoulders my friend, a frozen shoulder begins to thaw a little now, it becomes easier as you feel such a warmth, a glow across your shoulder your right hand side in particular. Feel the muscle spasms ease as the tension lessons. Your purpose is done and the pain subsides and you feel it unnecessary for the physical painkillers.

She warms your shoulders this evening, a tender caress and massage and as she focuses upon the light to bring healing upon your left shoulder blade, you feel that warmth. Allow that warmth in that it may penetrate your being. Your work is not done you have much to achieve. You are both blessed with love and light. Give thanks to him upon high, and hope to others that their lives will be satisfactory. Your heart warms to many things of troubled minds, and we have spoken of you before, of your gifts and abilities, and there are many in your world that have yet to discover their being and their true self. Guide their thoughts. Your teachings will be well known, many will come in a moment of need of restoration.

One in particular Valerie, approaches your door. Your daughter needs your loving touch. She has succumbed to a multiple illness, not of the heart or the mind, but the soul and she needs your support. She has lost one close to her and your thoughts are of a child, and this will be correct, she needs the comfort and reassurance of the light and the healing that you will bring her. Her time is not done yet but she feels at her wits end, you can help, assure her loved one, a child, Samuel, is fine with his world of spirit as he sits and plays with his friends. Donkey, see he has much amusement for he loves that donkey. You know of his donkey, relieve that burden, ah, this was my favourite!

(Note from Valerie: Michael did not know that we were doing distance healing work at the time of his meditation, he was obviously being asked to send healing energy to add to mine, I was also giving healing to Kevin for his painful frozen shoulder which was throbbing painfully with spasms. My daughter can also take the last paragraph, including the part about the toy donkey which Michael would have no knowledge of.)


Traverse your minds now and let them be of the light. Help others to understand the creation of life and the world that is set before them. At this time it is cruel and unforgiving, but underneath that shadow of darkness there is love and light beginning to shine in many places of your world. Your hearts are dominated by fear, fear of many things of man’s creation, but fear not, for your inner souls are protected by the love and light that surrounds you all.

Open your minds and see the light, let it in, invite it, and bring it purpose within your lives, for as long as you hold this light within, nothing of the physical can truly hurt or cause pain. You will feel the warmth in your heart and the love now, and allow this love to develop and unfold before others, that they also may see that depth of love, and of despair, nothing can truly harm you, for you are God’s children, a part of that universal light that sits within the heart of your universe. Many seek this meaning in true wealth, but only those who believe will be rewarded with that wealth within.


Once more I come to you as a creation, of a man of purpose. My beliefs were few, as I fought those many years. My heart was as the lion, strong in belief of my own purpose and I could not forgive the many things set against me. I sit here now with you as you feel my being, let me speak for my words are true.

My faith is restored in those things of light in those days of darkness that was set against us. In my early years I fought many things of disillusionment, hmm, I brought my being many dishonourable things, hm. I sat astride my horse, my Bessie, as named, as I rode her across those planes I sought no forgiveness for others, only to bring purpose to myself. Hm, I was smug, I was so wrong, but as all these things had a purpose and focus for me. hmm, hmm.

Let me now speak of love and truth and honesty in the fellowship of men. I cannot be here with you today, although you see me in your mind, I can say this, that as a man I was a failure, my purpose brought strength to many. My Winnie was a favourable woman who brought me greatness in her heart of love, she sits with me now and we speak of the many things of our lives for we were privileged in many ways within your world of men, but the reason are given for those many things. We, we did not welcome many things of dissatisfaction. We were tormented by our lives and the purpose we had.

My past and my light, for sin, and here I sit, not in judgement of your lives, but as a teacher, as a man of the Commonwealth to tell you these things that you should know hmm.

Your politics of today are strange to me and yet there is hope, one will lead soon out of the despair, you may face terrible times for you must travel the road of despair to see the light that comes. Hmm. Words not favourable to many I know, but let the strength of the lion be with you and let that Bulldog sit strong within your soul.

Don’t be unforgiving as I was, allow us all to have an inner strength to be your chosen weapon.

Goodness of heart will shine through and bring many peace. Hmmm.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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