23-05-18 John Lewis, Chairman Mao, Climate Change, Life Paths, etc

Transcript 23rd May 2018

Valerie, she responds well to your question and your thought, your belief is true, as is hers and as her partner. Truth will always prevail no matter what.

The stigma attached to many things of life is like a veil that could be lifted, if only your beliefs were true and your hopes were not false. Be passive this evening as you bring about a thought of love for those in desperation of need, for those in care, who want for nothing more than peace.

For life is a task for which you are all equipped, some will fall by the wayside, others will prosper in love and life. The struggles are the same no matter your position, for your lives are cast upon the earth to bring you learning and not scorn upon the other, but to bring peace of mind to those in desperate need of love. We care not for those who wish harm upon others, for their path is untrue, in an unnatural way. It beggars belief that so many of your world will listen to the propaganda given through the media created by those men of science.

Truly misunderstood are his words, for his words are belief and truth. Never neglect your path my son, for life is a path upon which you are set to bring guidance to others and restful thought to those who need of space and time to reassign their lives upon the passage of light.

Quite responsive was she who asked the question “Why am I not so deeply involved with the spiritual way? Why do I struggle with these words, in my heart I look for peace and my soul aches for a time when once more I may laugh and not cry?” Be blessed my child, for nature will take its course and your unity and your bond are never broken truly. This man tells you many things of your son, of his life, of his yearning to be free from the aches and pains of strife that befell him and his family.  She looks upon another now, and he approves, for this gentleman has a positive manner about him. His colour is of no importance for it is the heart that makes a man, and not his appearance to the outside world.  Truth and vanity walk hand in hand, but your vanity should be put aside, as it is false in the eyes of men. Have hope my dear, for life in turn will bring many pleasures and many sufferers. But in the end, your world will come together once more, in a unification of great joy with hope for the future. Let life take you by the hand and lead you not into turmoil or despondency, but in a hope, that a gentleman may help and respond to your call, to further your life in this world of men. (NOTE: This paragraph has been accepted with thanks by a follower of the messages)

We have been frank this evening, not pegging back any words, for there is much truth spoken of these times. Many respect and respond to your work given. Your passages of time are of short duration, but if filled with meaningful things, then this short life has purpose to many others beyond your knowledge.

We sit in prayer this evening in a circle of light, and you use your pendulum’s for a magnetic response in the atmospheric conditions. A tap is heard, a voice calls, no one listens, but Valerie hears. She whispers a name and a number, do you see before the rabbit, a number nine, which she, she wishes well, for those in a serious position this evening. Her mind is focused upon one, as is many others, but she ranks among many of your world. Help us to call out their names, that they may find peace and hope and the glory of his light. (NOTE FROM VALERIE: My prayers were with my daughter whose name was foremost in my mind, as are many others who have been sending her prayers of healing. The rabbit is a garden ornament that belonged to my late mother, my daughter has it and uses it as a form of connection with her grandmother, the number nine is the most spiritual number of all, the number that represents all in the universe for me.)

Chaste was she, that virgin who became a mother of the light. Her words were heard many times by the mothers of life. Her fears were great, for in her time there was no mercy for those of ill repute. But love was shown and gratitude given, and she became the mother of the world, and you are her children, her children of the world.

Band together this evening in thought and prayer, as you join your circle. Watch upon them, and stay discreet as you sit there amongst their energies. Breathe in the words of wisdom so many long to hear in your world of men. Nature takes its course, for life has a way of revolving and becoming renewed. Watch for the signs given, tamper not with the ways of others, for there are many in your world who would respond to his call and bring persecution to others, for no other reason than to be heard by him of your world.

We call upon his presence this evening, to bring you words of wisdom, that you might be frank with yourselves, in thought and in deeds, and your words and your wisdom. Never let go the thought of spirit as it guides you, for each of you are accustomed to different ways. Many will tell you of their ways and insist you use them, as this is the way to reach your goal! Each of you was given a path to glory, your steps are guided by those beyond your world. Let not those men determine your ways, for your path is true, and despite the energies they give off, many would deny you their ears, so as not to listen to the wisdom.

Bring peace this evening and help those in your world of need to overcome their troubles despite their pain and suffering. Tonight be glad to hear that all will be well and welcome once their time has come. Be strong my children, allow not your weak thoughts to over rule your lives and wisdom, for it was given to you long ago, that your paths would be set, and as a stream that runs to the River of life, so it gains and momentum and strength. The arteries of your life are nothing more than rivers of blood, and they flow through your beings in a manner, systematic in ways.

Your climate is out of control and your brother men, frustrated by the measures that are given, who is to blame for these conditions? This is a natural course of time, as some would believe, or is it hastened by your men of science dispersing their chemicals amongst your clouds? Have faith and trust that all will be well, and life will resume to normal once more. A hazardous time ahead for all in creation, for there must always come a point, a moment in time that must be surmounted to reach the other side. Gradually we fade into history our words of wisdom are no longer heard, people no longer hear the thoughts of the many things.

Of Chairman Mao, who once lived in the East of your world, he was a man, a tyrant of your time. He belonged, and was consigned to history without a second thought, but is murmurings are heard many times still within those regions, Chow Chin, China, town has become popularised in many cities of your world, but it harbours many fears, many instruments of power exist within these things. You see the butterfly, the moth, which is more beautiful, that which is on the outside or that lesser beauty hidden in the dark streets of your cities? Your minds are washed systematically with words given by your media, they hush and tell you nothing of these things of the night. Chinatown has a place in history, Chairman Mao sits still, with his little red book preaching his words, his nonsensical wisdom to followers who hide in that darkness of the streets of London.

A ceremony will be held soon for the Dragon who walks your earth,  (Teresa May awakens the dragon) she will bring mayhem upon the streets. She sits in the houses of power assumedly unresponsive to the many pleas given, she beckons her ministers forward that they may answer these questions, and divulges nothing. Her words are twisted in many ways and her thoughts are devious. She is a strong woman and hides many truths from you and others. We are not here to divulges secrets, but to let you know that her words cannot be trusted. She will tell you of the many things that she feels you would respond to, but she is repelled by other nations as her advances become obvious. She has a belief that her will is strong and her powers great, but to those who sit on high, a huge fall is beckoning.

Your belief in spirit and power and being is great my son, and this is there to fall back upon for many others as the greed and avarice of your world takes hold. There will be much pain and suffering we fear in the future, for they cannot be any other way than to break this solemn silence of secrecy. Have a care not to respond to her calls, liken yourselves to angels of light and beckon others to your call, that they hear the words that would bring them peace in your terrible devious times.

You ask for peace in the world of man, but how is this possible when his eyes and heart are closed. Truly we say unto you, be blessed in the knowledge of spirit that exist and watch over you all. An example given by your loved one this evening, a feather of love as a trophy to be kept and taken to the heart.

Valerie has a shilling that she would use to give her strength. It is something found from long ago in a little box in the wardrobe. She hides it from view, for it is a personal token given by her father, who continually watches over her and her loved one. He brings peace to those this evening who worry needlessly. For inner strength is gathered within your hearts, and your belief in the power of healing are all that is needed for guidance. A shilling for your thoughts? A compromise. As a child a shilling was given, but in the heat of the moment many things were said.
(NOTE FROM VALERIE: The shilling is a metaphorical one and symbolises a token, the token is actually a handkerchief that belonged to my father which I felt compelled to gift it to my daughter in her recent time of need. – Things said in the heat of the moment, yes, I loved my father but would argue with him! He would proudly tell me of the days of the British Empire when I was a child and even then, I knew that British dominance in the world and ‘civilising’ tribes people was wrong.)

Truth and despair walk hand in hand for many in your world, help those who need it and give them a shilling, that they too may find fortune within their thoughts and love.


Coach your thoughts, respond to their call this evening as they wish you well upon your journey, your new life. A prayer is said for all those who embark upon a journey of life. You see the spaniel, a dog of fashion, an animal, a kind and loving soul who was lost this evening to someone special to you. She cries for her loss, the tears will not come, for she sees strength in spirit and soul. Allow the tears to fall, never allow your darkest moments a thought of strength, for this would hold back the tears like the bitter taste of life it would fester, your emotions are given that you may relieve tension of the moment. Your dog is safe, she is well on the other side, beckons to you to her call. How can you know that this is real, how can you find peace in your heart when your fondness and love are given so thoughtfully. You feel irresponsible, there is no need, for the animals welfare is much the same as your own, you are all truly of spirit and in your places you will roam your earth. Fortune is great for those with love and thoughts of peace to cherish.

A paper bag is to be used to relieve the pressures. Hypertension, a classic symptom of stress. There are many forms of remedies given in your world, and the burden of drugs given sometimes would help, but most times, relieve nothing! It is your belief and faith in them makes it work and you trust them, despite the many poisons and negative substances added. And here is she, a healer of life, who tells you these many things, can be averted, for the truth lies within your own love and being. She gives you faith and trust, your thoughts are of Valerie once more, but there are many like her who roam your world, bringing healing to others.

Respond in kind to the healers, give them your love and trust, for as in the drug of your chemicals, there is much to respond to in the natural way of things. Commonplace it is that some would call themselves a believer of spirit to deceive those of their money and fortunes. Fickle times for some, but the truth that lays within the heart and the knowledge given. To dispense this love, this power of healing, give your trust and faith to God and spirit, as your vibrations are fine tuned in many ways. A sour note can be given and cause disruption of those vibrations and waves, but a gentle hand and a kind word and soft voice, truth and honesty and calmness, will bring that disturbance once more to a peace, so that, that note, the truth, will ring sweetly once more.

Respectfully we ask that those of the many circles of your world, who bring light and love to others in many forms and many ways have obedience to him, the Lord of spirit.

Never be misguided by thinking that spirit is a separate entity from that of the creator, for they are one of the same, as you are one of spirit, so you are as one of the creator. Your love and joy, your life, is felt by all. Have you ever felt a negative vibration in some and brought them peace in your words of comfort? This is because of the fine tuning of that note, the kindly voice, the mannerism given will settle that vibration.

Holiest of Holies, the Lord of Hosts is with you all, call out his name your desperate times, for peace will be needed soon. To those who worship the dark, call out his name in your slumber that he may enter your lives and bring you peace and light. And for those who find these words distasteful, open your hearts and minds. Do not be turned against him because of your beliefs or your apparent judgement is of the logical kind. Have faith and trust and belief in him, and he will be yours to command upon your journeys of life.


Hearken now of the words of the soul of John Lewis, that he may teach you a thing two of greed and avarice. You see the man with the beard and moustache, is dark, he frowns, (image of John Lewis) but he wishes no ill of you. Join with him: “Listen to my tale, for it is one of woe, and in my darkest hour of my life I despaired as to my purpose. My establishment grew within those fashionable times. The Edwardian carriages that carried me were rough as they rode the cobbles of the streets, and this was as my life, the ups and downs. I was a man to whom poverty meant nothing, for I had purpose in my ways to issue those Londoners a new experience, for their purchases were many, and I adhered to those of the wealthy and called upon my name, for trust was put into my word, my name was great. Have a sale they said, not sell things cheaply, but respectfully. And so it was that my shop began life as a penny farthing, a symbol of those times. Many came to view the spectacle of the time. I pondered upon my life and how discontented I was. Many came to see the blank shelves that stood before them as my life crumbled before you. I had help from on high and I rejected those who were close to me. How foolish was I, that I as a man of wealth could not see those who perished beneath me, and my staff were paid handsomely, but regretfully, my dissatisfaction grew and my shelves emptied, not in the physical, but in my heart. No harm come to those who bring wealth of love in the fortune of well being to others. Grateful I am, that I have been accepted now, that I have a chance for redemption, as all who enter spirit have. Grow well my friends, be not afraid to call his name.


Tabatha has thoughts for you this evening Michael, call upon her in your sleep, she walks by your side. You know not your strength, but she is within you. Toby was once given as a name, you were bewildered, who could this be? Who was it who spoke of Toby? Your thoughts betray you in your sleep, the mysteries of life before you, and you greet them with open arms and welcome them as a friend, for you know it is a path upon which you must tread. You have faith and trust in the life that you lead and the people that you meet, who are common among you. Faith and trust is what you need to endeavour upon your exploits of life, she walks with you, Tabatha, Toby, names not indiscreet.

A new baby of life cannot be, they are from another world, a world beyond yours, they speak many times to you, and you are unaware of their presence, but you feel their energy. Needlessly you worry as to their identity, it is not necessary to know all, but to have faith trust and faith and your arms open wide and your mind is free. Be open to possibilities that are many in your world, and to those who read the words that we speak this evening, have trust and faith and know. Common knowledge of many great things are vast in your world, and the greatest of all is ignored for the most part.

Trust your love and have faith, as we bid you good evening.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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