29-05-18 Families, The Blind Man, The Media, Guardians of Life, Murdoch, Churchill etc

Transcript 29th May 2018

Jointly we are guided upon the paths we tread, hand-in-hand the spoken word is passed from one to another, so that others may see the light before them in the darkness of their lives.

Purple flowers bring lessons to many, particularly chrysanthemums, Michaelmas daisies, to name but a few. The flowers of life are those who specialise in care and tenderness and allow others peace of mind in their latter years. They help and guide them in the final steps of life. The nurses who bring comfort to those patients who have worried so and are full of concern as they leave their loved ones behind to face their own path, their beginnings and endings.

Truly it is a wondrous event that those who pass, and seek peace, find it in the light. For it is not only until that time that they truly see their lives worth and their true beginnings commence upon the other side of life.

Many disbelieve this and cannot bring themselves to be aware of such inconceivable things, and they practice a life of ‘live and let live, and let’s not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will come in its own time.’ But in truth, as you walk your lives, a pattern will emerge that will take you upon, or in, a particular direction. It will stay with you, do not ignore the lessons of life for they are many in your world of your being.

We commence this evening with a thoughtful gesture, in the hope that your paths remain in the light. and although your obedience to Him may lack at times, you all are aware of his presence and call upon him in your times of need. Compare us not the angels of your light, but as the guardians of your lives, and there are many levels upon which we speak, those of the higher and those of the less, so that you may become aware of the many things and pitfalls of life. Carelessness will bring you problems and troubles beyond belief, and it is the wise man who sees the King of Spades before him and passes it over for the Queen of hearts, as the King of hearts are the compassionate of your world. We speak of suits of cards, commonplace in your world, and like the suits of cards, we can liken this to the suits of life and spirit. For there are the lower levels and the higher levels that we speak of, and which would you be? Are you the gambler who would throw in all to seek your fortune in the materialistic ways of your world, or are you the one of the cautious mind, who would look carefully and consider your options, or are you the one, the sensible one, who would withhold his hand, study and allow life and not gamble away your thoughts, Your precious ideals.

Can we call upon you tonight to attend your families and bring them peace this evening. There are many who are distraught at this time, their parents gave them guidance in life, and as they pass, they feel like the child once more, lost and lonely. But if that parent stood you in good measure, then stand upon your own two feet and think about your purpose, and how you can pass this knowledge on to your families, and in time they too may stand and look back at the lessons learnt, given by those guardians of life, your parents. Not only of life, but we also speak of the Guardians of Spirit, who comfort you, bring you peace of mind despite your anxiety and anguish. It is difficult to accept that your lives are tender and fragile, but your mind must be open, and all will be well in the Kingdom of Heaven, for it was once said that man was the beast of the earth and yet he blossomed as he grew to become the flower of love. For if he does not gather nourishment from the ground and mother earth, then he will wither and die, for his roots will be short and not searching and seeking out that nourishment. And so it is with knowledge of spirit and god, that you must reach out your roots, feed your heart with the love and care, tenderness that is required within your family. Do not starve yourself of these nutritious things, for they will feed your seed, the children you raise for the future.

Command your thoughts this evening Michael and allow them to bring peace to others, and the thought of care to those strangers that they come across upon their path.

We dispute no one, for your beginnings are small and as we speak of nurturing and feeding, so you will grow as the children of the light. But there are many obstacles and stumbling blocks before you, and sometimes it seems insurmountable, how you could possibly cross these barriers that bring you despair, cause you to hate, because you don’t understand the ways of life.

Persecuted are many, for their thoughts are free and travel the world of spirit to bring comfort to others. Why would you discourage one to seek the truth, when it is all but what you seek yourself. As a family, care for one another, give guidance to others that you may share these experiences and come to a satisfactory conclusion, that your lives are not short, that your time is given, not to have the things of leisure or pleasure, but to bring a balance of your life, and yes, there are pleasurable times in life, but these must be balanced out with the work. Help us to enquire within your minds, to seek out your needs, to ask your forgiveness for others who have crossed your paths, for there is no greater gift than forgiveness for your brother and sister.

And to those now departed, they look back upon you, and see you with different eyes. They see you with eyes of vibration, and the colours that surround you and the vibrations given off are tell-tale signs to all those of spirit of your state of mind and your well-being.

We too have control in life over these vibrations, we have spoken many times of healers and how they can adjust and alter these vibrations in a positive manner. But equally the man in the street with a positive thought and a kind word or two can adjust those very same vibrations, even having no knowledge of healing and the powers of thought, he or she can do this unconsciously.

Those observant among you may step back and think, “How is this possible? I have spoken to this person and they seem to respond in a positive way.” You feel the warmth in your heart as you issue them with love. Some are frightened of this feeling and reject it as being silly nonsense, for their hearts are not truly open, but their minds have the will and a way to guide their steps.


Lesley, you have a word to say and you asked the question that are upon many lips “Why is it not possible that I cannot sustain love and hold that love close to me?” We talk of the physical, your despair is obvious as your colours turn to those less bright, colours of despair. Be not concerned for your path, for there are many in your world who suffer with the same illusion, that your personal lives upon earth are the only thing that matters, is the only love that you possess, but deep in your hearts there are memorable times to come. Blossom as the flowers in bloom, allow your feelings to fulfil a promise. Sometimes in life we feel miserable, but beneath that dark cloud is always the light to shine through. Despair not my dear, there are times ahead that will fill your life with purpose, it is not always the physical love that we seek, but the care and love of spirit and wisdom.


Careless talk, careless whispers, which are they? Yes, as we find your circumstances unnatural to nature. Your wealthy have riches beyond the thoughts of many, and they hold this close to them. For their hearts are not open and their minds are closed to those beneath them, but a caring word or thought can help in many ways.

Murdoch was a man of the publishers, of the media and we have spoken of this before. (Keith Murdoch ) Can he have a word this evening? Not in jest, but of a serious mind, for he stumbled many times and betrayed many of your world. His lack of caring became obvious at the end, and his thoughts were of greed and avarice, as the many of your world. He misunderstood his purpose, for the knowledge gained was altered and changed to suit his needs, that he may continue in the life he had become accustomed to. He cared not for those who were beneath him, and many of you will remember of this man. Outrageously, he drew many to poverty, and their minds and souls will stunned by his wrongdoing. In life sometimes it seems impossible, and even insurmountable, to overcome these issues that befall you and those who fell under his spell, who suffered for his greed, are in turn given a lesson in life. How can this be a lesson to be deprived of what you were destined to receive? But what is it that you truly receive in life, is it monetary gain, or is it insight into how many of your world suffer needlessly?

Truly there was much wrongdoing in this man, despite the way was, his sons continue his work in the same way that he processed his thoughts. Did we not say, “That as the parent, so the child!”

For many there is a turning point during their time, and you may choose to ignore it, or take action upon it. This is your choice, for life is full of choices, do’s and don’ts, wrongs and rights, it is your will that will guide you.

Take steps and measures now to improve your lives in a more satisfactory way, that you may overcome the need for the everyday comforts, and bring a blessing to each other. For there is much support out there of others who suffered equally.

As harsh as these lessons seem to those who have suffered the loss of their independence, their life savings. I’m sure they would agree that it set them upon a different path, initially of anger, frustration, but then of contemplation and thoughtfulness that led to peace of mind, and the things that would be, have been replaced by the thought of possession of love, and not of that of the illusions of your life.

There are many who considered suicide at this time, for their fortunes were lost and they could see no way forward. There is always a way, it takes an open mind to see that, and help and assistance of others who could support you in your times of need, unfortunately are few and far between, many ignore the plight of despite seeing their desperation in their eyes and in their hearts.

Such a shame that many of your world cannot see, for we spoke of the blind man, and it is truly the blind man that sees, not material things but the things that matter.
We speak of blindness and people who suffer with this at this time, you consider them to be poor souls, lost in a world of darkness, never seeing the beauty of the world that surrounds them, never witnessing the many majestic things that the world displays in its nature. Do you feel sorrow and compassion for these people? You think that they are the poor men of the earth and the women. Humph, no, their vision is greater yours, for they are not blinded by those material things, the things of need and want, for they see the beauty in the heart of many. Their senses are heightened and their judgement is great, and as you see the trees and the wind blowing through the leaves, so they feel and sense these very same things, and a picture is set upon their mind that they may see the colours and vibrations, things that you are unaware of, because you are blinded by the materialistic things of this world. Do not feel sorry for the blind man, for the blind man feels sorry for you, that you cannot witness these things.

There are many of you in your world who will go and walk through your lives, sighted and able to see these things, and when you lose that vision you can no longer see those things of the material world, you feel at a loss, you say “Oh my God, why has this happened to me? What have I done to deserve this?” And initially you have great sorrow for yourself and not for others, you want pity and you are lost in a world of darkness. And I’m sure there are many that will tell you, that once their eyes were closed, so they began to see the many different things of life, the colours, the lights, the beauty of vibration that they see, they do not see a person standing there, but they see a spirit, a colour, a vibration. And your moods, your very soul, displays colours in such vivid ways that you cannot even imagine with your sighted eyes. Do not feel sorry for the blind man, for the blind man feels sorry for you that you are blinded in many ways by the obstacles of life.

Compare us not as those poor men that you see, for we are the true seeing beings of your life.

Unworthy you feel, to complete the many tasks within your lives. We speak of one this evening as her heart reaches out for a place in the light, that she may become one with peace and knowledge.

Valerie has concern for her daughter, and many care for this individual. And there are many in the world today, this evening, who feel the same plight and need for care and attention and love. But they are not selfish in their ways, they help others in many ways, and it is not until you yourselves are afflicted with these things, that you truly see the need for others. You may argue in your defence that you already saw these things, but you did not experience these things.

All will be well, for she is an artist of life, and like the true artist who paints the colours and the pictures, there is always promise and hope of a brighter day and a brighter future. As we spoke of the well-being of others and how thought transference can help in the healing of those, and so it is, that your social media that brings the people together of a good hearted nature can bring a thought of love and healing this evening, and we wish Valerie’s daughter upon her way. Do not despair or have thoughts of anger, dispel these thoughts, the surgeon’s knife perhaps was a mistake, or an accident waiting to happen. Could be through no fault of your own that these things occurred, that may seem strange words to you, to say them in this way, but this is part of your path of your learning my child.

This man who brings you these words will say we always have these lessons to learn in life, for there is a need in many to experience the woes of those of your world, for it is not until you truly felt and experienced their suffering that you can truly appreciate the many things of life and the heart. Be not afraid my child to move on, your thoughts are strong and powerful, we see your thread, your thread of life, and a continuation and pattern that it shows, it brings not despair, but of positiveness. The vibration is you own my dear, as it turns to orange into the reds of life, this will give you strength. You paint a picture of a flower and you see the yellow flower before you. It is bright and each petal is individual and full of life, it is in full bloom as you are. Bring not despair to your heart, for you despair at times, at night, in your thoughts. There are many who suffer in your world, and have a thought for them. There is care in your heart, purpose in your being, and like that bright yellow flower, each individual petal is intricate and precise.

NEW SPEAKER (Winston Churchill)

Nonsense they said, poppycock, how can this be? I was a man of extreme measures, humph, so they thought. My time was right, and I announced my displeasure to them that they may see that my anger inside was not to be toyed with. I had a lion’s heart, I brought displeasure to many, many who misunderstood my thoughts and ways.

I was an artist as well you know, hm, my paintings were memorable to many of those days, and still are, but meaningful. Many see a popularised man who could practice his art, but my thoughts were truly my art, my mind was set upon a way, a journey, a path, to free others from tyranny, and freedom from the bonds of life that would bring them down. My purpose was misunderstood, and the party allegiance grew against me despite my apparent wisdom, and they could not stand the immense pressure that I placed upon them, that their work should be for the peoples, and not for their own behalf and benefit. Truly I was a wealthy man and of status, granted, but I saw many things of displeasure my life, I was not blind or ignorant to the ways of the world, my mother of common descent, instructed me well. She was elegant as a lady in waiting. Hm, her strength grew me, hm, and I blossomed as her son. I sit with her now, and still she comforts me. My ways were given at a time of need, and so they will be once more, a child of the earth will be born that they may succeed upon their path in times of need.

Troubles are apparent, and I see many things of which brings me displeasure these days, your world has changed for the worse, it is much darker, your leaders despise you, as merely puppets “A way to means.” Terrible things have occurred and will occur, and yet you blunder through your lives not wishing for change, for your status quo as the individual is good and satisfying!

You will regret these moves if you do not understand that you must stand up for your rights as human beings, do not let these political parties over rule your rights as a human being to live with freedom and guidance. Hmm. Dark times indeed, when your media betray men of good heart in a negative manner, they show their wrong doings, which are few compared to the many good things that they achieve, and they ask you to condemn these men despite their beings of light. They have no time for critics, for they have a media and a press date and time to meet, and the story has to be a good one, so why not blacken the names of those who have purpose in your life? Hmm. So many are taken in by these things, gone are days of The Times, when you could read and know that the true press was at work. Mmm, Murdoch he is here, he knows these things, hmmm, the perverse measures by which they will call upon for an extra penny or two. Your media of television is no different and your thoughts this evening were much the same as many, that programs that were light-hearted at one time, so long ago, have now been brought into the dark, and it is true to say that this darkness that you call “entertainment”, the young have no knowledge of how it was. It is dark, it is unforgivable how these things come about. I was a man who was unable to express his true feelings, for I had work to do and my Winnie, she was of, she was a woman of great foresight, guided me in many ways, blessed be to her. We now exist within the world of spirit and we can but watch over the ways of your world and the country that I once respected and led. I was a party member for many years, but my trials and tribulations were many, and I suffered in my ways… hmmm…, those endless nights… of worry and concern for the Bosch and the Hun where there at our door like baying wolves barking at us. We were able to stand our ground and we drove them back, but now the gates are open and in subliminal ways they seek out those of poor moral mind through your media of TV. There will be a backlash, as many begin to see the dark ways of these programs. They infiltrate your mind like the spies that seek a way in and they will darken others and they will think “It’s okay, we see it on the television, we see many things that we should not in turn, “It’s cool stuff, oh, and we will too have to try this out!” Humph I’m sorry, I get carried away with these many things, but my children, open your eyes do not allow that dark in, bring peace and purpose to others. God bless.


Tell her this, that the story of her life is written in many ways. She finds displeasure in many as they discard her books to one side, she cannot understand why it is that the story of her life has not been written in words. She need not worry or have concern, it is written in many ways in endless pages of script. Have faith my child, let not the worries and concerns of your life bring you down, as you struggle to find ways to bring peace to your soul, and you are unable to find love, but you have purpose. She will remain anonymous, and she may see this writing and think that it is her. Bt there are many who this description would fit in your world. Despair not, for when all seems lost and at its darkest, truly there is light at the end of the tunnel. Do not give in, but seek that light. Like the roots that spread beneath the ground to find the nourishment, be like these roots, do not shut yourselves into a confined area, but open your heart and mind and reach out to those who offer you assistance, and be not proud, for pride is a sin that would deny you much love.

Have blessings this evening my children, as we now depart this mind, but we bring you an ounce of peace in your hearts. Let wisdom of these words be far reaching, let them in as a thought, let them in as a thought, they may help you and fertilise your minds, that your roots too may grow and spread as the vine, to find peace and love and knowledge in the common fellowship of men, of all creatures upon your earth and beyond. Amen.


Struggle not with your worries and fears, for your triumph will come soon in the Galaxy of Stardust beyond your worlds reach. Hope is ascertained that through the galaxies will come one of great importance in the civilisations of life beyond your world. True to say, his form will be different to yours and you may repel him at first sight, but his words will reach you despite your inhibitions. Allow him in, for he is a creature of the night who brings you blessings and guidance. There are many of his kind in the worlds that inhabit and coexist in peace and love throughout your galaxies. You are destined to become one of these, and your point of time is coming and you must decide in that world how you wish to proceed. There are many who watch the skies and the signs given, and their guidance is given through transference, as is yours and your purpose. Thought has a way of traversing time as in a miracle, but truly the thought waves emitted by the alpha and the beta, reach points in space and time truly unimaginable to your being at this time. It is a form of communication that will become common among your people as you progress, should you survive these times and pressures. There is much help out there waiting in the sidelines, but your persecution by your military has held them back. There are those who are beginning to free your mind, be open in the knowledge that truly are not alone, and as beings of the earth you will come to see the many influences set against you.

Your leaders will crumble and they will be replaced by those of a more moderate nature. These dark times are like a virus, but as the antibody you must fight for your existence.

Watch for the stars that shine at night, that bring a rainbow of colour. Your imaginations will soar as you see this display of love. You need not fear us, we are generous in nature and our hearts are warm. Despicable are those who would tell you of aliens and bring fear to your hearts and minds. Their troubles are many and their eyes are shut to the true meaning of life and possibilities that exist.

Your space men will once more conquer a planet in the near future, or so they think. But they will experience profound things and beings as they do so. Do not think of yourselves, for there are many forms taken to cope with the atmospheric conditions given. Divulge yourselves not to those of the dark, for there are many who would want you to worship them as false idols. Once more we leave for another time.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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