18-06-18 Message of Alliance and Friendship, Bald Eagle, Crop Circles, Maths, Kilauea etc

Transcript 18th June 2018

Cast your mind back, many eons before men walked tall.  All to your earth, the planetary systems were new in their formation, coming together in the brilliance of his light. A vast universe was formed and the beginning of creation, as it engulfed the empty space, so it brought warmth and brilliance to the many planets that surround those that you call stars. Ours is no different, it formed many millions of your earth years ago, its triad of brilliance shines in the night sky as we watch out in admiration of the creation, and the creator.

We wish to bring hope this evening, with joys to those who watch the stars at night, hoping for a better world and a change, the informalities of life. Caress your hearts this evening allow your fears to evaporate. As we approach from the east, you would see a star ship, its creation was that of natural materials unknown to your earth. It is able to withstand the many frictions it has to cope with. It is able to appear as if from nowhere, the word in your world, it would be “magic to your eyes”. Hmm, many times we have ventured upon your earth and we have seen many things of life before us, we comprehend not your ways, nor your purpose, yet we know that your existence is part of his creation.

We would like to bring blessings this evening to those who would ask the questions of “Why was the earth created?” In his obedience we will tell you this, that the creation of the planets and the solar systems are part of a much greater objective, we are the by-product of evolution, man is also a by-product of this process.

Your universe still revolves at an immense speed, as it revolves around your star. Mmm. You are becoming aware of deeper space and your astronomical figures are searching deeper with their instruments. They bounce and reflect signals many times the speed of light in the hope that perhaps a world would be found, that exists beyond your eyes but holds life nonetheless. Their search is a fruitless one, as they seek similarities where life could exist. There is now no bounds to all possibilities. The triangle you see before you is the shape and form that will come to bring you much knowledge and peace, to enable you to start once again with a formula of love.

Crystals of blue are many in your world, they are obedient in their ways. Mmm. They are like a magnetic pole that diversifies with each minute that passes. Their eyes are open and their hearts are full of anticipation in the hope of our arrival soon. We will not deny you these thoughts. Hm. You have amongst you, many newborn who would accept these thoughts, for their transition in life was sought through our being, you cannot comprehend this, you deceive yourself with thoughts of “being magnanimous”. You are a species worth studying, and those of the blue, those crystals of blue, will shine before long to illuminate the way. (Blue Ray/Crystal Children?)

Your minds are contented this evening with thoughts of love, as you share the atmospheric conditions that exist around your world. Your barometers are still (or steel), but your hearts are warm. Never forget the love that is installed within your beings, and the connection you have to the many possibilities of stardust that you are.

The common man, he rides his life as if it were a wild stallion, caring not for those things that bring the truth, but is hopelessly infatuated with the meagre things of life. Help yourselves to a better way, bring hope to one another, and need in your hearts, that in the valley of love, the truth lies.

We respect your wishes this evening Michael, you bring hope to many others of your world and you perceive many ideas that fractures their minds. We hope in some small way, we can reassure those of doubt, that their passages of time will inevitably lead to one more spectacular than your present life.

It is common amongst your men of today to ignore those of astronomy (astrology), those who predict many things through the stars and heavens that they study. But there is much truth in the influences of the universe at the time of your creation, your birth. They compare their notes, and with their studies they see a formula, a pattern arise. They realise how your lives are affected and the balance of your mind is created by these very same astronomical events. Be not ignorant of the pressures that come to bear, all are part of the natural world, yours is a primitive world still, and the minds of the many are set upon their lives and not the general population that surrounds them. Their feelings are of anguish and of torture for they cannot see a better way, they cannot relinquish their hearts and minds to allow the love to flow. Libra, one such star sign of your world, she brings peace to the minds of those who seek the virgin, Gemini (possibly a bit confused with Virgo?). Many constellations also influence, those are a part of your being. More commonly in the stars that you read are published in a manner of generality, to help those understand their purpose in life.
Yours is no different in the words we bring, we are influenced by many things, many complicated matters of life that surround you at this time. We are in hope that one day, our thoughts will bring peace to those in anguish and who suffer in many parts of your world. We cannot issue you with love and friendship at this time, for we are bound by an alliance that we should not interfere with your lifestyle, but we observe nonetheless.

The features in your land are suggesting many things to the one who searches for the truth, and yes, his thoughts are clear, as he investigates the circles of life. Your thoughts are no different, this evening bring focus to them, allow the words to flow and have faith and trust in our being. We are commonly known as ‘alien’ to your world. We can only say this, “Who is the alien in your world, is it the man who comes from space or the one who occupies at this time?


Treaties are signed, pen to paper, handshakes, but are they for real or are they just a sham to lighten your lives and give hope to the many of that poor country? Their men enslave them, not giving them hope, but just bearing down on them like a hammer to the anvil. Soon it will become clear how deceitful these beings are, who signed the papers and the treaties. Mmm, it is their aspect of being that really counts to them, their focus is not on you, but upon the profits of war and the proceeds that they will gain. Treaties are nothing but broken promises. Many know of this in this world, as they were signed many times.

The white man he brought doom upon the plains of Indians, those men who rode their ponies to seek an existence within these, our lands. The stories you know well, but there are many hidden truths and atrocities. The commandos at that time were many, who sought out an existence by stealing, deliberately antagonising those of those times. The West you call it. Bald Eagle was a great man, he sought peace many times, but each time he struggled to find peace, for they invaded his nation to seek their fortune, to bring riches to their men of white coats. Their ponies rode across the plains and the deserts to the West, to those far-off mountains, that place of rest for many of our people. Their ponies rode and trampled across our sacred grounds, so that they may dig the yellow stone from the ground. They cared not, nor respected our thoughts or wishes. Our women cried as did our children, and we suffered the many indignities inflicted by them.

Personalities clashed, our mindset was strong, as were theirs upon domination, and their ignorance amazed us. We tore down our tepees in the hope this would satisfy them, but still they rode on, driving is ever further towards those badlands, not giving us hope, not caring whether we lived or died, or how we suffered. Our starvation was great. Comanche’s we were, people of the plains, as strong today as we were then. Yet our people still suffer at the hands of those Americans, and the bald eagles diminish in the cries, that through the forests are seldom heard. Like us, they are becoming extinct, and who cares if the world changes? Who cares about those native people whose right it was to rule that land, to roam its plains and hills. Who cares about us now? The truth is hidden well within the White House of your world, still they complain that we have too much. Our brothers suffer this time, and he demands the right across their lands, our lands, regardless of who he tramples upon. Is it right or is it fair that this man, a being of creation should be so cruel and evil? He compares us not with the human race, but as things to be trodden upon as the insects in the grass. We have a right, we demand respect, we will assist our brothers and sisters in their struggles in sweet grass, as they fight for the right to live a natural way without hindrance or annoyance from others. Our species has diminished but our soul and spirit is strong and live on beyond your world of men of evil. There will come a time soon, when the creators and the creatures that once roamed that land, will once more come to the fore. You look to the skies in anticipation, and those men of the stars who will once more shine their light to bring equilibrium to the plains of those Americas, and the world. We were once part of their world, we are part of that promised land, as our bodies sleep upon the earth of our birth.

Let your eyes be wide open as you see him, for he declares himself a man of beauty and worth as he rules those lands that once were ours. As the wolf in sheep’s clothing, he walks among you, a forked tongue, the iron eagle. His deception will become clear in the annals of time, but not before he has brought chaos despite his many seemingly good intentions. Like the streams and rivers of our land, the currents run deep and fast, what you see is not what exists beneath. Say to us no more that we are the rebels, the renegades, we are a people’s united in spirit, as we were on earth. Our troubles are many and our illusions were seldom fought over. Bring peace to yourselves this evening, allow a thought of love, for your creation was that of the stars and not of that of man.


You seemingly are unaware of the spark of life that now ignites in the fires beneath your planet. You feel a shudder as the earth moves and wrenches apart the crust. Bring not fear to those in the midst of this turmoil, as change will occur many times in your world as it restructures, reforms, like a blister bursting, the poison spews out and the wound is once more clean and is nourished and brought back to health as if it never were.  (Kilauea)

Have trust in us, have faith in what we do, for we are creatures of another world. We demand nothing from you other than respect.

Pictures of grass you are given, and many see these images, pear-shaped drops will appear before long, they will denote many things, as in the teardrops of your life. Still we need many things from you, your respect and not despair, your obedience. Thank us not for the things you have, for this is not our doing, but we will begin with a blank canvas if necessary. We have hope for you as a species.

We bring peace to you on the 4th July. Our ships will appear as a formation of angels, many nations will fear. It is a time of celebration for some, and isn’t it apt! We are not alien, nor are we are dominating species, for all we do is bring hope. Your satellites will be defective around this time, communications will be affected as we intercede and interact with the signals, but do not fear this, for once there was peace, and this will be once more.

Scary thoughts to many, we understand this, we wish to bring peace of mind, not fear into your hearts. Have faith and trust in us.

Crystals are nothing more than teardrops from heaven. They glitter and glint in the sun, and you see its rays transformed into colours, the many colours of the rainbow. Through the mist and haze of the morning, upon the dew drop upon the grass, you will feel and see these many colours appear, as if by magic to bring joy to your hearts.

We bring alliance and friendship to you, help us to interact with those who fear us, for we are the tear drops that will shine once more as crystals upon the grass of life.

I am not the leader of this species, but I speak on behalf of the many nations that surrounds your universe and planet. We are strange to your eyes, and our thoughts are many of peace and reclamation. You bring us nothing but fear and attitude. Your rockets seek us out and we evade them as quickly as you send them. We bring you no harm or retaliation, we understand your fears and those of your men of politics, for we have studied many things of your world. We complain not when you seek us, for we are here as a species to assist. Fear us not, we are the angels of your life, those peoples of long ago saw our light shine in the heavens above, our creation and brilliance was wondrous to them, and our beings were passed down through the annals of time, your books of history. We are not the creators, but merely assist your species.

Tell them this, that their hearts must be open to all forms of life that will enter your world. We care not for those who set their arrogance against us, we bear no ill towards you, but we will become dominant, and your Masters will warn you of the terrors to come as we seek your life form. Say to them this, that you have heard different. We seek nothing more than peace, and we give you this opportunity once more. As a species you will evolve many times, many forms. We will preside over you as a mother watches her child, but we will intervene when we feel necessary.

Complain not, for we are here. Seek the truth within your hearts, we are not a dominant or masterful species, we are the caretakers of the creators. You seek proof or evidence. You shall see this in the months to come, we will highlight this upon the launch of their ship in the August of this year, we will grant you access, but you must come in peace, fear us not.

Triangles will appear many times before your eyes, it is a shape, a form of creation that creates a web of life. Your misunderstanding is understandable, but look at these forms and see the truth within their lines, their equilibrium brings balance to their shape, their form is in multiple angles.
You practice a word called mathematics, and you calculate that these angles are significant to many things in your life. We appreciate your curiosity, your thoughts are heard as you seek more information. Pie equals 10, an equation impossible to some. Multiply twice, bring a fraction of 5 over ten? (Hard to hear this, could even be twelve or twenty) Calculate the figures, bring a power of 10 to the equation. Maths is not strong in your mind, numbers are angles. Your mind is weak, but full of purpose, this will change.


Margaret seeks a word this evening. Tell her I’m sorry for the things I said and done. Tracey knows of my indiscretions, but my love cries out for you, as does my heart. Although I have passed, I seek no anguish from you, my love is like a storm that will wash over you. I was an angry woman and my thoughts were many, brought despondency to you, and to say I’m sorry, it is crystal clear now as to your purpose. I crave not for those things that I had, I am at peace. He is with me now, the Jack of all trades. His name is not common to you, but it will be to her. Help her to understand as I cry out my love once more, Margaret a mother of love.



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