17-07-18 Princess Diana, The Arcturians, Ways of Worship Matter Not … etc

Transcript 17th July 2018


How has it been possible that the world has missed such a vital and positive beginning?

Our words have been spoken many times, and we graciously give our love to you, as a parent to a child. We adore the thought, that perhaps there may be many who would listen to the words written, to read of the life beyond, and fill their heart with satisfaction in the knowledge that life is never-ending, never beginning, but a continuation of the spiritual essence that you are.

We come tonight as a group of beings to instruct you upon your way. Let us overlap your mind and bring you peace as we determine a way to announce our presence to the world. We are a group of masterful beings of the light, our thoughts are many, and our emotions are few. But we consider this not a burden, for we are a part of the light and a part of you all.

There has been a question asked this evening of one who follows you. She has thoughts of her man and the blessings that he once gave. Her man comes forward this evening with a thought of love, the bespoke meaning only known to her, for he was her true angel, her knight in shining armour. Caress his arm as he guides you, my love teaches you the things you need to know of spiritual awareness. Take nothing for granted, for our country has become abandoned of its faith. Never let your eyes be closed or your mouth hushed by those of immorality, who would speak harsh words to those of the light, as they do not understand the forthcoming events to affect our lands.

It is a premium to wish all this evening, a special thank you. For knowledge so deep within the spiritual ways as a blessing to one and all.

Come hither and listen to the story’s told and the instructions given, that you might find peace in your hearts with these tremendous values. I welcome you with an open heart.

These words are given this evening, that you might hear the special prayers that he whispers before you. Know his words are true and that his love shines for all who would listen. Be tender to each other and kind to one another, in the hope of the eternal resurrection, of his return. For beneath his wings you would sit, as an angel guards her family, he will take you to his breast and nourish you with knowledge and perpetual life for ages to come.

We constantly worry that many of you sit, neither listening or acknowledging the things spoken of. But know this, that these words will be written, and when times become hard, then let your mind once more reflect upon the words given by this man.

Help them to ease your burden, to help you on your way so that you will never more worry for your loved ones who have passed beyond the realm of life.

We will once more give you a sermon, a small measure of our love and our light.

Take hold of one another and never let go, for there is a thought that will permeate throughout your lands, your world. Be compassionate to those who come before you and whispers words of wisdom, for they know what they seek, and you will give your answer in the love that you issue to them.


(Words from the Reverend J Ferguson)

I once stood on the pulpit of life, I became a man of greatness within my nation, within my times. But I never disregarded the words of many, of the one. His words ring true today as they did then, I spoke my sermons to the good folks who sat before me. They listened with bated breath for the words of wisdom that would spill out before them. I gave them hope and admiration in those tough times, but the cloud of doom was above us all.

We never knew of how time would fly, and how our lives would transform. For as members of this church we were ridiculed by the many that surround us, but we sat in prayer and we gave hallelujahs in thanks.

I cared once for many of my brethren, you see me now, a vague impression of myself (channels note; I visualised a round-faced man in my mind’s eye)... My term in office as it were, was straightforward enough, but I sought more answers through the writings of many. I never thought that I would become one who would paraphrase another. His light shone like a beacon in the night and I knew the answers would be given. “Come forth,” he said, “sit with me a while, while I recite these words to you.” Heaven knows, the times we have tried to bring you knowledge of the life beyond, heaven knows how weary we grew. But you now listen and have a heart of hope that change would come and enlightenment would illuminate your way upon your path of life. For all, there is a truth unspoken within your hearts, you bury it deep, not being aware of it or its need, but you too are like me, you seek the truth and purpose. For the most part, most of you daren’t face the truth for you fear it so. But be not ashamed of allowing this fear to step to one side. Bring your thoughts to me that I might hear them as a minister of this church. Complain not when I say “It is your fault, you hide the truth beneath you. You do not see what lays before you.” And you sit there and you cry, and you whine, and you complain most bitterly how things have not worked out. But know this, your path is there and can be changed.

You rely on me to speak words of wisdom in our chapel of love. But that chapel lays within your very hearts and your very beings. Open your hearts and minds, allow it in and bring yourself blessings that you might see the way, the path of life before you. Be not blind to the road ahead, for it lays illuminated upon your way.

I was once a minister, a reverend of the chapel, you know me well. Bring me solace now, that I might see in you a new beginning.


(This next section turned out to be a rescue)

Crucially I have come this evening to speak to you once more, you know my voice. My life was dealt a blow in those times, those harsh times, that were once mine. I never knew the true meaning of love, nor did I issue that love equally to those beneath me. I was a man of substance, I knew of many things of the rich man, the wealth and power that I controlled, humph, became overpowering to my spirit and my soul. I was a man of intolerance and injustice I fear, I say. But I know now, that that fear was irresponsible, I should have issued love and brought my being to full term.

How can I express this in words that you would understand? That I might say “Forgive me for my path was a cruel one”, help me to understand the true meaning of the light and to see that gateway that I may once more tread into that light and path. Be my helping hand and guide my spirit and soul to that place of sanctuary, that I might find peace. I am no longer that man of earth, the wealth and power have gone, and I plead to you with open arms this evening, guide me, bring me peace, that I may see once more that road before me.

(Channels note; I now speak as myself to the spirit to help him cross.)
“My friend, I speak now in terms of a prayer that we might walk together into the light, take my hand.

(Prayer)… Dear Lord our father in heaven and the angels of light before us. I have here this soul of a man who once was a tyrant in his own right, he now asks for mercy and love, he is afraid of retribution, but please step forward with an angel of light, let him take his hand and be guided once more to peace and reconciliation. Dear Lord I ask this with the love in my heart that he may find a new beginning once more. Step forward Gerald, announce your presence behold the light that sits before you and take my hand. Be not a afeared, for there is no fear within the light, no judgement or (retribution) or repercussions, take my hand now, and walk gently into that light that you might find peace and love once more. Do not be afraid, for there is peace and love within the light. Go forward now, for I cannot step with you and open the gates where the angel awaits. The light will surround you with love and warmth. Come now, step forward, for it is a remarkable journey that you will walk. Let me see you walk to that light, may the angels bless you with love.
Dear Lord our father in heaven, once more please take the soul of this gentleman. Let him find peace within your love and light, for he is a soul tormented by many things, grant him peace and love, and sound the bell of his arrival, that we may hear of his peace. Go now Gerald, step forward.


A worthy cause will bring worthy rewards. Your world is cold and unable to support the love and warmth given by the churches that surround you. The ministers who sit and pray have focus, but not all seem to be who they are.

Their purpose is correct and they follow their paths as best they know how. As Spiritualists you know of another way. But seek the peace and it will be found through whichever channel you choose to walk, be it in church or just a solemn mindfulness as you walk through the everglades of your life.

It doesn’t matter how you get there, just as long as you reach that same point of light from whence you came. You ridicule each other, thinking the other is bad. His misconduct is obvious to your eyes for he does not worship in the way that you do, but know this, that different cultures worship in many different ways, and I repeat once more, it doesn’t matter which way you go, be true to the path of light and you will reach that same destination.

We would like to tell you tonight of a parable that was spoken so long ago now. The records show of his coming, and the many things he spoke of to the many of that time. As your nations grew you lost focus, your belief is all but gone. For you see only one thing now, and that is the illusion that is set before you. But this is the parable of the man who sought his wealth: “He walked with a thunderous attitude, barking at others, not allowing them sanctuary in his mind. He asked one thing of them, that they might give him a shilling that he would place in his pocket. His thoughts were not of love for the humankind or for the race of beings that he beheld, it was for his own misgivings. And he collected his shillings, and they grew by day, day upon day, and his wealth overwhelmed him, and he was blinded by the truth. A time came many years later, as he sat on his fence whispering to others “Look at me, am I not a wealthy man?” Would you disown me for this, or would you welcome me to gain a shilling extra, that you might be as me in the world of men.

But doom struck this man, his losses were great. His fortune had cost him his life, and what was it worth in the end? Nothing! His fortune was gone and the bleakness of his future caused him nothing but doom, he had lost his path, his fortune.

But, one day as he sat begging in the streets, a man walked up to him, put a shilling in his pot and held his hand, and said “Would you take this shilling or would you take my love? Be honest with me, and let me hear your heart.” The man looked up to see this angel in white, he took the shilling from the bowl and tossed it aside and said, “Forgive me, I need not the shilling of life, but that of light to enrich my soul, and I accept your love Lord, that you may shine within me once more.” The man said to him, “Arise my son and be not sad for your situation, but rejoice in the knowledge that you now tread the path of life with open eyes and not a closed heart.” The man thanked him, and as the angel disappeared in the distance, a warmth overwhelmed him, and that man grew to love the world and his surroundings, and he became a changed man, who would issue nothing but love to others.

So commonplace today in your world, that men would rather have that shilling in their bank. They see not their souls purpose, nor do they wish to. For “live for the moment” is the motto of your times. The greed and avarice hurt our eyes, and we speak to these souls, asking them to open their hearts, but they are blind and deaf to our voice.

We know that there will come a time when these men too will open their eyes and heart and ask “what have I done?”

To all men who seek their fortune in monetary value, know this, that this is an empty love. The only thing that you carry forward is your love, the love in your heart. You may not prosper by marvelling at your fortune, but you would prosper by the love and kindness that you issue to others.


Trumpets blew, the walls fell and Jericho fell. The angel’s horns that whistled in the wind, they were sounds so penetrating that it shook the very foundations of those walls.

We grew to love those people, but they tore down their hearts against us, and you may think of the writings of that time, and the angels that blew their horns when the walls of Jericho fell. These were biblical times, and men wrote what they saw. Their hearts yearned for something so much better than war, illness and torment.

Why do we speak of the trumpets that sounded? Because we say this, that those same trumpets will be sounded once more if you do not change your ways.

You are a race of beings who were once one of us, a part of us. Your greater purpose was not to create war but to love one another. Somehow you diverged, and we are here, as the Arcturian race, to see this purpose once more grow in the hearts of men who would listen to us.

We will come soon in an arc of light. Your men speak of many things of spaceships. Uniformly we will gather in the mists of time. Our formations will be a spectacle that your earth will not deny. You are hidden from many truths and many see that. But are unable to function to bring the truth held deep within the vaults of your world. Help us to understand your ways, and do not fear us. Allow us a purpose to bring you peace once more.

How was it then that we lost control of the situation? You were given independence uniformly, that you may seek your own path. You are a corrupted race, but we have hope for you. Never lead others to misfortune and have hope in your hearts.


Tasks will be given to many as they tread their path of life, the knowledge of the future is not necessary at this time, but know this, that many will suffer, and many will fall as she dictates her words to those of office.

Tributes are paid this evening to those who are lost, the misfortunate of your world who have fallen at the hands of those extremists once more. Reckless beings intent on destruction.

Arbitrary words are spoken between your nations, as one accuses the other of prior knowledge and yet not divulging this knowledge that those may be saved. A train may cause a thought, for it is stationary as it explodes into a thousand stars. The universal membership and committees of your life will discuss plans and ways to eliminate these threats and these beings of doom. But they cannot hope to stand together, for there are divides within the nations of your earth, deep rifts, that these extremists exploit.

It is common knowledge of their whereabouts, and they hide underground, unseen and unheard, until the day they come forth and announce there being.

We have no control over your hearts and minds, but we do help in other ways. Those that are bereaved will call to us and ask “Why, why did God allow this to happen what did they do to deserve this?” Know this and listen well, it is your extremist minds that cause these things, the heavens above do not approve, and he who sits on high cries at your misgiving ways. It is not the angels of the light, but man who reflects upon himself and inflicts such pain and sorrow upon others.

We spoke of the greedy man in the parable, these are no different. They manipulate many minds into thinking “It is of a higher purpose.” And as well you know of these things. Truly we are saddened for their loss, but regain hope knowing of their salvation when they reach the light of love.

Seldom is it heard of “Thank the Lord!” and it hurts our ears to hear the blame cast upon him. You are the children of life, it is up to you to enlighten your road. Become one together, be not full of blame and discouragement, but embrace each other that you might find peace.

Your world is a place of teaching and of learning. You cope with these many atrocities in your individual ways. It is up to you, as beings of the earth, to embrace each other and assist in a better way of life. There will always be pain, and there will always be mercy, for it is indignant (indicative?), it is a part of your world the life that you lead. Embrace your brother, be not afraid to say of these outrages. Have dignity my friends, piety in your thoughts and bring focus to those who misunderstand their purpose and bring death and shame for those of wealth and gain.

Your nations are no different, they speak many words of hatred and fear, they call to their citizens and say “Look at what we’ve done, how we have protected you!” But their arms, their secret weapons of war are smuggled by your thoughts. There is much to gain from the loss of life and the pain. We cannot agree that it is the fault of God and spirit, for it is your own doing that bring suffering so.

The angels of light will come once more to the men of the earth, and they will cast upon you angels of love. They will seek you out, and if you should welcome them, then yours will be sanctuary, but if you reject them, then it’s the pits of the earth for you and your kind. It’s a terrible situation we know, but life is life, and look at it in this way; it is the training ground of your spirit and your soul, and you must comprehend the many ways so as to embrace the light and love of the Lord.

There will be a spectacle before you as never seen before, in the words of Christ “Behold the light of heaven, heaven shines before you!” Crystal gazers, prominent men of your species will whisper words of fear, but fear not this light, for it brings you sanctuary and peace.

Valerie tonight, listens intently to the many words spoken. She is reforming in writing words, that she may speak to others of the words given. She sits quietly in the corner of the room, obediently passing time while her husband gives her encouragements. They sit in meditation at this time and have focus upon you once more, you are never far from their thought’s. And as a team upon the earth of men, you will bring many delight.

Her words are written in a book, she cares not to tell you at this time. But it is a documentary of her life. She sits quietly contemplating the many things that affected her life, and the coming together of her and her husband. She finds much joy in life now and sees the pain of others. Helping to inspire them to a loftier purpose, and those who follow her and greet her with a warm welcome, know of her gentleness, kindness of heart. She gives money to some, despite not being able to afford it, helping them, despite her own problems.

She recounts many stories this evening, of the lost and the loved. Kevin holds her hand tenderly, as she begins to shed a tear. They are a couple of the light and their love radiates as the Madonna of life. We will signal them this evening, they will hear a cry, not a torturous lament, but that of joy, they will listen intently and ask who is that who calls them. They will whisper to each other in a loving way, that perhaps a soul is in need of rescue. And they will conduct this, she will sit with her crystal in balance, and it sways backwards and forwards.

A male has come once more to her door, he sits in hope of resolution of his life, she whispers to him “Have no fear, step forward my friend.” The pendulum swings as if in acknowledgement of his being, and they pray and focus together to settle his concerns. Dusk will come soon enough and with it the night. Fear will not be in their hearts, for it is eliminated by a love of love and light. Amen.

Prod her Michael, that she might feel your presence, tap her left shoulder and arm, and greet him with a smile, for they know of your presence. Sit quietly now and focus, channel your love.

Ring the bell, who is at the door? Who can tell! Puss in Boots sits there, hoping for a meal of love. She sees him, and acknowledges him. Kevin has felt his presence. Their cat was precious to them, his love of prawns was great. He sits with them constantly. Occasionally they are aware. You see him before you now, and they hear, they hear a faint meow as you encourage them to call Michael. Hmm.

You are union, a match made long ago. You are the trio that will bring light to others. Scope your minds this evening of the necessary things and the tasks ahead, and let others know that you will not be swayed nor driven to despair in financial terms. For we are here to assist, and you are granted peace and access to your needs, to follow your paths and spread the light, to bring joy to others. This does not consist of wealth, but of need and recompense. Help yourselves sisters and brothers, to life and love.

(Channels note; suddenly I have a vision of Princess Diana in my mind. After the sitting I discovered that it is Williams birthday on the 21st of this month! Is this the reason for her visit? Diana made me speak in such a soft tone that was very tender and beautiful.)

You see her before your eyes, Diana the Princess of love, she smiles once more upon your being, for she knows you are the channel of life. She knew many things of the spiritual encounters that she beheld. Her personal life was a tragedy, but she has no tears for she welcomes you now.

“I come this evening to call upon those who suffered and are in despair, as I once suffered many indignities. The statesman and the politicians gave me cause to regret my life, decisions made. But do you know, how worthwhile all this was to me. For I now see my boys with hope in their hearts. They will change the way of your nation, let them see your love. They will know of this as word reaches them of their mothers love, sent from far away. Their stormy times, I will be there, the Princess of love. The nation mourned for me and I cried and wept as I understood their love and caring for me.

I crossed that fateful night, not understanding why it was my purpose to end that way. My Dodi was there to greet me, he came first, and I was in awe of the majesty of spirit.

The majesty of life. How can I say this, this woman is fixated upon her ways, she will not change, nor give up her position. Charles, you do not understand this, but she has no intentions of allowing you her crown. Her grandson will become King, and this will shock the nation, but my love goes with him. Many things may change, my life was filled with anguish, who could I turn to? The house staff knew of my woes, but I was unable to speak, save one. He escorted me many times to a private place where I may weep, my love for Charles was great, but he denied me. You could say I am a woman scorned, but my very nature would not allow me to bring disruption to his life.

I place upon you now, a wish to be granted. Let all those that mourn me and miss me, know that I walk with you, your love walks with me. I was granted peace that evening, we now share a world together. My boys will walk on, as their mother intended.

I grant you peace Michael, and my association with Doris (Stokes) is well known. My belief was true, I spoke many times of these things, as you well know. It is written in the books, but know this, Doris was a woman of the world who gave me sanctuary and peace. She was my confidante and she bore the burden well. One day soon you will know of these things, as your wife awaits you, as I await my boys. But chin up, (this sentence brought me to tears) you are British, the lion and the bulldog walk with you. Humph! You know who I speak of! (Winston Churchill) He is in your heart and soul as is that of many. God bless you all, I am Diana, Di to those who knew me.”



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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