01-08-18 Narcotics, Healing Colour, Connection to All, Continuation of Life, The Lights etc

1st August 2018

Once more we need to speak to you about peace and honour amongst men of the world. Your tribes, your peoples, have come together many times before to focus upon the negative of your world and they anticipate that there will be a bitter end to some, who do not negotiate their lives with peace and love.

They live amongst turmoil, creating their own destinies and bringing upon themselves many problematic situations. Their lives are led by extremes of life, not seeing, or wanting to see the light that calls to them, that guides them. For they think they know of a better way, an irresponsible way to themselves and the many around them. We would like to call upon them this evening, bring yourselves peace, do not neglect those around you of your family or your loved ones.


The narcotics of your world are stimulants made by man for man’s sake. They have no true value in your lives other than to expend your life. To cope with life and the problems of life, you need only look within yourselves to find peace. Think of gentle things, loving things. Stimulants of mankind are an unnecessary thing and they bring turmoil and disruption to many, not just to those the narcotic users, but to those around them and their families, for they do not understand why their loved one needs this stimulus. They cannot reach them through the words of man, and their thoughts are in despair as they attempt to negotiate words that might rally them round. It seems a hopeless imposition, and it is a problem for all.

Let us tell you this, the family members, the friends and loved ones who watch these people diminish, reach out to them not with words, but with actions of love and understanding. Appeal to their higher selves and issue them love, not retribution. Arguments are stemmed as one fights with their conscience. These users know of their abuse, and they cannot help themselves, for these stimulants occupy their very being. Their souls are in turmoil and they feel lost and misunderstood. But crime does not pay, and to be tempted into the use of narcotics is an evil. Their use is not uncommon amongst many of your people, and they feel the need for escapism from the realities of life. But children know this, life comes to you with a measure of peace and goodwill, your purposes in your being are to experience the myriad of many colours and vibrations that exist within the universe that surrounds you. Do not succumb to those with bitterness in their hearts who welcome you to their fold and destroy your souls and well-being. There is a better way, a better way to follow your life without the use of these stimulants.


Tonight we would like to welcome a friend who knows from bitter experience of these many things. His life was a poor one, as he led many to misfortune through the use of these stimulants. “I come to you now as a changed person, a man. My life had many bitter endings and beginnings. I felt as many did, that the many discretions, the many bitter tears that I shed, would not end or cease, and the substances that I used would bring me peace or so I thought. I was trapped like a man in a cage, there was no obvious exit and those bars that surrounded me drew ever closer, restricting my movements, my very thought of mind. I thought no release would relinquish my situation, but in truth, it made it worse and my forbearance of others grew intolerable, even towards my family and my loved ones.

It was no surprise that the use of these intoxicating substances would lead to an early end, and I crossed in the September of that year. My mind was deluded and even when I passed, it was not clear immediately, but those loved ones around me in spirit, came and took my hand and they guided me to that place of peace and sanctuary. And gradually I became aware of my very being, the person, the soul that I did not know.

My experiences were many in those bitter times, and I look to you now friends, and to those in particular who use cannabis and the like, I know many of you are aware of its many abilities. But I must warn you, the misuse of this substance can be intolerable.

There are many plants and organisms in your world that would heal you, but one thing leads to another, and although you may think it’s okay to alleviate the pains and the burden of life, in truth you need strength and forbearance to cope without such extreme measures.



Come now, bring peace to yourselves, do not harm others by your use, nor allow them to use those substances that you are aware of. Your bodies are weak and many things are set against them. But strength can be gained by mere thought. Healing is sought by many through the many substances of your world, but the one thing, the true healer, is that of love and forbearance.”

Hard things to accept you think, but perhaps you don’t quite understand the suffering that many go through, and truly we tell you this now, we share that suffering with you. Nature provides many things of healing, but some are of the negative. Man was once guided to the substances needed to fulfil his health problems and concerns, they were not addictive, nor destructive, or not unfamiliar to man. But you now are led by those of corruption, not just in your pharmacies but throughout your world where greed of man is paramount. To gather your health and bring yourselves peace, look within and ask yourselves “Are these things necessary? Can I not find strength within my very being?” open your eyes and be blessed with love.

Graham. Graham was one such man. He rests easy now, his spirit and soul have once more come together upon the path of light. Truly he sees the errors of his ways, and he has shared his words with you.


Bitterness of tears have flowed many times, the memories of those left behind. But know, all of you know, that life is a continuation of the source it is never ending and never diminishing, and like the rivers of your world it flows. Sometimes restricted by the obstacles it meets, but then once they have passed, so they flow freely once more, and the rivers of life continue on, in spiritual evolution.

You could call it a form of energy, a consciousness, that is aware of many things at the same time. As the tributaries of your rivers of life flow like the veins in your bodies, they take many paths at the same time, and they circulate. But eventually, as the rain that falls from your skies and the waters flow in those rivers, they eventually rejoin to become free-flowing once more. They have served a purpose through evaporation, the waters evaporate from your seas, purified by the sun and the air, and fall as freshwater upon your lands, and so the cycle goes on. We need not tell you of these things for they are obvious to your eyes, but you must equate these things to your life and your soul because exactly the same formula works. You are used and you are cleansed and you are reborn, to once more start afresh. Not for oneself or ones own being, but to learn of the many tributaries that run through the souls of men. Once you have joined together in the common cause then you will flow together.

The world today is filled with many abstract beings and things. You see yourselves as being humans and nothing else because nothing else matters in your lives. And for most of you, you travel your paths unaware of those who follow with you. Selfish? To a degree. But there are many who now begin to open their hearts and minds to see the others that flow with them, for they are there to give you strength and guidance. You call them guides, but in truth, they are a part of your very being, that part that remains within that spiritual energy.


You are never truly separated from your spiritual bodies, your essence, you are temporarily separated, that the one part might evolve and bring substance to the other. Learning of life is immeasurable in its importance to the graduation of the soul. You have seen this many times before. You continue to see this. Look into a stranger’s eyes and you speak to them and see them as they really are. Casual acquaintances, they come and go, but once more they are part of you, they have learnt something from you, and you have learnt something from them. There is purpose in these things, you call them strangers, but in truth, they are as much a part of your being as your very soul, you stem from the same energy, from the same force that you were born from.

Bring them joy in your lives and greet them as an old friend. Be not a stranger to those you meet and come across, as they are not strangers at all, but a part of you and your energy.

Wisdom comes from the depths of your mind, from knowledge gained long ago through many trials and tribulations. It stems from the heart and the mind as it reaches back to the source from whence you came.


You call us the teachers of spirit, we guide you and we coax you, and yes you could regard us as being the guardians of your lives. But there is so much knowledge that exists within you, and you also are teachers of spirit. You are unaware of this, but in your everyday lives upon earth and in your actions to others, you teach them many things. Be true to yourselves and be sure to teach the right things, for as much as you can teach them good things you may also teach them bad. So have a care, be aware of your abilities, not just as a human being, but as a teacher of spirit. This is how the light is spread, it is not through Almighty God, but through you, your energy, and if there is a negative charge within that energy, then that light will dim. You must rid yourself of this, and once more become bright, and as each bright star that shines, as your energy glows, so it will merge into such a brilliance as never seen before.

Open your hearts and minds children, see the truth in these words. Do not teach others hate or despair by your actions, nor should they teach you the same, for each of you are the teachers of spirit, we guide your steps and some will listen, some ignore us thinking that they are right in their way, but eventually they too will come to understand of their purpose, and should they not fulfil the purpose that they gave in their time in spirit, then they must be back staged and re-live a life.

This comes hard to some, and they resent it and their minds and thoughts and their very beings become darker, but there has to come a point when they suddenly realise that this cannot continue, and they turn and look to the light and that promise within. It gives them hope, and the restoration of their soul, of their being and it brings them peace and solitude, such a peace as they’ve never known before.

You are all capable of looking within, as you see this rose now Michael, so they too will see the same. Its scent and its fragrance will engulf your very being and you gently hold and cup it in your hands. Looking at its beauty this is the beauty of the soul, you are all capable of this beauty, do not destroy that rose by minus thoughts.


We occupy your minds and your thoughts every minute of the day. You look to us when you despair or when a loved one is lost, as you call it. They are not lost, but merely returned from whence they came to that sphere of love that lies beyond your dimension, into another dimension of existence.

And there are many dimensions that exist, coexist, at the same time. Sometimes they are crossed and people become aware, their senses are heightened as they imagine they saw something! Is this imagination? No! You call them ghosts, but really they exist.

These dimensions fold in upon one another, time and space are never-ending, and are endless in their expanse. As you will experience, many lives in many different places, but the rose is with you always. You may see it in your colour, red for you, but it could be equally yellow or white for others.


Colours have a vibrance and meaning, far beyond your abilities to understand. They are seen by the senses of your eyes and they engulf you in ways you cannot understand. Colours are calming, restful, and equally they can be troubling, and your souls emit these colours and they are seen by those of spirit. And when your soul, your being, is full of love, then you will radiate this colour in such brilliance as to be seen by all, but if you become “dull” and your troubles you feel are great, and you travel inward in yourselves, you deny this colour and you bring yourself darkness, and that is also seen.

It is hard to explain these things, and if you are in the pits and the depths of this dull black space, how would you bring yourselves out? Once again we talk of teachers of spirit, and you will look to these people, these souls. You call them the healers of your world, but in truth you all heal and have that capability, so when you see a person, a soul in despair, look into their eyes and see their sadness and give them reassurance. Allow your colours to shine, and they will see this.

There are many exercises in life that you may practice in your sittings. Practice the colours that you see of the aura that surrounds you, for this is your life force and being, this is what we see. You too can also see this.

Objectively we tell you these things but practical knowledge is only gained by experience. There is much teaching to be had, and we have imparted just a fraction of that. It is up to you, as children of the world, as children of spirit, to negotiate these obstacles of life.

Do not turn to the substances of life that will bring you depression, for they will not bring you happiness, but will dull your senses and your colours. Your vibrations will dim, and you will find it extremely hard.


Look to those that shine to give you comfort, that you might find your energy once more and the colour of yellow will spring once more within your mind. Its brightness, its pureness and will ease your burden. If you are feeling down and depressed or there is something in your mind or a loved one has passed, then the colours of purple and yellow, a partnership made in heaven, will help.

Sit, and sit, until you see these colours in your minds eye, and as you watch the yellow appear, allow it to become bright, so bright that it will not blind you, but it engulfs you and it is tinged on the edge with purple, the colour of spirit.

Uniformly these things will heal the many things of your being and your soul. Be blessed in the teachings given my children.



Transparency, they were good words, I spoke of transparency and how you are able to see through the things of your lives, to see the real you, that you are as transparent as the glass that surrounds your house. You feel protected behind this glass, but you are seen! Its source is of the earth as you well know, in fact, your whole being, your body, and the things of life, are a source of the earth. And yet you abuse the earth, your mother, for she is your mother, what would you be without her? Your very beings could not exist, and the glass that is so transparent also hides many things. You think you see things, but how transparent are they to you?

Do you not see the anger and frustration that builds at this time? You are well aware of your weather forecasts and the situations evolving around your world at this time, and they will continue, for like any creation that has ever been, a cure is needed and like your bodies, your earth too will find a way to cleanse it to cleanse itself.

(NOTE: Candles in the room are suddenly extinguished)

You are horrified by the very thought that your very beings are created from the earth. This is quite separate from your souls, from your spiritual beings. But your species has evolved over many millennia and it has become apparent that you do not relate to the nature from whence you came. In fact you care not for the world around you. You must evolve a better way, but to bring yourselves peace and all others, the creatures of your earth are as important as you. Bring them the blessings of love, and allow them peace in your heart. Give them love, focus upon their beings, allow them the transparency to see through you, and that which is part of you. For you are part of them and their being and all in creation. You are of Stardust and your memories last and as your microchips. Bring yourselves blessings, do not be unseen, because you are transparent.

(NOTE : This part is directed at Michael and for all of us.)

I see the lights have gone, and the candles within this room are extinguished now. Hmmm. You are in need of assistance, do not be afraid. The dark encompasses you and your senses are heightened and you feel fear, insecurity. You are not alone, feel the warmth and your senses, how alive they are. Be not afraid of the dark, for it brings much comfort. Yet your thoughts will be illuminated by love, and the physical darkness of your room is neither here nor there. You see the flowers before you and the distant lights

(NOTE: I visualise many lights, some appeared as a distant opening and within the openings there were flashing blue lights.)

Call to them.

Hearken to these words that we might share with you a glimpse of the future. Your family exists now within that everlasting peace, where you too might reside one day.


Bring hope to others, and let them know that when the lights dim, that the warmth and love will nurture you and protect you. We have given you a sample this evening of your senses, you must overcome your fear, faith and trust in the lights that flash before you, see them in their brilliance. Pure white, tinged with blue, flashing before your eyes. But your eyes are closed, yet you still see. This is the energy of spirit. You have not forsaken your purpose, nor misguided others. Tell them of these things, hmmm, that you see.

There are many who are afraid of the dark because they cannot see the light that stands before them, such beauty before your eyes, the blue and the whites surrounded by the black, but as you look into the light you see the flashes of spirit, so bright and like a tunnel you travel down this road of light.

This is not your time, but we give you a glimpse of the blue flashes of light, a hint of what is to come for each and every one of you. And when you step into the darkness from your lives, be not afraid, feel and embrace the light as you see it before you.

Your energy wanes now, blessings to you, thank you for your obedience, and guide others, that they too may not be afraid of the dark when their eyes close. For the light exists as you have seen.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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