12-09-18 Trance Session with 16 Friends in Cornwall – Angels, Trigonometry and a Monk

Trance Session in Cornwall – 12th September 2018
Witnessed by 16 friends.

Aspects of love are drawn together this evening, and we will speak to you as members of Earth and spirit. Bring your thoughts to focus together and help us to intercede with your lives in ways misunderstood by many. We are the beings of light, and we come this evening with many aspirations of your planet. We have hope for you and bring you messages of love, and commune with you through our being. Bring us not displeasure and thoughts of ill will, but in hope and love and joy, we can help the many if they were to open their minds and hearts to the many things and aspects of life that are far beyond your comprehension this day.

There is much help needed throughout the planet of man, and we can assure you that the many will be granted peace this evening as they cross the barrier of life to another place beyond yours. It is commonplace among your people to say that no such thing exists beyond the realm of life. We would like to assure you that many things of light exist within your life and around you constantly, you are part of a great being of existence, and are not uncommon throughout your universe or amongst others.

Complacency has brought you to a point in your lives when your minds cannot accept the fragile environment in which you live, men constantly are unaware of the damage that they do, and the purpose of your Earth is to give you life and freedom of thought, of love and companionship. Too often this is abused and we can see that many of you are constantly under pressure and cannot bring yourselves hope, for you are lost children of your world.

There was a time long ago, that our being existed within your world. We too had hope and aspirations of life, we found a way, we became voluntary subjects to the beings of light, hmm, and we now exist within that existence of life. Your spiritual beings are held within your body’s for many years that you count, but it is but a short time, and your life has meaning far beyond your understanding. Hmm. We would like to assure you, have no fear, for a new world is coming that will surpass yours in so many ways that you will not understand at this time. But knowledge is given through many things, many creatures, as this man.

They give hope to others, their nature, unreserved. It is not uncommon for you to question these things and we understand this, for it is man’s inquisitiveness that brings them to an understanding and an awareness of other things of creation. Have hope my children, for life is forthcoming in another dimension far beyond yours.

Your loved ones exist within this dimension, and they have hope for you, for your they see you, and they are close you, even though you may not be aware. You must open your hearts and allow all creatures of life to welcome you, in whatever circumstances that they bring you. You have many concerns for the future in your world man, but we can bring hope and joy to many. All we ask is that you have an understanding of other ways, other beings, for you are all creatures of the creator, the master of love.

We cannot help you if you cannot help yourselves, we will not bring you pain or sorrow, for this is brought by yourselves in many circumstances. You cannot comprehend how much love exists beyond your world, it brings much joy.

Many of you have questions this evening, hmm, what of our existence, how can we acknowledge these things that are beyond our sight and life?

It is the hope and trust and faith that we talk of, open your hearts to other things, for your lives are not shut out or confined to this earth as it has been spoken of. Your spirits and souls are free to choose, and you are given opportunities to find a way that might bring you joy and hope in your lives, and remember my children, that your loved ones exist in a world beyond yours.

We hope that this time, this evening, may help you to understand in so many ways, and your many questions you feel are unanswered, but what would you have us say to you? For there are many answers to your questions. Combine your thoughts, allow your minds not to wander or stray from the path of light. Behold the world, look at the many things, and we don’t say “Not enjoy lives,” but we say, have an aspect of love and caring for others, for the communion of man exists within all of you.

There is not one segregated bunch or tribe upon your earth that cannot live with the other. You make rules and regulations and deem others unsuitable to your particular ways of life, can you not see this, this is of man’s creation? Man has created separate entities within his own world. Much forgiveness is needed by all, and we call upon you this evening as men of the earth, to look at one another and say “You are not a stranger, but a friend, a fellow being who exists within this realm of life.”

Oh, so many things we’d like to tell you and so many explanations that you would not understand or comprehend as yet, for you are young as a nation of beings. There are many that exist who would watch over you and communicate with you, if you would just let them!

Have hope for each other and joy your hearts, and never let another say that you are wrong in your path of love. For joy will be given to all in whatever circumstances they exist.

The creatures of your Earth are no less important than yourselves, remember this, they are of an aspect of yours, they are of spirit, as you are. They exist with a purpose as you do. Mistreatment and cruelty are widespread within your world and it hurts us to see this, that you cannot see that the animals that surround you are also of love and they have understanding. But they fear you for the most part, for they know of man’s desire to bring death upon others for no good reason other than his satisfaction. Don’t applaud yourselves by your excellence or your superiority, for you are in the minority. Your lives exist as a gift of life, a place of learning and instruction and to obtain a wider knowledge of the many things that exist, including the creatures of your earth. Your ways, customs, are for the most part okay, but there are the extremes, and we cannot abide these.

Adjust your majors to bring a wealth of love to others, that they may see a new beginning in a new world to commence shortly. But do not have fear, there is no fear, there is no necessary, unnecessary things trouble yourself with.

Life will evolve in many ways and in many structures upon your world. Granted, the men of your world who would like destruction are unique, but they condemn you in their ways of war and intolerance and they would poison your minds in many ways through the media of your lives.

Look past this, and ask yourselves ‘To what end or purpose is this?‘ God’s creation was not created to destroy itself, and you are not unique upon your planet and in many other solar systems around you, and yet you would annihilate each other for no less than the riches of the earth.

It is beyond our understanding why you should require these things, when there is so much within that you may learn, and the riches are not of material things or of objects of earth, they are of your being and tolerance of others.

I need not tell you that when your time comes, that your wealth that you have accumulated is of no use to you whatsoever. For all you bring is your love and your aspect of being, and these are immeasurable, but your aspect of being and your purpose upon life will be the measure by which you will progress.

So please remember, that all who have an open mind and a will to love and forgive, will ascend to a place of beauty. We would like to emphasise as before, that punishment is not as in your books, for all men have regrets and wrongs that they would like to right, and these are inevitable within your lives, for their many influences that would drive you to do things that would be normally not within your nature. Mmm.

Don’t regret the things of the past, but build on the future. Forgive yourselves and others and give yourselves peace of mind, that if you were to change your ways and ask for forgiveness then this would be granted and your path would be altered in ways that you cannot understand, but you would appreciate later.

We call upon the Angels now to speak to you. There are many considerable aspects of being who you would regard us Angels, and you would see them as light beings, or beings of light, and you may see them with your minds eye. But Angels come in many forms and we would like to speak to you this evening of these things.

They are creatures who once inhabited your earth, they are beings of life that guide your being, and an angel can be amongst you and they may guide you and help you, forgive you, and help you within your lives. For an angel does not have to glow or have wings. You can be that angel if you help your fellow men for it is an aspect of being.

Complete your missions in your lives, this is a beginning and not an end. The continuation of life will go on despite your efforts to avoid certain things of life.

We do smile at the thought of some who ask, “But we said what is life about?” Have we not explained this clearly enough? It is there before your eyes and it is not about your position in life, but your aspect of being and we will repeat this for you if you wish, but you must understand there is only one purpose in life: To learn to live with one another, to be complimentary to all who come your way. Do not burden yourself with ill will or guilt, or pressures of life. For as you age you will begin to understand this as people do, they reflect upon their lives and they think about all those things of the past and they cannot turn the clock back, but they can help the young, and the young can help themselves. They carry many burdens of pressures of earth as we just spoken of, hmm, and the influences are strong, and we ask you not to be… selective upon the things that you require. We do not deny you your lives or your youth or the adventures that you may have, all we ask is that you keep an aspect of light within your lives. Moderate yourselves in circumstances that may become out of your control, for there are many things that would cause you trials and tribulations, and we see that there are many young here today, and we are pleased to see this and their graduation is rewarding to us.

We hope that with a measure of love you might look upon this creature tonight and have hope for yourselves and the future of others, for you, the youth, are the ones that can change this world with your aspects. We don’t ask you to go preaching or extremes of that measure, but to talk to people, and even your gestures will teach them many things that they were not aware of. If they are harsh in voice, then be gentle in return, and calm, and they will see this. Help yourselves to a better future my children, for there is much to see and learn. Good evening.


Hmmm, we would like to speak this evening of trigonometry. These are things not well understood, for they bring much focus upon individuals who would study the many frequencies of life and of their being. They have scientific ways and they study these things, and they say that “This formation of wave will make a difference and this one may counter that difference”.

Substantial understanding is required as we speak of these things, and yes we have spoken of these before, not quite understood. For advancement in knowledge is only gained through learning, as in all aspects of life. Not all answers can come from scientific knowledge or ways, but the natural world will tell you of these things. Many aspects of science are based upon the planetary systems and the things that they see within those. It is hopeless for us to describe many things of scientific nature, but we hope you understand that the pattern of life is a sequence of events, that are described in many mathematical terms in your world. Threes, fives, sevens and so on, are natural numbers and they repeat so many times within your world, and do you really look when you see that beautiful flower, do you notice or count the petals or leaves and then note that this follows a pattern and sequence throughout your life? It is part of the world and how it is created and this creation is carried through many universes. You are not unique, your world is not unique, it is created with matter and it is created the same as many, many others in your solar system.

You are blinded and cannot see many things of this, for men of science fear you would not be able to understand the truth. Hmm, they have never given you the chance or opportunity to understand, how can you understand, all you have is fear because you have lack of understanding.

Trigonometry is a method by which you may see these things, the balance of life is seen through the balance of nature, and if you should unbalance nature, then you unbalance life as a whole, not just for yourselves, but your planet.

We cannot stress this strongly enough, we need you to understand that the many ways of your scientific community do not understand the basics of life and how they affect these things that you are so needy and reliant upon.

They say they bring improvement and change, but do they really? Have you noticed change for the better, or have you noticed worse of recent times? Hmmm, well, we leave this for you to judge yourselves.

Bring yourselves hope, the natural world is a far better way, and the creation of pesticides, insecticides and all those poisons that you create … yes we know of these things, we are not blind, we see, like we said, and the Angels have told you, that you are nearsighted, you have a narrow vision, and this is not your fault, for you are not given that opportunity as we have said.

But next time you walk within your gardens of life, look at nature, look at the creation and the pattern in the petals of the flowers, of the leaves, of the trees, that all exist with life. Because it is inanimate and does not appear to move or talk to you, this does not mean that there is not life in the creation and formation that gives it this ability.

We respect you as beings of life and of creation, but we have dire hopes for you. For there are men in your world who would not in your words, “Give a monkeys!” They don’t care, their being and aspects are of greed and aspiration, of possession and wealth. You have been told the truth of possession and wealth, it is not in the material things of your world and you are not entitled to destroy your world through the chemicals and use of other, hmm, ‘solvents’, shall we say, in your atmosphere. This will backfire, abruptly and violently. It is up to you to make change, but you may think to yourself how can I make change, I am just me, I’m nobody? Well, it takes a community to make change, it takes a vote of the word, an outcry, a protest, and these things are treated with a disrespect because authorities do not wish others to hear your views. Nonsense we say, speak your minds, you are entitled, you live upon this earth, you are part of this universal nature that exists, it is your right, your right to believe in a better way of living.

Many things that you use, your food, your crops, are beyond we agree, your ability to change. But choose wisely we say, choose these things we care, for it is only this way that you will begin to change things, and those who wish to increase the yields of crops with their many manipulations of nature, will begin to see that you are rejecting their ways. There are better ways, but for all this doom and gloom we speak of, we do not wish to upset your nature, for there is hope, absolute hope. It is not the end, the dire end yet. It is up to you to make the changes in your life and to talk to others, and help them to understand, that nature is creation, and you are part of that creation and that life entitlement.

We have brought you many things of knowledge this evening and we would hope that you would help yourselves. There are many creatures that exist beyond your world that are only too willing to give you a helping hand, but they stand back, because they know of your men of war who would bring them disappointment and anger.

Hmm. There are many teachers that wait, you need to change these men of war and insist on the knowledge that is withheld from you in the vaults underground, in your United States and Russia and the many countries of your world, and we hear you say “How would they know of these countries, how would they know what we call them?” Well of course, we are far in advance and we know of these things, we have studied your nature, we know of these things, because we learn, and we take knowledge. This is what you should do, and may take many centuries before this is realised. The future seems bleak at times, we understand this. Will man exist in 20 years, will he exist in 50 or 100? We cannot give these guarantees, it is up to you.

Look at your past, your history, there have been many civilisations upon your world, some of which you have no knowledge of whatsoever. Many did not help themselves. Some became so advanced that they left your world and you may find this hard to believe, but we ask you to have an open mind and to understand that the many pyramids and monuments that are left behind, just look at how they are made, could you do this today? Do you have the ability to live 20 tons, 200 tons, a thousand tons with your so-called advanced equipment? We think not, we think not. For it is advancement that brings you knowledge of the universal energy that lays within your very reach. Open your minds, look to a better way and start to learn, and have hope for the future as we have hope you. Thank you.


Prayers are heard. The chapel sits beneath you, and upon this hallowed ground walk many of past lives. Be not afraid of the dark or the things that you see. There are many who shudder as they see the things before them. Upon this ground, we have spoken before, and we see you this evening. As the chapel of love, the bringing together of people of like-minded souls, and we welcome you within this home, within this ground upon which you walk.

We once held communion here within these grounds, and we made promises to the Lord that we would make sacrifices of our lives in his honour, and so it was that we walked and we sang the praises to him above. We gave thanks for our being, things have changed, we do not recognise the many things that exist today, but still we walk these grounds. We see you, you do not see us, we hear you, you do not see us! Listen to the music that plays before you now, think of the brothers that walked and practised in prayer, and sat within their sanctuaries to give thanks and praise to him above.

We were no less surprised when we crossed, as our understanding grew. And although many of you do not practice the righteous ways, you have hope and love in your hearts and that is what he required. You do not need to fast, to continually pray is a good thing, you are heard, you are listened to.

Many go to church and that is by welcomed us, many do not, and that is also good. If you have a positive mind and welcome spirit within your soul, for it is not the building that matters, but that, that lies within.

We will not preach to you this evening, and the couple that live here understand many things, and they teach many things and we watch, and we will allow them a sign that they will understand and bring promise to you.

There are hidden things within these hallowed grounds, as yet undiscovered. One day they will be brought to your attention.

Learning and forgiveness is required for many in your world, and we see tonight that many of you have stepped on the path of light hoping to find knowledge, hmm, but can you believe what you hear? Do you trust in our words, or in the words of others that would deny these things and say they are a figment of the imagination?

We still have hope and they have promise, we do not ask you to get on your bended knees before us, and we would bless you this evening with a hope and joy that you might progress your lives in the shadow of the light given by him above:

Dear Lord, bring blessings to the many this evening, that hope and a response of light may be given within their lives and the many troubles that exist. Have no fear for what life brings, there are many causes, ill-health, problems with the heart, issues you are not aware of yet. And some may sit this evening and watch this man with his hands together passing our words and say, “We don’t go to church!” We say you don’t need to go to church and we ask the Lord to help you upon your way, and when your time comes as ours did, and this is a certainty in life, we ask that you open your eyes and your heart, and accept the light. It is not a world of winged beings, but of souls the same as you, who once more join within that energy of light. We prayed many times, chanted many things, and we gave thanks for our being, and yours is no less if you have an open heart and mind and a love to allow that light within and the hope of a better future within. Have no fear children, there is no fear, and we do not wish to upset anyone by our words or the manner in which we give them, but we do ask that you open your hearts with hope and love.

So Lord bless these people here within, help them to understand the basis of life and the truth of the light that lays beyond, amen.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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