26-09-18 Pastures New, Jesus, Past Civilisations, Archaeologist John, Mike the motorcyclist

Transcript 26th September 2018

Joy and pastures new are foreseen for the future. Do not forsake yourselves for other’s sake, bring peace to each other in the hope and joy of everlasting peace within the world of spirit. You are not bound by earthly rules within that place, for peace is everlasting there, and equality walks hand in hand with love and caring for each other. It is a place beyond yours, it has aspects of beauty way beyond your comprehension, and as you know, life is a learning tool that is given to all who pass beyond the veil of spirit, for life is an exercise in your being, in your practice of goodwill to others, and aspects of love and light.

We continually preach the many things and words of spirit, in the hopes that one day your ears may be opened, and your lungs filled with joy with gifts of love others.

It is not so certain for many in your world, because they are ruled by tyrants and given no aspect of love by each other. So bring your hearts together this evening and help those who need help, far and wide in your planet. For your thoughts reach many places and your aspects of love and joy reach those far beyond your shores.

Control your emotions as the day begins, for it brings many displeasures to many people, within many countries of the world. Hope and joy are treasures to hold to your heart, and we hope that one day your beings may find true hope in each other, and bring aspects of love and joy to one another in a world not controlled by hate, but by forgiveness and love for the fellow being, no matter who or what it is.

Constantly we pray on your behalf that your tears might flow in response to others woes, and we trust in you and the many that practice the ways of spirit, that their light and love will shine far beyond their beings. Ignorance they say, is bliss, we say ignorance is a fools path and should not be adhered to, for knowledge is given in many things of the light.

Be blessed this evening, and have hope as we sit and pray for you now.

We bring hope to one this evening, Valerie knows of her distress and her being.

She is welcomed in the light, despite her moral misjudgements, and we cannot forsake her, for she is a creature of the light and has a path and being beyond her expectations at this time. She will be guided in that circle of light and become one with the many who practice the love of the Lord. Hearken to her words, and listen to her stories, for they have great meaning within for all to listen to. (NOTE: This is about someone known to us who struggles to find her way at times.)

There are many desperate people of your world who would call to those of the light and ask for assistance, and your words may bring hope to many. Or may not, as the case may be!

Comprehensively we would like to ask those of a discordant nature to oppose the rules of the wayward men. Look for change in your hearts, do you really want to be the masters of disaster? Do you really want to cause destruction and ill will to others? Because this will bring a negative response to you and your trust and faith will be shattered if you should continue upon this way, and we speak of no individual in particular, but organisations that rule in many countries of your world, and they climb aboard the many disruptions, to cause even more mayhem and disaster.

They have a single-mindedness of authority and belonging to one place, and they can tolerate no others that will join them in that place in which they live. They call them foreigners, beings of another country who do not belong within their lands, but they are wrong, for you are all equal in spirit and in the Commonwealth of men.

The world is not segmented by spirit or by God, but by man, and his reckless ways, he cannot find ways of including others within his lifestyle, so he calls out to them, tells them to leave or he will cause misery upon them. We cannot applaud this, and we despise those who would bring such disruption to others, for as we say, all men are equal and one is not above the other.

Your simple mind cannot comprehend many things of the light, or even of the Lord at this time, for you are warlike and destructive, and your Commonwealth bring games upon one another, games they play beneath the covers of adversity.

Sharks that go in the night, demand many things of your peoples, your loyalty and your acceptance of their ways.

Trust is needed to bring purpose to those who cannot see the light for the dark. Hmmm, we are unable to respond to those of the dark who ask questions of the light, for they say such things that cannot be answered.

Truthfully, we beckon to them, but no response is given. But we hold out our hand nonetheless, and hope one day that they may realise their life’s worth and the lives of others who live amongst you.


You have plans it seems, many changes to come will bring pleasurable times to those around you. We cannot conceive of a better way than to live your life with joy and happiness, and surround yourself with those beings of love and light. You consider yourself in many ways to be a simple man, a man of simple courage, but not one to stand out in a crowd. For your ego would not be becoming of you.

We have many things to share of the light with you, and we accept that your life is of value at this time. Equally we will pass knowledge to others if they wish to accept the light within their lives. They eagerly await the many things that are spoken of, but cannot understand how to transform these words into actions or plans of action. Their trust waivers, and although they deem themselves as creatures of the light ,they need more reassurance than ever.

The figure you see before you is a figure of spiritual being, you call him Jesus of Nazareth and he is the one who brought hope to your world long ago, so, so long ago. Hold out your hand in welcome and see his outstretched hands that welcome you. There have been many occasions that he has welcomed the many who have fallen by the wayside and given them hope.

In his scriptures of the past, he spoke of many things of miracles and disbeliefs that have had to be tackled. Humph for their response was none too favourable, but he is of the light, he is a being, a creature who will call upon you when you need him most. Call out his name, be not afraid, do not hesitate because it is unfashionable to call him by name “The Lord Jesus.”

His purpose is great within the heavens and he is of the higher aspects of being, and you should welcome him into your lives, for it brings hope and a measure of peace to all who call out his name. Allow him into your hearts, and although the Scriptures of past are manipulated in many ways from the true value which was given, their basic structure is there, if seen by eyes with hope.

Your futures are bright if you would allow just hope, love, peace in your hearts. And we cannot say or emphasise this much more than we do, for it is up to you to bring a response to the heavenly beings that surround you in your everyday lives. You continue to ponder the questions of life and death, and many have an aspect of “once here, once gone, forgotten!” This is such a sad attitude, and it is so wrong, because if you have no hope of a future afterlife then what hope have you in anything, in any aspect of your being?

Motorcycles, we wish to speak of one who passed recently, his accident caused much concern amongst many of your world, for his carelessness obvious. Triumphant he was in many ways of his glory, and the risks that he took were overwhelmingly dangerous. His ego played a great part in this, and ego as a weapon that is dangerous to all who would wield it irresponsibly.

Have pleasure in the things you do, enjoy the things of life, but be responsible. And this goes for many things.

This young person fell before a truck, and before he knew it, his life was over. An abrupt end to such a promising career. And his mother weeps now as she calls out his name, “Michael” for she cannot understand what caused such a catastrophe within her life, to lose a child so young and at an age, a tender age of 19.

We call out to him now, to bring you hope that you might listen to his story, for he was an intelligent lad, who gave thoughts of love to many, but his passion overran his ‘sensible’ mind shall we say.

“Hi, I’m Mike and I bring you news that I am well. I am aware she sits and cries and my love calls out to her. Her grief cannot be penetrated at this time for she sees nothing but pain and sorrow within. I call out to mum and ask her to be grateful for the time we had, and my life was tragically lost. I was unconscious at the time, and so the feeling of pain was not there as I passed and crossed to spirit. I was lost and unaware of where I was, and my pain and grief I felt, was not of the physical, but of the spiritual, for my family I left behind.

We drifted apart in many ways and I was rebellious despite my upbringing. I could not cope with the mundane things of life and the excitement of speed drew me ever closer to my final day, and as I turned that bend and crossed that road without looking, so my time was done.

I feel no pain mum, and I bring you hope this evening that you might recognise my words, my name. It has an aspect of meaning for many, and I call out to you now, do not be sad for me, rejoice in the time we had in beauty and love. Denmark is a place of remembrance, we had many good times there. The stories we tell are great amongst the family and my loss was grieved by all. I am ashamed to have caused such pain and suffering, and I call out you now as a boy of spirit, to tell you that I am well, and the things that I ‘pooh-poohed’ in my life of an afterlife are totally unrealised, for there is a, an extrasensory being that created us all, not in his image, but of his spirit. And I see this clearly now, and my path is clear. My youth continues on, but with less vigour and less stupid ways.

Let me bring you peace through the eyes of a son who knew love unbound, and my love continues and will shower you with kisses. Your favourite flowers I can see, Cosmos, crocuses, and the spring bulbs that bring hope to all in the life of the human being. And this is a thing I must stress to you, life continues and spring has come for me in a way that I never expected.

Take care of my trumpet mother, for it belonged to me and the music that sounded will give you comfort. I am not gone, I am in another place, another place, another world that you cannot see, but I can see you. I stress once more, grieve not for me, but have hope for Claire, for she will grow strong and help you through the many times.”

(Channels note; in my mind I asked for his time of passing to strengthen the evidence given.)

“2009 was the time of my crossing, I was a large man, unforgiving at times. Crucially independent, never wavering in my purpose. Sure, I had been educated well, but those mundane things of life I shunned, and that brought me misfortune. But once more I say, and it is stressed to you, enjoy your lives wisely, do not harass others in your behaviour, but give them peace, a modicum of love that they may take pleasure in your company.

I will leave you now, further to say, I miss you mother and I love you. Have hope for Claire, for she will be wise and caring. Two grandsons I see. hmm, perhaps I’ve said too much! Love you mum. God bless.”


Strange words from a young man, circumstances overrun his being in his lifetime, but is words give strength to others and should be adhered to.

We see many who befall so soon and so young, and we applaud them for their courage, but not their stupidity. But no matter, for they return, and they are once more given hope and joy in their being.

An aspect of light is brought to all, and we continue with a measure of peace and love to tell you of these things, that it might bring you hope. For one day in your lives, the time will come when the lights will be turned out and your being will be transformed into light.

So many mistrust our words, the imagination of one person perhaps, or the creation of a active mind wishing to bring purpose to himself. We do not say these things lightly, we have many reasons to hold back at times, and many reasons not to.

Welcome us into your lives, for we are the creatures of light that will join you shortly. You think of us as angels, as we have spoken of. But let us assure you, that our being is as real as yours. Your conscious minds may not be able to comprehend these things, and such things are hidden from you of your past. Can we enlighten you once more, into a discovery to be made shortly, and you may not hear the things, but we hope that you do, as evidence to our being and creation.

There is a city far beyond your lands that lies undiscovered in a prominent position, yet unseen. A volcanic eruption covered us so long ago and discoveries are made every day, of Rome, Naples, in Cyprus. A professor, John, he will discover things soon, he is an archaeologist as you understand it. A great thinker of possibilities of other civilisations of times gone by. He brings purpose to many in his thoughts wisdom. His words beckon you in many ways, and he digs once more in the sand dunes of the desert. We can tell you that Ethiopia, as you call it, is a place of fascinating discoveries yet to be made. Europa , Eurynomos, Galatea,  are names unfamiliar to you, but they have meaning and purpose. (NOTE: Characters of Greek Mythology)

Fragment your mind not, and concern yourself not at this time. Your past civilisations are many, and great, greater than yours. Much greater, and if you survive your turbulent times and bring an aspect of peace and love, perhaps yours too, will one day be rejoiced in! We have solemn hopes for you though, for you are creatures of war, death comes easy to some. But it is not all doom and gloom, for there are many who have purpose of light and love, many who give and don’t ask for receive, in your words. There is much hope despite these negative beings, and yes, they have the power to cause mayhem, but they will never conquer the beings of light, those of purpose who hold this in their heart, for it is their strength that will continue on.

Regimented structures will be considered rudimentary by many scholars, and as we say, these discoveries will be ‘hushed up’ perhaps. Seek out his words that you might hear of his discoveries first hand with an unbiased opinion, not navigated in twists and turns by others.

September 4th is a date that should remain in your minds for future reference.

Cosmically your time has only just begun, you are in the youth, as you regard your young, and like the young of your world, you can be very reckless, disheartening and not obedient, like the naughty children. Punishment will come in many ways, brought upon by yourselves, by your own aspect of beings and not by others of other worlds or spiritual response. And you will learn, as many generations and civilisations before you.

As we say, we have hope for you and an attitude of peace and love will help.

Burning words to some, for they cannot allow this in. They feel ashamed to be heard to say of their love and their presence of being, and to speak of the Lord Jesus would be absolutely abhorrent to them, for who was this man, but a figure of history they would say. What they don’t understand and do not realise, that his being and essence is within all of you, and despite your dismissive behaviour he instructed you well. It is only the dark that fights this within you, that gives you cause to question the many things of his words.

Give in if you must, but know that this path will lead to awful things. Bring displeasure to many, more especially the one that issues these dark thoughts.

Confide in others if you must, and if you don’t speak of him or the words of spirit, then hold them in your heart. If you feel that you betray yourself by doing this, then be not afraid to speak out, for you will find that many will suddenly turn to you and say “I too have this belief, I too feel this way”. Do not build a wall of destruction before you, do not hold yourselves in contempt, that you might be seen to be weak if you should speak of love and of spirit and being.

We know that all of you, no matter who you are, or how you may feel, or how you portray yourself within the world, we know that all of you have that spark of light in you, and you only shut off from yourselves. Do not be afraid to open this light, to open the door and see for yourselves, for it will bring you much peace and pleasure.

We leave you tonight with these words in anticipation that you may listen. Bring hope to yourselves, have a thought for this young man whose mother weeps at this time. His accident was so long ago yet so fresh in her heart, and look to others who suffer these same pains. Give them a shoulder to cry on and bring them peace and love, comfort and warmth in your arms. Caress them with your mind to bring them peace.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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