02-01-19 Satellites, Space Junk, Starships of Earth, Romanies, Political Events, E.T. from Afar, Things to Come etc

Transcript 2nd January 2019

Greetings my friends. Welcome, as Sagittarius rises in the northern sky, be blessed in the knowledge that your purpose is good. Commit your mind to the purpose given, allow not the interruptions of life or thought to conquer your emotions this evening.

It has been a while since we have spoken, your purpose is good and we foresee an outcome, an outcome of inspiration for others. Help us to inspire you further and coax your mind into the nether regions of the world beyond yours.

Frequently we continue to inspire others upon their paths, on their journeys of light. They continue to regard us as spirit, as those other beings of another life to follow yours. In truth they are correct, but their assumptions about who or what they speak to is sometimes incorrect, as their minds cannot perceive that others, of other nations, wander through your thoughts of men. Your creations are many in your world of today and they bring much satisfaction to some and displeasure to others, but their purpose and meaning is of well-being.

We have come to assist your thoughts this evening that you might once more join with us in a league of gentlemen, that we may speak freely of love and things to come.

Your world is a wondrous place, a creation of the master of long ago, and it continues to flourish in its microcosms, but ultimately this will be lost as the purpose of man is of greed and need.

How can we compensate those minds who wish to nourish themselves with the fruits of the earth? They are unforgiving and their pleasures are many in their short time upon this planet. They do not look to the future and the long-term well-being of their souls, for they have an expression of “Live today, die tomorrow.” Their focus is short and the memories that linger long of their past lives are totally obscure to them. They will continue on their journeys to bring mayhem and chaos to others through their extreme measures of dishonourable actions.

The Indian nations of your world have suffered greatly within its people, demanding clarity as to his purpose and he disregards them as being ‘just those of the indigenous peoples’, not worthy of a response, they will petition him, ask him to summon his men to call off the dogs, the hounds of war. They are the Apaches and they are an honourable people who should be observed and listened to, yet their minds are blanked by the intolerances given of his nation.

Let not your purpose fail in this life and your time Michael, continue upon your path and never listen to those words of destruction and mayhem, for their words are of a forked tongue and narrow purpose to those of the light. We continue to escort you upon your journeys of life, we guide you in ways that you do not understand, nor do you need to understand. Because this life is a short passing of time, in which your memories will linger for many eons to come.

It is with great despair this evening that we should bring anguish to some of the men of fortune. They muster the many to bring outrageous actions against others, for they cannot see a better way to bring justice to those who would hammer your nations with mistrust and dishonour.

Too many times we have seen the purpose of man escalate into that of war, the nations of the earth become scarred and the tissues of men are inflamed with negligence.

Forgive yourselves the pleasures of the earth, do not embark upon a journey of mistrust and uncompassionate feelings towards those of a lesser kind. You are equal in the eyes of the Lord and the blessings are many for all to be had, not for the few to admire or to deny others their right to live within the world of men. Consequently, their actions will lead to disputes in many ways, and the hopes and dreams of those of the lesser kind will be faded in their disputes.

You do not understand these words, we speak in a way unfamiliar to you, but there is purpose in them. We will bring a measure of love as time goes on. You are requested to bring your purpose to the fore and escalate those who wish to accompany you in their purpose also.

Compliments will be given to the writings, in gratitude for their words of wisdom, love and comfort. It is our intention to accompany these words with feelings of emotions that some have neglected throughout their lives and they will feel the energy bounce around them, but not quite understand why it is they feel this strange sensation that accompanies these books. But they will consist of an energy that will ignite a spark in their lives and open up those terminal thoughts of non-progression.

You, yourself and your companions have experienced these things many times, and the blessings are brought to all who should listen to the words and the writings given. Your friends are amongst many of your world who wish to accompany your journey, but they understand that theirs is of different kind. They realise that their work contributes much to the welfare of mankind, and they are congratulated for their work within the light, for they accomplish much as they bring the many of the earth to a focus of light.

Their circles shine out as brilliant gems upon the earth of man, and they sparkle in their thoughts to take the correct path. They will feel the energy and wonder what it is that so often accompanies their thoughts of love and spirit. They do not quite understand, but the leaders of these groups who have much experience will tend their notions of uncertainty, and bring their focus to the point of light that escorts them all through their lives.

It is not only those of the circles who are accompanied through their lives, for you all have a guardian who sits with you. Some are the animals and creatures that have been unseen upon your earth, and some are of people and beings who existed at one time or another, but their knowledge is great, their wisdom is there to coax you to lead your lives in a better manner so that your spirit and soul may journey far within the next world.

You see the heather in the flowers given, and these are a part of the creation of earth. Many say they are a lucky charm and those that wonder in your lands have many times in the past brought them to the doors of the many who live throughout your cities and towns. You call them people of ‘ill repute’, for they do not live as you do, they are different. Romanies who travel the world in their own time, and it is true to say that these days many disrespect those honourable peoples of long ago.

Rose was a common name amongst their communities as they travelled your lands, and they understood and knew of their surroundings of the earth and the benefits of relying upon her with no need of the standard measures of life. The pegs that they peddled to the doorsteps were created by hand with love for the nature that surrounded them, and they gave thanks in their particular ways. Around the campfires they sat talking of days gone by, tending their animals of love and caring for those who encamped with them. Their purpose was a good one. Ultimately men speculated that this is a free way to live, but have brought disrespect to their being. Today not so many remain and they are apart from your societies, because your societies cannot accept that these people have free will to live as they wish.

You can consider yourselves lucky as you sit in your humble homes this evening, your fires lit and the warmth surrounds you within your dwellings. But have a care and a thought for others who are not frequented by such luxurious surroundings, for they live among you, the homeless, those in despair, the families who hunger for just a crumb and cannot rub two pennies together. You live amongst them, you do not see them, and they do not wish to be seen, for it brings dishonour to them, or so they seem to think. This is caused by the society of your world today, you look down upon those that you consider are less than yourselves, you consider them irresponsible in their ways, in their habitats, for why did they not get a job? Why are the not working for their living? Do you know of their circumstances? Would you understand them if you were to be put in that position? Hmm, we think not. So have a care in your thoughts when you see one of these people in distress. They have a need for charity in your world. Think about how your circumstances would be if you were put into that position. Think of others as you enter this New Year of your earth of your earth. Times may change if there is a will to guide them and to assist, so make it your purpose, make it point of life not to stare them in the face and ignore their pleas.


Consider your rights as human beings, are they set by the laws of your lands? No, it is the common right for all to live with free will and purpose in mind.

Trigonometry was set once before, for you to surpass your minds and consider the links that were given in mathematical formulations. They were not a waste of time, but are set for you to consider the chains of life and the molecules that form all your beings and all of creation. Numbers and figures you cannot comprehend, for they are a mass of confusion to some. We despair at those that cannot connect the dots, one and one equals two and so on. But you are all different and built differently for your individual purposes. Some train their minds to focus on abilities of a greater need, whilst others simply live their lives in the wisdom that is granted by Him above. You call many men of your earth unusual, different to your kind, for they are capable of many things.

Satellites revolve around your world, they are numerous at this time. The confusion they bring will cause a multitude of complexities within your space programs. It is a field of ‘trash’ in your words of today, and you are too tired to clean this mess up, or incapable. For there is much confusion in your world as to their purpose. Hidden among the many streams of data are words given in a multitude of ways, they exist because your satellites transmit them, but they are intercepted by others of other nations. You cannot quite understand their coding, but nevertheless they remark that these are ‘secretive words’.

Before your eyes as the sun sets in the morning of December, a catastrophe will occur, for these satellites will collide and bring down the rubble of the skies. Great panic will ensue as the many scramble for safety, for their eyes behold metal descending to the earth. ‘Mum is the word’, ‘Hush up the stories’, for they cannot be granted access to these things. How would you deny the cause of the accident that these bring? Disastrous things of your times occur many times and many stories are given that they may not be seen in truth.

Let us instruct you this evening, that there is only one way to gain purpose in your world and that is to be honest, upfront with the truth and do not hide the extreme measures by which you live. A tidal wave of love will wash over those who bring words of honesty and truth. But those things will soon be disregarded as ‘speaking nonsense’. The powers to be are still committed to hiding the truth from the many. We have spoken of their purpose before, it is up to you to look past their eyes of deceit. Remember these words my children, that love conquers all in the vastness of time and it is only the powers of love that will cleanse you of your misgivings.

Compute your words as you must, bring a sequence of DNA into the equation if you wish. Man is part of something special and in his confusion he is blinded by the obvious. The stories he tells of the occupants of many buildings and places, filled with conceit and much confusion. These will hide many things as to his true purpose. Conclusions will be brought, for they fear the many who would misunderstand their purpose. But do not forget, that all things have purpose, a beginning, an end, and the middle is what you make them, but it can alter your final destination.

Shameful words are brought against one this evening, for she has committed an offence against her land, her country. They see her as a woman of disrepute and her ill gotten gains are obvious to the many. But she is valiant in her words, she cares not for their attitude of disagreement and dishonour to her. She causes mayhem in her wake as the voters fluctuate. They are forced in many cases, to vote for her and she cares not for their situation just as long as she has a seat in the higher places upon your earth. Her worries and woes will become great as they see through her masquerade of life. Let it not be yours, to hide behind a shield of lies, be open and honest with those around you, allow them to see the truth and the being that you are. She will have a downfall and her shortcomings will be obvious to all. A bitter end perhaps, we foresee for they are violent times within that place, and when one speaks the truth the other utters nonsense and will sack them in whatever way possible.

Despair not for these bitter words, for they bring you truth, we do not hide the bitterness that we see. We forecast that in days to come perhaps man will see a better way, forget his times of misery and bring purpose to one another through his thoughts of love. Consequently the being of man will advance once more and those that you call the dark ages of long ago, will once more pass. Are you not in those dark times at this time? Will they be remembered in the future for the turmoil and chaos that they brought, for the negativity to the earth and the creatures and beings upon her? How much will survive will be determined in the near future, but it is up to you to make a choice to live together as one or annihilate each other in a battle of arms. We can assist if you wish. It is up to you and your leaders to choose the path upon which you walk.

Negotiations of arms will commence shortly in Oslo, and they will once more discuss the issues of your nuclear-weapons, how to adequately erase them so that their ugly heads are not reared once more, but there is one, a man who would wish purpose for them and he will not conclude the necessity of omitting them from his Armed Forces. His generosity to those to sway their minds will cause them to question his motives. We will not and cannot say his name, but he will become obvious in those talks of peace. He will abstain from many things that may be of good to your world, for he has charted a path upon the ocean of life, that he will sail from A to B with no interruptions. And as Bligh once stood upon his deck, so he will stand upon his and take no nonsense from anyone. The punishment will be great to those who supersede his orders.

The mutiny of the ship is well known, it is a lesson to all, that if you rule with an iron fist you can expect a rebellion of a kind that will diminish your authority. Do not underestimate those that live by your rule, for they have courage and are longing to be free at whatever cost to them or their nations.

You cannot continue to persecute those of a ‘lesser kind’ as you see them, for it is not (the) purpose or will of God that you do so. You are creatures of a mysterious habit, blind to others ill will, and as long as your equilibrium is balanced, then you have not a care of what goes beyond your four walls. But have a care, open your hearts and minds and listen to the rhetoric that is spoken, for it carries with it much information that will be hidden and quickly pass your thoughts. It is designed to do so, so that you may not understand the truth or purpose of the words.

We are here to teach you, here to teach you as children, which is what you are. You negotiate your lives and you think you have a good way of thinking and you carry on regardless, never taking in the lessons that are given, never considering the future, that perhaps one day your minds may work in a different way. We have spoken before that it is your choice to walk the path of your choosing, but be wary of the pitfalls that may follow.

We care for you in a way you will not understand, for bitterness towards us hurts us like a cancer of the heart. But we continue to take your hand, for we can see that there is a better way, that most have chosen at this time. Never give up on the ones that you love, this is a lesson for all. You may deem them as irresponsible, reckless children who will not listen to the voice of authority or knowledge, yet you praise them as they are your children. Teach them respect and honour, do not allow them to convince themselves that they are of the future without a purpose, walk at a stride, show them a better way to live, other than that of the creations of man.

You are responsible for your future, your children will change the world in a way that you teach them, and if you are irresponsible in your manner and allow the mayhem to continue, then you can expect nothing more than what has been taught to them. So for their sakes and the future of earth and the creatures upon it, teach them in a manner of love to follow the light of the Lord, to bring focus to their lives and not torture others. Give them goodwill in your actions, bring hate to a stop and accept love as the way, the honourable way to follow your lives on regions of your earth.

Many look down on you from above and they see your starships under construction, and wonder what if one of these were to be discovered? What if one of your scientific community were to give a hint of things to come? We see many things under construction in your world, but there are many that are hidden within the universe above. You will not see these things, for they are hidden from you, out of your view, and the slightest hint or mention of their existence will be met with a determined attitude that you may regret the things that are spoken of.

But what proof have you of their existence? What proof have you of their determination to reach many places beyond your world? It will be decades before the word is spoken, and they consider the time that they may have to leave like the rats leaving a sinking ship. They tell you nothing of this, it is stories in the films that you see. How much reality is within those stories one wonders?

You are the nations of Earth and you aspire to live together in peace, but only your actions will determine this outcome. Help us this evening to once more gain the upper hand in the words given. Never let your focus or consciousness be overruled by those of the negative attitude, for it is your determination, your actions, that will contribute to your future existence within the light, or of a darker place if you choose. It’s up to you to live your lives in the manner given. We humbly beseech you to seek out the truth in your hearts, be not ashamed of what others may say, that you are a ‘cretin’ in your words, because you do not follow their example, because you are an individual who look(s) towards the light to find a better way. They are but names, names will not hurt you, but your pride will. Good evening.

Come with us upon a journey of love of immense proportions. Take with you these words that are so precious to our kind, let go your being and gather your senses as we fill the air around you, hear our vibrations and focus upon them to allow your mind to escape the atmosphere of your world. See us as we are, ‘The Beings of Light’ that shed love and purpose upon you, the golden flame you see is the burning love within our hearts. Focus, and hear our message of love and joy to the people of your world.

(NOTE FROM THE CHANNEL: At this point I felt my whole being change, my facial expressions and voice changed dramatically, but I persevered as I knew they meant no harm.)


“We are here to accompany you upon your path of love and wisdom, bring hope to those of your world that they may muster their senses and bring joy to each other in the life and love of this world. We have come from afar to bring upon you many joys and wishes to love. Your sense of being should enhance the light within, be not afraid, for we will not terminate your lives desire. We bring love and light to all. Help us to inspire others to see that we mean you no harm. We exist in an atmosphere beyond yours, carbon-based are our beings, as yours are. Your will reaches out without fear this evening. Accompany us if you will upon a life to bring focus upon our being. God bless we will return. Have no fear. Chin (or Chi in) given to all of your earth.”

Bring joy and focus to all this evening.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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