23-01-19 Positive Thinking, Healing, Many Realms, Star Children, Ghosts, David Attenborough etc

Transcript of 23rd January 2019

Welcome James, please step forward.

We bring hope this evening, that those who follow in the light and love of the Lord are blessed with long life and happiness.

Travelled your roads you have, and your beings upon this earth continue to walk in a manner unrecognised by most. We thank you for the connection this evening and bring you hope of a better future within the realm of light.

Bring peace to those around you and allow them your focus, that they may see a better way to continue their path within this world of the living.

Bring hope to those who suffer this evening with minor ailments and tragically the more serious. Allow their focus not to wonder, for theirs is a path to be walked, as is all of yours. Bring hope to them in the healing that they will acquire upon their crossing to the world of light.

Many men will torment you for these words, for they cannot see the way forward and do not believe in the life after this. But we tell them now, that life continues on beyond the vastness of your world and you travel in light to a new beginning and a new time. Although this cannot be seen at this time, it is a matter of faith and trust that you believe us when we tell you, that yours is a road of wisdom and to all of you who follow the path of life with a good heart and will, then you too will begin to see a better way of existing, of cohabitation with one another within your world of men and the creatures that walk upon it.

We must never forget that the earth is shared by many of wisdom, and their thoughts are brought to many complications of life. They need not ask from whence they get this information, for they have purpose beyond their understanding. They have hearts of goodwill and bring hope to others that their words may change the attitudes of those men of bureaucracy and strength of arms.

There is no harm in wanting a better future. What harm can this bring other than joy and satisfaction in your lives? Be wise, as the many who walk in spirit see a new beginning and a new structure of life that may become obvious within the near future.

Among many born today, there are those who you regard as star children. They reflect the light within their eyes and their wisdom. They bring knowledge to the many in the hope of a more purposeful being of satisfaction within your lives, that there is hope once more in the future of men.

All too often these days, this hope has been washed away by the extreme measures of your men power. They have a purpose towards their own agendas and they bring not satisfaction to the general population or commerce, but to the strength and power that they perceive they have. They are weak minded fools and they do not see the real strength that lies within for their purpose. They will diminish in time, as the men of the earth begin to realise that there is a better future in the way of love and not of greed and avarice.

For the time being we would like to issue you with words of comfort in knowing that we are beside you, we walk with you and are a constant companion to your thoughts. Many obstruct your way and will not bring focus to the words spoken, for they cannot see how one man can bring such words with such enthusiasm, when theirs are stifled by worries and concerns of thoughts of others.

(The following four paragraphs are regarding Valerie and those of her group who were linked in meditation in Cornwall at the same time as this trance session took place in Scotland)

Those of the negative will attempt to block the many things of the light of one individual, she brings purpose to others in her special way. Her thoughts and concerns are for those who exist beyond her home and she welcomes them in extending her hand in friendship with a warm welcome. Blessed she is with her life of purpose and companionship. They meet together at this time with others of like mindedness.

See them, they sit this evening and bring hope to those that their journeys in the life to come will be fulfilled, their purpose is great this evening, as they will focus upon the jewels of life to bring hope to others in satisfactory healing.

Their prayers are heard, one sits with a heart in anguish and she knows, she knows deep inside of her love of her son. We have spoken of him before and his special messages, and once more he will bring focus to her to say, “Mother, times are hard in many ways, but never lose focus of your path. Your heart of joy brings happiness to many and I hope that my passing will bring purpose to your life, that you may fulfil it in a way unforeseen at this time.” She watches the flowers in her hand, violets and tulips are of special meaning, and she cannot see a way forward, but she copes in ways unknown to others, for her belief is strong in the reunion of all at one time or another when their life purpose is done.

We communicate not just to her this evening, but Valerie is also of a mention this evening. Many will say “Why is she such a special case? Hm hm. What is it about her that brings words of comfort so often?” It is her purpose and her being, combined with those others that sit this evening, particularly he who sits beside her. She cannot help but laugh at his ways, for he is purposely clumsy sometimes, but his heart is of a good meaning and he laughs with her, bringing her comfort and joy when they cry out. For their times are complicated, difficult as so many of the world are. But know this, that all with love in their heart and caring for one another will be fortunate in many ways, not of monetary purposes or of means, but in ways of caring and sharing. And the blessings are brought in times of need.

We would like to speak of the many this evening who are unfortunate and their meals are lacking. Your times are hard despite the rich and wealthy that boast of economic success, they do not see those beneath them, and they do not wish to see beneath them. They cannot foresee a time when their time will be ended, but of course to all who exist within the world, there is a time and a place for this to occur.

Let’s speak of these innocent souls, these people who have nothing other than the clothes on their back. They circulate in circles unseen to many. The food banks of your country and of your world are a lifeline and it is a common place for meeting of like-minded souls who have good hearts. Even those who navigate their times to bring harshness to others, theirs too will be seen as compassionate in their ways. It sounds strange, the words are confused in a manner that you do not understand, but know that all who exist in the world today are welcome within the light.

All too often we hear their cries, food for their children to fill their bellies. To bring them happiness and joy perhaps a little extra would be needed. It is the compassionate side of men that must bring joy to these people, open your hearts, be not ashamed to say that “I see you, I feel your need” and they will bring you blessings and gifts of joy. Help one another in these times, these harsh times of your world, bring hope to each other in the words of the Lord that the blessings will be held before you. Do not hesitate to help the man in the street if you see he is of need, welcome his heart into yours and let his concerns be your concerns, that you may share the worries of the world.

Once more this evening we have brought focus upon the men of the world, but there are many other aspects that need our attention at this time. In your world there are many who do not belong, they live and hide in secretive ways, and their bond and union is great, for they see each other not with the eyes of men, but with minds of focus. They unite this evening as a common brotherhood within your world of men, and they hope to raise an eyebrow or two within the near future by bringing extreme measures to those not caring of your world.

There is a secret society that exists today, they have hope for the future and they work tirelessly for your benefit. The beings of light are creatures of great care and they accumulate within your societies, and they bring an aspect of love to those who wish to share their life with others.

Tonight we have spoken of many beings of light, and those beings shine their lights with purpose and need, and so it is that those who focus upon the words of the Lord and the way of love, also become the beings of light.

It cannot be stressed enough that your world is in turmoil and needs absolute attention at this time, and to complete our mission we have to say that a demonstration of power is necessary for your world leaders to sit up and take notice. They obstruct our ways, they do not help your society or your world, for their greed and avarice is strong within them, but we too have strength and power, but gentle. Not in the extreme measures of your men of Earth, but in ways of persuasion through thought of mind, through encouragement of others that have focus upon these men.

One such, David (Attenborough), is at this time working tirelessly to bring his meaningful words to those of the world, and you know of this gentleman, in the news he has spoken, and he has spoken many times within the society of your world. Are they listening? Do they care? Do they have questions for him or do they just simply murmur “Well he is another gentleman”. How can they believe that their world will continue in its present state, how would they know of the precarious situation that you are in at this time, is it not obvious to your eyes that your beings are exercising in a manner unnecessary towards your world.

We cannot help but notice that many in places of power shut their eyes to these many things, for they do not wish their assets to be compromised at this time.

Their eyes will be opened shortly, when it becomes all too obvious in the extreme weather conditions that will occur within the month of August and June. These will be caused by your wayward ways. They are not exercised by us, although some will say it must be an alien force. Hm, hm, hm. Who is the aliens we wonder, who are the creatures of destruction, for it is not us, but yourselves. You have doomed yourselves in many ways, but still there is recourse to take, and we implore you to listen to those of wisdom that speak on the stage of life.

Attenborough of course, you know and his purpose is far beyond many understanding. But those of the light and those that see, will oblige him by accepting his precursor of warning. For they know he is a man of wisdom and much knowledge, and his caring is obvious to many who follow his words and his programs of love, in search of life upon your planet. Take his words, heed them, do not destroy yourselves with your ignorance. Become men of focus once more and allow your minds to bring yourselves a moderation of peace in your time.

Have hope my children, bring yourselves blessings that you might live free from tyranny, free from the conspiracy of others to do you harm. Let not your hopes die, but bring your hope to one another that you might live as men, as preordained by the spirit that you are.

We welcome those who have the courage to speak, for they belong to a society beyond your life and they have purpose in visiting your life, they live the life of purpose for others to see. You may remark upon them and their wisdom, their underlying current of knowledge is vast, as is yours should you have the heart to open your minds and accept the wisdom within.

Do not betray yourselves by saying “For these are just merely words, they mean nothing to me, what knowledge do I have?” You have much knowledge, indeed, more than you can know. You bring it with you, and sometimes it is released by those of focus, sometimes it is held within by those of the ignorant who do not wish to see.

We talk of paths and journeys within your life, each of you has a purpose to one another. Free will, is an obligation of all life and you may choose one path or another. Hmm, we have explained this before, but let it be of light and not negative.

Draw on your experience of your many past lives, that many of you do not see or understand, for life exists only once to many. How have they become so blinded to the light, why do they not see that their many lives exist within them today and that they transverse their lives using this experience? Many will investigate their own thoughts and ask questions of themselves, the answers will come and they will understand them if they wish. We will assist and bring you hope.

Tonight there are three who sit, their united, stance is obvious, and many will say is this all there is? No, there are many of you who do not trust one another. Friendships are made, companionships are set in life, and it is preordained is that you will walk these paths if you wish. Follow the path of light of your lives. Do not speak the words of the unwise, but those of wisdom, do not turn your backs when we speak of the Lord, or Jesus or the spirit that lies within.

Human words have been misunderstood by many and the negative will work upon them to say “Oh, here’s another one, hmm, a Bible basher!”. But, we predict that many will see the light and come to understand that the Lord exists within you all. You only have to see with your minds eye that they are words of men. Your faith and trust is in your heart and your mind, allow not others to obscure your vision to the truth.

We will give you a Psalm once more, and we will say 5/8 might be of interest to you (Psalm 5:8: Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies – make your way straight before me), chapter 9 is also complementing this within the book of Joseph. (Channels Note: There doesn’t seem to be a book of Joseph, but I am led to the Bible story of Joseph from the book of Genesis and chapter 9 and it tells in brief about God’s promise to Noah that never again will a flood destroy the earth, but as man himself broken that promise, what will be the consequences for us)

Help yourselves his knowledge do not be afraid to speak the word of the Lord or to see his truth that exists within all of you, for it is his energy that brings you life to this birth and many others. And it is his energy that lives within you and you only need to open your hearts, to feel and see this energy for yourselves. His love is a wondrous thing, do not be the extremists of life, accept your being as you are part of a wondrous world, a stage yet to be set for all in existence.

Have blessings this evening my children, have love, trust, hope and faith.



Narrow minds with little vision or purpose, those are the words that are spoken this evening. How can you broaden the knowledge of a man who does not want to know, how can you cause evolution to turn? If you have the will and the power it is possible to deviate from the path which you are on, and this is what you have been told this evening.

You do not understand the many things of life or the beings that surround you within your world. Do you think you are alone or would you believe that others exist for the benefit of man? Their composite beings are of a natural realm and they look to your earth with envious eyes, for its beauty of blue and green is obvious to be seen by those of, let’s say, less colourful planets within your solar system.

But the lives of these beings and creatures are adapted to their conditions, as is yours to your world and planet. Liken them not as aliens, but as friends and welcome them. Communicate with them that you may bring purpose to each other, for your lives are created to share, not for the one, but for the many.

And for the corrupt, which are many in your world, they take without giving, their hearts are deep and are unwilling to let go for the sacrifice of a few pennies.

Negotiate your lives with love, it has been told and spread amongst you many times, still you disbelieve and distrust. What will it be, what will it take for us to persuade you of our existence? Hm. Can you not see within your lives the purpose of your life? Have you ever sat back and looked at your past and the route that you have taken? Has it been a good path or was there an alternative that perhaps you may have taken? Are you satisfied with the way that things are, or would you know that there might have been a better way? Many have had turbulent lives and their beings are awestruck by the things of the negative, for it brings them satisfaction and forgetfulness of the many things that they deem negative within their lives.

Many ascertain that others exist purposely to destroy them, to bring them grief and negativity. Do not let your hearts be overwhelmed by others, for each of you has a will and purpose, and was created with love and life. Your beginnings were small and your innocence was obvious. It is the influence of your world and men of corruption that bring you to a state of uncertainty. So perhaps the word of truth might be spoken this evening to navigate your lives and your will in your own way.

Look within to your heart of life and love, do you feel that your path is right or could it be bettered? Who are we to tell you how to live, you might say. We do not instruct you on your life, we just give it meaning and purpose and a guide, a guiding light perhaps.

Food for thought is as good as food in your belly. Bring yourselves knowledge in the Arcadia (utopia). The book of knowledge is yours to open and grasp with both hands, never be afraid to ask the question, “Why have I been born? Can I see my purpose? Would you instruct me and help me?” For there is always assistance from others of spirit and other worlds who will guide you if you have a heart to listen and open your mind.

We are blessed this evening by many, and as the circle sits, we would like to thank them for their efforts in life. Bring joy to others, not in your greed and avarice, but in hope and love for peace of the world.

Did you know it was possible for positive thought to change the very being and fabric of your earth? Were you aware of the capability of your minds and the ability to move objects with mere thought? You can do this, but it is your obstructive and negative attitude that stops you from achieving these things in life. Were they not used millennia ago by many predecessors of yours? Their civilisations existed and they moved objects of extreme proportions, and you ask yourselves how is this possible? They were united, they lived together, fought together to bring peace amongst themselves. Okay, we know there were different tribes and warring factions, and this will always be so in your world, because this is how it is written that you should join this life.

You should unite in the knowledge within the many realms of life that exist, who co-occupy your space at the very same time as you breathe its air. You call them ghosts of life and many search them out and think it is a useful purpose, or perhaps a need within them has a reason for seeking these things out.

Ghosts, different dimensions exist and clash, this is your ghosts of life, the ghosts of many lives. For many in your world at this time it is their reasoning not to love, but to be one of self. Their ghost is their former selves.

We regard you as a species of interest and we wish you well upon your journeys of life and give you thought, that your thoughts will change your world around, not war, not men of violence, not men of peace, but a common wealth of thought.

Think positive thoughts, bring the light into your lives and see the changes that will occur, for it will bring a positive response within the negativity of your Earth. You affect things in many ways and you don’t understand them, some do.

You’ve heard of those who talk to the plants and the trees, they have a positive effect and their love emits a wavelength beyond your understanding, yet you are able to process these frequencies unwittingly without your conscious knowledge.

Let us leave you with this thought this evening, that your lives are full of purpose, your goodwill and good humour will bring joy and laughter to many and your positive attitudes will change the world before your eyes, for it is those of the negative that do not wish you to see, for their own purposes that will bring you doom and misfortune.

Positive affirmations and blessings are given to you. Good evening.


Positive powers and affirmations, wonderful! The powers to be, do not attune to these frequencies. You thought we were finished! No, there is much to say and we will leave this gentleman this evening, he has spoken the words with a good heart and blessings to you all.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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