05-02-19 The Arcturians Speak, Meat Eating, A.I. Crops, Our coming is broadcast, Listeners who watch and hide, Peace and Tolerance etc

Transcript 5th February 2019

Passages of time frequent the many of your world. They broadcast their voice to the nations and countries of your world in the hope that you might understand a new beginning is foreseen within the very near future:

Our coming is broadcast upon your radio waves and your thoughts turn to aliens and beings of other worlds, but our relationship is intertwined for many millennia past. Is it not strange to you how we progress? We do not announce ourselves as the ‘alien beings’ who would invade your world, but come with tender words that you might understand that we are the Fathers of the Universe.

We bring many things of pleasure to those who would ask for assistance and allow us to walk by their sides. We have sampled many things of your world and these things they call abductions, they are merely a transference of your being to another place, where they will be enlightened and given purpose to fulfil their missions upon their path as men.

Our transference of mind has come many times and we wish to announce once more that our thoughts are transmitted to the men of your world.

They have listeners who watch and wait beyond the thick walls of their sanctums and they say nothing of the messages received. But there are those who bring thoughts of wisdom to others through our minds of our peace and love.

Bring yourselves not despair, do not be despondent at the thought that perhaps one day another nation may bring your world peace. Peace has always been hard-won, for there are those who would ignite a storm in a practice of hate, and they poison the minds of many with their unjustified remarks and comments.

But, we tell you now, that as beings of another world we merely come to assist and bring you a thought of peace.

How is it that man has taken so long to bring about his purpose? Have you ever wondered why it is that suddenly your nations progress with a pace and the thought has been given? That it was only a short time ago that your prayers were answered as you asked for technological advances from those beings that you tortured in those cells behind the walls of government. Do you think we don’t know of the contemptuous behaviour towards our kind? And yet we do not unleash a multitude of hate towards you, because our will is a passionate one and although those prisoners of time will sacrifice their life, it will be for the cause of peace and love.

We cannot condone those who bring a practice of hate towards us. Their greed is immense. They bargain for more time before we commence our path upon your world. They cannot hold back the tides that will come, they foresee a time when their control is lost, as it was once before millennia ago.

We are the Arcturian’s, a race of beings who inhabited your planet for many years so long ago. And we bring messages of joy to you in the hope that you would listen and have a heart and will to accept our beings amongst you, for there is a time in the near future when we must bring our purpose to you, to mingle amongst you as men of the earth.

Your prejudices are many in your world, how would you cope with this we wonder? Would you bring hate towards us? Would you admire us? Or would you ignore us? The shock will overcome many, for creatures of another world to exist is beyond their capacity of thinking, for they are like children who are uneducated as to the ways of the universe. But we shall teach them and we shall grow accustomed to your ways and bring a practice of peace, so that those of the states who torture our being will come to understand that our purpose was great.

So many times before we have walked in the paths of righteousness upon your planet. They remarked upon our abilities and we told them many things of our ways and they became ungrateful, for their practices were of war, and we see no change in these practices.

So as like children who misbehave, we must bring fortitude to you, a strong arm that will change your will in the ways of life. Many will see these words and say “What right do they have to come here from their own world and dictate a to us the way in which we should live?” Does not the creator have a say in the way things are run? Yes. Creation was our gain and our aim for you. We manipulated many things of your world to bring a practice of love, but they were shunned and we call upon you now to act as men of courage, to bring hope to others that peace may come upon our arrival.

We say many things of the future and not much of the past, and you wait to see a sign that might beckon us towards you. Contemporary thoughts of our kind would bring a practice of fear to you, but we are not unlike you, and we have purpose, just as you do. Bring hope to yourselves and do not challenge the times of change. Have hope in your heart and a will to live as free men once more upon your planet. We do not challenge your governments, but we will ask them of their favour within the very near future.

Personal responsibility is a word so often used, but seldom understood within your world of men. Many react to situations with unfeeling and obstructive behaviour. You cannot continue your lives with a demonstrative attitude of hate, you must learn to live in ways of unison, of working together, for that is the only way that creation may form and bring a point (reason) to your lives.

You are creatures, beings of your world with the seed of love implanted within you. Men will look and see a point of light within the mind of many, and ask why is this stronger in some and not in others? We cry out to you, to carry this seed of love with pride and joy, let it bring you knowledge, for we transmit through these wavelengths of thought. How do we suggest you live, may be a question you ask. But, need you ask this question? For the answers are there to be seen.

Joviality, the word is difficult to fathom and many may not understand. Commonplace it is, that languages seldom reflect the thoughts of those that use it. The mind may be blank, but filled with love. Likewise a mind that is full of logic and understanding will not comprehend the capacity of love.

Balance is needed and truth to be told. For the forefathers of your country knew well of their obligations. They called upon you to win the war freedom that it may bring you a promise of hope and joy to your lands. Instead, you have squandered that right. The powers to be will ignite a storm amongst your men, not caring of the violence, but unleashing more. For a strong hand must be shown to those of indignity. Equally we must say this, that the show of hard hand in violent actions is to be no better than those who commit the crimes.

Find tolerance in your lives, become one as a nation, destroy the hate that divides your country. There is a term, ‘Live and let Live’ and these are wise words, for to live together will bring you happiness and understanding of each others ways. It is time for you as men to open your hearts to all possibilities that exist within the realm of life, to bring yourselves hope and joy that perhaps there is a better way to bring freedom to man, with wise words and speculation of a brighter future.

We are the nations who will guide your steps, but frequently we are thwarted by your mysterious men, who call upon us and ask us not to interfere. And they torturous us, bring us despair and we speculate that these men will overturn the authority of your country. For they have a deep set, mindset within your nations governments. Who controls your country we ask? Is it the leader of men, the politicians who pander to governments whims? Or is it those who hide in the shadows, pulling the strings as a puppeteer pulls the strings of a puppet, never frequenting in public places or admitting to their actions, but sit back and watch the fallout that will occur. For they have method in their madness unknown to you. Their purpose is not of wisdom, but of want, as is so many in your world.

Negotiate terms of peace, bring a reckoning to those who would persecute others for no other reason than to feel powerful. Allow not your emotions to override your goodwill, help us to intervene as we arrive in the fall.

We hope these words will bring you thought tonight, with our actions upon your world we will be obvious to be seen, speculate not upon our being or our frankness, for our hearts are good.

Hope will come with fortune for all, but you must behave as men and be natural with the wonders that you behold. Talk not misleading words, bring not fear to others, for their joy will be seen as we approach in our ships of love.

We speak of many things, and yet no action is seen. The many will say, ‘Where’s the proof? Where’s the evidence of this? What can you give us that will make us believe in the words that are given?’ Do we not speak in a clear enough voice, are the circles not obvious to you? And the messages in which they bring, for they are complicated it seems, to your nations of men. Simplified they will be, so that there is understanding. The chain of life will be seen and this will bring a meaning of our link with you. (crop circles)

It is already been seen by your men of science, and we will make ourselves plain and obvious and they will hasten to hide these things from you. And the man who distracts their attention by his words, and his work will caution them that they are fools, reckless in their manner to ignore the signs given. He speaks of ‘Q’, as he understands it. He is a man of science and his natural charm and ability is obvious to all who follow his words. (referring to a follower of the messages, known to us.)

We may remind you, that as of your world, there are other worlds who would hasten and embark upon a mission to control yours. Not all are deemed as ‘polite beings’ for this is the law of nature, whether it is of your earth or of the many satellites that surround it.

We speak in terms unfamiliar to you, let the chain of life be told within these words, to commence within a weak link, two becomes one, as one is the lesser. Communally we will bring purpose, set your minds at rest as we will ease them in our coming.

New speaker

Bothersome it is to you, hmm, the illnesses of man are great and many. The poisons that you consume infiltrate in many ways unknown to you, and yet you constantly continue to feast upon them unknown to you.

Men are reckless in your day, for they feast upon the animals of burden and they feed them with many artificial substances, you consume this meat and very soon it will inhabit your bodies. You may classify yourselves as vegetarians, not the meat eaters of your world, but still you consume things of artificial substance.

Your creatures of earth are precious to your environment. They nurture you in many ways, in many ways other than to feast upon them. For they may bring you joy and peace, they will comfort you and you in turn will feast upon them! Is this justice? Or perhaps is there a better way?

There are many crops grown in your world today from artificial intelligence. Concerned are many of their contagion, to affect other natural plants of your world. But be not dismayed, for these crops have purpose despite the fears given by many.

Your world grows and its population expands exponentially and to feed the creatures of your world you will need to evolve, to reform from your present practices. Soon it will become apparent, as the food stocks of the world are affected by the planetary change forecast and predicted by those of science.

Extreme weather conditions will cause severe failure in crops in many countries of your world. Your exports and imports will be affected by this. And so the need for artificial intelligence within your crops will grow to eliminate pests and disease, they will spray them with a fragrance of death. Your choice, but what is mankind to do?

There is a natural solution to this and your ears will not wish to hear it. For it is common throughout nature to exercise and perform a reduction in population.

Your rich, wealthy men of your world have foreseen this, and they care not for you, for their pot is full. You work on the sweat of your brow is financing their escape, and they care not for ways and actions of your men.

Unison is definitely lacking in your world. Would it not be a better way to work together? Have we not said this time and time again? And to establish a link with others of other worlds would bring you purpose and perhaps a remarkable disclosure of life of other worlds.

We fear for you, and at the same time bring you hope, that maybe reform will come in unexpected ways. We cannot predict the actions of your men, other than to say your course must be taken.

Hope is given to all at the reformation of man, it becomes clear we will assist in that vigil.

Grant yourselves purpose, bring yourselves not fear, for fearful men will bring a malpractice upon you. Pursue your world of dreams, that you may one day perceive a better way and live in hope once more.

(Note: At this stage the recording is briefly interrupted by a voice that we have never heard before, the words are spoken in a very deep voice which are not completely clear but sounds like, “Heavenly hope for you” followed by a few more words that we cannot make out. Rather than trying to guess what they may be, we leave them out.)

New Speaker

Margaret wishes a word this evening for her daughter calls to her, “Mammy are you with me? Do you watch me? Can I see you once more in my minds eye? My dreams are filled with memories and much love, but my loss is heartfelt and I feel I cannot go on without the tender touch of your hand once more to guide my way. I cared for you in many ways bringing comforts as she sat alone. Help is on the way and hope will come with it. But I miss you as I hope you miss me.”

New Speaker

The world of spirit is a wondrous thing, it may bring joy to some, hope and peace and yet to others it is like a maze in which they cannot find their way. Their guides issue them with love and help them upon their journey if they have a will to follow. Some will see the light, others will ignore it, but we have hope for them, their joy will be obvious to be seen.

Rebirth is common amongst many nations of many worlds. We have spoken of this before, how the practice of the soul continues to learn, it ventures forth into the unknown to seek the wisdom.

Hope is gone when you do not understand the words written so long ago, for they have purpose in knowledge. Be not those lost souls, venture out and see the things written that they may bring you help upon your passing, for your life is short as men of the world, but your soul extends forever.

Reach out this evening and get a glimpse of the things to come, for you at this time stand in the darkness, unaware of the light that reaches out to you. Bring hope to each other and guidance for those that cannot see.

Depart from your ways of fear my friends, for there will come a time when all will come together, to welcome Him once more within your world of men.

I was a layman who became a preacher, a soul of God. My world changed in that instant of revelation, as may yours if you would bring yourself peace in your heart. Open your minds my children let in the light of love that it may illuminate your way upon your path of light, bring yourselves peace in the knowledge that all men and all life that exists everywhere, have purpose and when their bodies are gone, they continue.

We have noted this week, a malpractice amongst the men of light and we cannot help but wonder, what it is that drives these people to think they are better than the other, for what hope have you if you cannot learn to love and live with one another.

Seldom have we seen these days of dark descend upon your world, and the fall will come soon as man disintegrates into a creature of habit, not wanting to learn, not bringing himself promise as foretold by the preacher so long ago.

Bring hope to each other in the service of love and life, be as the children of the light and fulfil your promise to him as you took your first heartbeat, for your lives were given that you may seek your path once more, and you made promise at that time that you would fulfil this promise and seek your paths.

Many have succumbed once more, it is a hard path to walk and is chosen as choice, for life is given to spirit to exist within the worlds, to experience the many things of life that spirit cannot.

The spirit/soul of men is a communion with that of God, and it was said that you were created in his image, as is all life wherever it may exist. For his spark of spirit exists within you all, that life-giving force that beckons to you time and time again.

To those that hear this call, a promise is given of progression and to those who halt, stop in wonder, then advice is given. But for those who bring deliberate acts of neglect towards the light in their actions and ways, then their lessons will be harsh. But eventually, their time will come when they will see the error of their ways and once more beckon to Him and ask for life that they may serve in servitude, to once more seek the path of light through the life of beings, creatures of worlds.

New Speaker

Tragic times indeed, but we have hope for you, and we bring you thoughts of leadership and wisdom this evening if you should wish to listen. We cannot perceive a day when life will cease for all kinds, for there is a gradual progression that will overwhelm you all. What is spirit? How do we perceive your lives of your world and of others, can we embark upon a mission of joy, glee, for many they have found their path and for some, as yours you still seek and wonder at the creation of life.

Teachers are many in your world and they beckon to you, be a part of the creation given to you and progress your souls journey as you proceed along the path of life. For it will bring joy to many, suffering to some, for their beliefs, but nonetheless reward will be given.

Hearken to these words this evening my children, and bring yourselves hope. You may not wish to listen to these words, many will ignore them, we know. But there is hope the few that see them and take in the wisdom given. We wish you well upon your journeys, children of life.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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