19-02-19 Ships to be seen in May, Maths, Choose your path, UK politics, African Nations, Collapse of Society etc

Transcript Date: 19th February 2019

Popular belief it has been, that we of spirit exist in a realm beyond yours, but have you noticed the many occurrences within your worlds structure? We are not far from your minds of your bodies for we exist in a parallel universe to yours that coexists within the same space and time as the world upon which you live.

This evening we bring thoughts and gestures of love, and welcome those to the fold who have newly found inspiration upon the path of light. We welcome them with love and issue them with greetings that they should walk this path in truth and honesty, with love and purpose, despite extreme measures that may be set against them upon this path of love.

Bring hope this evening that the words and psalms of the good book may help those who wish to initiate a journey upon light and the love of the Lord, and we give you this psalm that you might surrender your thoughts to the wisdom of this book: John chapter 9, paragraph 2, is a verse, a psalm that may be of significance to many of your world.

(John Chapter 9, verses 1- 2
(1) “As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him,’ Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”
(2.) Neither this man nor his parents sinned, said Jesus, but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him. As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work. While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”
Note: A metaphor for being blind to the ‘light’ )

Come with us this evening and let us speak freely with you as man of the earth. Complete your missions that you have been tasked and assigned. There are many who ignore their thoughts of love, for their purpose has been tainted by other extremes of your world. But as before, hope is never lost, but will be regained once more within the communion of spirit.

Bring blessings this evening to one called Paul, he worships with a measure of love, and his extreme measures sometimes outweigh his purpose in life. But we give him hope and we answer the prayers that he has spoken of. He wishes to know “How is it that so many of this world are so desperately poor at this time?” Their anguish is obvious to others and the many would ignore their plight for their own purpose. We wish him to know, that although these souls suffer at this time, there is purpose in their being, and their lives of anguish seem so unfair to those of the world. But you are all equally responsible for their well-being, it is not just the one of spirit who condemns these souls to this path. They walk it with pride and narrow of mind, not wishing to be seen or heard. For there are many within your world who seem of high status and yet are poor in knowledge. Not quite the same as with food, but equally they are starved.

Their ambitions are great to bring mercy upon these souls and we applaud them for their efforts as they make their way through life. But with knowledge comes purpose, and they may reassign their lives to assist in these things of life.

There are many throughout your world in dire need at this time, and you are but one man or woman who is blessed with a life of relative luxury. You see these things on your box of vision and you acknowledge them as being so sad and upsetting. It is hard to know how you can help in these matters.

It is the leaders of your countries who have the responsibility of being equal in all aspects of life, but their knowledge is limited, turned against those who suffer as they steel themselves for a moment to see what profit or gain there may be in this.

Those of good heart who reside in these houses (Parliament) are equal with them and yet stifled, as their initiatives are not welcomed. For what good is something that doesn’t bring profit, what use is it to mankind? Well, we beg to differ with them, what good are the riches of your world? Your lives are short and although you may be well spoken, your purpose is not as grand as you may think.

Bring hope to others within the Houses of Parliament, and vote next week for limitation of restrictions upon those of the poor. She will bring a recommendation that there should be no vote at this time, for there are many pressing concerns within your world and of your country. But they are irrelevant to the suffering of those that exist within your communities. When will she realise that her thoughts will be thwarted and not welcomed by those in those countries who mean to do you harm financially.

We are in disagreement with many things of your world, not least the segregation that occurs. For in your West, there are many wealthy individuals who could assist, but won’t! They give little in comfort to others, and in the East extreme measures are being pursued at this time. The African nations of your world, they are in disarray, and who cares or who knows? For the news will not focus upon them. Why is this? Why does one man not recognise another, why does he only see the shell that he is coated in and not the truth beneath that any one of you could be in the same situation at any time?

Those from the East will bargain and not negotiate, for their practices of which is well-known. His mind is set to pursue a line of brinkmanship with his fellow comrades. He does this with extraordinary enthusiasm, for he wishes to accomplish things within his term of office.

Bring him thoughts of love this evening Michael. His knowledge is limited and he is restricted in his movements. His measures are extreme in many ways and yet underneath lies a man who would help those if it were not for the needs of his life. He will learn, as will many of your world. And as their circumstances change in the very near future.

We have spoken once before of the many things of change to come, and in this time of change, reasoning will outweigh the practical things of life.

Be not part of this hardened attitude towards others. Welcome this change, for it is intended for a new value universe to exist within your world of men. When we talk of universe we mean of the species of man.

Universal are many thoughts and extremes of manner, they are blinkered from the light at this time, for their confusion reigns within their minds as to which way to turn. They will need guidance and assistance, often those of other worlds, and His return will come shortly.

Be not forgetful of their lessons of before and the lessons to come, they will guide the steps of men and his future. Their spirituality is great amongst their nations, and they focus upon the creator of life, of all life. But their separations and segregations are not as yours, they come together as one, in unison to attend your earth. Their marketing ploy is a simple one, to bring peace, for with peace comes wisdom and knowledge. But if you shun their wisdom and their reception, then you can be assured of a not so warm a welcome.

They will seek out those of the light, those of wisdom who have spoken on their behalf and they will bring them much reward not in the physical way, but in the spiritual sense.

There is a common destiny within all life in the universes that exist, and this is called progression. If you cannot progress in a satisfactory way then your survival will be limited, maybe extinction.

And all are given this opportunity by the creator of life, to bring hope to one another, as you are spiritual beings. Your body exists in reality at this time, it is physical and it is easily damaged. Your spirit and soul are of spirit, there are of an energy that generates within your bodies, but equally, they can be damaged and spoilt by those who disrespect their wisdom. Do not be afraid of them, bring them hope that your love will greet them in the morning dawn before the new time, which will come.

Aspirations of many, of a new hope, are much in your world at this time, as they follow many messages that give an insight into the future, and prophecies are seldom foretold without a practice of love. John was a prophet of long ago, his words reached out to the many who visited him and he baptised them within the waters that gave them life after death, and so it is today, that theirs will come to baptised you within the light and love of the Lord, the creator of life. Do not distinguish them as one race or another, for they are equal in their purpose.

Meaningful messages are brought through many of your world and they are despised, they are not called prophets, but those of misjudgement. We really do not know what they speak of, this is a mistake, for many will see as the records generate purpose. They will notice this change, not just within your weather systems but within your biological bodies, as change will occur within some.

Supreme beings exist in many places, and their supremacy will be felt by your men of war. But they are not ignorant to the fact that the many of the population are not of these men, and do not represent their ways. So they will be lenient with those of the Earth and bring them purpose once more within their lives and light.

Primitive man spoke of angels and creatures and beings that came to the Earth, and many of these are hidden from view, because, ‘What’s the point in upsetting the general public with things they probably won’t understand?’, well, we think an open mind is a healthy mind, and you should be aware of our presence.

Our time will come within the month of May, and an aspect of our being will be seen in the broad ships that will be seen in the evening sun. Once more they would be denied as perhaps ‘ships of the earth’ or just merely cloud formations”, nevertheless we will be there.

We will bring distinction to ourselves, as our presence is felt by many who are sensitive to our vibrations, and the channels of love will open their minds to communicate in a way unknown to many of your world. And they are brought to focus at this time to work in peace and love, in the hope of the resurrection of man from the dark pits and the extreme measures that exist today.

Beings of light you call them, angels to others. Their brilliance will shine out, many will see and experience, many will not.

Will there be a population explosion? We think not, but our presence will bring joy, hmm.

New speaker

Temper your thoughts, let them go and be at ease, for we bring purpose this evening with an aspect of love hope and joy. Let go, focus upon the light before you and sit within the comfort of this light and allow us to speak with a will of love.

Our being is strange to you, you feel our energy as it reaches out to you. Accept this energy as a greeting. Our formal beings are unseen at this time, for we possess much in the way of knowledge to express to you.

Do not complicate the situations with thoughts of your own, just forgive yourselves, for your purpose has meaning.

Discomfort is felt, let this not be your purpose. Health is given, feel the warmth within your creation, embrace it and bring yourself purpose in the light.

Knowledge and wisdom was given many times by us, and we brought a purpose of fractions to you, but equally we did not expect you to understand them initially, for they are signals which are sent. Our purpose was to open your minds, to allow the knowledge and wisdom to generate purpose within your minds. Your minds work on a wavelength that was spoken of once before, and we asked you for a measure or sum, and fraction of five would have been the answer.

We speak of many things, and yet you do not understand. Simple fractions and equations have baffled some, whilst others have a deeper understanding, but do not say at this time. The numbers that were given were recorded in time, and we hope that one day you will discover the solutions. Bring a practice of thought to those of your world and help them to understand that we are a measure of love.

Hope will be regained once more, and trust will reunite it with love. Our riddles confuse you, but transform your minds with clarity. Confusion reigns within many things, but it has its purpose to enlighten others to aspects of thoughts they never thought possible.

Rivers may flow through the mountains of your Earth, and as they do, their path varies depending upon the formations before them. But the waters of the rivers find their way, and they will seep into the crevices of your earth to seek a new path so that they may continue their journeys with love and purpose.

And these rivers are as the thoughts in your minds, there is a vast network within your craniums that you are unaware of at this time, and the mediums of your world use a small proportion of this undiscovered ability. But for the most, they live their lives without thought of purpose, other than to live the best way they can. But the waters of knowledge will run deep, and gradually, most, not all, will become aware of their abilities.

Psychics of your world transmit messages from times past and of the future, and your loved ones come forward with much love to let you know that their existence continues on, but on a wavelength far higher than yours.

(Channels Note: Suddenly I have an image of my mum, Valerie, in my mind’s eye.)

And you see your mother at this time and she greets you, Valerie her name. And she wants you to know that she wishes you well and brings you comfort upon your lonely days. She too misses you, and brings forth a welcome for both of you. May your days never be of discomfort, but allow time to heal the wounds of the heart. For there are many of your world who suffer at this time. The loss of a loved one is great, but for those who are lost, as of me, there is peace to come. I bring you blessings Michael, you are my son and I hope that you will continue your journey to its final conclusion where I will be waiting.

Your wife joins us, and she laughs at you frequently, for she understands your purpose. We are joined unexpectedly you may think, but we live together in a world beyond yours, and we watch over and protect you. Give us your blessing that we may continue on with our purpose, as you must continue yours. Transform your mind and become the warrior you once were of long ago. Help us guide your life with love, and bring you comfort on those dark lonely nights my son. Blessings to you.

New speaker

History repeats itself many times within your world of men, and seasons they come and go, and history revolves in extreme measures, and it has been seen many times before how previous civilisations have existed and yet expired, without any particular reason so it seems to you. But yours is on a collision course at this time, and it too will expire. For nothing that is in creation will last.

You reach out to the stars and your men bring you hope that there is purpose in this. But secretly they harbour desires of domination and control. We see this frequently within many of your countries, even those that you deem to be poor. They are full of wealth, and their people suffer for these things that they call progression.

What right have they to withhold the funds that are meant for those in extreme circumstances, those of the poor, those of unhealthiness, and those of the wealthy, soak up the riches that are not meant for them. They are helped by many of your world for they share amongst these spoils of war, and still they tell you that progress marches on, and freedom will come to all. But only to those of the elite we fear.

Your countries are various in size and humidity and you all breathe the air of your world. They don’t consider these things, for they are aloof and they think by transforming the molecules within your oxygen and within your atmosphere, that they might bring a more satisfactory conclusion to their needs and wants. But seldom in past civilisations have we seen progression matched with love, for it is always a matter of dominance and of power.

Today your world sees many things of advancement, and you think yourselves as an elite race to have achieved these things. But know this, your achievements are little within the grand scheme of things, and there were many before you, many civilisations far in advance of your present one.

Your men of science know this, and they cannot fathom out why it is not at hand for them. Progression is given to many and to all, but if you lose sight of that purpose of love, of communication and goodwill to each other, then that purpose will be gone, and those of higher authority who dictate the rules and regulations of your world and enjoy the spoils of war that we have spoken of, they too will come to grief as the populations will rebel.

They feel anxious at this time and give well-meaning messages in the hope that it will quell the thoughts of many who do not wish to be part of their regime, this is how civilisations diminish and expire.

And we would speak of those Beings of Light who have found their path and trodden the path that you walk, but thankfully were able to deter their path at their time. A civilisation that existed within your earth, they found a way, they left your world to be part of another, not in a spiritual sense, they still exist as humanoids in the reaches of space, and they would welcome integration with yours, should your will not be of war or malice. They communicate with your peoples of the earth, in many ways failings are many and we can sum up these in one word. Negativity.

The collapse of your societies will be obvious soon, and we will bring you hope of salvation. Do not regret those times of peace, for they were filled with joy and love, but there are equally many who suffer within your world at this time, allow them your love and transform their lives with equality.

The general public and the individual cannot act alone, it will take many of your world to influence a change of purpose, we hope it will not come too late.

We bring you hope of evolution this evening and change to your world that you may once more become one, in unity and prosperity of love. Go now and be at peace, healing will come to those that ask.


New speaker

Your purpose has been dissolved with many who cannot see how you, as an individual could bring these messages without prejudice or forethought.

Their beliefs are not yours, and they are inquisitive as to the meaning of many things. Perhaps one day they will see the tranquil mind that sends these words to them. And the work of those to translate the many things of life.

Hope is given to them, and we beckon them once more to open their hearts and minds and bring love to themselves, and not to question those many things of faith that surround them. Good evening.

New speaker

And so it was, when John sang out his sermon. Be not frightened to live your life without fear, speak the words as he did and have courage in your conviction, for it brings hope to many at this time in your world. You are not the bringer of peace nor are you the John of the past (John the Baptist), but your words have meaning and measures in many ways that you do not understand at this time. Treasure them, for they will become obvious to many as the many things prophesised begin to naturally appear.

Time travellers we are, and we perceive many things, not within the physical, but within the minds and thoughts of our wisdom. To read someone like a book is simple, but to read their complicated mechanisms of spirit is more difficult.

Maximise your thoughts my son, give them hope and peace that you will all one day be equal throughout the world of men, and not sustained in fear by those who cause division, by torture or reckless thoughts, by prejudice or not seeing another as an equal who exist at this time.

We call upon you as a world to come together, there are many countries who will not know of this call, and they continue to suffer. But you are the privileged ones who see the many things and yet are blinded to many others.

Have hope that the prejudice of the world will ease, and man will become focused upon each other and not that of the one. The communion of man will be brought once more, either by force or by the love created within your very beings, it is your choice.

Our wisdom brings many things and offers release to your minds so that you may consider the options that are given. Would it not be better to take the easy path than the complicated road of hazard?

As the river, your waters must flow and you may choose an easy path of enlightenment or a more difficult one of trial and error and tribulation. Help yourselves to a better future, and let the waters of life run free through all of you, put away those obstacles of life and bring yourselves peace.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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