07-03-19 Reverse Engineering, Akashic Records, Guides and Angels, The Young etc

Transcript Date: 7th March 2019

Have a care this evening, perform your duties in a way unknown to most.

Once more we bring messages across the cosmos and from the far distant galaxies beyond your world of men.

Tonight we will assume that the many of your world are in want and need of much wisdom and caring. We need not tell you that our thoughts of wisdom are given often to the world of men in many ways that you don’t see and don’t hear of. Yet our influence is primarily focused upon those with wisdom of knowledge of the light.

Perhaps you can understand how we feel when we are not acknowledged, for we try so hard to bring wisdom to the ears of men, but they are shut, not open to the thoughts of the realm of spirit. Only those of the masters of your world.

Condense your thoughts and have hope, for the light will shine once more, brighter than ever before, it will illuminate your world and your men will look on and exclaim as to how bright it is and question why they have never seen it before.

She comes once more to your world of men with messages and greetings of love. Many wait for her arrival expecting a man! Not always as you wish. But a creature, a being of light nonetheless with no involvement of sexuality, because you discriminate or distinguish, we should say, between your different sexes of men and women, but we have none, we are spirit of the light, we are one, with no need of segregation, either with words, names or in appearance.

Hope is given once more that you might understand these things, and look within to the spirit that resides within your bodies, for you are also of non-descript sexuality. Your spirits exist within the shells of the human being, but they are one, regardless of men, women, nationality or creed. Your colour is irrelevant because the colour of all is of the light, and it is only those of the fool that will change and become darker within themselves.

But we know those who read and listen to the words given are followers of the light and the encouragement they give enriches us, for it is the power of the spirit and the soul that brings life ever closer from other worlds.

Fishers of Men

Don’t forget your thoughts of love, cast them as the fishermen casts his nets in the hope that catching a haul worthy of your efforts, but needless to say, if your net only holds but a few, then this is worth so much more. We ask you to cast your nets as the fishermen of your world, and in times past it is exactly what was done, and the many see the things we learn, but denied them as a trick of the imagination, for they could not believe that such a one as Him could bring miracles into their midst and they disowned Him, not wanting to know His true faith, for their reasoning was good in their minds.


The Holy Sabbath was not to be worked upon, but to be rested, and as you know the maker of all men never rests, the creator of life never extinguishes life for the sake of it, but when he does, there is always a good reason for this. And the natural outcome will be that you will be taken into that light and once more given the opportunity to change your ways or thought patterns and as energy recharges batteries of your life so our energy of spirit and the energy of love, will recharge your batteries so that you may resume the passage once more within a life form of your choosing.

You are not aware of this? Many believe that it is not possible, and we tell you this, as you watch the flowers bloom and grow and the plants in your garden, they live their lives unknown to you and most will pass them by, not acknowledging their existence or their life held within, and so it is with your life, you flower and bloom and then comes the autumn, things turn cold and your world changes and you begin to wilt. And at this stage you look back on your lives, as children, as young people, and recall the many things that you may have missed or not partaken and you neglected many things, those regrets will come to you in the latter years.

But hold fast children, for life is never done, it regenerates as the flowers of your garden and the seeds that you bore will grow and replace your burden. Your time will come and you will wither and die, and that would seem as if it’s the end, but no, it is but the beginning of a incredible journey that you can only imagine.

We have much wisdom to give you, to impart upon you if you would open your eyes and ears and listen to our words. Be thankful for the positions and the life that you have, for there are many that suffer in your world and do not have the luxury of wisdom and knowledge, and the instruments of life that you do. They struggle for their survival and men look on and turn their backs and their eyes to these issues. Hmm, as we said before, what profit is there in them?

There is much to be profited by in the knowledge and wisdom that is held within those people, their love will generate over many generations, and they will evolve and yours will diminish. For the riches and wealth of your world cannot be sustained without that fellowship of men.

The institutions that withhold information

Bring yourselves a purpose and allow your minds to focus upon the many things of the world, the many institutions that withhold information from you and will not enlighten you as to their true meaning, for they gather in multitudes to assist themselves and not those of the world. They will deny you the medicines and cures that are needed at this time, they will expect a return, a profit upon these things, not of love, but in the values of men.

What a shameful thing to inflict sickness upon the people in the hope of making more funds available to their purse strings.

Hope is given soon, for enlightenment will come to all. Many will be exposed for their wrongful ways and deeds within their lives, and people will look on and ask “Why have we not seen this before, why have been blind to these things and their reckless behaviour?” Their institutions that hide their funds from you will be open and exposed by one man with a willingness to nod to them and say “Look, this is the person, these are the people that run your lives, they have no respect for those below them and only those of power will succeed in their vision.”

We will come to release you from this burden, for once before we were here to give men of the world salvation. Hope will be regained once more, look to the heavens and the light that comes.

New speaker

Hmm, gather your thoughts. I wish to impart wisdom on you tonight and bring you hope of a journey to come shortly.

We speak of the passage of time and of new beginnings, and you have willing hearts and open minds to accept this. But would you know the reality and the purpose of its being? We mean not to scare you, for there will be much change within your world and the wisdom and knowledge that has been held secret for so long, will once more be realised by the populations of your world.

Your many masters unite in a club formed, denied to your eyes. Their associations are complex and they fight for the right to rule, not asking of the dangers to others. Their aspects are dark and they will fear the coming of our being, for they know we are here to release all this information to you. Do not worship them as being all-powerful, and all knowledgeable, for what do they know of spirit? What do they know of other worlds and visitors to come? Sure, we tell you that they will gain knowledge from the wisdom of others of other worlds, and it is so. But you can give a child a lethal weapon, gift it to them even, but without knowledge that weapon is dangerous, yours is pretty much the same.

Backward engineering you call it, you pull apart our machines only to realise that even then you still do not understand the true workings of it. Nevertheless, you attempt to operate these things and many have died not using the right sequence, and you have no knowledge of this, for it is well hidden. And the parts that they do rescue and are able to use, with a degree of knowledge are not truly effective, because they are not used in the right context as was expected. They deny us the right to freely pass this knowledge, they do not want us to interfere with the status quo of your world. They fear us, for we bring triumph to those of the poor and the needy.

An equal society is what you need, and the brethren of the planets that observe your world see your failings. Unfortunately, due to those powerful men, you are denied acceptance within this brotherhood. But they will succumb, times will change, the young are beginning to see that their purpose is dark, they want a better world. And yes we change many things of your beings. Many are enlightened prior to birth. How is this achieved? You may wonder, for spirit is spirit and beings of other worlds are beings of other worlds, so how can you change that which is unchangeable? We do this through the manipulation of the molecules of your body, and gradually, slowly over time we will manipulate the connections that you so desperately are unaware of.

Your mind is a creation as is of the computers of your world, its functions are… how can we say, astronomical, unbelievable, but you utilise only a small fraction of this mind. Your connections are broken, and at this time, this should be so. But slowly, the young of your world will alter and change and gradually knowledge will be given.

And these instruments of torture, those weapons that you so misunderstand at this time, will become a focus to them, and they will have the knowledge to extract the usefulness of them.

Many of these beings exist today, they lighten your lives within the newspapers of your world, and you see them demonstrating the power of change within them. But they are children and what do children know? What can they possibly know and tell you? But be aware of their status, for they know so much. And their energies will surpass yours and enlighten others and the minds of the young will band together to bring purpose to your world once more.

This change will be uncomfortable for those beyond your reach at this time. They sit in their chambers, hmm, in their seats of power not expecting an outcome from the outcry of those young. But they will take notice, the power of the people will be heard.

Vast amounts of knowledge will be given in the fall of man to enable you to reassign your lives to a better way of living. Not all will perish or have hope, but the majority will welcome this.

Thought Transference (Telepathy)

Communicate your minds in the natural way, not the way of technology, but in the way of thought transference. This is not unachievable, this man you call a medium, focuses his mind and our purpose and will is brought through him in these words. He can also communicate with others who are willing to listen and open their minds. His existence is evidence that these things are possible, yet you deny him and the words given, for he is just a man and what can he know that you don’t?

Much, is our answer, the wisdom and knowledge he brings is not held within his mind, his mind is built as a receiver and giver. It matters not his academic qualifications, it matters not that he is a man of the lower classes within your world.

Many exist within other nations, without the technology and knowledge of your world and they sit and connect in a way that you cannot understand. The Medicine Men of the American Indian knew the practice well, and the primitive beings that walk your Earth still, are well aware of their connection to the world of spirit. But technology, although it is a gift, can also damn your lives. For it will blind you to your natural instincts.

And you are creatures of the world and you seek change, but how would you seek this change? By domination? By cruelty to others and animals of your world? This does not constitute change, this only brings depression and war and grief for many.

Look to the tribes within the jungles of your world, to those that have not seen the eyes of the white man or the knowledge that they bring, they do not need your technology to understand their commitment and their connection to the Earth and the spiritual world. It is a natural realm for them, from whence they come and they will return, and their practices will seem strange to you and you will call them primitives. But truly who are the primitives of your world?

Your technological age is set upon you as we said, as children you play with dangerous weapons, not truly understanding the consequences. You may think you know, but do you really understand what you are dealing with? Your backwards engineering of our ships and our technology will gain you much if you understood, truly understood the purpose. But you take without giving, you deny us our purpose within your world, and we speak now to the leaders of your world, for you are well aware of our presence and being.

As always in these modern times, your world has changed to the dark. Enlightenment will be given as is necessary, but we implore you to listen to your hearts, look to your natural abilities to make these changes. Gain the wisdom and knowledge that you may use them in a productive way and not in a negative manner, where destruction will cause so much misery within your lives.

Energy, Tesla’s Knowledge

Harness the power of energy, that is your goal. And many will stoop to many levels to achieve this, for where there is power there is greed. But don’t think of power as being that of energy, open your hearts to the world, do not deny the energy that is available in abundance.

Tesla knew this well, and his efforts were thwarted because he had bucked the regime of the time. They wanted profit, not to be charitable. What profit is there in giving away such a means of energy of power? His electromagnetic systems and gizmos were seized at his passing, and this is well-known, even to this man that speaks, but they use these things, they do not tell you from whence it came or of Tesla’s connection to otherworldly beings.

Men of science struggle to understand his sketches and the way in which his mind worked. But they know one truth, that his mind was special and the outcomes of his experiments would have changed your world for the good, for the better.

We will endow many with much knowledge as we transform your minds and they become aware. The energy that circumnavigates your world is accessible. Tesla knew this, and as we said, was denied the right to explore these regions of possible franchise to the world. Do not deny yourselves the right to the knowledge, for there are those in your world who bring you many things of innovation, they too are shut down, shut out sight. For fear of repeating ourselves, it is only gain that will interest and enlighten the men of power.

Ah, we hope that in some small way we have opened your eyes this evening, our wisdom and knowledge is in flux, and can be seized upon at any time.

Massive changes will occur, as the many rush to achieve their goals before the end. But time marches on and stops for no man, there is no looking back, only going forward. And in this rush they will miss their golden opportunity to see a better way. But for those who look, take their time, open their arms in welcome to these changes, they will reap the rewards, not in monetary terms or in the minerals of your world, but spiritually. And will begin to exist in a way and unthinkable at this time, to communicate with each other not with the use of your instruments but with their minds and with the senses given at your birth.

Sixth Sense

You ignore your senses! We find this most strange. How can you deny your birthright that is given to you, why do you turn a blind eye to your feelings? When you know something is wrong you persist anyway, not understanding the consequences that it may bring. Knowledge is given to those and wisdom to few who truly understand. We will remark upon these things many times more, in the hope that you will understand that you possess such natural abilities that you are unaware of at this time.

In the ‘realm of spirit’, as you call it, where that energy of life lies, is a vast chamber of knowledge that may be accessed by anyone wishing to progress their lives. The knowledge is not denied to anyone, and nor should it be. There are those who would ignore it, for they think they have a good idea of where their purpose lies.

Mistreatment of your young is becoming apparent to us. There are those of other worlds who are horrified that you would treat your future in such a random way. The children are your future, if you teach them ignorance then you beget ignorance. But if you teach them truth, then you will not deny yourselves a better future, but enhance your lives, for the young will bring many possibilities to you. And we focus this evening upon your young, because they are special to your world. They are the regeneration of the spirit and soul. They have passed by many times before, as you have, and their learning is great, but they are widely influenced by your world and temptation is in their way, many will succumb not acknowledging the path that they were given. This is unfortunate for they will start their journeys again.

Bring hope to each other this evening, and pray for a better way, that it may bring change in a positive manner. Neglect not those young minds that are teaching you at this time of a better way. Do not deny them the future by your extreme measures of ignorance of want and need. There are many who would say “This is not me, I do not recognise myself here!” And it is true to say, that many of your world want for this change, and do not act in a reckless manner, but are driven by others.

The performance of the records which record the many things of your lives are seen by many, and you ask what do we speak of, what records, what performance? Your everyday lives are a register of your being. We spoke of your mind and how you only access a small fraction, but there is a part of your mind that transmits your being to the world of light, and it is seen and recognised by many on this side, for they too once lived a life, and now those that have adapted their ways and become aware, use their senses and their beings to adjust yours and to help you upon your way. Many call them guides, some Angels, and they are the beings that walk with you, connected by the link unseen by your eyes. Yet this presence is in your mind, use it well, do not rush into things without thinking, sit back and focus your mind, close your mind to the everyday things and your worries and concerns. Relax for a time and focus within, for we have told you this is where the answers lie, and so it is, the truth.

Speak to us not lies or murmurings of tales that you may have heard, for where is the evidence that you present us?

Mystified you are, we call them negative thoughts, you call them lies. The truth is hidden, but not unseen. For there are many that have focus upon you. Your wisdom and knowledge is great and is given freely for those that would hear, but those that would turn a blind eye will never know the truth, until their time comes, and then their regrets will be many for the opportunities missed within their lives.

Renewal and Regeneration

But once more we reiterate, that these things will come about once more, and in schools and the classes of knowledge within that realm of light, you will be tutored once more, your minds will be freshened and your memories of previous times will be put to one side. You will be given the opportunity once more to redeem yourselves.

And how long will the cycle go on you ask? It is a perpetual thing, regeneration is not unknown. It occurs many times in your world, within the plants, trees, insects and all that your world is created by. The surface crust of your Earth explodes as the insides of your Mother Earth are exhausted, to release the gases. The material that is thrown out refreshes the earth and brings renewal, and the old ground that once stood, gradually sinks until it reaches the centre of your earth once more. This is a process of a great deal of time, but it regenerates, and this is what we are trying to tell you, nothing is ever lost, energy is never lost, it is perpetual, ongoing, as our your souls and your spirit.

And yes there may come a time when your world of man exists no more through the natural course of things, and your lives will be extinguished, but your energy and your soul continue on.

Do you think it is only your world that exists, where life exists? There are many opportunities in many solar systems and in many universes that you are unaware of, and will always be unaware of, for their distance is so great that it is not conceivable in your minds, yet they exist. Have trust and faith in what we say, we have much knowledge to impart.

Your solar systems spread at an incredible rate, and it has been noted that they have sped up of time, this recent time. This is true, acceleration not deceleration, for in time and space there is no obstacle, so an object that is set upon its course with an adequate force will gain in speed. And as all things of life and of creation, so it will extinguish and reach the end of its time, a collision will occur, this occurred with your Big Bang, and a new universe will be created as you collide with another, in an explosion of light and creation and the dust that is formed, will once more begin to spin and create new worlds, as there is nothing to resist it, perpetual life, perpetual motion, it is in transit constantly. Your men look to the stars for the answers of life, why do they not look within and the answers that lay within their very own minds and consciousness.

Have hope for the future my children, we hope that these words this evening might bring you on a course of thought, that change occurs no matter how violent or gently, but always, always, there is regeneration and a new hope.

What is the ultimate goal of your spiritual beings you may wonder, this man also wonders this, how much knowledge can you gather? But is there need of knowledge be in a physical sense? Knowledge is stored within the universe and you may access this at any time. You have a word for this bank of knowledge, we know, and we hope that you realise that just because you do not see it at this time, that it is still there. (Akashic Records)

Bring hope to yourselves and have faith. Trust in the perpetual lives that you are given, do not extinguish your life by negative actions, because this is what will slow your learning, this is what will slow your motion. We wish not to bring you fear, but you must learn, for if you stand still, if your energy continues upon the dark, then hope will be lost.

But fear not, for these are extremes. Many who have cheated death by extreme measures towards others, they will succumb. And even though, like this man once knew, they will be in darkness, but an opportunity will be given once more, so fear not for our words. Do not concern yourselves that you should know all there is to know, but live your lives in the best way you can. Help those that surround you and bring them peace in your thoughts and love. We understand mistakes are made by many, this is natural, but if you learn by those mistakes, then your progression is good.

We will leave you now this evening, we have spoken of much, and we hope that your lives will be filled with joy.

Good evening.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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