12-03-19 Love, Sharing and Inequality, The Media, Animals, Personal messages for readers

12th March 2019

Harbour no fears my son, for this evening we have come with messages of love and hope, for the multitude who wish to seek out the purpose of the Lord and light. For spirits surround you in an everlasting circle of love.

Compliment your ways by denying yourselves the pleasure of life and focusing upon the light that dwells within, for there are many who are blind to this light and they do not see their path within the life given.

Hope is given this evening to one that she may conquer her fears of death, that her bright new beginnings will come soon, and as she enters that realm of light so all her fears will be allayed, put to one side, and as she rests she will begin to realise of her purpose within life.

Torturous thoughts you might think, for painful memories are brought forward, but this should not be feared, as life is ever present, and its wondrous visions of many patterns unseen to you at this time. So have hope for the future my children, be blessed in the knowledge that the one who comes, will soon allay your fears as you focus upon the words given.

Help us this evening with the thoughts of love that we bring you. Continue your purpose as ordained so long ago. Bring hope to those who ask questions of you, for their thoughts are high at this time. They see your memories and your words, but they cannot bring their thoughts of purpose, of being. For how can this be, so many words and teachings brought from the cosmos?

It is a natural course for all who live upon the planet Earth and within the many regions of space unknown to you. Space and time is vast, never-ending, never ceasing. It belongs to each and every one of you as you travel the realms of life, of which the patterns are not seen, but are heard of.

Let us issue you with these words of wisdom and thought, that if you would travel the world as an individual, not sharing the passion of love with each other, then the light cannot shine within, because it takes an open heart and open mind to bring wisdom to one another without fear of retribution.

So bring your thoughts of love to one another, help yourselves to a better way in the hope of the journeys to come, that they will be meaningful within the pattern of your life.

We are once more blessed this evening by the presence of Ann, she comes with thoughts of love and precious memories. A mother who practiced and worshiped within her local church. She brings thoughts of love to her daughter this evening, in the hope that she may realise of her whispering.
Compromised were her thoughts as the many would mishandle her affairs, and her thoughts were doom and gloom, never knowing what the future may hold. Her purpose was brought to many, and yet she felt ashamed. We ask why would you feel this way? Is it not a compromise to bargain with those who would thwart your efforts within the love? Can you not see a better way, other than to dismiss them and agree with them? It will take courage my child to continue your path of love, and we hope these words of encouragement may reach you and that you will understand the pattern in which we speak.

Too many times, and frequently, people remark about and are made to feel ashamed of their purpose, for what evidence is there? What proof can you offer of an existence beyond life other than the words you give?

Have we not said that trust and faith is a matter for each individual, and that they should look within their own hearts to see the light that shines within? Can you not see that there is a better way within your world to bring purpose to one another and issue each other with love? Perhaps too many times we have spoken of these things, and in your words ‘In one ear, out the other.’ But really you should listen, for there is much meaning in this. Savour the words, bring yourselves hope of peace in the future.

Your time when it comes, will be a meaningful end and your eyes will be opened to the many aspects of your life.

The creatures of your world, many of whom suffer at this time, are not accidents or freaks of nature. Their life has purpose and they feel as you do, the pain and the suffering. We implore you to look beyond your own self-awareness and be aware of their awareness and their suffering, for they look to you for allegiance. But in some cases there is nothing but pain and suffering.

You feel this Michael, you cannot understand what such beings of the earth could do to each other and to others, other creatures that exist within the realm. There is much pain and suffering, and your torment is great as you feel their pain. But you must know, that all who pass to the light, no matter what animal species it may be, will find a new beginning and their pain and suffering will be forgotten.

But this is no excuse for human man to inflict such pain on creatures of the earth. There is a natural course in evolution, yours was part of this. But your souls should not involve themselves in extreme punishment to other creatures. Do not kid yourselves that you are the superior beings and knowledgeable of all, for you are like children, of your infants, and you know little of the world and surrounding precious values.

So have hope, be not unkind in your ways to the animal kingdom, bring them hope without fear that you may harm them and injure them. The many of your world who use these animals for labour have no need of instruction, for they do not see the pain and injury caused. They feel it is their birthright, and these animals are the instruments of labour. But you know, if your world had been equal in measure, that there would be no need, or less need, for these creatures to suffer. There is no excuse at all for not sharing the wealth of the world and the knowledge that exists, and there is no excuse to injure your brother or the animals within your kingdom. Have a heart, for in fairness there is triumph.

Beyond your world lies many other regions and realms of life. Do they mistreat the creatures that surround them? Maybe, some of the primitive. But those who are enlightened with knowledge and love are aware of their equality to the creatures that walk and roam within their plains.

We have hope that you will learn in the near future, so that the pain and suffering may cease to exist. It is a big ask we know, but not impossible. It is a mountain to be climbed, and your kind must evolve radically to encompass the wealth of knowledge that exists.

Be not ashamed of who you are, and speak out at these rashly violent people.

Help yourselves to a better way for discrimination lies within all walks of life be it to one another or to the animal kingdom.

There, we have spoken of these things, it is up to you to determine your actions and bring hope to others. Never forget your purpose in life as the caretakers of the earth. Your affairs are great and many and there is much turmoil within your world at this time. A greeting will come shortly, and a welcome hand will be held out. But resistance will be felt, for we fear your discrimination reaches far and wide, not just within your earth, but extends to all who offend your eyes.

How can we express our love to you, when so many things offend us in your world, and we seem harsh to your ears as the words written.

This message is about love and sharing and of our blessings to all, and although it reaches your ears and seems pointedly harsh we are merely pointing out the facts as we see them. Caress one another, for love is given freely within the spiritual world. Harness your possibilities to bring hope to others in extreme circumstances at this time, reach out to them and ask them “Sir, can we help?” “Madame your pain is felt.” For you are creatures of the earth and connected in silence, you do not go within to seek the purpose held within, but we tell you of these things in the hope to enlighten you.

What purpose you may ask, have I? And we will tell you this, that each of you is an inspiration to one another, and the dark ones that walk your earth, who compromise the good of your world, their time is done. There will be a period of time before theirs is terminated, but a brighter is future forecast and hope will be given to all in the New Beginning.

You will see much turmoil within your world prior to this change, there will be many who will ask “Why us, why do we suffer so when the riches of men are so obvious to our eyes and they hide themselves away not wishing to get involved directly, yet they play a role within our torment?”

Equality has never been easy for man, men have never accepted that they are equal to one another and their courses vary throughout their lives, each of you are born as an individual, clean and fresh from the world of spirit. Each of you must learn and follow your path. Do not be reckless and choose the wrong path, for there is much torment held within.

Comment not on those that disgrace themselves and bring ill repute to their communities, for there is much good within these communities despite the face of it, the face of horror being highlighted by your newspapers and the papers and the media of your world seek news and highlight these things that they might find an increase in sales. They misuse their purpose, their communication has influence over many and yet they favour those of the rich and wealthy. They ignore the plight of many within your world and only focus upon your regions of life. It is their responsibility to open up the world to all, for all to see the much suffering that envelops your world. And yet they do not, for they see no profit in this.

Shameful ways. Wisdom has not been harnessed as yet within the men of your world. Coax them, and say to them “We do not agree, your reports are wrong and you mislead us with ingratitude to our sponsorship. We need enlightenment, not discouragement, not illusion”. Help yourselves to a better way people, bring pride to yourselves in the beings and creatures upon your earth.

We have spoken harshly this evening in matters concerning that of torment, and we mean this in no disrespectful way, other than to open your eyes to the facts.

She will turn your country to displeasure, for they see no hope within her thoughts, and these matters of commerce are seldom short lived.

There is a future for you within your regions of life, but you must grow first, and as with all, the young of whatever world, the growing pains will be suffered.

Premature situations will arise in the near future, when men will stand and say “We are not worthy to be representative of the nations.” Hard to believe this is true, but perhaps self-sacrifice is what is needed to reclaim and regain confidence in their words and situation.

Demand nothing of us, for we give you all. And in your experiences of life, never be ashamed to say that you are a man of love, a woman of love, and respect is given throughout your time. Transfer your thoughts to wise ones, allow them not a wild path, but with direction granted by those of the wise, hardships will come and go, and they will be fleeting within your time upon Earth. So caress yourselves, brace yourselves, for in the end all will come to see the truth of the light.

Negative thoughts are heard this evening, they exclaim, “Who is this man who calls himself a medium and yet denies a reading?” Is this not a reading? Is this not persuasion of love, of the facts! He cannot reach his ultimate goal, their first learning, the path of freedom. And many will find this in their own lives, within their time. They will reach out and grasp at the many things that seem impossible at this time, and their fingers will wrap around every inch they can claw, but in all things life has purpose and it takes time.

Be not angry, because this is not the way. It is only the fool that would listen to the man who would issue words of encouragement, but are denied the truth.

You will reach your goals, and your circumstances will change as and when time permits. Terminate your thoughts of fear, and issue yourselves love this evening, and bring hope to others that you meet upon your way. Amen.

New speaker.

At this point I had an image of a young girl in my mind approximately eight years old with long brown hair. She was smiling and was happy and wanted to pass this message to her loved ones. I hear the name Ellen or Emily

You see the young girl before you, she beckons you forward. Her long hair is braided with love. Her age, eight Earth years, and yet she sat on the plane of life for not so many. She smiles and beckons to you, she calls her name Ellen and asks for Joseph. “I am well, be calm my mother, we share a coin that you once gave me, a magical coin, and you bring me good wishes. You sit with this coin and ask for me, life was so hard to share a farthing, but a life was measured and brought joy in that time.

Emily wishes to say that her love shines through to her mother with love and she wishes to see this coin embraced with love, as a token of her love. Her courage was shared in her short life and her life was short but meaningful to many. Her father weeps constantly at her loss, and yet daddy, there is no need, for I share this world with many of your loved ones. You are my family and I wait for you upon this side, and I see your sadness gaining ever deeper. Do not despair, for I was a child of love and exist now within the world of spirit I reach out to you, my long hair brings memories, brown in colour. My heart failed me, an organ vital to my life, yet the love held within will always be there to shine out to you. Teddy asked me to be remembered by you, he was a man of many seasons, long ago. A grandfather who brings comfort, I sit with him now and he whispers in my ears stories of love and tales that make me laugh and we wait patiently for the time when we may meet once more. The token of my love is my heart and was given freely to you my mother dear. The days are never short, but filled with love upon this side, and yours are filled with tearful thoughts of my memory, be aware of my presence as I tug at your hair, as I blow upon your cheek and remember my love mother. Our time was short, yet it will be regained once more, for you are me, and I am you, forever joined in love. Your pain and suffering was not in vain, for my purpose in your world was a short one, yet deliberate for you upon your path, and this is hard to see. Many who lose their loved ones, the children, deny this and cannot accept that their purpose was done. Yet we all have our paths to follow and mine was no different. I suffered bravely, and to you I was in great pain, yet within I knew and felt the love of spirit around me, I was never in fear as I shared my time with you. For great fortune befell me as I moved into the light, to the realm of heaven. You cannot believe this, I am aware that you deny this and ask why it was that one so young and so loved should be taken so, so suddenly, and you felt this pain within your heart, not understanding the reasons why, and many will not understand until their time of passing. All have purpose, and if is my purpose was to inspire others to a better way, to bring hope to others, then my job was done. Happy I am, joyful, and I bring you thoughts of love and best wishes. My pearls of wisdom will be forever with you, your love is forever with me, and I look down upon you, caressing you with all my heart. I am Emily, a girl once unknown, who sought her purpose within her time to bring hope to others of salvation.
The pictures you see before you were drawn by me, a fairy, a cart, I had a fanciful nature, wonderful imagination, but some things were drawn from fact and you laughed at these childish sketches and wondered what sort of girl I would have been, an artist perhaps? A musician? I was an artist of love and I drew those pictures from memory. You see a little girl in her childish ways , but in fact I was more mature than you could ever know, my eyes were upon the light of heaven. As I passed you wept, you cradled me in your arms calling my name Emily, Emily don’t go, don’t leave me, but if you must, be at peace my love.

So much emotion it was hard to leave, yet the Angels called to me. Papa reached out a and greeted me “Have no fear child, for there is life ever after within the light of heaven”.

New speaker

Popular stories some may think, something to jerk the tears and the heartstrings, but this is no tale of sorrow for the sake of a story. It is the truth and the one who receives this message will know this.

Be not afraid of your futures, for they are held within the arms of love. Many will see the ill practice of others, and feel the whip upon their back as they struggle to survive within your world of men. But the memories of those that are carried forward into the world of light are stronger than ever, and the pain will ease and the love will return. And for Emily, peace has come and the reunion will be soon, and her heart is overjoyed and filled with love and expectation at this reunion.

Never lose focus of your lives and the fact that your loved ones are no longer around, they surround you in your everyday practices of life, they are watching over you, helping you in ways you do not understand.

Complimentary are many to their existence and they worship their loved ones with much gratitude and forthright honour.

Be not dismissed or displeased by the torments of life, for all have purpose in the beginning and in the end, and you will too, find this within your lives, have no fear children, be gracious to one another and bring hope to each and all. Share equally throughout your world, not denying others the knowledge and skills necessary for them to gain a modicum of comfort in their lives. We see so much torment at this time inequality is rife within your world and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and those of other countries of your world are totally ignored. We are horrified by this, can you not see a better way or will it really take a dramatic sequence of events open your eyes? Hmm?
We implore you to find a better way people of the world before we have to intervene and if we must, then salvation will come to all who need it and to those of torment much grief will be felt. We feel your love and concern and we ask you not to dismiss it, but to embrace it, to improve and make a better world yourselves.

The love of Emily was a demonstration of a child’s love to her mother, and it is real, it is not a fictional story made up to please your minds. She was, and is a beautiful child, and will resume her life once more in the embrace of love, but you all must remember, that for your perpetual existence you must embrace the light and love and look within for solace and caring of others. Equality is above all needed within the world of men. Tolerate those who are not wise and enlighten them to the facts. Much teaching is needed and only through wisdom will life continue within your world.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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    1. Thank you Sylvia, I’m sure the message will get out there. With so many problems in the world I believe that many will turn to the light to find a better way of living.
      Kind regards Michael x.


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