17-03-19 Scientists and Dangerous Experiments, Parliament, The Young, About Personal Messages, November Sky, etc

Transcript 17th March 2019

A Journey Has Begun

A journey has begun and blessings are given to all who respond to the light given in the days to come. For each of you are an aspect of light, a living being of spirit who will become once more, that which you were before.

Do not condemn those who commit sins against you, ask for their forgiveness, and although extremes seem hard to forgive and let go, remember that all of you are on a path and a journey of light.

There are those who are led astray and their paths are wayward and bring mass destruction to all who step within their path. They will be dealt a blow upon their passing for they will be shown the error of their ways. So bring yourselves peace this evening in the knowledge that all injustices that have occurred within your world will in time be resolved within the light of heaven.

We congratulate the many this evening who have begun to see a better way, for their futures of life depend upon. This will not be an easy path for there is always a tortuous route to take, and those who walk this path without fear are protected with guidance and knowledge so that they may answer those who give them issue to complain.

Communication Between Humankind and Spirit

Many of your world this evening receive messages as you do, and they do not understand the things that are said, for they are given in such a way as to be not understood by many. Yet there are those, such as yourself, who have a calm mind and a tolerance towards others to allow these things to penetrate your mind and soul, and you may bring joy to others through the words expressed in your sittings.

Be not surprised at the attitude of some as they realise the relationship between man and spirit. For their hearts were dim with light and they could not see the way. But truly their eyes have been opened, and that hope and joy and aspirations of a better way will come soon.

Your beginnings were small and yet you progressed at a steady pace. You never understood quite what was happening. Belief came to your mind when your troubles were free, but each step of the road you take is a journey upon which you must walk, and this is the case for all. For the road to Paradise is a long one, with steep winding roads, curves that come up unexpectedly, and your rational mind cannot understand why these things are set before you, but it is a passage of learning.

Temperance and tolerance towards others are paramount in your world and within your lives. Yet each of you have an aspect of not understanding, you frequently are unaware of the issues before you, and you cannot understand its purpose, but be (assured) and rest assured that each of you hunger for the same thing, for the knowledge of the universe brings you wealth of love and obedience.

Tonight we wish to savour the memories of those who have gone before. Their lives were not wasted, and their joy was obvious to the many within their lives. They are the families of many who have long since passed, and yet remain within the layers that surround your earth. Their thoughts, their beings and their minds are as active today as they ever were, and they await their turn to once more tread within the body of man, to once more walk the road of learning or of teaching for others.

There are many to this present day, who bring teachings to the many, and the wise would understand their methods of terminology. Frequently we have seen some use these practices of goodwill to their own benefit, this is tolerated to a degree, but you must understand that these ‘presences’ are there to instruct you, to guide you, and it is not up to you to lay the road ahead, for it is set in a manner of love. Do not be intolerant of those who do not understand this, be guided by the light and your remarks will be heard, as in the winds of time.

Help Us to Understand Your Lives – Knowledge is Key to Teaching

Help us to understand the many aspects of life, for it is a complex thing, misunderstood by many of this side of life, and you would say we are of the wise and of the knowledgeable, and yet there are blank areas that we do not understand. This is the reason why we walk within your life, that we may come to know your aspect of being, that we may help in a better way. Because knowledge is the instrument of teaching, and if you have no understanding or a deeper knowledge of that upon which you teach, then how would you expect others to learn? You walk your paths unaware of the path that you tread, or the purpose to which it will lead. But we bring you greetings and encourage you upon your way. Encouragement is given many times to those who are lost and cannot see the path upon which they tread, but it is there and guidance will surely bring them back to the light.

The Many Forms of Life

The many of your world await words of newcomers, aspects of beings strange to your eyes. We appreciate this for there are many forms of life that exist within and outside of your solar system. Some are great and some are small, much as yourselves and others, bringers of death and destruction as within your world. For there is always balance in all aspects of life no matter where it exists.

It is not uncommon to see these things, many worlds will evolve, many will not, and they will expire, but a replacement is born to inhabit those places of life, and we have spoken before of how life can exist in the most remarkable places, unthinkable to you. For your aspects and focus are upon your beings at this time, yet you should look around your one world and see the creations of life that exist within the many intolerable conditions that exist within your planet. And if you understand that life can exist there, then you must realise that life can exist anywhere, not of your creation, but of a different aspect that may tolerate these conditions.

Scientists Search the Skies and Cause Danger With Experiments

And your scientists search the skies for clues of life upon other planets, and they can see no reason why they should not experiment with their instruments upon other worlds. But have a care, for life may exist in the most desolate of places and this is what we are telling you, because you cannot see that life or understand its form does not mean to say that it is not there! And they will use their beams upon these worlds, not realising the damage that they cause, and they will be regarded as weapons of war and retaliation may occur with a misunderstanding of equal sides. This should be avoided, focus upon your own world at this time, for there are many aspects which need correction and we see these many indignities against your own planet. Your own life forms run a risk of segregation from those of other worlds. Your warlike ways are obvious to us and to many others, and there are those who will bring practices of leadership in your world, not wanting to understand discrimination or segregation, for theirs is a world of politics. Extreme wisdom is blindfolded to many things of life.

You cannot control your emotions at this time, for you are unfairly treated within your eyes, and this is a problem that exists within your globe. ‘Each to their own’ you say, ‘no intruders’ why should we tolerate these people that invade our country and use our resources this for their own purposes? Truly your segregation should be terminal, for unless you learn to live with one another, then how can you be great within the world of men?

Illumination in the November Skies

Do not doubt our words for there is much truth spoken, and the many will see this in the near future, as an aspect of light will be shown to all upon earth and the creatures of man. We have told you that you would not understand this illumination, and it has been seen before, and will once more be seen within the November skies, a brilliance of light that will flash out, unmistakable to those who could see, and those that don’t will doubt the words spoken, and say “This is an untruth for we have not witnessed that occurrence!” Your inability to believe one another is a handicap within your world, you do not trust each other and therefore segregation occurs. But we implore you to learn to live together with one another.


Do not discriminate between those of black and white, of yellow or of other colours that exists within your world, for there is a variation of life even within your own planet and if you cannot learn to live with one another, how can you possibly expect us to live within your atmosphere bringing peace and love?

You demonstrate your fear in many ways of ignorance and intolerance, would you bring a purpose of hate to each other as you cross your roads. If we say unto you “It is time people, for your world to cease with the intolerances and bring each other purpose of the light, for each of you are a spectrum of light that originates from the creator of all.” You do not understand this, your minds are simple at this time, and we understand that there is much teaching needed within your world and the workers that work within the light, are here to guide you if you would just listen.

Evidence has been given recently, and the many facts of truth are known yet ignored. Like a passing stranger they are seen once and forgotten. The details never taken in. When you walk by a soul in the street within your life, do you look deeply, do you take note at what you see, does it register within your minds, or is it like a flash of light, instantly gone?

For many of you this is true, and even of this being, he does not see the many things that he should, yet he understands the Being of Light and the creation of life, for as he learns. he teaches and brings knowledge to others. His aspect of being has always been that of the light. His knowledge is minimal within your life and yet he has access to much knowledge, as do all of you. Search your minds, seek out the knowledge that exists within. Your past life experiences are many, and yet are not sought to assist you within your present time. You seek out words of wisdom in the hope of gaining knowledge, the truth is there to be seen should you open your eyes.

Logic and Purpose in Life

Your economic situation is one of fluctuation, as are your thoughts. The program of mathematical understanding is needed to bring focus upon the thoughts of men. Each of you are as your computers, and there is a logical mind that exists and the connections that are made to determine as to which way your life will be led. For the most part, you are what you term ‘the workers’ and then there are those who seek purpose within your lives, followed by those you call the scientists, and they attempt to create life as before time, and say “This is how it was done, this is how the creation of man and all began with the bang!”

Look deeper, for this knowledge exists within you. A paradox to many that your lives exist despite the atmospheric conditions of your world. You breathe your oxygen, not realising the many other substances contained within. Your bodies adjust to give you life. Frequently questions are not heard or asked, those of science search out those medical problems and the differences created by certain atmospheric conditions in your world. These conditions are experienced by many, their mood swings are obvious to some, and yet to themselves they see no issue or problem. And you are all reliant upon your world, and if you continue to mistreat her, then your beings will be at risk of many things unseen at this time. There is no need to fear these words, but we implore you not you begin a maelstrom of problems.

Hidden News

The plagues of your world existed long ago you may think, and yet they are still present in your world. You do not hear of them because they are in the dark countries of your world, and the news and broadcasters will not speak of this for fear of upsetting the many as they see the many thousands perish through disease and atmospheric conditions. Unknown to you, these problems of the world. It is fashionable not to allow your eyes to see, for fear of a backlash from those of the light and the people of conscience. Do you not wish to see or seek out the many broadcasts that are given and yet hidden within the context of your news? If you do not seek to look for these things, then how can you possibly learn and progress within your lives? Do not allow these beings of disrepute to hide this news from you, be open, and this is what we are saying to you, that all are equal in your world and deserve an equal amount of love and responsibility.

There are many charlatans that run your countries, and they exist for profit and profit only, they care not for the people they represent upon your earth, and yet there they are openly displaying their wealth, which is not seen by the eyes that do not look. So many problems, so easily eradicated within your world, and yet you as creatures of the earth do not see, some are unforgiving.

We cannot help those that do not help themselves, a common phrase within your world, and this is true. We seek not to dominate your world, but merely to instruct you upon life, that you may progress as a united world, with one point of focus that will govern all. Where discrimination is eliminated and the power of the men taken to that one being who would dominate your world. It has been the nature of men to dominate upon one another, it is time you put these primitive things behind you and open your eyes to the world.

The Young of the World

The young of your world today display their attitude towards you, and they will seek to eradicate the present situation. You are not the dominant species you thought you were, and the young will demonstrate their position quite clearly within the near future, within the news that is hidden from you. Shortly she will not be tolerated, despite her age. They will announce a cover up, to bring her words, to bend them to their own purpose. Your demonstrations will seem futile, and yet the words will penetrate the ears of many of your world, and a movement will begin to escalate throughout the countries and cities of your world.

Those of the West will be assured, that such outrages will not be tolerated. For what is democracy? Just another way of control. Hmm, freedom you think, this is true, have you looked closely at your world to this day? Your so called democracy, where has it led you? You elect those in power and they gain control of your lives, and once they have attained this position they no longer see you, for your purpose is done for that time. And they will work, not for you, but for others in a similar position that they may dominate your lives. Control is gained, and national matters of concern are swept to one side. You see this even now. Steps must be taken, and we do not promote aggravation. Words of love and peaceful demonstration can achieve much in your world despite the intolerance set towards you.

New speaker

Muster your minds to think as one, give hope to yourselves within your world of men, for there is much hope to be gained in unity.

New speaker

Sagittarius strikes at the heart of the moon. Questions will be asked and answers given, in truth and honesty. Your purpose has once begun. Be strict with yourself, do not dishonour those who question you of your love and your truth. Your belief is deep and your heart true, do not question those of the wise, for they too have purpose.

Sally and the Promotion of Peace

Sally once believed in the many things of your earth. She sacrificed her life in the promotion of peace, and a joy was felt that she entered heaven. But her purpose was lost and disguised by your world of men. Her purpose will regain once more in events to take place shortly. You have not heard of her? Why should you have, her time has not begun yet. Yet she exists and waits in the hope that her purpose will not be needed, yet we fear the opposite.

Salute those who promote peace at this time, for they run a risk. Many will not respect their good intentions and will misuse their purpose to their own means, to persuade you that no such thing is occurring at this time, and that their imaginations run rife within their minds. Many see the truth now, and as the escalation of the world tumbles down the wormhole of life, then eyes will be opened. And as if you were falling, you will spread eagle your limbs to slow the descent, but there is a terminal velocity that is reached, and when this point of reference has been passed, then there is no turning back for any of you. Yet life continues on, in ways not understood at this time, and you need not fear our words, as harsh as they may seem. It is not too late to stop the descent, it is not too late to expose the cover-ups and to open the eyes of the people of the world to those in power, who exploit you in many ways. There are those of the rich and powerful that would help, but they have fear, they have fear and at this time, for their position is at a tender age, but they are there. The courage needed to voice their opinions.

Parliament, Bureaucracy, Western Media and Events in Africa

She will not succeed in her voyage of disillusionment. The Parliament will vote against her once more, and disillusion will sweep across your land. And the wise will see the inner sanctum of her thoughts. Do not discriminate against her, for she is driven by those who are not seen within powerful places, for beneath the engine there always is a driving force that exists within. These are the powers to be, she is but the front. As you deliver your messages, so she delivers hers, driven by these lesser beings not held within the public eye.

Bureaucracy is stagnant within your cities, it is driven by money and needless energy of wastage. Their thoughts of promotion for their companies and the powerful institutions that exist are rife within your world of the wealthy. And in those regions of Africa and the poorer countries of your world, they do not see these things, yet they are tormented by prospective beings who would aspire to be as your West, and what shameful ways are brought, much torture, indignation, that is not seen by your men nor do you wish to see at this time, for your ways are blinded.

Your media is focused upon those of the immediate issues of your concern, why should they focus upon those ‘lesser’ beings of other countries, have they not governments and newspapers to progress and publicise these things? And yet, your ways and nationality do not understand the subjugation that they are put under, and the influence is great and those who obstruct will be tortured to death in an unnecessary way, beheading, hands removed and limbs, for no other reason than to hush their mouths, to make them obedient. Horrific you may think, the things to talk of, but they exist and if you do not open your eyes to these displeasures that continually occur, how can you see your way to make a better world?

New speaker

About Personal Messages and Finding Belief in Messages that Teach

Frequently we are asked to bring forth loved ones to greet one another, we have no objection to this, for you are all of the light. Be blessed in the knowledge that these things are real and they coexist within your lives. You ask of certain beings to connect, yet you are unaware that they are a connection of yourselves. Once more we oblige this, we are tolerant, and you yourselves one day will cross that great divide of life and look back upon your loved ones. How does this work you wonder, you cannot dial up and ask specific questions, and yet your thoughts are heard throughout the cosmos, how is this possible? There is a great misunderstanding within life of your beginnings and of your endings. For universal are we as spirit, we see and hear all. Your requests are heard many times, many aspects of light are given and granted those who have need at this time. You will not all be successful in receiving messages you wish, and there are those who will play upon the innocent of your lives, “Cross my palm with silver” was a phrase commonly used long ago within your world. Should it not be given freely? Are these not opportunists who ask of your purse? We do not understand many of your customs or ways, but really, gifts are given freely to be used freely. Give with love, not with a gesture of need. Thank you.

New speaker

Be not be afraid, for many will ask the questions of spirit. Their knowledge is little, yet they have hope of learning. Increasingly we see the questions mount, and people will stand in queue to receive the answers they so wish. Not all will receive the questions that they ask, the answers will be given in time, and in due course. Your aspect of being is to bring hope. Truth will be answered within their lives if they would look. Your purposes given and granted this evening, help those to help themselves through your teaching and through the many wise words given.

You will be called a charlatan, and they will doubt your word, and yet the evidence is mounting as to the genuine ability that you hold. Even you doubt yourself, your complex mind searches for answers to bring truth to the many, we hold this dear, for yours is of love, and your conscience plays a great part in your being. Your focus is true, be not afraid to answer the questions asked of you, and if they should come and ask of your tolerance, give it to them.

There are many aspects of spirit that work within many, for your paths are many and diverse. If you do not explore these regions, then your progression will be slow. Look to them, talk to them and say, there is much love given this day. Through your aspects your daughter calls your name, and she whispers in your ear, and those that understand these words will look to you and ask, ‘does he talk to me, or is this just another phrase given obscurely?’ But these words mean something, there are many within this world of spirit who ask for communication, and they will be granted in due course. Yours is part of many who will serve this purpose. Be not afraid, do not lose control of your own senses and instruct them with a heart of love, as a being of light.

Give them your strength and courage to persist with their lives, to bring themselves hope that in the resurrection of life within the light of spirit, all are granted peace within their souls. And you this evening, we grant these many things that you may have purpose in your world, your path must continue and your disillusionments must be put to one side as you work in extreme measures with intolerance of others. But be not afraid of these things, for they will not penetrate your soul. Look to them and say or ask, what is your belief that you are one-of-a-kind and that your existence is insignificant, do you believe this to be true? Or do you believe you are part of something much greater that exists beyond your eyes and beyond your senses?

Look within to the spirit that is held within, think about yourselves not as creatures of men, but a spiritual beings who walk this earth, this plane of life. Look to us for wisdom and guidance, and it will be given. Focus upon us when needed and we will be there. Treat is not as apparitions of your life, for we are the wise spirit that watches over you, we are the creators of many things, but the creation of life is given by that one special being of light.

Working Together – Look to the Insect World as an Example

Focus your lives to work together, look to your insect nations to see how they participate in each other’s lives and work within their communities. It is not hard to see how they construct their megaliths within the plains of Africa, for they work together in communication ways you do not understand, and this is something you should learn as the human aspect of being. For if you communicate with each other with love and caring, and work together, your world can be turned from its course and given a new purpose.

Challenging the Elite

This will come shortly, disillusionment sets in at this time and is great within your world. Many movements are beginning to form to challenged those of the elite, and rightly so, for they do not work on your behalf as you elected them, they are not free minded, but single-minded in their own purpose. Many will see this and ask their questions. They will demand answers which will not be given, but frustration will be felt within those high places as they realise that the many of the population are turning against them, and they will need to change if they wish to continue within their life of elegance.

Your torment upon them will be great, will it change their eyes, open their minds? We think not, for they are set within one purpose and one purpose only, to dominate your species. You fear of other worlds coming to dominate your planet, but look, look at what is happening at this time. We do not challenge you to create wars or mayhem, but merely to change in the way of love, to bring peace to one another and work together for a better world and future for all. For your young look to you, as you are responsible for their lives. You have created them and brought their bodies to this world, you must nurture them, look after them, it is your responsibility not ours. Ours is of guidance to the spirit and soul that occupies your bodies, your purpose in life is led by men, and the elders of your communities.

Final Words of Advice

Seek the wisdom that may assist you, there is much knowledge held within the universal scripts. Purpose your minds to follow a path of light, and truth will be given, knowledge in excess. Hope is given this evening.

Good evening.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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