21-04-19 Jesus, Sri Lanka, Greta Thunberg, Thomas the Tank Engine, Pets, Parenting etc

Transcript Date 21st April 2019 (Easter Sunday in the Christian Calendar)

Jesus and the Beings of Light Speak:

Be not afraid of the light, for the light will come to shine once more as each man rises from his bed. Be blessed this evening in the knowledge that we are around you and we surround you with everlasting love and light.

Tonight we wish to acknowledge the many thoughts given as to the reasons for this time of year, and we would ask those who consider this Easter as a time of reverence, to focus their minds upon the light that was given so long ago.

Reference to Sri Lanka Attacks that occurred on this day

So many are touched by the tender words this evening, in prayers for those lost within your world.

We are in agreement with many of your world that such atrocities should not happen, for there is much bewilderment as to the reasons why. They were to be a focus, and although many in your world suffer at this time from the ignorance of others, we would like you to hold your hands in prayer and give thanks for your being. Your tolerance is welcomed within the world of light and in that thought we would wish you our love and guidance.

Say a prayer he said, say a prayer for me, in that I may respond to your love.
My wisdom was great and I was asked once “What was it that makes a man turn and become a man of wisdom and light?” It was my birthright, and my father sent me to your world of men, for you belong to the world of spirit from whence I came and you will also return.

Allow this night not to pass without a sincere thought for all those lost in your world, for all those that suffer at the hands of tyrants, for there are many at this time. The Judas’s of your world will betray them in due course and the true light will be seen by the men of your earth, so let not your hearts fade as you see these many appalling things occur, for the truth will be told once more and wisdom will be given to the many through the words of the light.

One Will Come Soon

Wisdom and knowledge has been granted to many, that they may follow their paths in order to alleviate the issues of your world, and one will come soon to give you pasture on which to graze in the knowledge of peace. But times will become turbulent, and as all matters of storms, there will be quiet before the onslaught. But rest assured that our arms will be around you and for those who give their lives selflessly in the name of peace and of the father, then life and resurrection is guaranteed upon this side of world of spirit.

We will announce our being to the world

We will announce very shortly our being to the world of men. Many will be astounded and stand back and say, “How did I not believe, why could I not see the truth within?” And it is true to say that many are blinded by the material world in which you live.

Poets – Wordsworth

The poets they speak of many rhymes that linger in your minds, and your memories reach far back beyond your mental abilities at this time.
Wordsworth was spoken of before and his words and songs were given with such grace, that men never forgot his true purpose and meaning.

Turmoil will be the onset of change

Help us this evening to alleviate your fears, to bring you wisdom in the knowledge given through this medium of life. Take heart my dears, allow not your fears to overwhelm your sensibilities, bring yourselves peace in the knowledge that the light will supersede the dark, and to be honest, for those who have no care, their hearts will be turned when they see the revolution within the many states of your world. And this turmoil will be the onset of change, for many now see their masters for who they are, and it was no different within those times of Jerusalem. Mayhem reigned and many feared the whip hand as he ruled as a tyrant.

The master of Rome, who washed his hands of his responsibilities and yet he could not see that his wisdom should have been more forthright in allowing peace to be upheld. His concerns were great, for the lashings given to him, but he chose to listen to the words of men who would bring him anger in their responses, should he ignore their pleas.

Would you listen to man who asked for you to commit a sin or would you turn to the light and ask forgiveness and the strength to continue on with a parallel to that of love?

The Path of Light – Jesus and the prophets of the world

There are not many in your world today who can see this path of light, this road to salvation, for they cannot bring themselves to whisper the words or the name of Jesus, or the many prophets that have walked your earth to bring hope to the many nations through their own times.

Spirit is universal and is not segregated by the whims of man. You are all beings of that place of light and your circumstances have been brought so that you may experience life and the many trials and tribulations held within, for as a spirit being you exist as an energy and coexist with many beings of many worlds.

You cannot imagine yourselves as being anything other than what you are, for (you think that) you are men of the earth, born to die and so never be again.

Holy Scriptures – The Bible, Book, Book of Love, The Koran etc

There is much truth gained in the knowledge written of the many scriptures and passages of your Bible, of the book of love, of the Koran and of the many religions within your world. We have spoken of this before, that there is but one religion and only one, and for those of your country we’ll give this Psalm, a special reading for you to take in and digest. Luke 12 verse 9 may help in understanding these words and we hope you will read them with the reverence as guided by spirit. Take no heed of those who would ridicule you for your beliefs, for your trust in us is paramount for your salvation and your soul to continue on its passage of learning.
(Luke 12 : 9. “But whoever disowns me before others will be disowned before the Angels of God.”)

Tonight we have given you words, entrusting to you to think upon. Perhaps you might think about of all the many things, the atrocities that happen within your world.

Bring yourselves peace – free will

Bring yourselves peace as men of the earth, for it is only you that can achieve this through love and comradeship. You feel embittered and blame that of spirit for these things, and why were you brought to this point of despair? It is not of our making, it is of your own, you have chosen your paths. Some have chosen wisely, others are reckless and are swayed by evil minds that will insist they do these things. You have free will children, you know this, do not be tempted or guided by the temptations given by those of the dark, for they know no better than to cause mayhem. Evil you call it, and that it is. But the temptations are there constantly and it is a battle of will to stay within the path of light. Your wisdom will dictate your actions and we know that some may fall, but the majority, even if they do not speak of these things, have it in their hearts.

Do not be offended by those who come to your door and ask you to consider the words given, for they have courage in their conviction and are led by the man who once saw an angel, and his words were brought as this mans are tonight. He does not consider himself as being a leader of any particular organisation, for he is just a man who understands that the connection of spirit is within you all, should you just focus your minds and allow the words to flow and the wisdom granted to guide your way.

A promise made long ago

Each of you has a promise that was made long ago in the spiritual realm, some may falter and some may succeed, but each of you is granted free will and love. Take this opportunity within your lives, for it is seldom granted to many of the spiritual world. It is an opportunity to redeem yourselves and bring yourselves hope once more as a spiritual being.

Many of you work within the light, many do not, and there is a reason for this. As travellers of life you must judge not by the cover of the book, but by the heart within. And those who work within the light are guides of a spiritual kind in the physical. But they are no more special than you, and you should not consider yourselves anything less because you do not work within this realm, if your hearts are filled with love and your desires are for peace and unity throughout mankind, then you too are a guardian of spirit. Be thankful for the grace that is given on the paths that you lead, turmoil may exist within your lives, but your trust is needed and guidance will be given.

Lost loved ones

Lost loved ones are so many within your world. Many question why it is that they had to pass so young. Life is granted and given free will, and many circumstances will affect your physical bodies, some beyond our control, but you are never forgotten, and you are always given peace within the light.

Your answers and your questions are many, and we feel your agony and pain for those lost. Do not despair, for no one is truly lost, and whether it is of the human kind or the animal kind, be blessed in the knowledge of their existence and continued existence with you. You may not see them, but you might hear them, you may see signs given. Do not ignore these for they are gifts to you and your families.


Pets indeed mean so much to people, this man knows of tragedy and his fears for his animals, and there are many of you who would put animals above the men of your world, for they give you love unconditionally. They do not care what you look like, the things that you may have done, for their love is total and unashamedly deep for the masters of their life.

But know this, that they are your equal, and they look to you as beings of life. They do not torment you with anger unless man has taught them to do so, and we feel sure that many of you will be in agreement with this.

Children are lost, brought despair through the animals of your world and theirs is a natural way, and we give no excuses for their actions. For much grief is felt within for the loss of a child within your world. You are a species with deep set feelings and intuitive senses. Be careful how you act upon them. We cannot help you in your despair, for it is up to you to help yourselves, to realise that some situations are created by yourselves. Many will disagree and say that this was not their fault, not their doing, equally it is not God’s doing nor is it the doing of spirit. Things happen for a reason and mainly it is within the physical realm that has created the situation that brings an outcome of despair.

This man is not preacher, merely the messenger of spirit, and he bears you no ill will, but offers you his love that you may receive the words given with a good and kind heart.

We give you blessings this evening my children, and hope that all, or at least some, will become aware of the situations and their spiritual being within.


New speaker

Thomas the Tank Engine and Rev Awdry

Thomas the Tank Engine, written by the good Reverend. He had the mind of a child and yet the head of a wise man. His spirit and soul now rests with us and yet his words linger on to bring joy to the children of your world, and there are messages within these passages written, many do not see them for they see the joys of childhood written within the pages. Yet his wisdom was great and he achieved much within the world of man, much humour to alleviate the situations of the day. He was in tune and in harmony with the world that most are unaware of. His writings were many not just that for the children, but others to alleviate problems within man’s life. He had wisdom and caring, and was much loved within his parish, Norwich, perhaps, but within the northern areas (Note: Rev W. Awdry was vicar of Emneth, 58 miles west of Norwich) He was prolific with his words. Create your own history, tell your stories of love as he did through words that children might understand, do not punish them with the black arts of many these days. Their childhoods are robbed so easily by the influences in the box of vision and the words of men who would corrupt their young minds. Gone are the days of innocence, for many see only the dark, and we would ask your programmers of your world to start to alleviate this situation. But many alas, are of the dark, and their persuasion is great.

Parenting the Children

But you as parents have an option, allowing them to listen to the words so often used in a wrong manner. Blasphemy is great, and the programs that are sent to your box of vision, corruption is great and so depressing. But we would like to lighten these words and bring you joy, as perhaps you may read of the Right Reverends words, for he knew the way of childhood and to alleviate the tensions of his life. His problems were great too, he suffered greatly from depression and his thoughts many times turned to self-harm, but his faith was deep and his trust was worthy of an angel, so give him your love, thank him for his words that bring so much joy to the children of your world. Do not allow those of the dark to influence them through the words and visions upon your screens. You as adults, should be in control and you can censor these things, there is no good explaining to us that you cannot help the things because they are on the screens! Switch them off! You have the knowledge, have the care, wisdom and trust and raise your children as you would hope they would be raised.

Many would rather spend their life in their own pleasures and debauchery and the children are sat in front of the screens of life to give them peace so they may indulge in their many activities.

Seldom have we seen so many at this time, reach out to that of the light. Be guided by your own morality, do not trust the words given upon your screens, for there is much corruption even within the children’s programming of this day. You see it and you think that’s just mild. Mild can bring so much harm, so many different thoughts to that of the natural way.

Heed the good Reverends words, for is books explain this in great detail, and in his creation of Thomas he brought joy with words of wisdom, of love and caring and sharing. So much that you oversee, and do not really realise the message that is brought.

He welcomes the thought of love and the creation of life was given to all in his light. Be ever caring for each other, raise your young as you would like to have been raised yourself. Alleviate their worries and tensions, give them hope for the future, do not give them despairing thoughts through the corruption and words upon your screens of vision. Bring that joy, that family unity back into your lives, and trust will be given where there was none before.

We are your fellow beings of the light.

Be praised.

New speaker:

Greta Thunberg

Conspiracy theories are brought to one who has been popularised by your press. She announces her words with a passion and vision, and yet there are those who are bleak and would confuse her words, for they know her strength is great and your appetite for the truth is waning as you listen to the words of your leaders and those men of science who deny the effects of mankind upon this earth.

She will not tolerate fools easily, for she is a child of God and she brings wisdom with her, and the many will listen they will not tolerate those who denounce her words as satire or total rubbish from a child.

She is a leader of men, sent to your world by the world of spirit and she is one of many that will come. She focuses upon your environment and this is her forte, this is her purpose.

Another Will Come

But another will come to focus upon your souls, to give you a glimpse of peace once more, that your passage may be that of light and love, and not hate and war which ravage your planet at this time.

Many prophets have come within the past years. Many will come and go, in desperation trying to sway the wild ways of men, and yet it is strange to think, that when you are born in this world you are born with love and light, you are fresh from spirit, but the many temptations are set by that of the dark who would sway your path, for they would like to get a foothold within heaven.

Deny them this activity, deny them your life, for you are a free spirit who was born of the light and shall return to the light if you so wish. Because even as spirit you have the choice, and upon your passing you may see the light and love that welcomes you, but those embittered ones who ignore this, they will trample on many to dissuade them from entering. Be a focus and know that peace and love, rest and eternity is welcoming you.

Good evening people.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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