25-04-19 Troublesome Minds, New Moon, Worship of the Earth, Connection of Spirit, Lost Pet, Fear and Injustice

Transcript Date: 25th April 2019

Those Blind to the World of Spirit

Negative thoughts have reached our ears this evening from those of the world of living who cannot compare themselves to spirit, for they see no other path but the one in which they walk at this present time.

They argue amongst one another about gifts received from others of their kind, but they will not disperse these gifts to the general population, for theirs is a world of commerce and self-belief in themselves.

Their practices are many and their wisdom lingers as they are blinded by the attributes of life that are given to them by the governments of your world, for theirs is an easy journey within their lives or so they think! But many have come to this side of life filled with the aspirations of men, thinking that their world within that of spirit will be as easy going as it was upon earth, but they will be reminded of their spiritual being and that their wealth and attributes mean nothing to us.

And their minds will linger and think about these things, and they will consider themselves as ‘The Elite’, aloof, above all others. But they will be given a sharp reminder that theirs is but a path to be walked, and if they fail in that path so their venture in life will be once more resumed, so they may learn the lessons given of their past lives.

Too many these days, reflect upon life as being a gift given to abuse, to use as they will, as they have free will within the life given. But may we remind you that those who rebuke the gifts given from spirit during their lifetime will suffer greatly, because their lives will be meaningless and their souls unworthy of a position in heaven. But as always, all are granted freedom of will and their aspects will be brought once more to the world of living, to continue the lessons unheeded before.

Personal Message to One Whose Beloved Pet Dog Passed to Spirit
(Names are deleted or changed to protect privacy)

Tonight we will ask you to sit in prayer for one, as she embellishes the love of a loved one lost. You ask of ***** and her beloved dog, and we would like to answer her question and bring comfort to her mind in the knowledge that she sleeps well within the arms of loved ones.

*****, you have accepted a position of responsibility that has brought many tears to your eyes, and many will fall, for the loss of a loved one is great within your world. Your emotions are raw at this time, not only with the loss of your dear friend ‘Talya’, but also within many aspects of life that circulate your lives at this time.

Your pressures are great and we feel this immense weight upon your shoulders. Your burden should be eased in the knowledge that we have guided your steps, and your forthright manner has given comfort to her within the world of spirit.

Tear yourselves away from the books that you read, that animals are just that, and that they are to be considered the lesser forms of life. Even men have treated their own kind in this way and brought disrespect and dishonour to themselves through their practices of slavery.

But we would remind *****, that life continues on and the spirit in which she loved her little dog will continue on until their time of reunion is once more.

Perhaps a father would help you to understand this message. He wishes ***** to be reminded of him, for he was a father to her for many years and he grieves alongside her for her loss, but he knows that in the spirit and realm of heaven that none are lost. He will help this evening to give her comfort as she cries and prays for this lost dog.

His arms will reach out and touch her shoulder as if in comfort, and she must feel this energy within her. Be not afraid for her future, she is in good hands and the family have come forward at this time and look to her and smile, for they know the secret of life is never-ending.

Never let a cross word pass your lips, for there is much to be gained from this knowledge of loss, and although your heart aches at this time, bring yourself solace that she rests in peace along with another of her kind.

You have created a wonderful space in heaven for your loved animals, and your love will continue to grow throughout the years, and as each and every one passes to the light, so their reunion will be great upon this place.

He asks you this evening to consider the number one that he once gave you, that you might remember and relive that moment to lighten your burden and your way. He asked to be remembered and gives these things as evidence that you may remember how gentle he was in those days of torment in which you both lived.

Your mother asks to be represented by him, a quiet lady, not asking much of life, a gentle soul. But her life was never easy in those days of old, and life was difficult at times, surviving an illness and continuing on, despite her issues to grant love and peace to you and your brothers and sister.

Be blessed in the knowledge of her love for you as she reaches out with your father this evening.

We cannot comment further upon Talya’s release, for healing will be given, But know her whispers are around you, you will feel her presence in your arms as she lays beside you. In the night you will feel her comfort next to you, so be blessed in the knowledge that all are not lost.

May God grant you peace, wisdom and knowledge for the future my dear.

New speaker

Injustices and Fear

Remarkable things have occurred this evening, injustices to many upon your planet of life. We judge you not by your actions, but by your fears. Why are you afraid? What is it that makes you turn your head in fear and panic, is it the onslaught of those men who masquerade as martyrs, or is it your own fear that you no longer have the faith to follow and trust in the Lord?

Commerce was spoken of many times before, and the injustices and the rules that act upon those injustices, are many within your world. You complain bitterly that the many temptations given and yet only the few are able to access these things. But what about life? For you are a mortal and those things that are created within your world stay within your world. Your everlasting soul does not need these things to continue on, yet many are blinded at this time and blighted with their lives of obstruction and irritation. Their needs and wants are great, and this man is no different for you are of the human kind, and there is much turbulence and interaction with those moguls of life.

Look Ahead to the Road of Light

Be granted peace this evening, look ahead to the road that shines the light. Consider this, that when your time comes and you pass to the light of heaven, or the dark, as your choosing! And those things that you cherish so upon the earth are now gone, left to others, and what do you have in response to your life, what do you take with you? It is only your love and your kindness that will reflect your being, and if you leave your earth still wanting more of that imaginary source of wealth and power, then you will be left wanting upon this side and unable to see the road ahead that leads to the path of light and enlightenment.

Your lives are judged by your actions, and your needs and wants are many, but few! Confused words you may think, but you must listen to understand their meaning.

Confused are many as their light fades from their life, and their fears are great of the unexpected. But we will nurture them, offer them love and respect, and they will heal with time. Men, women, children, animals, you are all alike in your forms upon earth, and your spirits are one of the same, as in this world of light, all energy, all the one being of light.

You progress your lives and you feel satisfied at the aims that you have achieved, but there is much more that you should look for within your lives, look beyond the material objects that give you satisfaction and look for something else, something greater within your soul and your very being that will enlighten you and give you encouragement for the future.

Many have discovered the benefits of a naive life, and many cannot see these benefits, for once more they are blinded. Unsheathe your feelings, release your energies to the atmosphere around you, feel the need to be part of something greater than you are. For in this place of Earth exist many souls who will depart and once more be reborn into that world beyond yours.

We are Connected

You cope well with many things of life and yet there are many who are despondent. Please don’t feel that we overlook you or regard you as just mere mortals. We are related in a way that we have spoken of, and therefore we are one. Your senses, your feelings, transmit to our side of life, for you are still connected by that silver cord and this connection will not be broken during your lifespan, and when your bodies end comes, so the cord will release and like the umbilical cord of a mother to a child, you will retreat back into the body and into the body of light. That part of you that walked the earth, that harboured your body, your soul is now released and will rejoin the Earth from whence it came, but once more you will reach out from the distant light to become part of that natural being once more.

We repeat ourselves, and we emphasise these things many times that you may understand that you are a spiritual being within the physical body, how can we tell you anything more if you would not listen?

New Moon

Perhaps a new moon might assist within the near future, when many will feel the energy of its light, and its pull will be extreme upon your world, abnormal, perhaps, and its proximity to your earth may be closer than you imagine, and like the atoms of your body, the orbits of the planets and the moon’s around the sun and the many suns that exist, exert a force upon each other and have a knock-on effect.

Many creatures will feel this effect, those that are able to access their senses and rely upon them, their instinct will tell them that something unusual has occurred. And every now and again within the universes and the many worlds that exist, traumatic times erupt as the creature in which you live adjusts.

The medium is confused by the word ‘creature’ and how else do we describe the vastness of the universe for in your bodies there is an equal universe of many creatures microscopic to your eyes, yet they exist within your bodies and they live with you until your body expires. And would you consider that the orbit of the stars and the moon’s and the planets, are but a similar body and that you might be that microbe within? That vastness of space, what a powerful thought this is, that perhaps because you can never reach the outer regions of the universes, that perhaps you are never meant to, and like the atoms of your body you too are part of another body.

Extreme thoughts, many things to think of, but your mind must be open to the many variations of life that exist. You consider yourselves unique and yet you are not. Your purposes are many, and many will unfold before you, but the true purpose of light is within you all, and like all energy, yours too will continue on despite the demise of your bodies.

You are not Unique

Prolific are our words, and they are here to teach you, but do not consider yourselves as this supreme being that you think you are, and that you are unique within the many realms and stars and planets and heavens of the many universes, as you are not unique, you are but a minor planet among many.

Worship of Mother Earth

Resources are many within your world, and are sought after by the greedy men of your planet. And they will exert a pressure upon this world of yours and those that fight to save it, do so with a great heart and love for the Planet that you all live upon, and yet their thoughts are demoralised by the actions of men of power and greed, but they fight on, they live on, and they caress mother Earth in many ways, in many practices thought of as paganism. But in truth, their practices bring comfort to the earth. It is not offensive to God that you worship the earth, for she is your mother, the creation and creator of your bodies, but spirit and soul as we have told you are from another dimension that exists within this world of living, for many particular reasons that cannot be answered at this point, but we would say to you this, look around you and the blessings that you are given within this beautiful world of yours and would you not give thanks to that world for supplying nourishment and love?

We ask the same, that you would give thanks to spirit for their guidance and support within your lives, many of you will turn and say “where was this guidance will needed most, where was the support when I grieved so?” Rest assured we are always there, and it is yourselves that may look elsewhere, but to where you should look. If spirits and souls continue on.

New speaker

The Misguided Souls

“Praise be to Allah!” They scream, those misguided souls who pervert the course of justice and their own many beliefs, for they believe that if they open Pandora’s box that they will be renovated or brought much pleasure in the next world for their efforts. But their efforts will bring them nothing but dismay. They will punish the many for their beliefs, and their thoughts are misguided by others who influence them. Those who construct the weapons of war.

They encourage the practice of war upon your planet, for there is much need of this enterprise to establish a good trading place within the many nations who would blind you with their thoughts of peace, yet their underlying will is trading with partners of other countries of your world, creating machines to destroy.

And this is a sad fact of your lives, and there are other nations like you within other worlds who speculate that if a practice of injustice is brought then they may find peace in the next world that they move on to. This is absolutely not true, and we wish to offer them thoughts this evening to look hard, long and hard at the path they have taken, for destruction and chaos with only bring themselves the same in return.

Blanked are many by these thoughts and they cannot understand why a man such as this would talk of such dark things. But your eyes need to be open children, that there are many punishments awaiting you that are not brought by this spirit, but by man alone. And we would argue the point that our love is forever with you, for it is a shield of light by which you may continue your purpose.

Focus your mind lad.

(Note: I was losing focus at this point because of what was being spoken of and I personally felt uncomfortable with it!)

Eliminate the thoughts of war and the dark practices of men, for they are illusions of the negative.

Kind thoughts are given this evening, we must end this, disconnect this evening.

Blessings to you all, may the love and light of the Lord our Father in heaven be with you this evening. Amen.

New speaker

Troublesome minds are many and interfere with the reflections of thought this evening. Be aware of your own lifestyles, and practice that of love, issue others words of wisdom in your prayers this evening.




Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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