07-05-19 Darkness on the Internet, Gambling, Troubled Minds, Pesticides and Poisons, The ‘Possession’ Myth, etc

Transcript Date 7th May 2019

Welcome my friend please draw near.

As a measure of love this evening we will announce our purpose within the near future to the world of men. Let our love light shine throughout your lives and the dreadful meaning of terror be gone from your minds.

Let us begin this evening with a prayer as we open the doors to the world of spirit and to the hearts of men.

Dear Lord our father in heaven,

Bring us blessings this evening as we sit in the presence of spirit to help and guide us upon our way. Bring us focus upon our lives and the meaning and purpose to which we were born. For your light shines within us as a beacon of hope and a prayer. Bless us with your presence this evening Lord, open our hearts and minds to the many things so wonderful yet to come. Our burdens may be great, but as we praise you Lord, and give you our thanks, so they will be lightened to help us upon our way on our path of life.



And so it was, as he entered the world of men millennia ago. He opened their hearts and brought them peace of mind in the hope that the saviour would lead them to safety once more. But their hearts were turned, by the negative at that time and even the prosperous did not believe that it was possible.

The priests of the day denied him and denounced him as being a criminal and one not to be listened to, for he did not follow the Sabbath, nor did he follow the rules as laid down by Moses. But he brought the light, and none could see this for their hearts were dark and corrupted of the time.

We implore you to listen to this story, it may be of the old, but it is still relevant to these times, to this day. You live in a modern world that brings you many pleasures, yet you do not see the displeasure that they bring you, their focus is upon you and will beat you down as you succumb to the many illusions given within your lives.


We wish to bring you purpose this evening, and a focus upon those gambling dens of your world. They now exist within your media and the temptation is great for many to follow. And their lives diminish as they spend their hard earned money upon these people of corruption. And we cannot help but see how these many things affect the families of your day, they bring misfortune to many and create unhappiness, overwhelmingly sad for the most.

There are those who overlook these things and are not tempted, but equally, in the stress of your lives there are many who would succumb to this. And they torture their souls with thoughts of riches and fortunes. But once more we will tell you that the fortunes that you seek lay within your love and in your hearts.

Your souls need nothing of the earth other than love of the fellowship of men and we include the creatures upon this earth, as they are as equal as you are in the spiritual realm of life.

Creatures of the Earth and Their Habitats

Our coming was long ago, and in the beginning, the dawn of time, we sought out the creatures upon your earth as they developed. Your beginnings were small, creatures so small you would not see them with your naked eyes and yet they grew, their variations were wondrous in the creation of the Lord, and evolution of time separated these species into the many myriads of life that exist today upon your planet.

There are many who open their hearts with love to the creatures of the earth as they see that they are a vital part within your planet to evolve. And so they are, for they are the breath of life to each to every one of you. These creations that were taken over millions of years are now being destroyed by the habitats that you destroy when you seek your riches of the earth.

You are like children and cannot see the damage that you cause, and we try to highlight these things by bringing special people to your world, that you may look up to as they try to bring your focus forward to see the future that could be.

Parable of the Seed on Stony Ground

Alas many are not listened to, and their words fall upon deaf ears, and ours too will do the same. And as the Lord spoke about the man who sowed his seed, as he sowed his seed and the seed fell upon the fertile ground, so it grew with health and vigour, but the stone was also there, and the seed that fell upon the stone withered and died for there is no nourishment within its purpose.

We see this today, that you of your day, of this world. The stone being that of the negative and the seed that falls upon it. And in turn your hearts turn to stone, and the seed that is sown fails to germinate because you will not nourish it or feed it with your love or compassion.

Please help yourselves to a better way to live your lives in a world of comfort, not of the riches, but of companionship, of love and family.

We are the teachers who bring you these words and we spare you many things within your lives. You declare us as spirits or ghosts, many will say we do not exist, and yet you are part of us, but in the living world of men.

Your times here (in spirit) have been forgotten, as will your time upon earth when you return to that place from where you came, and you will recall many things upon your return of how it was before. And the lessons learnt within your life will be within your souls memory and continue on.

Those seeds that fell upon stony ground and failed to germinate will be revitalised and given another opportunity within the fields of your earth or other places of life.

Consequences of the Pesticides and Poisons

Extinct are many creatures of your world today. We need to bring your focus to this as we have pointed out your reliance upon them is great. You underestimate the many species that fall each day now, and this will create a situation within your environment that there may be no turning back from.

We implore you to look at these things as you spray your poisons and your negative chemicals within the air that you breathe. You think that by eliminating one species that is a pest within your lives, that this will create a better situation, but no, you merely damage more of the environment than you realise. Your pesticides that treat the beasts and contaminants of the earth, they also destroy the insects and animal life within, and the creatures that feed upon these things then become starved and their decline is seen in many places.

Fortunately, there are many those of today, of your world, that are beginning to realise the destruction that is caused through these things, and they harvest your souls with words of wisdom, and much is lost once more through the media of life, for they will not inform you of these things.

But there are other ways to inform those of the world, although for many it could be too late. It’s like you are asleep children, you are not awake and you lay in limbo not realising what is going on.

Listen to these people that tell you of the decline of your animals, of your insects and the plant life upon your Earth, for your world is but a fragile thing within the space of time. Help yourselves to a better way, allow not yourselves to destroy your natural world, and even though you may return to this place of spirit, there would be no returning to that which you have destroyed.

Is there an end to life, and end to spirit? An interesting question. But we have already told you how spirit and yourselves as an individual is created, as the artists palette mixes the colours.

We cannot inform you much of this, as it is something you have to trust in and believe. We have spoken many times upon the many things that affect your world, and some have listened, some care not, but many look to themselves and ask, “Is there something more that I can do?” And yes there is so much more that would help you within your lives. Be blessed in the knowledge of our guidance and wisdom that is sent this evening, and know that our love surrounds you constantly.

New speaker

Troubled Minds and Hearts and the Influence of the Dark Via the Internet

Troublesome hearts mull over the words given, and they cannot tell if you are man of wisdom or that of a fool, but we will answer them with this question, “How do they view themselves?’ Are they any more remarkable? Would they consider themselves just the ordinary souls of the world, do they not wish to bring focus to themselves and hold out a hope of peace and love in the time to come within the realm of spirit?”

Their lives have become so blinkered that they can no longer see their way, and many feel lost within your world, lost in the hopelessness with no future, as there is no beginning and no end to the frustrations of life. This is sad to see as so many suffer in silence at this time, their hearts are focused upon their sadness, and they transmit these many things as we have spoken of, in the colours through their line of life.

We try to assist, but their ears are closed, and many would wish themselves departed from your world all too soon. But their wisdom eludes them, and discouragement is all around, as many play the games upon the Internet saying that “If you were to commit this thing to yourselves, then you will be seen as a hero.” What silly words to encourage another one to sacrifice himself or herself for a little bit of ego to small-minded people that influence your Internet.

These words are not given in vain, for we have seen many young children rise to us, not fulfilling their purpose within their lives as they have embarked upon these ludicrous ways influenced by those of the dark of the net. They care not for their loss nor the sorrow they bring their families, their wisdom is diminished and influenced by the dark, and they themselves will suffer so for this, yet they cannot see the damage that they do.

Your world was created long ago, not to suffer in sacrifice, but to live your lives, to open your spiritual eyes to the physical world which you see from spirit. Many look to the world from spirit, and they wish to assist in whatever way they can. It is your choice at times whether you return or whether you remain within the world of spirit, but we assure you your attitudes will change, your love will be wholesome within that place of light, and your willingness to help will be great, even if you have to sacrifice yourselves to a time of burden upon the earth or other places of life.

You may find this strange, but each one of you have made this decision, some have lost focus because the influence of the dark is all around. It continues to grow and the more that you give in to these things, the more space you allow it. How can we turn or stem this tide of depression within your young? Why can’t you give them hope, why are your governments so fixated upon themselves and the profits that they can gain through the unwise words of the community (Internet)? Why do they not focus upon the youth who are the future of your country? We cannot begin to tell you how we despair at these actions, for the influence has run deep within your government seats and these people, they set themselves a purpose to bring change upon your earth, but they soon realise that they have to conform within the society that they begin their careers in, conform, or be thrown out to the wolves.

It takes one of strength to fight these things, to fight the bureaucracy that continues within your world and particularly within your own country at this time. For you look to your leaders and say “Why are you not listening to us, are our words so unclear, so unclear that you cannot hear us?” They choose not to hear, but listen to the bureaucrats that sit behind their desks in those unseen places and guide the words of your M.P.’s. Yes, politics again, but it is the politics of your world that will destroy you, and there must come a time when one will come and she will guide the many and take them upon a road of learning and resurrection. We hope to bring this in a very short time, for we have grave concerns for the society of your world and countries. Those who are isolated from these issues will not be aware of their existence, but they will be affected.

The Changing Environment

As we spoke of, the environment is changing and not for the good and this will not be isolated to any particular one country, but will be worldwide. Although one country may declare themselves as ‘energy free of the poisons of the world’ still there are many others that ignore these things. The deforestation and the burning emits carbon dioxide into the air, poisonous gases that would shield you from the sun and would destroy the ozone layer in a very short time. And you are unaware of this, and they will not speak of it, you once learned of the holes in the ozone layer, why do you not hear about it any more, widely not spoken of in these times? Because they do not wish to scare you!

Well, you have to learn to care for each other, to care for the planet that you were born upon, the life giving source of all life upon earth. You must become reliant on each other and not look to those of the world who would issue you with poisons and displeasures within the gambling society. Many see it has a release from the burdens of life, but really, it just creates more issues, more burdens.

Release your hearts from the wilderness of the dark, bring your thoughts once more to the light and though many will not see these words and they will not be influenced by what is spoken of, even those who read, may not truly understand the depth of feeling by which we issue these words.

Think of your future and your children, bring yourselves blessings, and know that when you depart this earth that you leave it in a better state than when you arrived, and that life will flourish and spirit will continue to be reborn once more upon this world and bring hope to future generations.

Do not be downcast by our predictions, for times can change, there are always paths to choose from, it is not too late. Surrender yourselves to the light and bring hope to the many this evening.

New speaker

The Following Paragraph is personal for Michael, a message from his late wife – it remains within the transcript to bring hope to others that their loved ones are still very much around.

(Michaels note; At this point I began to see my wife Beatrice smiling and waving to me at what seemed a distance of a hundred yards away. I could see her quite clearly within my minds eye and this vision brought joy to know that she is okay. My mother was also present and after seeing Beatrice her image was also present, but much closer than my wife! I guess being of she watches over me constantly as I know my wife watches over our son all, for all of us are families are never far away.)

I must say to my wife who I visualise at this time, I cannot ignore her vision for she waves to me from that far off place…

Michaels late wife, Beatrice speaks:

You have coped well these past couple of years, and I wish bring you joy in the knowledge that things will change shortly. For life has become one of regret and sadness, there, I bring you hope and the love of our life together in sadness and in joy. There have been many times in our lives that we have wished for a better life, but I would not have changed things, for you bring hope to others in a way that I could not see. Feel my energy around you, be alert to your minds thoughts. The dogs are fine and I will be there when the time comes, in a short time to come. Have hope for yourself, enjoy your time, for you will rejoin once more soon enough. My father wishes you well, ha! He remembers those times that you spent together, in disagreement at times, and he understands now why you felt frustrated at times. But you know we are together and that’s what I wanted, and we bring you peace and love and the good tidings of the family. We are joined once more by your mother, as she messages her love to you as we all do. Strange to say how things worked out, but it was meant to be. Allow us to fill your life with love, as we surround your energy with positive thoughts. Be not afraid to move on, even at the expense of others, and you know what I mean. She will find her way regardless, and I will be there as he misguides her, but still she is a woman, a life of our own. Think not as been defeated, but sit back and let time pass without regret, for our lives are entwined now and forever dear. Have faith and trust, and know I cast my shadow upon you even though you may not see it. Our son grows and is a joy despite his aches and pains, and strange ways to our minds. I’m glad to see the coming together of you. Barbara (Michaels sister) is sick at this time, call her, ask her how she is, for her mum caresses her. She wanders the streets alone, wishing for better times. Your hearts are entwined as brother and sister, and it is good to know you are together with love.

New speaker

Sound words, hmm, strange to think you are departed, yet this is not so.

Chariots of Fire (U.F.O.’s)

Chariots of Fire, a phrase used within your world, and in ancient times these chariots were seen many times, of beings of other worlds who visited your earth, and they drew them upon your cave walls and upon the statues and obelisks of your world. Many deny their eyes the truth as they look upon the writings within, and the hieroglyphs explain a story so fantastic that they would burn within your memories if you were to understand their meaning. And many do understand, but hide the truth, as you know. They do not wish to alarm you with a thought that perhaps another nation of beings visit your earth so many times, even within your own lifetimes at this time.

A change will come shortly, and they will announce themselves to the world, albeit against the wisdom of your governments. But there will be a backlash within your world, because they will see finally the truth, and your governments will have to back down and explain to themselves or explain to you, why it is these things were hidden. Immense pressures will be upon them to divulge all that they know, but still they will be reluctant, for they are scared of the times to come.

As these things that were kept hidden escalate out of their (governments) control concerning beings from other worlds, you will not listen to their words any more. Be not scared of these things, as time changes for all creatures, time marches on, new things occur and wisdom prevails in the end, we hope.

Help to Change the World

Greet these visitors with your love and wishes, and give them purpose within your lives that they may assist to change your world from that of a decaying ball of earth to a flourishing world to which it once was. They do not wish to see your decline, they do not wish your hopes and dreams to be dashed by those who are greedy and reckless within their ways.

Shameless are many within the powerful stations of your life, they care not for the time to come, as their time is now. But they misunderstand their life, their wealth will be gone, their possessions no more. Others of greed will take over and their souls will continue and they will return to whence they come and their riches and wealth will mean nothing, absolutely nothing. Their influence upon the beings of life, your earth will have no influence within the world of spirit. They will be taught a lesson if needed, and their return upon your world may be one of desperate times, and although their souls may not realise it they may have played a part in this very same catastrophe.

So it is with wisdom that you should all think on about your environment and your life, the planet that you walk upon. Because although your time may be short, you will return, and it is up to you to build world better than it is now, or otherwise you may return to something so much bleaker.


Reincarnation, many disagree with this, how is it possible to have rebirth? Did the Lord not show you and tell the priests of the day that he would rebuild his temple within three days? Of course this is not a temple stone as you know, he was talking of his spirit and how he ascended, and the rebuild was reference to his spiritual body, not to his physical. And we would like to emphasise to you, that even if you do not believe in reincarnation or the rebirth of your soul, nevertheless it exists.
Many who were born with wisdom understand this. They know not why, but their beliefs are deep, and they trust in this. We would ask you for an ounce of faith, and if you would seek wisdom upon this subject then you need not look any further than your own planet, upon the seasons, upon which your plants live and die, for many are reborn with each season after a period of rest within the winter months.
You confine this only to the plants, to the trees of your earth, yet it exists within all living creatures. You are no different to that of the flora and fauna of your world. Be blessed in this knowledge, and we hope you will understand that energy does not diminish, but continues on.

And some would ask how is it possible, if you were to continue on, to re-enter this earth? You are given choices, as have been explain before, and those choices are made before the birth of your bodies and your souls remain within limbo until such time as a suitable home can be found for it, simple terms, but understandable we hope.

About Trance and the Myth of ‘Possession’

Can a soul take one who is already living and occupying that body? We will tell you this, “No!” So how does trance work, how can one entertain the energy of another? It is entirely possible, but we cannot and we will not interfere with the being or the host that is working on the behalf of spirit.

Nor should you believe in ‘possession’, this is not real! And yes there are demonic powers and energies within your world, but they cannot displace the soul, they may act through them, they may do things unnatural to that person in a normal state, but they do not occupy their bodies evicting that soul. And it takes strength and power and wisdom to become dominant once more, but we would say this, do not open the door to these unwise beings. You all have an ability, a sense of being. Keep the light deep within your heart, shut the door upon those of the dark that would influence you in ways as we have spoken of, for there are many influences within your world that would suck you in and dispose of you. We could mention but a few, but do we need to? I’m sure you’re well aware of the vices that are present.

So we would ask you to think about how you will progress. Your time is short and so is ours, and we leave you this evening with these thoughts, and hope that you will perhaps learn a lesson to improve your lives and your soul.

Good evening.

New speaker

How we communicate through the Medium

It is not a figment of your imagination that you speak these things, nor is it false prophets that speak through you. Many would say that you are randomly speaking, this is evident by your words being confused, but they do not understand the method by which you work, and we search your mind and soul for the things that we need to express our wisdom, and many are lacking in many ways, but express them we do, with love. We are not uneconomical with love, so share it with all, equally divided amongst all those of the living.

Apparently, your gestures are not seen, and perhaps this is the way it needs to be. Many focus upon their world of today and do not understand why one such as yourself would wish to change it with these words of wisdom, for they have a ‘pretty good handle on things’, so they think. But there will be those times when they will look for refuge, hope perhaps, and although your words may not reach the many, time will test them to the fore. So have hope, do not be disillusioned by the lack of enthusiasm, for there are many who will seek out these words and wisdom within the future.

Do not denounce yourself or bring yourself rebuke that you are unable to complete your mission, for your mission progresses slowly, unseen and unheard may be, but it will find its way to the hearts of many.

The Book

The book that you write upon our words has brought focus of those who would issue a promise to publish. We would like to say that it would be of great value to mankind, but we know that it takes a lingering time, to accomplish the target aim.

Do not distress yourself, continue on with your purpose Michael, help those who need help, and to who that would listen, bring hope to those that need hope, so the fury of life may diminish when they realise that time is short and never lingers on, despite their efforts.

You have heard us this evening and we wish you well children of life.

God bless.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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