14-05-19 War of the Heavens, Family Values, Internet, Charles Dickens, Talks Between Nations of Other Worlds

Transcript 14th May 2019

Welcome my friend, please draw close that we may join minds once more.

Talks Between Nations of Other Worlds

Haphazard ways of many we have seen of late, for they do not understand their life’s purpose or the path upon which they walk. Many will be enlightened within the near future as talks begin between those of other nations of other worlds and those of Earth.

Too fantastic you may think, for you to become believers! But know this, that their energies circumnavigate your world many times and their collaboration with your governments will become strong once more, as in the past there has been a failure, a disagreement. But ultimately they will be the ones to inhabit your earth in unison (together) with that of man to bring you a better platform upon which to live, a safer environment.

But first, there must be a struggle of wills between that of men and the governments of men, for they will not relinquish their power easily to those of wisdom who live beyond your stars. No, indeed, they (the governments) will battle for the right to rule your planet, and they will be merciless in their attempts to stop us. But we are unanimous in our agreement that all would not be in vain, but it will be a battle of wills that we will ultimately succeed.

For man is a creature of the earth, and that is his home. We are not here to possess him nor his home, but merely to find a liaison, a partnership in which to grow, to bring peace to others in their lives of turmoil which exist in your world at this time. So be not afraid of the many things that will surpass your minds thoughts, but bring attention to yourselves, the detail that will be given shortly.

They (your governments) will hide these facts, (which will cause) many (to) run from their homes in fear, but who should you fear? For we will be strange to your eyes, and many will tire of the disillusionment of mankind, and if a better proposition should be heard, quite frankly, we feel your better judgement would guide you upon these things.

We are the beings of light who have spoken many times before, and we bring you joy and reclamation (reasserting a right) that your journeys may unfold within the imperfect world upon which you live. But happiness can be found in many different ways, it is not an illusion to want better times. Many of focus (have) told you this, and they have spoken upon the many matters of what you term ‘science-fiction’, (there are) many disbelievers out there, yet many are ready for a change.

Perhaps in time, you will grow to accept these things, but as we say, not without struggle, for men’s minds work in mysterious ways beyond our knowledge. And yet we attempt to communicate to you. An example is this being who writes this at this time.

Bring us not fear, aggravation or terror, for we only bring you hope and love for a time to come, and yes the world of spirit may exist within the realms far beyond yours, and we coexist also with them, for our creator is one of the same.

There are many structures within your life forms that would not hold this purpose, for they battle their wills and would like to become dominant in your world. Their pressures are great and the economies of your countries will be tested to the full, as a downfall within your banking world will be seen shortly. (Note: The word structures may be better thought of as businesses or governments?)

Computer and Financial Problems

Your electronic industries are overwhelmed by the many viruses that will be beset upon you, and they will term this as a war, an ill practice of many to destroy the countries of the world, and you would be well advised to protect yourselves from the indiscretions of those who would bring terror to your country and to your world. Do not let them have a foothold within your hearts, deny them accessibility to your machines through a practice of love, but also the mechanisms to stop or block these things.

Many have been tasked to break the codes needed to enter your world of finance, they will not speak of these things for it is a secretive thing held only by those who wish to demolish your democracies. You are fragile at this time, for this evil knows no bounds other than to task you within your lives. Your reliance upon these electronic gadgets is total at this time, and you have not learnt to separate fact from fiction we might say.

Assess Your Lives

Assess your lives now, if you are of wealth, then share and become one with humanity, but if you are not, and you have nothing, as many do in your world, then look no further than your soul, for your energy has all that you need to live and prosper within the world of men and prosperity.

Those who have much to lose will stress the most, they will be most concerned. And yet those with nothing will say, ‘Well look at us, how do we live, how do we survive?’ We ask you these questions, but you will not relinquish what you have gained by whatever means. Forced upon you it will be, and your economies will terminate for time as they reassess the situation within Wall Street and the great banks of your countries.

Financial times indeed, and we have taught you many times of the beings (people) of wealth and the purpose by which they live. Unity and equality is the only way forward at this time, be not afraid to share your wealth with another man. It need not be of monetary value, it could be the wealth of love and companionship, the wealth of sharing food and helping one another in ways that will assist your lives for the good and not for the worst.

Be thoughtful in your actions, be grateful for the things that you receive, and understand that these are gifts given within your life span, but you must not argue with those who offer gifts, and we talk of those who say, that to pray for thanksgiving is a must. (Note: offer gratitude for everything)

New speaker

Aggressors from Afar

Tonight we have displeasure in telling you that many have united against you in atmospheric conditions of other worlds. They see you not as a blight upon your earth, but as a means to an end. For their purpose is war and their dominance will become great if you do not achieve your aims of love and comradeship. We prevent these things at this time, but it is not sustainable without your affections and your welcome interventions.

The men of your earth, your governments, are well aware of these darker beings, and you have heard within ‘The Good Book’, the Bible, of the war of the heavens, and the chariots of fire that bring lethal doom to those who would oppose them.

Stories written by men, but based on truth, for what are the heavens but the very stars that surround your earth, the universe in which you live? This is the universal heaven spoken of, and those chariots of fire spoken (about) long ago, as written in the texts of your Hebrew books. Yet many would dissuade you from reading these things, or understanding from whence that power came from. Deniability they will say, for they cannot convince you of these things through their teachings so they would deny you the knowledge that you should learn.

Be blessed in the knowledge that these so-called chariots of fire were not in the literal sense, they existed, and in your today’s terms we would call them an ‘unidentified flying object’. Of course in this day and age, men are well aware of their purpose and what they are, and yet they still hide these facts from you despite the truth being spoken by those who have witnessed these things.

(Note: Chariots of fire and Ezekiel’s Wheel are good biblical descriptions of U.F.O.’s worthy of personal research)

War of the Heavens

Their display of fireworks within the heavens will be seen shortly, and this will announce our presence, as we terminate their (your governments) will and their hold upon your world. It will not come easy, and for your benefit we would do this as (you are) an immature nation of creatures of earth. Scary plans you may think, why would we have knowledge of these things? But why not? Why shut your eyes to the truth of the world, why deny your responsibilities to those who bore you so long ago?

Many look to the stars and skies and heavens these days and wish upon a star that someone might intervene to bring better times to the men of the earth, and we will grant you this wish, but it will come at cost, as all things never come cheap. It is your belief system and structure that will sustain you through these times, and yes many will be lost. Turmoil will be felt by the millions, and yet the struggle will be great and the finale will be greater when peaceful times will once more come to men of the earth.

Struggle not with the dimensions that intercede with your world, bring them a hope that they may assist you in these desperate times, dark times of your world. So many have lost focus upon the beings of stars, as they are told this is merely imagination, nightmares for children.

Why would you deny your eyes? Do not become administrative fodder, open your eyes and welcome us with open arms, that we may assist once more to bring the light in your world, and transform men from that animal of war and torture to that of one of peace and prosperity for all, equally in a united world, a United planet. For this is our ultimate goal our aim for you as men of the earth.

New speaker

We Fight for Your Rights

Constantly spoken of are these things within your scientific community’s, and yet they do not speak of spirit. We too are of another dimension, we also fight for your rights and defeat the dark many times. You have freedom of will and choice that is given at birth that you may follow your paths as free men upon this earth, and the intervention of others from other places, other worlds, is inevitable. For why would you think that you are the sole creation of the creator? And as of your earth, there are many of those who are of the light and yet constantly those of the negative would interfere to bring disruption. So have a thought tonight for spirit, welcome us within your lives, bring us not fear, but your love and your gain will be worthwhile once more.

The Messiah, A Man from the Stars

He came many millennia ago to speak to your men of the earth, and you called him the Messiah, the teacher. And yet he was exactly this, a man from the stars who welcomed you with open arms and gave you respect and taught you many things of the laws of the creator, and yet you denied him, you feared and despised him, for he had many practices that were unseen at that time, misunderstood as witchcraft perhaps. The overseers of that time declared him a criminal, as we have spoken of before. Because they could not see the good within his soul and that by which he came to the world of men.

You call it the star of David, and we would issue you a thought, that this star was the light of heaven, and his gratitude for being born was great, for he knew mankind as a friend and not a foe, yet you treated him with disrespect.

(Channels note: at this point, I visualise the flower forget-me-not and his brilliant blue)

You see the flower, ‘forget-me-not’, with its blue petals, and this reflects his love, as he asks you to forget him not.

We have tasked you many times to bring words of wisdom to the many of your world, and we ask you once more this evening to let go of your wisdom, let go of your being, allow us to communicate in a manner unfamiliar to you and that you should not be afraid.

The Prophets and Advances in Technology

For once a long time ago, we spoke to men such as yourself. The prophets of the earth were told, foretold many things of practices to come, and of the men of your world and their behaviours. And we solicit (plead) asking them to reach out and welcome these things, but they did not, for they were not aware of their very own abilities. So we sent one to help mankind understand of the creation that he was, and the creator that gave him life. You abused this trust and so it is that your world has been plunged into darkness for so long, and you cannot understand why it is, that only of recent years your technology has had a sudden burst.

You have been given a second chance, and yet we see the men of your world still struggling with each other, they have not learnt the lessons of the past, they still war and argue and do not understand the right of every being to live upon your planet, and we include all the creatures of your earth of which you are one, never forget that you are a creation of the creator.

His anger has not been seen yet, for he watches you in despair, still hoping of your resurrection to the light. We will not deny him this vision, for he is the master of all. But we will tell you this, your circumstances must change, the illusions of life must be put to one side, and there are many things of your world that are valuable to you, to your resources, to your life, and we will not dissuade you from using these things, particularly if it is life-threatening. But those instruments of pleasure, the ones that would tempt you and bring you disrespect, these are the things we speak of. For it is not evil to progress within your world with the many technologies and technological advances that you have gained, but it is evil to misuse these things of peace, to bring a circumstance of war or terror to nations of many. So be wise, but be respectful.

Learn to Live and Respect One Another, Not Depend on ‘Devices’

We ask you not to look into these things too much, for they have a purpose, but your overall purpose in life is to learn to live with one another, with respect to each other as a neighbour, to a brother and sister. Help yourselves to a better way, use these instruments of life to assist, but do not rely on them, do not depend upon them, and do not be bent to a wayward path that would be set before you.

Family Values

Remember the family values, for life does not exist upon your net, but within the reality of your world. Put away those trinkets and toys that are not necessary, and live your lives with family and neighbours and friends, welcome each other, do not be afraid to speak and say “welcome friend, I see you”. These values have been lost of late and we despair at the things we see and yet we still have hope, hope beyond hope.

Internet Crash?

What if your world Internet were to crash suddenly without warning? What would you do? Openly cry in the streets, panic? Perhaps.

Too much reliability is placed upon these things these days, and yet they are so accessible by many who would destroy your lives at the sweep of a keyboard! We know of your instruments, your thoughts are not your own and are shared with many of the beings of light. Do not be dependent upon these things, do not run your lives telling all upon the net.

Reach out to your lover, to your mother and father, reach out your family and greet each other with a welcome, not upon the net. Your lives do not exist in this electronic era, your values are lost but could be regained by a mere welcome of a handshake, or a warm glow of a caress.
Be at ease my children with the world of spirit, for you are part of this world, yet you do not understand the many things that life would teach you.

Hidden History

Your past is hidden by those of today, as they know full well that the history of your kind has brought forbearance once before. The dark ages as we have spoken of, were long cold years, and then the opportunity was given once more as was spoken of, and yet once more you have denied us.

There is still hope, do not be despondent upon these words. We bring you glad tidings that you may listen and once more find those family values that you lost so long ago, or not so long ago as this man recalls! For it is only a short time ago if we were to look at the time span, that you were devoid of these instruments, these technological advances, and weren’t your lives much better then?

Yes you struggled, many times, in the cold, in the winter when there was least amount of food available, least nourishment of financial gain and suddenly your world was ejected into a world of electronic wizardry shall we say, and like children with a dangerous toy, your lack of knowledge has propelled you into a state of being (that was) not intended, but we see a possibility of redemption.

We hope that your lessons are learned children, and you bring yourselves once more to the family values that, that man of so long ago attempted to teach you about. Your spiritual wisdom is paramount and you must seek out the words of the prophets of long ago, for they foretold many things of today.

And this man will also prophesise things given accordingly when required and you may think, “What an ego, what an absolute ego this man has.” But the facts are there and remain. The evidence is there, and he would seek to prove this to you, but, you would still disbelieve.

We ask you to search your own minds, your own souls, seek out the questions within your own words and expressions, do not be frightened of change, for change will occur many times throughout your lifetime and throughout the time of life for all. For life is a chain of events, the seasons of life. So be not afraid of change, put away those laptops, those computers, spend an hour or two with your children, with your family and bring focus upon yourselves.

Many of the youth today know nothing more than that of electronic wizardry, and whose fault is that? That they have been brought to this point? They are influenced by the dark, “This is this years bestseller”, insisting this is what you want, and they will pester you and torment you for a long time and you’ll give in and buy them these instruments, these laptops and even your communications these days are littered with nonsensical add-ons! And we can hear you now, “This man is not in touch with spirit how can he be? He speaks of today’s things!” But everything is present, everything is now.

Our wisdom and knowledge is great and we give you blessings this evening that you might understand, that your wayward ways, will soon become one of turmoil should you not bear witness to the lessons given.

Good evening.

New speaker

Charles Dickens and his guided words

Charles wishes a word this evening for he was once popular within the writings of your world, and he foretold of many things of the future, past and present, and yes Dickens is the word you are looking for. He was a noble gentleman, one of much satire we believe. But his words were foretold in his books and given as fiction, yet they remain to be fact. He was forthright in his manner, his stature was great in his time and men looked to him as his wisdom grew. His focus upon the forthcoming events were great, and as this man sits in focus tonight, so the writers and those who have foretold history to come, were also of focus.

They sat within their lonely places, their hidey-holes, their places where they could release the troubles of the day and just focus upon the words that they wished to write. But so often they were guided and yet unknown. They sought solace in their thoughts, and they strived to bring purpose of their lives through their writing. Fantastical things to come, and yet as Charles grew throughout his life, he became aware of the possibilities of these many things. His writings as a child were great, they are not known, but his stories exist.

Spurred on by his imagination he wrote many novels in the hope that one day man would read them, he was not aware of his responsibilities, or the truth and fact that were set within those books, those novels. His practice was seen as that of a man of a great talent who foresaw things in the future. His focus was great, and nobody would dare disturb him as he sat with his writing, a bell was given, that should attention be needed, then this will be used to alert him. But woe betide the man who walked in upon him within his study and disturbed his focus, for he was an intolerant man who would not accept the intrusion lightly.

He became well-known to your world, and his books and writings grew phenomenally. You look at them today and see those stories, and you think, “What possible relevance could they have today?” And yet many of those times foresaw many things, they were not influenced by what you call ‘the net’, their own imaginations, their own ability to focus was the only thing they required to bring these things to the fore. They were not dissuaded by those men of violence, they were not influenced in any way, other than those of higher society. But he was a poor man, his beginnings were modest shall we say, and the fame grew but never really entered his mind. He passed young, a young man in those times, and his wealth of knowledge was bestowed upon the world of literature.

Many times men have written the things that have not yet passed, and because men do not see these possibilities, they call them false writings, fiction in your words, but fiction may become fact, as is evident so many times before!

About the channel:

Once more never deny your responsibilities, that world of spirit, for they are the ones that influence you with the good thoughts and of course those of the dark would interfere as best they could.

This man has experienced many times thoughts that were not worthy of him, yet he has learned to put them to one side. His greetings to us are welcome and we will work through his mind for the many of your world.

His sanctuary at this time is his home, his peace of mind is the thoughts of love long ago, and yet his work is not ended, and will be unfamiliar to him at this time, yet his purpose will be brought for the benefit of all to focus their minds upon their inner being, upon their self worthiness. Perhaps he is the Charles Dickens of this world of today, or perhaps you would see him as a man of religion with fantastical writing, but creative, worthy of literature we feel. And he does not speak to himself thinking these things, he is not a man of a great ego and those that know him well, will vouch for this and tell you that he does not progress himself upon the stage of life, but merely resides within his life given in appreciation, despite the many pitfalls and sorrows that have befell him yet he continues on. His purpose and will fight for the cause that was given so long ago.

General Advice for All

Allow your purpose and cause to be this strong, battle against those of the dark who would influence you upon the net of life, deny your children these things and teach them the values of family, which were oh so important and still are relevant and no less important today.

We implore you, not to focus upon these facilities that have been brought to assist your lives and not (allow them to) rule your lives, for you are like drunkards, you are obsessed with these things and you spit out your consciousness on them. You tell the world of your woes in the hope that someone would listen, and this is a cry for help for many, although they do not realise it. Their lives are filled with joy but they do not see, for they have become the robot of your world.

Help yourselves children, bring yourselves hope, peace this evening.


New speaker

Responses are heard, he tells his stories so vividly, do not betray your thoughts with unwise thoughts, bring yourselves a focus, do not be disillusioned by those who would tell you that those who speak with the world of spirit are fools and they are of the unwise. Their practices are many and in various forms, but their purpose is as one, to bring you knowledge and acceptance of who you really are, for you are not the men of the earth, but you are of spiritual being, you are the creation of the creator.

We do not ask you to be on bended knees, but we do ask for respect, and your knowledge will grow as you seek out these many things of spiritual life.

The term ‘Bible bashers’ we have heard, they knock on your door and you frequently ignore them, close the door in their face. We speak of a sect in your world and yet their preaching is no different to that of your church or others of wisdom and light. Their courage is great, and we are glad of their intervention, as we are glad of you, and those who work with spirit. Your lives will become much brighter should you open your eyes and focus upon that nether world that you cannot see, and yet exists all around you, all of the time.

Temptations given by those of the dark, and the unwary will be led to a path, not of illumination, but of degradation and depression. Be vigilant children, bring hope to yourselves this evening. Thank you for the practice of light.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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