26-05-19 Human Life of Spirit, Judgement, Temptation, Homeless Children, Respect for Animals etc

Transcript 26th May 2019

Responsibilities are great in your world, and for many it doesn’t come easy. It can be a tedious task and many responsibilities are gathered within your lives. Yet you should focus upon those many things of knowledge that are accessible to you through your being of spirit in your living bodies.

The Human Life of Spirit

Be not afraid of what comes, for your belonging is great within this world, this realm of spirit. We are your companions in life and we walk with you with love and blessings and guidance for all. Some will ignore, but many, the majority, adhere to their thoughts unwittingly, not knowing from whence they came, but understanding that the direction given is true and focused.

We have once more come this evening to bring you blessings of joy and love from your loved ones, and the many beings and creatures that surround your planet who wish to join with you in communion, and ask of you their pardon, that they may intervene with your lives to bring you knowledge of the vast expanse of space that surrounds you.

Many have looked beyond the stars in search of the heavens, and yet they need look no further than their own being, for it is your focus and your spirit that will take you to these far-off places.

‘Finding your way home to the world of spirit’

Your navigational instruments are way beyond many of your imaginations. Your spark of spirit is like the homing bird, it knows where to go, and no instruments of man may intercede with this, for upon your passing your spirit focuses upon that of the light, and wisdom and knowledge is secure within your person, within your being.

You gather your senses and thoughts as you look to the great beyond, not quite understanding what it is that you are seeing, yet you are well aware of your freedom of your spirit and soul. Many will have scattered thoughts, not quite understanding what it means to be that of spirit, and so they will struggle to compare themselves as beings of life, yet they do not understand that it is merely an illusion, that their true life is that of spirit and their belonging is to that of the great beyond.

Failing Faith

We have noticed in many, that their trust and faith is failing at this time, their beliefs lack inspiration. For those of the cloth, the church, they dictate many things to them (the people), they read from the good book, the many good words given. Their purpose is just in their lives, yet there is more that they could do. For some it is a vocation, for others, merely a job, a means to an end, but they will succumb in time, and we have trust and faith in them to guide your spirit and soul.

Some are deceived by the leaders of these organisations they do not wish you to have a mind of your own, to think of your spirit as being free. For their purpose is to gather the wisdom and knowledge and deny your eyes the very same thing, so that your focus may be upon them, and not that of the truth.

Burdens and Purpose of Life

Many have imagined that their lives could be better, but how would you have it? Hmm? A life of ease without burden, no extremes, yet no pleasures, for what purpose would your life hold?

The man in the street, the everyday man who works for his living to raise his family and struggles with the aspects of life, he has purpose, a role to play, and his life is full even though he may not see it. His burdens are many and are carried by the members of this family. Yet those of wealth do not see the virtues of the working man, for they are blessed with many things, but their salvation is something that may not be purchased in life, it is a conviction to that of spirit and the charitable purposes by which you should live.

Many have spoken this evening in outrageous ways to combat the misfortunes of many, and they say that your lives are ‘meagre’ and not worthy of interest. To them you are the fodder by which their wealth will grow, and we say to them, ” Listen to your words, be cautious and have a care, for you may succumb one day and be that man upon the street with no bed or home and roam the streets in many places of your cities.”

Pray in Times of Need

Equilibrium within your world has lost focus. There are many who are unconscious to their minds, to their souls, and to their true being from which they once came. We ask you, if you are uncertain in your times of need, then a word of prayer is all you need. Does it hurt to sit alone and speak to the one that creator of life? Does it do you any harm to do this? Are you worried about people’s thoughts? But who will see you, who will hear you? Nobody but the Lord and the spirit that surrounds you.

The messengers in life are many and they bring you words of comfort as your hearts grieve for your loved ones, and they cannot help but notice the anxiety that is held within. For those who have purpose, their lives will be a benefit to others. But each one of you will be of benefit to each other. There is no need to follow a purposeful life in the service of spirit to be one with humanity, all we ask is that your trust and faith is not given over to that of the dark, for the commonwealth of man exists throughout your world and his noble status shall be seen as one of misfortune in the near future.

We hear your responses and you say, “How can this be, what misfortune befalls us? For now we have triumphed over mother nature and we have begun a journey of inspiration and foresight.”

The purpose of having a physical life

And yet we will tell you this, you see nothing. Your hearts are held within, and your minds are shut off from the thoughts of those of spirit. You are not the be all and end all, you are merely creatures of the earth, and you inhabit your bodies to learn of the many things that you cannot learn of in spirit. Your physical attributes are given that you may feel pain, sorrow, anguish, and all the emotions of your earth.

For spirit there are none of these emotions of the physical kind, for there is only love. To understand those men of the earth and other places that surround your planet, you must experience these things, and you will become guides as they transverse their lives in many ways unseen to them.

And they (those people) would deny this, for they see their lives full of purpose and not of gain.

Refrain from Gambling and other things of the dark

And we would ask you once more to refrain from those many things of gambling, of debt, which has occurred through the dark forces of your life’s .

We ask you not to bear witness against your neighbour should they cross your paths, but bring them peace of mind and allow them your heart and an ear to listen.

Many (mediums) have spoken of spirit countless times, and they have forecast many things to come. There is much truth in the words that they speak, yet some (mediums) are an illusion. Their commitment is sparse as they see a profitable way of making a few bucks.

Compare your lives not to that as a man, but as of spirit occupying a body of the physical world. Help yourselves to a better way, that you may find your path of life once more and help those who need help.

The Words in Time to Come

Your responsibilities are great in life, and many will come to admire the words spoken. You will yet be pressurised, or feel that you are under pressure. Do not grieve so or bring yourself injustice, for you have purpose. We observe the many things of your life Michael, and we see that your struggles are great, and your pattern is not unfamiliar to us, for we have seen this many times with other creatures of earth. So do not evaluate your life as being that of a greedy man, or that of a poor man, for you have purpose. Your wealth of knowledge is passed on by us through you, and it will be given great respect in time to come.

There are many who predict and forecast much as you do, and they also have purpose, their thoughts are that of spirit, and they encourage others to come to listen to their words.

You are a different animal, your respect is great for many things of life, and yet your ego remains anonymous. Let your path be bright, and if a stranger should come and ask you of wisdom, then beg his pardon, and say that you are but a man, but your words will speak the truth that he should listen.

Blame for Misfortune

It is not of our choosing, the many things, the many occurrences within your world, and yet we suffer the blame. For they say, “Why has this happened to us? Why did God deny us our lives? Why have we come to this?” And they will deny us, for they see no other way, other than to blame others for their misfortune and mishaps. We tolerate this, we do not deny them or denounce them, we help them upon their way, in many ways unseen. And yet do we get thanks? No. But we know in our hearts that in the end, our help will guide them to a place that they need to be.


You see the lavender of life before you, it’s colour brilliant and represents that of spirit, it forms the number two, and yet you do not know why. The lavender brings peace and comfort, enjoy its perfume and respect its effects upon you.

Nurture your lives in this way, help yourselves to a better way of living, bring your purpose to the fore and do not allow those to ridicule you as they ridicule others within their purpose.

Lost Children

Have a thought, spare a thought for those lost children of your world who wander the streets aimlessly within the many cities of the East and those that roam. For they have no home, no companionship, no mother to caress and guide them, and for the most part they are ignored, not given the respect, hope and joy that they deserve. Why you ask, do they wander the streets with no homes, no parents to love? And really we can give you no answers, it is your irresponsibly that has brought them to this. You blame us, you say, “God why don’t you help these lost souls, why do they wander the streets?” But do you lend a hand? Do you hold out a hand of welcome to them and say ‘Come, I have a home?’ No, your responsibilities are focused upon many other things and you ignore the situation because you feel it is the authorities position to take care of the children, passing the buck you might call it. And yet you do not see it as your responsibility to take that hand and say to them, “Come I will give you love, I will give you a home”.

Don’t Rely on the Authorities

Be not reliant upon those that you consider as your authorities, for their world is different to yours, and yet you succumb to being a peasant of their world, then you will be no better in the days to come. We see these children and the horrors they face.

The town of Bethlehem once held a child whose fate was given so long ago. He too wandered the streets, and the lands upon which he lived. Beggar they called him, to be ignored. And yet he shone his light to give them his love. A common fellowship of man was his and was given freely to those who would listen to his words. Yet he was scorned by others, for they could not see his purpose or the joy that he brought. We have spoken many times of him and we would like to wish you Psalm 95 : verse one, as this may be of guidance to what we tell you this evening.

Homeless children existed in those times and have done so for so many centuries, and there has been assistance for them. In your modern day and age you consider yourselves as being mature perfect people, and yet your immoralities are many, and we see this.

Money Brings no Wealth in Spirit

There are those that would extend the hand of charity and warmth, and they would bless these people, and it is not just the children of your life who wander the streets, but many whose circumstances have come to a point beyond their control, and you say, “This could not possibly happen to me, for I have a life of luxury and all the many things that people would wish for.” But you have a saying “Do not count your chickens” for there will come a time when your banks will crash, your funds will escape, and what evidence would you have of their existence? Many have cashed their money into gold, the precious metals of your earth, and yet they do not understand that this will not bring them wealth in spirit, it will not help them to a higher position in the next world, for it belongs to this world and this reality only.


It is an illusion that is set before you by those that you call, ‘The Devils’, and they set illusion to tempt you from your paths of light, and why is this you may ask, why are we set upon a path of light only to be given temptation within life from other creatures and beings? And it is clear to see, that it is your courage, your wisdom, and your true faith that will carry you through. If you relinquish these and give in to the temptations of life that are set before you, then your test of life has come to an abrupt end, not in the literal sense, but in the sense of failing. And then your path will become dimmed and darkened.

But there will become a point where you will look for this light once more, you may not think so, you may think, “what need have I of the spiritual realm, for I am a wealthy man of this earth” and yet you deceive yourself into thinking these things, for you are one of spirit. You are that which you deny. Can you not see this, and will you not succumb your mind and give in to the truth, the facts that lay before you?

Your money, precious metals and possessions belong to the earth and not your spirit and soul. The true path lies in the light and the love and trust that you bring with you, and for those many who shut their eyes for the last time and do not have the faith and trust, their eyes will become dark and they will not see the light that is obviously before them, for they would deny their death, they do not think that they are passed, and they will become the creatures of darkness.

There is always recompense, and their price will be paid. But to alleviate your fears, should you become one these creatures, there is always hope and a prayer to be given. Forgiveness is granted if it is requested either by yourself or on your behalf, so don’t look to those in despair or those of the dark and say “You’ll be doomed” for hope is given to all creation of life, no matter where it exists within the cosmos, within the galaxies of life. Truth will be heard in time to come.

Destruction of Forests of Madagascar

In Madagascar many seek their fortune in the riches of the earth and they demolish the forests of life for the greed, wealth and avarice that they seek so badly. Yet in doing so they destroy their world, their habitat, not only those, but those creatures who reside within those over grown places you call a jungle.

They will release an amount of aggravation to your earth, for there are many things hidden within the plant life of your world that should not be released, for they have a sole purpose for one thing only, but if you release these toxins to your world, then you must all pay the price, those of the innocent and those of the guilty. It is a hard thing to face, that you should suffer for others actions, and yet in your world in which you live, your demand is great for these things, and you do not consider from whence they come and what the damage is to bring you these things of life.

You see the peoples who dwell in the jungles of life, and we have told you of these before, they have nothing more than the food that they can carry. Their wealth is their life, a simple life within the jungle, for it provides all for them. They ask no more of your gadgets, of your instruments of life. You call them natives, primitives even, we have told you, that the true primitive is those of want and greed. You call them necessities of life, and yet there are other ways and other things that you could use or do, but you choose the easy option, you do not want to see that there is another path that may involve a little effort upon your part.

You have simple minds that are easily led astray, and yet you say you are that of intelligence! We question this statement, for the true intelligent being, is that who opens his heart and mind to the light and life of spirit, for that is where you belong.


Many temptations are set before you, and much judgement will be given upon your passage of life, you must refrain from judging others unless you judge yourself. For who are you to speak out against someone and say this is wrong or that is wrong, who are you to say that they lead their lives in a passage of false hope when they speak of spirit and the light? Do not judge others until you have judged yourselves, for you may be shocked at the results and the things that you see.

Be humble in your lives and in your purpose, greet those that you meet with a warm smile and a shake of the hand, respect their space and their true beliefs. For their beliefs and truth are no different to your own, yet you judge them. You see them, they wear perhaps a turban, perhaps yashmak or other clothing that has become a symbol of, shall we say, ‘terrorism’ to you. You do not see the person beyond the clothes, you do not look to them and see their humanity and their spirit and soul, you look to them and you see their dress and the way they present themselves, and you judge them on this, you judge them on the superficial of life. Yet we ask you to judge them deeper than this, to judge them through your love and soul.

Many will find this hard to do, for they are tormented by your press and your media, in saying that these people are wicked, they are cruel. Truly do you not look to yourselves and see the position that you are in, and your own society and how it would look to others of other nations not necessarily of your planet? You do not judge yourselves equally.
You must open your hearts and minds and see the better, the good in people, do not hate for hate sake, release your fears, do not believe the men of the press who would tell you that these people of a foreign race are evil and their intent is not good, because this is just the minority. They exist, we acknowledge this, their paths are twisted, their minds are warped by others who teach them, ‘nonsense’, shall we say. But they will come to learn the truth in time to come as you will do.
Who will judge you upon your passing? Will you be judged, or will you judge yourselves? To be fair, we would ask you to judge yourselves, and if you cannot judge fairly, then your purpose has not been completed or done. So have a mind of purpose, look to them and say, ‘There is a fellow spirit’, not a man of the human kind because of is his dress, his body, look at him deeply and see his soul within. Paragraph 10 of John will tell you of this. He spoke many a truth when he spoke to the masses, that his life was unworthy, yet he did not see it for himself, he judged himself unfairly, for he became a man, a leader of many. His respect was great and he found his path and he lived his life as a simple man, yet one of wisdom and knowledge for all. Be that man, be John of life. Open out your arms and your heart to those who need you most and baptise them with your life and your love, ask no more of them than you would ask for yourself. Then your judgement will be great.
We bid you good evening, fair weather in the storm to come. Amen.

New Speaker

Respect for all creatures

Paradoxically you are somewhat like those lower creatures that you see in your life, you see them as insects and creepy crawlies and these are things to be stamped upon, looked down upon. Your beliefs in self-awareness are great, yet you do not see, as was spoken of, your true soul, your true spirit. You are seen no less important by other nations than you see of the insects of your life and you would find this hard to fathom, for you are a creature of man, the master of all, you are the master of your earth, of your civilisation, so you think!

And yet there are others who look upon you as merely insects, some infestation upon your planet, and they will judge you unfairly you will think, but you think nothing of unjust judgement to others, to other creatures of your world that you consider beneath you.

Do you see a pattern forming here? Can you not open your hearts, and when you see a beetle upon the ground, do not bring your foot upon it, but look at it as a creature of life who is equal to life as you are, you are no different. Your formation is larger, your body is different, yet life exists in the minutest microbe that exists upon your world. So do not think yourselves as being great beings of life, because to others you are those microbes.

Reality bites hard when we understand this, and we ask you to have wisdom in seeing this.

Respect for the food we eat

For the many Hindus of your world, many religions, believe this and their hearts are open to other creatures existence and life. And yet still you feed upon each other, and that’s the nature of your world, so you may say “how are we to eat if we cannot indulge in these things that give nourishment to our bodies?” We do not ask you to stop eating, for it is in your nature as a human being, as an animal of the earth, to prey upon others as others will prey upon you, but we ask you to give them respect, pray for them, give thanks for their being and their sacrifice to sustain your life.

How many of you we wonder say grace nowadays at your tables, your meals and give thanks for that which is put in front of you, and you see their joint of meat steaming away, and you’ll drool at the thought of eating that. Do you think of that as being part of a creature that once lived? Or do see it as just something on the plate before you? Would you give thanks that creature for the sacrifice that it is has made, not of his own choosing, but nevertheless sacrifice, sacrifice to us? So next time, before you sit down to a meal, look at the things you are about to eat, even the merest vegetable, the plants of your life, the insects and the creatures that you feed upon, give thanks and respect their being, for they give you life.

Their life still exists as yours will do in another world, another dimension beyond and yet equal to your own. Many do not understand this, many are cruel to these creatures and to the plants and the insects of your world, they give them no time, no thought that they too may feel pain and punishment.

We do not deny you your food upon the table, for your bodies need this nourishment, but equally and more so, your soul needs nourishment. Feed upon the words given in the books of life, feed and nourish your soul and give thanks to those creatures that have gone before, who feed your bodies. Do not look at that joint of meat upon your table and think that it magically appeared, that was once a creature of your earth with feelings, fear, all the senses that you possess, that creature had. It did not understand why its life was cut short. You have a modicum of intelligence, and you know the reasons why.

Balance of Nature

When a lion attacks the beast upon the plains of Africa, it does not do this out of cruelty or punishment to that creature, it does it as a matter of survival and it respects those animals, for it will only choose one, or that of its want and need, it will not kill multitudes for the sake of killing, as man does, it will not sacrifice many lives and then throw away those lives because of greed, because of war.

The balance of nature is all, and exists within everyone. And you as creatures of the earth as mankind, you have now upset that balance of life. Respect the life that surrounds you, give thanks for your being and the creatures that nourish you, nourish your soul with the spirit of light and life, for one cannot exist without the other. And if you end up in that dark place when your eyes are closed for the last time, do not be afraid, but ask yourselves, why have we been brought to this? And you will be given time to think about these things, oh yes we speak of thought, because thought is energy, and that energy continues on.

We would like to speak more of these things, and will do so in the future. But for tonight we will leave you now give you our blessings and love and ask you to consider the many things spoken of through this man, these words of wisdom.

Have a good evening. Amen.

The Circle of Light

We sit as a circle of light to issue these words to your world of men, and we forecast great joy for those who would sit within the light. This does not mean you need to perform ceremonies, attend your churches, it just means that you would have a thought in your heart and mind to the spirit within, and the spirit that watch over you with love and compassion. All we ask is that you respect the creatures of life that you live with, in the same modicum of respect. Blessings this evening to you.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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