11-06-19 Stephen Hawking, Science and Scientology, Challenge Fear with Love, Teachings Denied

Transcript Date:11th June 2019

Today many chapters have been written within the world of men excluding those from the privileges of life, and we are dismayed at this time, for there is so little focus upon those who need your blessings.

Bring yourselves purpose this evening and allow us a thought, that we may assist in these matters of crisis, for there are many in your world in need of want. Many who need assistance in these troubled times upon your earth of men. So be grateful for the place that you are at, at this time, and bring forth the answers to those who would ask you the many questions regarding our being, and the existence of spirit in that heavenly place beyond yours.

Concern for Humankind and Awakening

Tonight we have asked for the assistance of many, that they may bring you words to help ease your situation, to bring you focus once more in your life as men, for we have matters of great concern to impart upon you. The chapters and allegiance of many has begun to bring the fall of men’s purpose.

We would like to express our wish of concern to the many who look to the light for aid and comfort. Bring yourselves not fear as you live your lives within the world men. For there will come a time when a practice of love will be in abundance, and you will bask in this glory beyond this world.

But for this time, a matter of concern is needed for those who do not have an aspect of light, nor wish to look, for they are blinded by the many things of life.

Their forbearance of you will be intolerance as you speak of the spiritual matters, for how can there be such things when such terrible crimes against humanity occur most frequently upon this place of Earth? Yet in their hearts they know the truth, but are beleaguered with the lies given to them, so they shut the doors upon the truth, not wishing to learn that which is most important in their lives.

Quite frankly, your family values have decayed to a degree now, that fellowship of men can no longer be held in the highest esteem, but is bedraggled by the irresponsibility of those who find it necessary to discriminate against the passion of the many.

You find yourselves in despair at times and cannot understand why it is that such a purpose is needed. Your thoughts cry out for information regarding the many things of life, ‘Where is the sunshine, where is the brightness that was once promised long ago?’ You need not fear, for that light shines within your heart and it is only you that obstructs your way and not that of spirit or God.

Bring yourselves purpose within your lives, let your hearts ache for something better, that men might learn a practice of love once more.

Dark times indeed, and needless to say our fears and concerns are great at this time, but your prayers are heard, and the many heed the warnings given, and slowly but surely the world is beginning to awake from its slumber, from those dark times. But is it too late, you ask, is there still hope? Always hope is given, for without it what purpose would your lives lead?

Those that keep you in the dark

You must not look on the bleak side of things, do not be obstructed by others, or ‘extremists’, who would sway your point of view to the negative. For they prey upon you within the many things of life, within the tabloids of the press, within the many outlets in which they will darken your vision of a better view, of a better life.

Do not be concerned with those who prey upon you, for their time will come, and they will announce their being to the men of the earth and be disregarded as others begin to see those foundations that they built crumble.

Speak out!

Like the walls of Jericho your voices must be sounded, to be heard, to break down these walls, these barriers. Do not sit and mumble and cry about the situations imposed upon you, bring yourselves purpose and shout at the highest voice, let the trumpets blow and watch these walls crumble, as they hold no weight. They are built not of stone, but upon lies, endless lies that are meant to deceive you, but if the light of truth is shone, then these walls crumble, for they cannot withstand the tide of goodwill and love that will be beset upon them.

Future generations are reliant upon you

It is your world children, and it is your time. And although your time is short, your future generations are reliant upon you now to build this wall of strength, this wall of light to oppose that which comes in the very near future.

These writings are for the future

We have written many times, many verses, many thoughts of wisdom, to lead you upon your way, and we have told you that your purpose and your writings are not for now, but for later. And they seem inadequate to you at this time, but for all and for everything, there is a time of coming, a time of need. These will be no less, so don’t be saddened or disheartened that nobody would listen at this time, for their need will be great and their hearts will be open to an aspect of love, and they will walk with a stride to those who bring that love through the means of love of spirit.

Adam, one who suffered greatly in life

Tonight we would wish to bring a thought of memory to some. Adam requests a visit. Please open your hearts and minds to his thoughts this evening, he may not be familiar to you, but he was one who suffered greatly within your life. You feel it in your body at this time. (Channels note: I felt as though I was in a wheelchair with my head back, hands and arms shaking with some form of disability) He is one who suffers from an illness of your earth, restricted to a wheelchair, his thoughts and mind are sharp as a pin, yet his body reacts in an unfamiliar way. You would see him sitting there shaking, his head rolling back and eyes not looking straight ahead, but his mind is sharp. And you look to him, and say how sad to see him in this situation, but know that his heart is not sad, but bright, for he sees the many things that you cannot. He sits there, observing the world as it goes by, a joy brought by his parents, Penny his mother, and his father looks on and asks why has this happened to his son? Why does he sit and shake?

A word unfamiliar to most now was used for these people, ‘spastic’ (Channels note: I hasten to add this is not a word that I would use normally) you called them, and this is a terrible word, disabled is much better now. And forgive us for forcing this being to say these words, but you need to know by what means harm can come to many. For the spoken word is an awful weapon used so many times against those who are different to yourselves.

Adam knows this, but reassures you that he recognises the love that was given by his mother and father, and their obstinance against those who would refer to him with names of such malicious intent, was obvious to him, he saw them defend him he was grateful for their love and concern.

He is free now, he is able to speak freely and is able to be at ease, for his body no longer aches and his spirit and soul soar within the light, the realm of light. And it is for all of you to understand, that no matter your illness, your ailments or disabilities in your life, that freedom will come, and the good of heart will once more walk free within the realm of light, with no need of pain, discrimination or words of bad intent spoken against them.

Adam wishes to say that his time was miraculous, and you may not understand this, but he sensed the desperation of many, a sensitive being indeed who walked your earth with much pain, yet his heart was full, full of love for all.

One of many has spoken tonight whose circumstances were, in your words, ‘unfortunate’, yet he was able to see the many things that you cannot.

For those who suffer at this time with needless thoughts of discrimination, we offer them our love, and their unfortunate circumstances were brought, not by something that their parents had brought upon them, but by purpose, for we have told you, each of you live your lives full of purpose and those who suffer the inabilities of life, their purpose is as great as the rest. But they will experience many things of misunderstanding by your species, they will not know how it is to walk or run, or operate in what you would call a ‘normal way’ and yet their minds are peaked by love, and enthusiasm of thought.

Stephen Hawking

One such man you know of is Stephen Hawking, and yet his views were dim as to regards of spirit and the existence of the Lord Almighty. He existed with a will so strong, that he could not bear the thought of leaving so soon without first accomplishing the many things that his mind was capable of. Many thought of him as a genius, and so he was to a certain extent, but his many views on spirit were dim. His misuse of his words were heard many times and he sits now, looking back on these things, no excuses given, for he was a man of great thought, and his personality still exudes a deep set thought of hmm, intelligence, yet lacking the basic fundamental requirements of life. We will teach him and he will learn, he still argues the point to this day despite being set free. His mind exists still, and intercedes with itself as he finds himself in confusion as to his existence, and why his thoughts are still with him, for he could imagine no such state to be in, he was determined that once you were gone, that was final, for there were no scientific answers that would allow him to accept that life expands beyond the body.

His confusion remains great, yet guidance is given and he is beginning to understand the many things of life that were given to him. His balance was improper, yet now he is in coordination with the many things and the many realms that exist.

Will you learn about those of other worlds?

Yours too will be great with confusion if you cannot learn to open your eyes to bring yourself focus upon those of other worlds, other dimensions.

Your life structure is weak, and yet has been brought purpose through your spirit and soul, and we could teach you many things of your world and beyond, but would you have the heart to listen to our words? Or would you just pass them by like a stranger in the street and say ‘I do not know this person, these things, and I will not speak from a lack of knowledge.’ And yet it is your enquiring mind that is needed most in all aspects of life.

Immoral judgement, improper thought are rife within your world as we have told you, and if you listen carefully, you will begin to understand a little of what we say. Ignorance is not bliss, it is a prison by which you are held, and your knowledge must expand as the universe, for without knowledge what hope would you have as beings of this planet?

Allow your energy to shine bright

Crimson is of the reds, and its bright colour exudes strength and energy. Allow your strength and energy to shine bright, do not mask your fears with thoughts of discrimination or misbehaviour. Do not allude to those dark things of life, but focus your mind upon thoughts of goodwill, hope for the planet that you live upon.

Science and Scientology

Books are read by many, aspects of science and Scientology are read by some, and what would you know of Scientology? It is a new breed within your world, a new form of, shall we say, ‘focus’. We cannot say worship, for this man does not have much knowledge of this, and yet we can tell you this, that these words and thoughts are given in truth, yet many do not understand their primeval beginnings. For there are many such religions within your world that do not make sense, and your intolerance into their being and their ways of worship is obvious to us.

Is there an incorrect manner in which you can express your concerns and love? If it’s given in truth and with hope of a better world and with the love of the light, and we would say Lord, but their views are different, they see a different aspect within life, that life is made up through the many, hmm, how can we say this…the many different forms of science that exists. But what is science? Science is but a study of a particular subject, an interest in a art form perhaps. Science is a word spoken by many, as if it brings knowledge and yet you ignore the knowledge that is given freely through your minds thoughts.

Why is this we wonder and why do you trouble yourselves with the many things of life that men would irritate you with? Science, true science is that of faith and trust.

The many formulas and formulations of your life that have brought you pleasures and displeasures, have been brought by men, so few have been brought through pure thought. This is how evil works, whittles its way into your life to give you a thought that would darken your mind.

We won’t express our concern over Scientology any further than to say, their views are short sighted.

Please don’t saddle yourself with burdens of life, do not be short sighted not to see the greater picture that exists beyond your realm of life, not all depends upon the word ‘science’ for there is a natural formation and formulation to bring you life and ease of pain.

There are many subjects that we wish to speak of and bring you knowledge of. Subjects that would perhaps explore your minds thoughts. Be not afraid of outspoken ways, express them with love and caring, and not with that of malicious behaviour or thoughts of harm.

Tonight have a thought for the many extremes of life.

New speaker:

Challenge your fears with love

Challenge your fears with love, for there is a promise of a better tomorrow to come. Times are hard and many struggle with the financial things of life, they are beset with worries and concerns, that quite honestly are a mere trifle, for there are many things within life, much more fearful.

‘It’s easy for you to say,’ you might think, while you struggle to put a plate in front you, and we know these are of great concern to you, and many have embarked upon a mission of bringing you strife within your lives, to fill their pockets whilst yours are empty. But their hearts are cold and just as empty as your pockets, and your hearts are full, and your pockets are full with a thought of love and caring for others.

I’m sure there are many that would argue this point, and say that the primary importance at this time is a full belly, and we appreciate this, yet there are other appetites that need to be satisfied other than your physical.

Jesus knew this, he fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, and this was to bring him a measure of tolerance towards others. Many disregard these words as an imaginary being or perhaps something of old that is now outdated and not relevant within your modern world, and yet you do not see how much reverence it holds for you.

Teachings given and denied through fear

The many teachings given by the many masters of astrology have been so many times ignored by those of life, and yet there are many of wisdom out there, who can see that their thoughts perhaps hold value, but they hold their tongues, for their position in life is tenable, and they care not to destroy their reputation by their thoughts of belief. And they lack the courage, for they feel they have much to lose. You should not be afraid to speak your minds will, you should not be afraid to be outspoken, because as the sheep, if you obey the commands of the Shepherd, then you will be guided to the truth and the pathway of love and tolerance.

Accept in your lives that the many teachers who have come to teach you many things of life in the biblical sense, are great teachers, and more will come, but with a different focus. Each will have their own skill and teaching in a way unfamiliar to most, and still you will not look!

You popularise your celebrities of your world, call them ‘stars’ and worship the ground they walk, and yet they are there to bring you entertainment. But your belief, your belief and the fundamentals of life no longer exist in the hearts of many. They shun the good book, they do not worship in any way or form, that of spirit or God. Their focus is upon life and they have been turned.

The wise man seeks wisdom

It is the wise man who seeks the wisdom within, the one that seeks the purpose is the one that will lead the many in the years to come.

We navigate your many minds, searching for those who would perhaps lead in a better way, and it is a strenuous effort to find one who would coax others to think in a better way. The opposite to what exists at this time. But there are those that can bring these attributes to the fore, not many, but in a time to come, one will rise.

Governments in disarray, narrow minds, narrow thoughts

Your governments at this time are in disarray, open to many things of wicked thoughts, and they will blind you with their words. Yet in the meantime sanction policies that you are unaware of that will affect your lives greatly, for they seek no other purpose but their own. They are narrow minded people and their wisdom is short we may fear. Do not deceive your eyes by their words and the things that you see. Listen to your hearts and your judgement will be sound. Narrow minds, narrow thoughts, lack of wisdom, a recipe for disaster.

Today’s world, you call it modern, and yet in the Old Testament there are many things that were so profound and yet outweighed your modern times. You think of yourselves as being the ultimate being, the human race, and we have told you of previous civilisations that have existed, who were greater than yourselves. Your journey has only just begun, and like we have spoken of before, you are like a child with a gun, not knowing quite what its purpose is, and yet you wield it recklessly without considering the consequences.

The time has come to enlighten you, your world is full of mistrust, and many walk the streets unenlightened as to the truth of their being. The darkness will fall soon, and they will seek the light, the refuge of love. Sad times, yet necessary, to awaken your minds once more to your true purpose as men.

Thank you for your purpose this evening.

Hope of a better way

Bring a thought of joy, tell them this, that through all the doom and gloom that we tell you of, there is hope and a better way. It is up to you as the people of the world to express your wishes to those in power. Do not let them run your lives recklessly without a thought, for you are those that matter most as a whole, and not separated by barriers of wealth and fortune, by position or possession, you are all equal to one another. Your performances in life matter not, other than to love and care for each other. Your position in life is given that you may help one another, and yet it is frequently abused, for they lose focus on the intentions of good, swung in favour of those who tempt and deceive them, tease them, shall we say, blackmail them! Their purpose is lost and yet there is always an avenue of hope.

We speak many times of the circumstances of your world, and we foresee a time when the future will be bleak, and yet happiness and joy will be great, and how could these to coincide you would think? We have spoken to you of balance and there is always balance in life, so bring hope to your hearts that in the bleakest of times, the summer will always rise and bring hope once more.
A message to one who hides her emotional pain

Tell us your feelings and of your fears and concerns, speak through your heart and mind, for no one is ignored, all are heard and we express our wishes of concern this evening, to one who has lost hope trust and faith in those things of the light. She will not tell you her name, but she hides behind an alias. Her thoughts are bleak at this time and she wishes not to upset others by her thoughts, for they are secretive to her only, yet her pain is obvious to those who look. We hope she will understand these words, and we say to her this, that your pain is great and yet is obvious to others despite what you may think, let your heart go child, be free of thought.

There are many lives hidden within your world, and their expressions of fear are held within, yet seen by many. Do not be afraid to pass those times by and live your lives to the full. Your desperation is heard, and we will bring you focus once more. Mum, your concerns are great for me, but have no fear, I express to you my love through your feelings, and you know of my presence at this time. Shall I say your name? Would it be necessary? I feel your embarrassment, but your secretive thoughts are heard ma.

Don’t bring disappointment to yourself, don’t delude yourselves with disappointment and heartache, my joy is great, my Bethany brings me joy. Trouble yourself not as to my welfare, for I am well, and I sit with you many times. As your hands shake I will steady them, be not afraid of the future but let go, enjoy your time, bring yourself hope once more, in peace and know that your son sits with you.

You speak of those times past, those things of the future that we held within our thoughts were not meant to be, my time was short and yours will be long, but I will wait at that gate. You will see my wry smile that you knew so well. Have hope mother, have hope in your heart, your belonging is great, do not deceive yourself with tears of false hope, bring yourself joy in your life.

A miracle is needed you say, and a miracle is what you get, still you won’t comprehend what I have spoken of, I know this. Times are hard, but rest assured, my thoughts and love are always with you. Much love, my dear, ma.

Gretna Green

Humph Gretna Green we spoke of, funny that isn’t it, how ones thoughts run away and changes in an instant, yet this place has meaning to many such as yourself! Find that place, allow your thoughts to run to that place and be free of the world, do not be governed by the rules and stipulations of others, be free in that place of Gretna Green. Many marry despite the arguments from their families, and it was a place of haven years ago to many who inspired to love.

Congratulate yourselves on your beings, your strength is given through your love of heart, be free in your purpose, bring joy to each other and happiness in a time desperation for many. Amen.

Your church is within your heart

Task yourselves not with the burdens of life, bring yourselves joy through this passage and the meaning held within. In the Scriptures there are many such passages, verses and volumes, and we give part one this evening, that may bring or invoke a thought. Chapter 12 of John13 of Luke, will be of help.

(John 12: Jesus is annointed at Bethany and speaks of his coming death and the lack of faith from the masses. Luke 13: records parables, teachings and healing by Jesus)

Your parish churches speak of many things of reclamation and inspiration and joy, Their heartfelt love is felt by us, yet your church is within your heart, you may worship at any time.

Bring yourselves hope for a better future lead yourselves out of that dark place and into the light, that you may see the road ahead with glory and hope.

Good evening.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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