19-07-19 Message from the Creators of the Crop Circles,The Environment, Love, Eternal Life etc

Transcript Date: 19th July 2019

Many Struggle with their purpose

Communications are hard at this time, as many struggle with their lives of purpose and need, and to combat these things we send thoughts of love to those who need it most throughout the world of men, who unfortunately have lost faith in those that guide them from afar.

Tonight we wish to thank those who have made it possible for our words to be heard and listened to, and to those who adhere to the readings in the sitting of this cabin, may we offer you our special thanks as we welcome those beings of light.

Communication is good this evening as the atmospherics seem favourable to us. Equally, your faith and trust have never faded during this time of anguish, yet you still yearn for more within life. Be blessed in the knowledge that your love will be rewarded in due course, as will all those who have purpose to the Lord and spirit, and work on behalf of those who you call “your past loved ones” for they live on still within the world unfamiliar to you at this time.

We recognise the many who ask, “Please can we have faith, how can we trust the words that are spoken and have belief in things that we cannot see?” We are unable to help you with these circumstances, but just to say have faith and trust, it costs you nothing, it affords you nothing other than love and the freedom of will to follow your heart, as was intended before time immemorial.

We are as real as the coats that hang on your back

Let us speak upon your behalf and allow you this time to acknowledge to you that beings of light are as real as the coats that hang on your back, for we surround you constantly, we cosset you and comfort you when needed and you feel these vibrations, yet not being able to sense them for what they are.

Truly your species is a different kind of animal, you work hard towards a means to the end, and yet your environment suffers on behalf of this. You are the lemmings of life, you battle your wills knowing full well that your world is doomed at this time if change does not come, yet you continue on to that precipice of life, not understanding the reasons why you do this.

A u-turn must be made

You must have will and heart to make a U-turn in your lives to begin to understand how the mind works and the body and spirit that occupies it in equal measures.

We are your partners in life

Do not be ashamed to say that your belief and trust in us is absolute, for we are here as your partners in life to assist and guide as was promised before your time. But the vast majority ignore this now, for their lives overrule their good senses and their behaviour becomes outrageous at times, not being that of the light. Yet we anticipate that their time will come when they see a better future, a future for all, and not of one’s self, for purpose is given to all to live amongst your fellow men to learn the lessons of life so often spoken of, yet unheeded to this day.

Your communications with us are illiterate at times, we do not understand your thinking, for the world in which you live, yet you beckon us to your side asking us for assistance in the guidance of life. We cannot control your lives, it is up to you to listen to the words spoken within your mind and heart, if you do not understand this, then we cannot assist, for it is only your faith and trust in our guidance that would change your lives as men.

Your purpose is one of many, some extreme, some less so, yet are all equal to the end purpose by which you live. Your tolerance of us is great and we see this grows within your communities, yet there are still those lacking a true understanding of what this means.

Tender steps of guidance

Help yourselves to a better way, don’t be inclined to batter others with information that they cannot yet comprehend, for it is the tender steps of guidance that is needed to take their hand and show them, as you would show a child, in a manner of love the path upon which they should tread.

Many of you misunderstand this and would hammer on about things that other souls do not wish to hear at this time. All good things come to those who wait and if you are gentle in purpose and wise of mind, then your words will reach deeply into their hearts and souls.

‘Bucket Lists’

Allow us an audience this evening if you please, for we have great concern for many of your world, times are hard, and those who have ‘bucket lists’ await the time when they can fulfil these, but in truth, your lives are already full of purpose and those that call it a ‘bucket list’ do not understand that they may have already accomplished the things upon that list that was written so long ago.

Communication between men, between one another, is seldom heard with a fair ear, many listen to the rhetoric of those who talk of past times and how hard it was, yet they do not understand that their time is equally as hard in perspective. Times will brighten once more, and it come once more when men will seek purpose within their lives to see the light that shines beyond their eyes, to open their hearts and minds to the truth that lies and exists within all of you, yet seldom adhered to.

Concern for the Environment

We have hope for the many who have concern for the environment of your world. They struggle hard to bring (it to) the attention to the authorities of your life, yet they are ignored, for they are concerned only with ‘self’. We find this hard to understand as your times begin to whittle away, but be not concerned for your environment, for it will recover once more in a time to come when the abolition of men becomes obvious.

Many souls trust in the Lord and give nothing back but grief, for they look to him and ask why, why is this happening? Yet it is your own self-control that can turn these events and prevent a catastrophe.

We are here this evening at the request of this being, his connection is weak at this time, for times past have been a trial and tribulation to him, yet he sits with faith and trust that the spoken word is given from deep within his heart. His light shines bright as do many others who walk by his side, and his blessings are few, but his life is full of purpose, as are so many, yet unfulfilled. Be like this soul and enlighten yourselves to your prospects, take hold of the situation and look to us, trust in us, for we are your guides and angels who walk by your side to cosset you, as your coat protects you from the weather.

New Speaker

Thoughts for those that suffer at the hands of tyrants

Give a thought tonight for the many that suffer undignified deaths at the hands of those tyrants, for they continue their struggle upon which you do not hear of. Many things are hidden to you and from you, and the forces of evil work a web of deceit in many ways, in complex ways that you will not comprehend until the day comes of enlightenment. You must not trust their words, do not listen to their rhetoric, be obedient to the Lord and have faith and trust, so that the outcome may be great rather than poor.

The Creators of the Crop Circles

It has been unnecessary for us to visit your planet of recent days, for we have stepped back at this time in acknowledgement of the thoughts of many who require an appearance of us. Really, you mistrust us in many ways, you see the circles of life, yet you misunderstand their complexity and the purpose by which they are given. Many fraudsters thrive upon these things and will deceive your minds with nonsense, yet those that are written (created) by us are given focus, and the complexities are understood by some. You must listen to your hearts and your minds to understand that many things are sent to deceive you and yet the truth lies within many.

We are the creatures that live beyond your earth, we do not respond to lies or threats, nor do we issue them to your men in the kingdoms of your world. We see the many struggle for life, and those many who relish life in luxury. It is an unequal world in which you live and balance must be restored if there is to be a successful outcome.

Allow your thoughts not to transmit anger towards us, but for us to receive a welcome, for it is through thought that communication is made.

Many of the south (of England) see the circles, they disbelieve them and regard them as perhaps ‘Something created by the press to amuse the many.’ We see them as a matter of focus, yet your minds do not comprehend. In time we will show you the true meaning of these things, but until then, your minds must accept that there are beings who watch over you, not of your spiritual kind, but of the physical, in a different form, in a different way.

Our thoughts are transmitted to you this evening in the hope that you may understand of what we talk, you may not comprehend the words, for there are many puzzles in life that you do not understand. You walk as blind men, so how can we explain these things to your minds?

The transmission of thought has been spoken of before and yet it is misunderstood. There are those who stand in circles (crop circles) and they watch and wait for a sign to be given. Their senses are not aware of the energy that surrounds them for the most part, and your farmers fields are destroyed, to wipe out the evidence, for they cannot bear to understand that there are many things within life that defy explanation at this time.

The power of ten

Find it in your hearts to understand the simple symbols given, for your minds see them as complex routines and yet their simplicity bewilders you. Count to ten, we ask of you, for ten is a factor common to some of you. It is the power of ten that creates the many things of life and yet the complexities outwit you. Perhaps in time you will understand these variations of life and the formats in which they take.

Not a figment of your imagination

Do not be unshielded from the thoughts of those of wisdom, do not focus your minds upon those who whisper lies to you, instead think of us, as not a figment of imagination, but of fact. Comprehensively they have spoken in the past of the time to come when our appearance will be made, and yet you sit back and think “Why are we told these things, why have we not seen them as yet?” Time has a magic number. You sit and wait and yet time is irrelevant, for only the past tense has relevance.

Your future that you behold is out of reach at this time, you just stride in a way, forthright in your manner un-obliging to others, not assisting in the aspects of your planet. Do not suffer in the wake of others, bring yourselves purpose and need, and allow your minds to open, for there is much to be learnt within the realm that you live. Truly we say to you, let your hearts not be saddened by life and the many hardships experienced.

Ancestors Understood

You comprehend little in the way of other nations, other beings, yet your ancestors understood this well. They built their fortresses to hide from us, but we were seen, and in time they came to understand the many things and purposes by which we visit you, yet you consider yourselves intelligent these days, but by far, they were more tuned in to life than you.

Paganism we have spoken of, for this is a natural way to worship, your mother (earth) and the creator are with you constantly, and yet you abuse her in many ways.

We are despondent at this time, yet we have hope, take care children of the earth, watch for the signs to come, be not ignorant of their simplicity and yet complexity to others, it is only a matter of time before your civilisation will either overcome its problems or resign to the ultimate fate.

New Speaker

Encouragement for Michael

Goodness my boy, when will you understand that our purpose is great within your life? You worship us from afar and are beside yourself at times with worry and concern of authenticity and truth that is spoken, how many more times must we provide you with our evidence my child? You are well aware of the relevance of the words and your inability to function without them is obvious. Give them time, for the roses of life grow and bloom within the seasons of life, and the words written and spoken by us will equally bloom as times become dim and dark, for there are many seeking the truth of their purpose in their lives, they seek the lights that they cannot see at this time and yet know exists despite their outward ways and appearances.

Look for the light in your hearts

Look for the light in your hearts people, as this man does, and do not allow the stresses and strains of life to weigh you down, for there is much to learn, much to oppose at this time. We have hope for you all as you bring yourselves purpose within your lives, you seek many things of life that are satisfactory to you, and yet you ignore the things that bring you such wealth of knowledge. Be practiced my children, focus inwardly and bring yourselves peace from time to time, for there is no harm in sitting and pondering the words and the feelings given.


Listen, listen to your mind, your intuition will tell you things that you thought were not possible, yet you misunderstand that they are all feasible, and the thoughts you are given, those intermittent thoughts that you pass off as being ‘strange’ have great meaning and they are the communication that is needed at this time.

Faith and trust

Do not be ashamed to say that your life revolves around trust and faith of the light of spirit and God, the creator of life. Mohammed, and the many names you give this being, for the creation exists within all of you, so endorse this light, this creation. Have faith and trust and belief in what you are told, through your senses and through your thoughts, be not ashamed to follow them and listen to what is said, for the truth will be heard in a given time to come.

Help yourselves to a better life in a better way children, have purpose and thought for the creation that surrounds you, equally respond in kind to the nature of your world. Listen to those men of wisdom who speak of times to come, for they nurture you in their mind and wish you well, but you do not see so well, yet many are beginning to awaken, finally.

So help yourselves to a better way, communicate with the creatures of life, not just of your fellow men, but of those that surround you, the plants and the animals. The earth itself is also of creation and is a creator of life. The ultimate resolution for your beings is up to you, it is your purpose to live, and be fair and equal to others.

Allow this man not to dictate to you as a man, but as a communicator in life, allow the words to echo through your mind and give thought to the many things spoken of, for there are many things of life that are unseen and yet are as real as what you are at this moment in time.

Time is never ending

Time will elapse for many, but will restart anew. Many find this hard to believe, yet this is the truth, time is never-ending and marches on, and the simplicity of matter continues on with it. Even your star (the sun) will reach a point of termination, and yet create life after its death. Your astronomers understand this and many do not, but it is the natural way of things and although this may not occur within your lifetime, perhaps in life times in the future that you will exist within you will experience many things so bizarre that your mind at this time will not comprehend.

Be open with forethought and think to yourselves not as a single being for this single time, but as a perpetual entity that moves with time and throughout time. For time brings focus to many, as this man has experienced.

Learn and listen to the words, love and affection

Achieve your learning, listen to the words given if you will, bring yourselves purpose with love and affection. We speak not of the physical, but of that deeper love held deep within, and only those of experience of years will understand and know of. For the youth are young and vibrant, so how can they understand the true depth of love? It is found, even in the youth, and yet they do not understand until a passage of time has continued on, and the lusts of life and love recedes and they settle down.

The experience of your elders will tell many stories to the young of your world, and yet are seldom adhered to, so your experiences teach you these things and your life of learning will continue on as before, even when dusk falls.

Hold each other’s hands, complement each other in their ways and for the time that you have known them, give them your blessing and kindness of heart that they may see how fortunate they are, not in the wealth of your world, but in the wealth of love.

Hold out your hands and welcome to us, as we are equally part of you. Bring us a thought of love this evening children, open your hearts and minds and give thanks for your being at this time. Be not concerned with the ways of the world, as it will equalise in time.

Your life may end, but you continue on. It is only your physical body that hold you prisoner at this time, so make the most of what you have, look to each other with love and not with scandalous eyes looking for an option to outwit one another, but be gentle and kind. Understanding this, is what will make your journey easier and bring you loving and learning.

Be gentle children. Amen.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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