01-08-19 Words from a Spirit Guide, Light Beams, Truth about spiritual beings, Dogs and pets, Messages etc

Transcript Date: 1st August 2019

Words from a Spirit Guide

Togetherness, not so common in your world today, as many strive to fulfil their purpose without the need of others for selfish accomplishments and the basic luxuries of life.

Too many times we have sought their permission to enter their minds, to bring them peace and comfort in their turmoil and rush of life. We are satisfied that many oversee and rule their lives with compassion and love, yet still there are so many who would rush into matters without a thought or care for others as they clamber the spoils of your world.

The Material World Holds Nothing to Compare

Let us assure them that there is no need, for the material world holds nothing to compare with that of spirit and your lives are a matter of course, which will end, as all will, in a flourish of love from the spiritual realm. Yet there are those who disbelieve our words, call us reckless with our thoughts of wisdom, promising things that perhaps could not be taken or kept. We assure you that our love and wisdom walks with you all, it is a matter of your minds conscience to allow it in and observe the very meaning of the words given.

Blessings to those many who tread the path …

Blessings are given to Valerie this evening, to Veronica, and many who tread the path with you. They look upon you as a wise, perhaps slightly mad creature, yet their love for the words spoken is gratefully received by us.

You are a matter of concern at this time, be blessed in the knowledge my son, that love will come as sure and certain hope will follow in the wake of this love. But never indulge yourselves or yourself in matters that concern others, separate your mind from the worries of the world, for like the dodgems, the dodgems of life are hard to negotiate.

A practice of goodwill is needed by all to bring a successful outcome, to fulfil the answers of the world’s needs. Let us appreciate your thoughts of love and goodwill, for they fill us with a need to help those who suffer at the hands of tyrants. Allow us not to interfere or intervene to bring you malpractice, for our purpose is only love, as always from the beginning of time.

The Light Beams

The light shines bright and the many see this, and those of your countries of wisdom will stare in awe and ask, ‘What is this light? Why does it shine so bright and what is its purpose?’ Its purpose is to bring you knowledge, its knowledge is of wisdom and of love, yet the spectators of your military sources will see it as a threat, a laser perhaps, a beam of light that would damage many. Yet this is no such thing, there is no need or cause of alarm.

Those states will sanction a mandate that says, ‘that to pursue these matters of the things seen will be tantamount to treason of the country,’ for they do not wish you to know of the secretive thoughts of their Armed Forces, they do not want you to know of the prospect of good times that could be had with communication of others of other worlds.

Let us assure you, that these lights, these beams of lives are meaningless and harmless to many. They are a source of communication and of senses, they scour your world and your planet gathering information, they do not bring fear, they do not cause you harm, but they do cause alarm for the many will see this and not understand their purpose, and even though we speak these words to issue you fair warning of our peaceful intent, many will not see or read these words and they will see it as an illusion, perhaps military based, testing their weapons of war. And they will tell you that these lights, these beams of light are a natural phenomena, yet they misunderstand the purpose as many will do.

Allow us not to bring intent of destruction, but to bring purpose of love and instruction that they may see a better way upon your planet, for war is looming, unseen by many, and many will be ill at ease with these things. As always we speak to you from our hearts. Our intentions are good, have goodwill and no more. Be at peace with yourselves as a race of beings, instruct your Armed Forces to put away their weapons, do not permit them to influence you with thoughts, hasty thoughts, for they bring scare tactics to many in the hope of turning their heads in favour of them. Tackle your thoughts, we assure you we bring you no harm.

Consequently, harm will come to many as they panic in the streets and fight their way through the crowds to observe these things. Fantasies you think, words of a man not quite in touch with himself. Yet he repeats the words that we speak at this time. His thoughts are with you and those that join him this evening. They look for wisdom and perhaps confirmation of this connection of minds.

In Seattle we see you

You are seated in Seattle, and we see you. Ill at ease with the circumstances at hand, for many will riot this evening for a better way of working, for a better way of living. A news blackout will be given, not allowing the rest of the world to see the upheaval and turmoil which is being created in deceitful ways.

Perhaps a word in the ear of Mr President would cease these many obstructions, but a heavy hand is needed he forecasts, yet this is the very thing that will obstruct the way of love, and peace will not grow with these tactics of man.

Wipe your eyes children, wipe away the sorrow if you will, for there is a better world to come, and you acknowledge this presently because for many time is short, little do they know the precious way in which you work.

Satisfy the many by the thoughts of wisdom given, yet they do not appreciate this man’s love for his work, perhaps a word of frankness should be given.

An economic outcome will not satisfy those who wish for better times, for what is money, what will it bring? Not love that is sure. Certainly it would help to bring better times to many, perhaps a meaningful life to some, yet its aim is to destroy, that is its ultimate goal, certainly it has purpose in trade and exchange, but there are better ways of living than with the monetary terms of your world.

Exploit your purpose children, allow not the extremes of life to drag you down. Some are heard this evening speaking of things to come and things that have passed. Never trade-off your life for financial gain, never bring ill will to others in the hope of gain, as we see many occupy their lives in ways not respectful of spirit, yet they fancy themselves as ‘Beings of Wisdom’ as the new structure of life brings format to many.

Message about a Father and Daughter

Circumstances are grave and her thoughts are with her loved ones this evening. She accepts that time has a barrier to which all must cross, yet she is severely dysfunctioned by her thoughts. Her loss will be great, as she sees her father as a figurehead, yet his burden is great upon her and she understands this, but nevertheless speaks of her love and his love. She will understand in due course the purpose of her life, and at this time she focuses upon him, not wishing to bring him fear, not wishing to sanction him with burden, but to greet him with a smile, for she is his daughter.

A name is given and you are reluctant, for fear of upsetting her purpose in life. She understands this and you will remember, and in due course will give her the facts, for life to many is unpredictable, yet it is set on its course. The patterns unfamiliar to you, yet you familiarise yourselves with the burden of life and not its true purpose.

The truth of us being spiritual beings

Be blessed children, for all will pass into the light and only those who do not wish to enter will remain within the dark zones of existence. They will be given opportunities to reassess their situations, some may ask and some may not. Frankly we are always there waiting to welcome all.

And your understanding of life is dim at this time, by this we mean that you are unaware of your spiritual selves and the realm from which you came. And as you occupy your bodies in this world of man you cannot consider the possibility of originating from another place, another time.

Yet here it is, this is the truth, you are spiritual beings, you are committed upon a path that you have alone asked for and many will see this as stupidity, ‘Why would I ask for these disruptive measures within my life?’ Some will say they’ve had a good life and others will say they’ve had bad, yet it is your decision to take these courses in life. Of course you will not remember your days of spirit, but as spirit you will remember those who remain living in this world of matter, and this is hard for you to understand, and for many to understand, because they do not realise their true selves.

Constantly you are required to do things that may seem unnatural, and yet you are required to do them. And these things are done, and you ask yourselves, ‘Why did I do that?’, but you do not know your inner self.
Like pieces of a puzzle you are part of one another and the puzzle pieces will only fit one way. In that pattern they will construct a picture of your life, hard to imagine isn’t it? That perhaps you are being of somewhere else existing today and yet your knowledge is lacking. It is open to all if they circumnavigate their minds to a practice of love, it is within you all to understand and observe this light, yet the many signs given are frequently ignored.

About Dogs and Other Pets

She welcomes one this evening and brings good thoughts and deeds to all. Her constant companion is her dog and we would speak of dogs in unfamiliar ways to many, for they fear them. This really is unnecessary, for they are part of the animal kingdom and perhaps they understand a little bit more about life than the human species. They are wise and their wisdom is great, yet you see them only as animals. They look to you with love, never understanding why, or your practices, but they nevertheless love you and are obedient to you. Some are betrayed by those ‘masters’ shall we say, who would bring them ill repute, teach them things of the negative, but for the most part, people will know of their unconditional love towards you.

Some have shed a tear for the loss of their loved one, their pet. Yet they should not grieve so, as all in life, there is a purpose and a final freedom within the light and love of heaven, as you would call it.

Your energies are aligned in many ways unseen by you, yet they exist like the strings of an instrument and when they are played in the correct manner the tone sings in tune. So don’t look at dogs as being merely a mammal, an animal by your side, they are companions, spiritual companions, yet they bring fear to many, unfounded for the most part.

Bring yourself to love an animal, for there is no harm in showing your inner self and they will appreciate this love and bring you focus within your lives. Be it a cat or a hamster, any particular mammal and for some it will be other creatures that may seem bizarre to others, yet their love is still unconditional. You see them as creatures and nothing more, and they have no feelings some would say. This is unfortunate, for there are many that would bring un-kindly thoughts and cruelty to them. Be at ease with them, for they mean you no harm.

Message to a mother from her son

Mournful, sorrowful blows seem endless to this one, they have seen their fair share of misery within life, and as she opens her eyes in the morning she will stare continually at a photograph. Her mournful sorrowful tears are heard, and yet there is no need, seek a new life, a new way within your heart, demonstrate your love to others not with bitter tears, but with hope and joy for the future. Combat your souls unrest, bring yourself happiness in the many ways of life, be at ease and at peace in the knowledge that I rest well my mother.

Constantly I see you with tears in your eyes and I cannot help but wonder how it was that these unfortunate circumstances had arisen, yet I know they had purpose. My life was forfeit before its time, and truly I say unto you, have focus once more. Torment yourself not with the anguish of my passing, my loss, it brings me no peace to see you at unease.
Creases, are seen and you wish to iron them out, and their patterns are unfamiliar to you, and like these creases, you wish to iron out your life as you may slip more easily over time. I cannot tell you how much I love you, how much I miss you, dry those tears, bring yourself hope once more in the sure and certain resurrection of us all. I cannot say this enough, dry those eyes, welcome the world with new eyes and hope in your heart, the dramas of your life are over and a new beginning will come.

You cannot understand this, for your heart is closed at this time, focused upon me, drive out these tears and fears, know that I am well and your constant companion, open your heart to new beginning mother.

Satisfied I am in many things of life and the contrast between light and dark are seen by many, and they misunderstand the purpose of their lives built upon strings of hope in uncertain times. Let us not interfere with the practices of many, yet to say, to bring hope to yourselves, for it is hope and love, the warmth of a caress, that will heal all wounds. To be sad is unnecessary, to be hopeful, is to be eternally glad of the resurrection to come for you all.

A Message from Grandma Hoskins

She asks of you a question Michael, do you hear my thoughts, do you understand my needs? I am here to sit with you this evening, Sandy, Sandra is a word that is mentioned, Sandra.

You have not heard of her, and yet she was once a mother of one who passed some time ago in unfortunate circumstances.

The passage of life is great and misunderstood by many it is a purpose given by the light and its ending can be traumatic in your eyes, yet their fears are merely illusions. For upon the moment of passing to that Shangri-La, is a moment of beauty unseen by man, by the eyes of men. The beauty lies within you, and you know of Sandy’s purpose, allow her mind to meld.

“Grandmother you called me, your mother’s mother many years ago. Sandra is well. Hoskins, Grandma Hoskins, these circumstances are unusual, share my words my boy, Hopkins not Hoskins! I exist as do others, the grandmother of life, short one may be, but I lived long enough. Hm, hm, your mother is well. Turmoil in your mind will be cleared for a bright new day, a new chapter in life. Thankfully, thankful I am of the blessings given to my life, although it was short. Your times seen much harder, but mine were meaningful, as yours will be. Goodbye my dear. Togetherness always.”

Words from a Spirit Guide

The storms of life will soon be over as the many see a better way, quite frankly these times have been hard for many and they will pursue a pattern of life unfamiliar to them at this time, for it comes to all, the realisation of the fragility of your life and your world.

Bring no harm to one another and focus upon each others needs, for unity is the way forward within your world. Calm and focused you should be, do not antagonise one another within your thought words, revolutions to destruction, for we are your guardians and we will bring you hope once more. So say not your prayers with dismay, but with hope, for enlightenment will come to many as they begin to realise that your unsatisfactory ways can be tolerated no more. The hardships of life are many, for many unfamiliar ways to those of what you call civilisation, yet they are seen by us as a pattern of life.

Troubles may come troubles may go, and thoughts of weakness should not be allowed in, for there is strength in the variety of life.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

2 thoughts on “01-08-19 Words from a Spirit Guide, Light Beams, Truth about spiritual beings, Dogs and pets, Messages etc”

    1. It’s so difficult for family to watch the deterioration in their loved ones as they draw close to returning home, it’s the living that suffer as I found out. But, we never pass alone, my mum heard her brother call her name a couple of months before her passing then in hospital she told us when she was able to that she had see her mum several times surrounded by children, these presumably were my aunts and uncles that had gone before. Most people would ignore this thinking it’s the illness but I have heard of several accounts of passed family surrounding their loved one to guide them over.
      If my work bringing these messages through helps just one person then it’s all worth it xx


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