13-08-19 Mother Teresa, The Arcturians, Separating Wheat from Chaff, Spirit Rescue, Those who suffer loss etc

Transcript Date: 13 August 2019

Be Free of Heart and Allow Wisdom to Flow

Tobias once said, “That to be a man of freedom, was to be free of heart and to allow the wisdom to flow as of the rivers of joy”.

Jordan – Peace to Come

Jordan, a place so long forgotten of the old Testament. A place of much sorrow that existed long ago and persists today within your modern world. Be blessed in the knowledge that peace will come, with a modicum of discomfort to others and yet they will yield at the hands of those who bring peace and love. Unforeseeable you think? Well perhaps, but equally, time is given to healing and healing will come to all.

Beyond the Stars Lie Men of Purpose

It will surpass the many as it envelops the world with love and light, for beyond the stars lie men of purpose who wait for the time to draw near when their purpose will be seen once more upon the earth of men.

For knowledge is little of the many that exist beyond the stars, beyond the light that you see. Each one of you tread your path lightly, not knowing which way to turn next, for in a far off distant past there was a land full of purpose, its name is unfamiliar to you and yet it is written in the annals of time.

Men Turned Against the Beings of Light

Allow us, the beings of light, to flow through you and bring you purpose once more. For life was given long ago to those of the earth, you subsequently called them ‘Men of the Earth’ and their bravery was seen as they wept for others who fell before the sword, and yet we were unable to achieve our purpose, for those men turned against us with hatred, not understanding our true purpose. Little did we know their intentions or their mutinous ways. They see a path to riches and not to freedom and this persists today, for there are many tyrants within the world of men who call themselves your leaders, yet they prosper with wealth, whilst those of their nations suffer depravity, debaucheries, loneliness and strife.

We speak not of all the leaders of your nations, but there are many, and we welcome those who come with a practice of love and filled with purpose, that they may change the things of the world. We fear this is too little and it will take much more to turn men’s minds once more to the light.

Come now Michael, allow your thoughts not to intervene, but to let the words flow as the rivers of the Nile, of Jordan.

Answers will come

Passionate are we that we should tell you these things and that the answers will come and flow as the rivers beyond your shores, and yet many see this as irrational ideas, thoughts that cannot be substantiated at this time, yet there is always freedom of thought, a purpose and will within men to be free, free to love, a life without burden.

Too many times we have seen a man filled with purpose, yet brought to his knees by the outcome of his life, for his fears outwit him and he becomes weak in these times of monetary value.

Be blessed to know that purpose is given this evening for all to know that a time is coming for change and it will bring many pleasures in life, not of value in monetary terms, but of goodwill and love, love to the many nations who suffer at this time.

Our purpose is great and we wish you well upon your journeys, but guidance is needed at this time, for many alas, fear to embark upon an embrace of love. They are cautious of those who come bearing gifts and they do not understand their purpose, the purpose that lies within. Yet there are many more still who would witness the purpose of love and acknowledge this with their wisdom and thoughts of joy. You are men of the earth, be not ashamed of your past or the outcome to come.

Would you change the things you know?

Ask yourselves one thing, if you were to live your life once more would you change the things that you know now or would you continue on your purpose, wanting more of life to find the value held within?

We fear there is many who would not even think of these things, for life was given to live, to prosper by, but truly what good would this do you?

Love is the only thing of value

We have spoken before of love and this is the only thing of value within your world men, this is the one purpose that you’ve come to learn, to share and bring a belonging to all.

The father once told us, that in our prayers we should not ask for things of practical purpose, but for forgiveness and enlightenment to that which will come to all who exist, be it in the world of men or the worlds beyond yours. Your life of matter will be brief and the outcome will depend upon your outlook of life. Many will pass young and forgo the life of a healthy person, but these young people have purpose too. Their time was quick, yet they live on bringing purpose to others and the lessons are taught to those of life through these ill winds that blow.

Never be ashamed of the word of God

Never be ashamed to say that you are sorry for the things that you have done or committed in life, never be ashamed for preaching the word of God to one man or another, for there is much truth within this word. The word is yours, but His being exists as the creator of all matter, of all life. Unfathomable thoughts to you and you perspire at the thought that perhaps there is one being who would witness the many things of your life and bring you before judgement. But we tell you this, that judgement is brought by your own actions and as you live your life, so you will rue that day upon your passing, for your aspect will be dim.

But opportunities are many within the world of spirit, opportunities to gain knowledge and a purpose once more, to live your lives as was intended.

Those who pass and spirit rescue

Tremendous amount of sorrow will be felt for the many lost this evening and you will not know of this, for many exit life at this very time. There are those of your acquaintance who would assist their crossing and a man comes this evening to Kevin, he is a tortured mind, and his soul cannot reach out, but his thoughts exude sorrow and he weeps, for his favour was lost and his soul exists now within the plains of dark. Kevin will reach out and ask for the pendulum to indicate his name and Frank would be the name given. And you shudder at this thought, that souls should be lost in the betwixt and the beyond. But there is always hope and help at hand and we will guide them to those who have an ability to reach out and beckon them closer and offer them forgiveness for their soul to allow them to walk the path light once more.

More than you can know exist within this plain, and many more will be lost we fear, as your world falls into despair. For there are many who disbelieve, many who do not have an open heart to whisper the name of the Lord, for how can they worship someone they cannot see? Truly their faith is lost and their trust gone, but they must once more open their hearts and minds to the possibilities beyond your world, for how can they continue on without a love of all, be it of life or of spirit.

Worship, but not on bended knees

We are dependent upon you to pass these messages, to worship at no ones feet other than to the Lords, but we don’t ask of you to be on your bended knees, we pray for you and give you hope that perhaps one day a meaningful outcome will be seen.

Wise men have spoken many times within your world to give focus to the many through their verses and Psalms, and much is ignored, for the freedom of mind has been lost through the aspects of fortune and the instruments upon which you play.

Peace within the words of a psalm

But a verse or a psalm would bring peace to your mind and coexist with you in a way unexpected to most, as if listening to music with such a gentle harmony, that it soothes the mind and brings peace to the individual. And we would say this to you, that to watch and listen to the Poet Laureate and his rhymes that whisper in your ear, allow them an avenue through which to pass that they might enlighten you and bring you purpose in life once more. Do not listen to those whose rhetoric stings the mind and spoils the Psalm, for poetry in motion is the beat of your heart and the rhyme of life are the whispers of love that you issue others.

Many are desperate in these times to find a will and a way to progress and move on, and they look to beings full of purpose and grace, and they say to them, “Help us and forgive us for our trespasses.” And we will grant them this peace, but it is up to them to ask.

Feast on the food of love

For now we will leave you with this thought, that if love was the food by which you live, would you not feast upon it, would you not give it a chance, would you not see the purpose held within? For it is a simple word of mankind, yet full of meaning and aspects beyond your thought.

And what is love but unity and passion, it springs from nowhere and yet exists within the hearts and minds of many, and if you cannot raise a thought to love for your fellow men or your partners in life, then what hope have you beyond this world of men? You must open your hearts and speak the words that the many would hear, be not ashamed of who you are and of your beliefs.

Welcome those strangers as friends, greet them with open arms, hold out your hands and offer them your friendship.

There are many harsh words spoken today, even the priests of your life are at times unforgiving of others as they sit in their chapels of love. Their sermons mount ever higher as they whisper the words of love of the Lord Almighty, yet in their hearts, their true belief is hidden and if it was ‘work’ to do these things, then where is their faith and trust? For they are in the minority, we understand, for the hierarchy of your life possess much and need much more. We do not speak of the humble priest who would lay down his life for others, for there are many who would sacrifice themselves before others to help those in need.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was one, her arms were open to all and she gave much of her life without a thought or a wish of despair. Yet she brought so much peace and love to others that her value was seen. She had no need for the objects of life, for her love was great and her peace reached out to all, and those who see this peace and felt her love, were granted peace ever after in their hearts and her warmth was felt like the heat of a fire and it brought them peace within their lives of hardship.

Today this continues on, and her thoughts and wishes are remembered, but are not practiced so much. Yet she persists to watch over them even from the world of spirit.

She reaches out to you Michael, to offer you this hand that you may take it with the blessings given. Remove the fear from your heart, do not allow others to intrude upon your life, but give them a warm welcome and a friendly hand. Your trust and faith have waivered as you have struggled with the many things of life, the many things that most people will witness at one time or another. Her favour is with you and her blessings follow you wherever you go.

Welcome her with open arms, feel her warmth and love, radiate this to others that you meet and see and welcome us once more as we enquire within your mind to bring purpose to others, that they may see a better way of love and life. Joy is brought to your heart, as you feel the vibration, issue this joy to others with a solemn promise, a solemn promise to love with goodwill and peace in your heart.

Message for Michael:

Your purpose is not done, you have finished one episode, but much more is needed and will come. We welcome you and your belief. We have heard your whispers of love and we offer you peace within your time that you may surround others with this peace of love. Bring not fear to your heart for the times to come, for there will be many, many will witness the many things of unfashionable fear, but their hearts will be filled with thoughts of purpose by your love. Bring them hope and the glory of heaven to come for all should they wish or desire entrance.

Personal Message for a follower of the transcripts

Tell her this that her practice is good, she has queried the many things of her life and she has witnessed much sorrow, we bring joy to her this evening that she may find hope once more within the arms of another. She will not welcome this, but she knows in her heart that peace will come through the existence of another. Truly we say to her, be not afraid to walk the path of life, joy will come once more.

Those who suffer the loss of a loved one

And as many suffer at this time, the loss of a loved one, their hearts sink and they fear for the future because they do not see a way forward. Yet for all there is a welcome. Your trust and faith will carry you through and your sorrow and grief will be heard by many, yet know that your loved one rests in peace and in harmony with the universe once more.

There is no need to fear death, because mortality is just a passing phase. The time will come when you will see once more the way forward, your spirit will soar, filled with knowledge of joy and blessings. Bring not fear into your hearts should you fall foul of illness, for a time will come for all. It is easy for us to say this, for you will feel the many pains of life, yet you must remember these words, that love awaits you all, it is merely a passage of time, short in endurance.

Be not afraid to comment upon your lives, wish each other well, assist in the burdens that they may feel the freedom of love once more, amen.

New speaker

Wisdom will come from beyond the stars

Let your hearts with joy, allow not the troubles of the world to affect you and bring you down within this life, for there are many lessons needed to perpetuate your soul with heavenly grace. We speak not ill of men, for wisdom will come beyond the stars in a short time to come, and these travellers of time and space will wish you a warm welcome despite your aggressive nature towards them.

They will render you harmless, and your armies of your world will not be defeated by love, but by purpose. We will show them a strong hand, but blessed with love. Those tyrants of your world will warn us to stay clear and our signals will become clear to the many inhabitants of Earth.

To be frank we will not tolerate aggression towards us, but to those who offer love and peace, the rewards will be great. We are not the God’s of your ‘Chariots of Fire’, we come in peace nonetheless and we offer a hand of friendship that you may extend yours to learn the knowledge that is forthcoming.

Would it not be better to be nations of love than to be of war? You cannot live with each other, so we cannot expect you to understand these things, but a time will come when Mary and Joseph will once more travel with their son of life.

You misunderstand the words of the Bible and the many things taught, for there is much goodness contained within. It is not always easy to walk your lives in peace, for there is much sorrow, much misunderstanding between men. But we would welcome those who would offer a hand of friendship, give them a thought of love. We are not a warring nation but one of peace, do not betray our welcome, for we come with love to your kind.

Arcturians we are

Arcturian’s you call us, Arcturian’s we are, long awaited by this man, yet he sees many who fall before him for lack of faith and trust. Allow him peace of mind, for he will join us in absolution for all. Words unfamiliar to you, but you will beckon him forward and explain yourself. We speak in terms of love and yet there is determination, we mean no harm, but only joy. A welcome will be forthcoming and a greeting given, by false hope and despair.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Fathom not your world as a world of men, but as a world of many that exist within a field of corn. And when these corn heads are ripe, then it will be time to reap, but only those of the good corn will be gathered for the harvest, and those of the chaff will fall to one side. So we say to you this, fill your hearts with faith and trust, fill them with love and purpose, that you may be drawn into the harvest of love and not blown to the side as the chaff of life.

You preach to us in ways you do not understand. You come to us in time of need and we spare you a thought of forgiveness, but equally you must trust and have faith in us to offer us purpose and love within your life, for we will bring you joy once more within your lives of men and your spirit will soar as never before, as peace will come to your earth through our being.

Have no fear, but joy in your hearts.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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