27-08-19 Amazon Fires, Tables Will Turn, Star Beings, Where is our spirit? Life Continues etc

Transcript Date 27th August 2019

Do Not Despair – Life Purpose

Allow not the thoughts of despair to enter your minds at this time, for purpose will be brought to all within the season of joy.

Your lives are given with much meaning and yet there is such despair throughout your world of men. Your belonging to Mother Earth is a natural one and your beings are created through the process of time, yet your ignorance is astounding as to your true being and the purpose by which you are born.

Yet, disclosure is not given, for your life has purpose and a road which to follow should you wish to do so, for free will is given to all to live upon the earth, as men of the earth, not allowing others to dissuade you from your path or bring about a purpose of ill will to you.

Bring joy to others that you meet throughout your lives, help them to understand the purpose by which they were born and the energies that bless you and surround you, for they are filled with love in anticipation of your return to the fold one day. That fold of light that follows you, that you once came from.

Your hearts are filled with joy this evening for many who dwell within your world, yet there is much sadness to counter these joyful times, your beliefs are true at this time, your will is strong to continue on regardless of the pressures of life. And so it is that your purpose will be fulfilled and the regrets and sorrow that you have felt will pass once more as you look to the light as a point of reference.

To those who mistrust the words

And to all those who mistrust these words, and the being by which they come, take heed and take note, for there is much truth held within, much sorrow to be gained if you stray from the path of light. But even those who follow the light, must suffer indignities in their lives and the pressures are extreme upon them, as they exert their will upon others to listen and believe and their sorrow is great.

We bring much joy to one, that his son is blessed by love and light. Harbour not your fears or your reason when your loved ones pass, for there is joy brought to all who sit within the light and offer love unconditionally to the many of your world. Be blessed in the knowledge and allow us to speak in terms of ‘Love and Light’, allow us your focus that our will may be exerted through you upon others.

Helpless are they as they squander their lives in needless pursuits, for joy and happiness is held within, within the heart that offers love to others. Yet seldom do they reach inward to bring this love forth. Seldom do they reach out to others to offer a hand of friendship and to gain their will and trust, for they are independent for the most part and do not see a better way of living within the world. Harness your fears, do not allow them to run wild within you, do not allow that focus to begin, for it will consume you in many ways.

Message for a Mother

Tonight we wish to thank one for their great wishes of joy towards us and the blessings she gives to her son. For he welcomes her with open arms, with a caress of joyfulness that she may see his beauty once more. His words were great in his time, as he spoke to her so softly. She assembled the things, his belongings, and sought peace through them. Yet she still has great sorrow and her pain is great, felt by need of want of comfort. She cannot comprehend the material world and its love and joy that it brings to her. Let her know this, that her son sits restful, comfortably within the light of heaven and he brings her wishes of gratitude for her gifts placed upon his resting place. She may not know of these gifts and their welcome, but the heart that she gives is the one that is found within her own being, for truly her love for her son is great and he is blessed this evening with a welcome by us. His character is known and yet his needs were great, his trust wavered many times in the breeze of life, never quite knowing which way to turn or where to find happiness.

And this is common within the men of the world, for they whisper many things of love and joy, and yet hate and sorrow walk hand in hand needlessly.

What part of you is that of spirit?

Your beings are created of matter and you ask the question, of what part of you is that of spirit? For all life continues on regardless, the energy is held within at the creation of birth. And yet man has seen many changes to his being of thought, what has brought you to this, and how have you come by this knowledge?

It is not a matter of concern to many, yet there are some such as yourself, who wonder at these aspects of life, and we may tell you this, that your being was created of the earth and yet your soul that inhabits your bodies, bodies of matter is of another place, of another time to which you will return. Although this explanation may baffle some, for they cannot understand how it is that man of the animal kingdom could be so dominant at this time.

Never fear to tread your path, for it will bring you much joy and happiness if you follow the rules of life. But if you differ in the ways of love and be argumentative with those of focus, then your path will be crooked and you may feel lost at times, this is natural for your soul will depart one day and find the true path upon which it walks. Yet in life this control is lost and you wonder the fields and meadows of your earth, striding forward, looking for answers for things to come. You are truly blind at this time, for there are many dire aspects that oversee and overrule your lives. Yet there are many that come to relinquish you of these troubles, of these tyrannous things.

The Beings of Light will come

Be blessed in the knowledge that the true beings of light will come once more, not with anger, not with cruelty, but with love of heart, to find your beings and search out those who would ask the questions of life. Truly you are a magnanimous species, and yet so destructive. There are many that don’t understand your peculiar ways in which you live, for there may be a torrent of emotion and sadness, and yet held within is the negative aspect that may overrule some with vengeance and violence.

Fires and Contamination of the Earth

It is not uncommon to see many of your world turn to these negative aspects, for their hearts are lost, their minds are controlled by others, through methods and means of substances within your world. They continue to contaminate your earth with their oils and their purposeful fires that will bring destruction to all.

He is a man, and one of many at this time, of dark allegiance their thoughts turn to money and land as they reach out regardless of the life that inhabits those places of love. Torments will be released into the atmosphere and many will suffer grievous illnesses, your atmospheric conditions will change and differ to such a degree as never found before within your Earths history.

You face doom at this time and we will bring you purpose as the beings of light, we will condemn those who torture your earth, for their purpose must change to that of the light.

Light and Enlightenment

You may not understand the light and its meaning, but it is spoken of so often in the terms of mediumship, hmm, well, the light is love, it is the fellowship of spirit, and when we speak of the light, this is the enlightenment of the mind to bring your aspects of love that you have never felt before. Yet many obstruct this and see it as nothing more than a measure to delude others. We assure you that our being is true and we will come in the fall of the year, October is regarded as a good time.

The Predictions

Many ask the question, why these predictions, how and when will they be fulfilled? Yet time will bring the answers to many.

Your helpless minds teeter on the brink of extinction for there are many hardships within your world, many of concern. But things of the negative will be brought to bear and their judgement will be given by us and us alone.

Let us not bring you fear by these words, for the most part people survive, their loving, caring attention to others is seen as bright aspects of love. Who are we these beings of light you may ask, who are we that speak these terms and yet do not disclose ourselves to your beings? You are quite capable of reaching out to us through your thoughts, for your minds are balanced in a way that you may enter this world of light and communicate as this man does. Reach out with your minds and ask your questions and search out the answers, you may regard them as thought, but where has that thought come from?

The Star Beings are there

We are the creatures that bring the light, our being exists within yours and you are part of this light and we are part of you. Your negative aspects come from another place that would intercede with your lives to disrupt you from your paths of learning and teaching to others. It is not common amongst your men to look to the stars at night and search out the answers to their questions, and yet, the Star Beings are there, waiting, time is of no importance, as it will pass quickly and your species will evolve once more with a sudden jolt and an aspect of the light.

How can this be, how can creation be improved you may ask, all must evolve to suffer the atmospheric conditions, all must bear witness to those torturous things of the past. We bring you not fear, but a hope for a future, and if your atmosphere becomes so clogged as to choke you, then we would ask you, which would you choose, the light or the dark?

Your thoughts are clear and you ask many questions, how do we alleviate these problems of the world, how can we adjust these things so that better times can come? We will tell you it is brought through love and the fellowship of men, yet your power is weak as the common man of the earth, and those dominant ones who run things have no care for the wider community, they are all-powerful at this time, but we will reach out to them, we will assist them and if they deny us our light and love, then we will cease their actions. They will resist us, this there is no doubt, and so their control will be lost and their negative aspects will become obvious to the many. They reach to their missiles in anger, in hope of deterring the things to come, yet they will be neutralised as before. We are the beings of creation, we are those of the light.

New speaker

Promises, promises, they will reflect in your mind as aspects of beings of light. Comment not upon their validity, for they speak the truth and no harm will come to those who listen to the words of truth.

The Fires

Your extreme world is evacuating life at this time, and your porous bodies will absorb the poisons that float in the atmosphere and you cannot see these things, but your minds will begin to register unusual symptoms. As the prevailing winds blow so they will bring terror to many, for those fires of doom will sweep across those lands yet it does not stop there. We predict many will fall by their circumstance If you ravage the ground upon which you live, destroy life and the occupants of those places, then you destroy yourselves.

And yet for the most part you are unhappy with the situation and are unable to change things, and it is true those of the elite will not listen to the warnings given by the many organisations of peace and tranquillity. For they have no concern other than to gain land and profit, but what will they profit by?

Tables will Turn

The sequence of events that will turn the tables, topple them as their regime begins to tumble and crumble, so then the earth will replenish itself, but only if you let it. Can you not see the truth in these things? Are you not aware of the circumstance that they bring? Of course you are, we know this, and there are many that reach and cry out for change, but they will not listen. So how can these things be changed you may ask, what is the answer that will ascertain your thoughts, of spiritual thoughts?

Alas there is not much you can do, other than to continue your process, for there are those ears that will listen and it is only the all-powerful that can bring a change of circumstance to your world. But we are the beings of light and we will influence those in those high places, we will bring murmurings to them, telling them that their thoughts must listen to the words of the many. How can we be sure that they will listen? Are we not the creators of life?

Terminate your thoughts of fear, for retribution will be brought to them in a way unforeseen at this time, and helpless you feel, helpless you are at these situations. Yet if the circumstances do not change, we will supersede those beings who bring discomfort to your earth.

We make many promises that you are aware of, and you say, “When will they be fulfilled, have they been fulfilled?” we would say this to you, do not let your thoughts overrule your good senses, for there will come a time of change and we will inhabit your world to bring blessings on those of your earth.

Inhabit your peoples minds, with powerful persuasions of love, because it will be at great cost if you do not change your ways.

Tobias and the fires

Tobias once said that to be grateful of the things given, is to show the love of heart. We have spoken of him many times before and you misunderstand the purpose by which this name is brought, yet his growth in purpose in your world is great. For we are those beings who will change your world and will bring you joy in your life if you wish.

Powerful thoughts this evening yet to be fulfilled, yet accomplishment will be forthcoming. In the heat of the moment they will sing their prayers and their praise to the one above, to the Lord of mercies and the fires will be extinguished by a great storm of electrical energy and power. Those who do not extinguish these things, these fires, must consider themselves as being, expendable, you cannot and we will not allow this man’s purpose to be fulfilled.

You are the creation of the earth, if you destroy the earth then you destroy yourselves. Beckon those of power to change their will in whatever way you can. We can assist to bring enlightenment to those who will not listen, but it is your voice that should be heard, the voice of the world.

Storms bring respite for a time

There will be respite for a time, and the storm, the showers will bring it under control, yet it will seem miraculous that they reignite. This is not a thing of the natural world, this is a thing of your doing, of the men who control the power within that country. This is a topical subject at this time and we understand this, we see these things through the minds of the many, including this man, and you may think that he speaks of these topical subjects for its own popularity, but no, it is to bring you focus. If you do not wish to listen to these things, then that is your choice. If you choose not to believe in the powers to be and that nature will take its course, then that is your choice. But always in your heart you will wonder how it was that a storm was so sudden, how it generated so quickly.

An avalanche we fear will occur, of thought and love. You will be unaware of the many things to come to pass in the season of joy, but allow us your focus this evening.

Terminate your fears (message to Michael)

Terminate your fears my son, for we will bring you joy in the ever after to come. Let us not interfere with your life and the structure of your path, to some it is a strange one, and yet to others they fully understand your thoughts and the thoughts given by us. Talent has nothing to do with it, it is a purpose by which you were born to issue these words, these messages. As it is for those who pass and connect with those of the so-called deceased.

Life Continues – Hold that Light in Your Hearts

Life continues on as a matter of energy, it is controlled by the light. And your beings are created in much the same way, for was it not the light of the big bang that created life?

Hold that light in your hearts, be not afraid of it, for it will not bring you doom. Hold and caress the energies that surround you and let your heart tumble with forgiveness for the wrongs that you may have done.

The world for the most part, is a tortuous place, and yet there are many beings who watch over you constantly to bring you hope and joy. And why do not see these beings? Why are they so elusive? We can only say this, that your atmosphere is hostile, your men of war are hostile, and we will seek out those who wish an audience with us. Speak out within your minds, for mind transference is the way.

Help yourselves to a better way of becoming one with the universe. It is within the souls reach, for you are a part of this universal energy that exists all around you.

Trouble yourselves not with these words tonight, for they will elude the many, and the truth held within will become obvious in a time to come. But bring yourselves hope and glory that things will change. Your creation will be tolerated by many, but a practice of ill will, will be seen as hostile.

Respect Your Elders

We speak to the young, respect your elders, for they have knowledge that you have yet to gain.

Youth is fleeting and it passes quickly and the mind involves with time, and yet its purpose and function is still unclear to many. The consciousness that exists within you transmits information, and the words are lodged in your mind, you are connected in a way not quite understood by many, we have spoken of this before as in the remote controls of your worldly objects. Your spirit, your true identity resides in another place, in another time, and yet you are compelled to walk this earth within this body and your outlook is bright, it is only you that can dim this light.

Reach out for your Higher Self

As you experience life and the many pitfalls held within, then reach out, for your higher self exists within that plane of light. You are controlled by thoughts, not necessarily your own your willpower is able to override those who will truly bring your circumstances of neglect to you. Your spiritual being exists, and you ride out the storms of life for the most part being unaware of this.

That string of light that reaches into the far off ether is immense, will be broken only when the time of death of the body comes, then you will realise that you were not truly part of this earth, but just a reflection of yourself.

Far-fetched ideas some will tell you, but are they? Are they really? All will know soon enough, for the prism of life changes its facets so often, and the reflections held within will illuminate the truth given.

Bring purpose to yourselves, look for this path of light that controls your very being at this time. Look to the light within and the cord of light that reaches out, far out in the distance, it exists, truly it does.

Observe your thoughts carefully, and allow them grace that they may change the world around you.

Tonight we have spoken many things, many things of sorrow, of joy to come, unfulfilled promises you may think, and yet time will evolve to answer these questions with the truth. Do not be independent of the world, but bring truth and logic to all through your love and tender caress.

We are your humble servants.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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