03-09-19 Arc of Light, Suffering of Mother Earth, Serpent Beings, Sightings, Time

Transcript Date: 3rd September 2019

Welcome my friends, please join me that we may band together with purpose this evening.

Welcome. Your life has become one of purpose this evening and we appreciate your thoughts and concerns for the many things of life and light. Help us to understand the reason why men purposely and systematically destroy the Mother (Earth) that nurtures them.

Bring Hope to the Suffering of Mother Earth

We are here this evening to bring you hope once more of a new horizon, a new dawn in the life of men, that they may see a new focus within their lives, not that of greed, but that of love for the fellowship of men and the creatures upon your world.

For the Earth is also a living being that breathes as you do, but in a different way. She chokes at this time with the atmospheric conditions that have been created by those men of want and need. She cannot tolerate her atmosphere being clogged with the poisons generated by men of the earth, so she will retaliate to signify a beginning of a new time to come.

Your earth is as you, she is gentle and yet vulnerable, she will not relinquish life easily, despite the purpose of men to extinguish as much as possible for their own needs and gain.

We are the Beings of Light, and we welcome you this evening Michael. We bring you blessings, and to those who read these words, let their thoughts be of peace and love, tolerance for all living creatures upon Mother Earth herself.

We need not tell you of our purpose for we have highlighted this many times within the transcripts that you write, but we wish to tell you once more that our purpose will be strong within your world. Allow us to focus through your mind, do not allow negative thoughts to enter as we reach out to you across the distance of time and space.

Our presence will be felt soon

Help us to understand a new beginning for your Earth, help us to understand your mind and the ways that it works, for many times we have reached out with thoughts of love and prayers, gentleness to extend to others within your world. Compare us not with other beings that mistrust and abuse your beings, for we are gentle and kind of heart.

Our presence will be felt soon throughout your world, as sightings will begin to occur. We see your natural environment withering and dying at this time and we feel helpless to assist as the men of your warring nations deprive us of our purpose. Yet we relinquish our ability to overcome these things in the hope that they will understand the purpose by which men are destroying the earth, but we fear their knowledge is little, and their wisdom is not as great as they would wish.

Let us tell you a story of time and about the envoys of the Creator

So help us focus this evening, let us begin to tell you a story of time, for time began long ago and there is no rhyme or reason for its existence, other than the creator of life that orchestrated the many things of the planets and of the solar systems. The stars shine bright as they burn to warm the atmospheres within reach. Some are so distant that they remain frozen in time, yet others are rich in purpose. But there is no happy medium, for life exists in the many extremes and environments of the many planets. This you will come to learn in time as the creatures of other places will become dominant amongst your species. They are greeted with scepticism and fear, yet their purpose is good. They are the envoys of the Creator, who wish only peace with your nations, yet like Columbus who sailed the oceans, there are others that will invade your earth and bring hate and prosper at your purpose.

‘Q’ (Quetzalcoatl) and the Serpent Beings

We do not mean to bring you fear, but there is a misunderstanding in many of the words of ‘Q'( Quetzalcoatl). We cannot help but offend some by what we say, for there is much reason to disbelieve us, as others. But in your heart you know the truth, your circumstances are many within the world. We have blessed you with life, that you may walk with a of purpose to enlighten those of the truth.

The serpent beings that come will bring a frenzy amongst your men, they will not understand or comprehend their being or their likeness to the serpents of your world. You should be guarded against them, for they have purpose to enslave you. Others will admire them and bring them fortune in their wake. Yet fortune does not lie within the things of Earth, the material objects and things that you may possess at this time. Fortune is in your spirit and soul and in your heart, for therein lies the true purpose of your beings. Many will not understand this and they will reject our words as being untruths, but you know that we come in peace with a welcome.

Many aspects not understood

There are many aspects of your life that you cannot possibly understand or comprehend at this time, for life itself is an extreme existence for the many planets. We spoke of time and beginning of time. Time has purpose for all, for is it not time that passes so quickly that concerns many of your world? You mark out each day in a rhythm, a pattern of life, and it becomes hostile to you, for you are enslaved by the things written by time. Yet time itself, the true time, should be navigated with love, for it allows you a purpose to exist within other nations of other times and places.

“Superstitious nonsense” they would say, “hearken to these words, for they do not make sense how could he know of the thoughts of the Master?” Indeed how can we also understand these things? Retrospectively we also struggle with many things of life and of spirit. You regard us as spirit as you see is as the shining beings of light, and this is our way, this is our being. We have life as you do and we do not bring torment to each other for we live in peace unlike your own nations.

We also misunderstood

But we were once young, immature, we misunderstood the many things and the giver of life and universally we were able to accomplish many things that brought us to a point in time where we could shine our light to others. We are the envoys of your world. We are in practice, much as yourselves as you are a part of us, for your consciousness was enlightened long ago. We have spoken of the creatures of your earth who were chosen to carry this message to all, yet things have gone awry.

We do not wish to bring depression upon you, but offer you love this evening. Perhaps a word or two from others of the light would help.

As beings of the Earth and of the light, you possess such great attributes and yet you wither away in your times of life. Many do not see from whence they came, from that point of light. Whilst others relish that they are of a spiritual being.

We come to enhance your lives

We come this evening to enhance your lives, to fill them with purpose and love. There are many of us who speak in our turn, and we assemble in the circle of light to bring you hope and joy. Others may speak upon our behalf and we welcome them with open arms, as we welcome you. Be not afraid of the future children, for there is much to learn, mistakes will be made and intolerance will seen excessive at this time. All have to learn, but we must recognise that you are the children of the earth, be not complacent with your lives, bring hope to others through your existence and help them upon their way, for there are many paths of life and turbulent times ahead.

You fear for your world and your planet, and rightly so, and we share this concern, but we know that the light will triumph once more, and when those bitter times have passed, men will look to the light once more for guidance and we will be there, for we are a part of you, as much as you are of us. Many do not see this or realise this, and we are at this time attempting to bring focus to this, it is hard for the majority of your world to accept, for they are concerned with their daily lives and with the business at hand. Yet with an open hand we will welcome you when your time has come.

You may surpass many things of learning within your life, but your learning extends much further than this, beyond your world of fear.

A Message to Michael from his late wife

You would welcome her as the love of your life, she is blessed to join us this evening in the hope of perhaps reaching out to you. Her name you are well aware of, and you bring her love, yet you fear for your future. Be optimistic Michael, do not be concerned with the illness of life, for our hearts are entwined and I beckon you with open arms to bring you comfort and joy. We were once joined in matrimony in life, and our link and connection will not surpass that supposed death, but will linger on for time immemorial.
I hear a friend of yours, and she is confused by the many things spoken of, bring her joy and bless her with open arms, let her know her fears for her son are unfounded. You know of who we speak.

I too was afraid, and in that moment of passing I became aware of my higher self, my true being, I extend my love to you my dear, that you may find peace and happiness within your life.

(The following is Beatrice speaking about my estranged daughter.)

Guidance will be given and she will return to the fold, unwelcomed I guess, but I know your heart is true. Bring her hope of forgiveness as I know you will, you understand who I speak of, and our son brings me joy, yet his life is somewhat sheltered at this time. Do not fear for him, I am with him, beside him and he will know of this as I coax him upon his path of life.

We are all guides in many aspects unbeknownst to us, and yet when we pass we understand completely the purpose of our being. I love you, I know you love me, do not bring me shame by harbouring injustice to our daughter. She has been mistaken and she is sorry for the things spoken of, said and done, and yet she does not understand that I am there. Bring her peace when she calls, do not harbour fears or concerns for me, for I welcome a reunion, help her to understand if you will.

I must go, be assured I am with you, and your decisions and concerns of recent days will be unfounded in the near future. I wish you well upon your journey my dear, have hope and bring focus to others.

Communication from Lost Souls

Tony. Tony wishes a word tonight, he has spoken before and his concerns are great. She will not forgive, nor will she forget, but she must understand that her purpose is one of the light, and forgiveness goes hand-in-hand. I was a disgrace to her, I know this, I could not help myself but be obnoxious, and I miss her in a way that she would not understand. Yet I say to her this, forgive me, for I am Tony and I was a mere mortal and did not understand. Reach out to her if you will, it will bring hope to me that I may follow the path once more of enlightenment.

What shall I say? Where am I? I cannot understand the many strange things, yet truth beckons me. I am lost in space and time and cannot see a way forward. Truly I hope you understand. Help me to find focus this evening, is there a way forward? Am I at deaths door or have I passed? I am unsure. Cast your minds together and bring me hope.

I see the light, it beckons to me and yet I am unsure. I managed my life in many ways of certainty and cruelty. I was unforgiving and unashamedly have done many things of misconduct. But I ask of you now as I see you shine, see your light, to bring a prayer of thought. I truly do not understand where I am, help me to find the courage as I drift in the blackness. You sense my purpose, and the grass that you sit on is the grass beneath my feet, open your heart to me that I may find forgiveness.

Help to Guide Souls into the Light

Dear Lord in heaven. As I connect with this soul, please find it in your heart to shine your light. Friend, be not afraid, look to the light, allow it to envelop you. Have no fear, but only love that is held within. Your restrictions are many, yet you will find forgiveness, bring hope to yourself once more, for we are the Beings of Light who watch over all with a purpose. Welcome to the fold,
feel the love held within. Now we speak of the many as we say this to souls, tormented souls, open your hearts to love and light, for it will astound you, the happiness that is held within. Walk now towards the light, take the hand of love that is extended, go forward with courage, for there is only love and healing as we open the door for you that you may pass through the portal of love, never let your hearts weigh heavy, for all sins are forgiven, it is only for the asking.

The Influence of Star Signs and the Cosmos

Gemini and Taurus, a match made in heaven you would think. Humph, yes, you recollect these words of recent times. You misunderstand the purpose. To you they are star signs, systems within the galaxies, and yet the many stars that influence your way bring purpose to all. What is it you say, that the stars mean, for aren’t they just suns, bright stars within the cosmos, how could they possibly have meaning you might ask?

Many influences within the world are great at your birth, so the pull of these stars influence your being, a path of light is created to be followed, and your attributes are ascertained by the position of these astral bodies.

Allow not your minds to focus upon disbelief, but open your heart to all possibilities, that life is beyond your scope and beyond your understanding.

You live these days and you say, “I am here, I know of life.” but the truth eludes you, for you see only the physical being. That inner self, that star dust that shines within your bodies is elusive and can only be found by those that seek the light of truth. It is within all your capabilities to open your hearts and minds to the powers to be, to know the truth of life, and the spark from whence it came. True, your beings are of star dust and all of creation is of this same being, you misunderstand the mystery that is life. Life for some is just to be lived and then forgotten.

Souls continue on to learn and be guided

Your soul continues on, you do not understand this and you hear us call her name ‘Barbara’. Reaffirm your love and being, for help is out there.

We control your lives in ways not understood by you, yet we have spoken of the cords life and your higher self. Be frank with yourselves, for you misunderstand the purpose of your lives and of life itself. To bring harmony to one another is to bring peace of mind, and those that join us within the light in the many circles of your world, is to bring yourself hope once more. Some will not relish the thought of this, for their purpose is grim and they will look to the light and ask, “What truth is there in this?” Their hearts seek out answers that they cannot find, for their hearts and beings are not open, yet the truth lies just within their grasp. It is up to you, the creation of life, to perpetuate your teachings and learning, to assist each other in the many ways of life so as to prolong your existence in the spiritual sense.

Haphazard are many things of life, some will call them coincidence, others fate and destinies that are written, it is true to say that your paths are highlighted by events, purposeful events that coax your being in many ways.

We guide you upon these steps, they are practical lessons to be learnt. Some will say “Purely coincidence, utter nonsense.” whilst others believe that destiny has a path for them and truly they follow their path and enlightenment comes. But those who are lost upon the path of life and do not see the purpose by which they are born, they are the ones that need the help at this time. They are needed and wanted by others of the light, yet they do not understand this. Grim as it may be, many perish not truly understanding their true being and enlightenment comes as quite a shock as they pass from your world to this. We would ask you not to disbelieve our words, but to allow them space within your conscious mind, a thought given to the words. There is nothing we can do to convince you of these things, other than to ask you to look within, to search your heart, and the questions, answers are given many times. Help yourselves to a better way, bring yourselves hope in your lives of purpose.

Science, Discoveries and the Arc of Light

Truly we have spoken of many things this evening, circumstance, scientific discoveries we have not discussed, for there are many within your world who look with eyes of optimism towards the future, yet many see a bleak horizon for the Earth and its inhabitants. Scientific matters are of no consequence. Discoveries are made, yet their purpose is given little forethought. Treasures of your Earth are sought by many, yet the treasure lies within, unwelcome to some, for their physical eyes only see physical things.

We spoke of science and discoveries, but isn’t life a discovery? Do you really need science to answer the questions that are in your heart or would you seek the answers in other ways, with faith and trust and self belief? Truly scientific discoveries are made every day to enhance your lives, and those who discover these things, do so by chance, or so they think! But their enlightenment is given by others to enhance your lives, yet many unspeakable things are twisted from these discoveries, and the element of dark will not allow you to see the good that can be done through these discoveries.

The arc of light that is seen soon will be a discovery made by man. To you this is nonsense, yet many things are hidden when we speak of the arc of the light. We speak of illumination to your minds, yet the light is an existence and plays a role in your lives, unnoticeable by most.

Questions that cannot be answered, we hear your thoughts Michael. What is the arc of light? What does it mean? But could you comprehend what we speak of? There is a force that enhances your Earth it envelops your many beings and we speak of the light frequently to you, can this light be discovered or scientifically answered? Not necessarily, yet there are is evidence of this existence of this link, this connection. It exists within the minds of some, or many, undiscovered. You have sought this yourself for communication and our link has grasped the attention of many, and more to come.

Message to Michael

You have sought purpose within your life. Purpose was given and now you seek more, for your path of enlightenment should not stop at this time. We admire your conscious mind and your beliefs, and you extend a welcome to us for which we are grateful. Your purpose has not been fulfilled as yet, for there are many lives in many seasons to be had, this is but one upon a journey of your soul. You realise, you understand this, but many don’t, so enlightenment is needed and this is your purpose at this time.

There are many who work together in different ways, yet ultimately you are linked by this light, this arc of light, and it will grow stronger. The determination of many who have sought peace within their lives will bring purpose once more and the light will shine, we would welcome this and bring you hope this evening. God bless.

Like the wolf that dances in the night and howls at the moon so forlornly, so those of purpose scream out to that light for a sense of belonging and purpose within the world. And like the lone wolf that patrols his territory, so you will wander the many realms of life. And as you walk these realms, so your purpose will begin to bring focus, the howl and the cry that you make will bring attention to you, and others will wonder ‘Why does he cry to the moon, why does he call out with such great sorrow?’

The wolf is a solitary creature and yet can be part of a greater picture, of a pack, and the solitary wolf is the one that is lost, cast aside perhaps. He cries at the moon, howling, for his torture is great and his cries are heard, his torture is alleviated as he solemnly treads upon his path. His territory is great and the pack that follow him will not listen to his cries, but understand his fear nonetheless.

Welcome those of your world who fear they are outcast, bring them into the fold so that their torment is less. In nature, selection can be cruel and this has purpose, a means which you do not understand, yet selection is needed.

You are the wolf that cries at the moon, you are that solitary being that walks the night in search of answers, and your truth is known despite your wandering. The pack awaits to welcome you, and soon realisation will occur as their need for you is great. So howl not at the moon, but at the sun, for it brings reflection cast by the moon.

Truly open your eyes to the many miracles of life and the truth that lies within. Cast out your fears and bring us hope, that your wandering, soon to cease, will bring hope once more to many, for time is a pattern of life and is short by many standards. Live long in the memories of men, have hope, draw near to us this evening as you sleep, the Father awaits for many of his children.




Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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