17-09-19 Healing, The Environment, Reincarnation, Nuclear Testing etc

Transcript Date: 17th September 2019

Tumbled down. Tumbling down that warren of love, for love is everlasting within the universe of light.

Your kingdom has many issues and problems that will outlive you, outlast you, and for millennia the fears of many have been received.

Blessings of light.

Many Nations of Beings of Light Converse in Many Ways

We know of your anguish my son, of the purpose of which you bring to the world, and yet there are many who deceive their thoughts in thinking that theirs is the purest form of connection. But alas, we converse in many ways, many tongues, and many systems. Beyond belief you would think, but we are here nonetheless to speak to those who would listen, far and wide beyond the surface of your planet, for there are many nations of beings of light who would welcome you with open arms.

Theirs is the truth and they learnt many seasons ago to be as one, in unity and not in disarray as your planet at this time.

Be blessed in the knowledge that a purpose will be brought soon for you to bring to others the wisdom and wise words, thoughts of the many who reside now in spirit.

Anxiety regarding potential disaster

There is much anxiety, not only within your world, but in this, of the potential and looming disaster that your earth faces. Destruction of a species is not essential to bring peace within your world. Do not prolong your agonies by peering into the dark and acting in outlandish ways towards one another without peaceful intent.

Damaging ‘Cures’ and Healing

There is purpose in many in their haphazard ways, and they bring much frustration to others as their beings disperse and dispense the medicines of your world. They call them cures, but be blessed in the knowledge that their potential for damage is great. Yet there are those cures that would help and manifest peace in many, their trust and belief in those medicines is paramount, as it is in us. For it is faith and trust that brings hope to all. You must believe before you act, you must bring purposeful mindfulness to yourselves and know that there are many other ways of being healed within your world.

We speak of healing this evening, as there are many who pass to this world without the knowledge of the natural way of things. Their lives were extinguished with the systems of those medical personnel, not in a malicious way, but in ignorance of the poisons and dangers therein. Your well-established ways of research have no doubt been trimmed in recent times without your knowledge, for there is a ludicrous situation whereby money is worth more than that of life, and the aggravation that this will cause will be tremendous within your societies.

They do not share the goodwill of others for there are many formulas given to bring purpose of healing, and yet there are those of your world who continue to suffer for no apparent reason other than they are poor or in a country not worthy of your attention! A lack of care is a careless thing, you should hold all life as precious gems and not as disposable income when their purpose is done.

Environmental Matters

We see the many things of your world and there are those of the light who have purpose to shine within your world of men, and their lights will not be dimmed by those of torturous intent, those who would wish to bring fear, retribution upon them for their actions in stirring up the masses in a way disobedient to the Lord.

She is one of many who looks to the environment and the care of the environment and she asks for protection in more ways than one, for she is a victim of malicious intent. (Greta Thunberg?) And the pharmaceutical companies of your world who thrive at this time upon your misery do not wish her to continue, as her opinions are great within your world and she sees their indiscretions upon the environment, for men seek things not intended at this time.

They have no care that ill will is brought against those indigenous tribes in the jungles of Brazil, they have no care for the animals or the instruments of torture that they bring to bear upon them. They care not for the world, but for themselves. Such strange beings who have no purpose other than to serve themselves, no care to others or the environmental status at this time. They think that to live now is all they need worry about and be damned with the future. Foolish men. Strange men and women who bring disasters upon themselves, and yet they cannot foresee these things, they do not link these things together, for they believe the world is naturally a dangerous place and that it cannot be affected by the actions they bring upon your planet. How wrong they are. The misgivings they bring your mother Earth shall be repaid tenfold. Many will suffer, many of the innocent and it is no fault of theirs that their world should be filled with disasters of a natural occurrence. Yet we say to them, have trust and faith, but how can they when the Western world and united allies act in such disagreeable ways upon your planet?

Foreseen Troubles Within the Oceans and Nuclear Testing

They have foreseen trouble within the oceans of your world, they detected many seismic events that are resounding within your world and this will cause a chain reaction, but they will not tell you of these things, for what can they do about it? But they know the cause is of their indiscretions and their explosions of nuclear energy will evaporate much of the ocean within the vicinity of these terrible weapons. But it is not just this evaporation that will contaminate the oceans and the skies of your world, it is the poisons that is carried within them and they tell you that they are clean devices, not to be concerned about, yet their missiles continue to drop their payloads unbeknown to you. There are many parts of your world so isolated that it is virtually undetectable by the eyes and ears of your authorities, yet they practice their manoeuvres in shameful ways.

Have Hope

Have hope children, in these desperate times we speak of many sorrowful things, but we wish no harm to you or to bring you fear, just to alert you to the circumstances in which you live.

There are many blessings on a brighter note. Within your world there is much love and unity held within those circles of light that practice their abilities to communicate with that other side of life. They are in much need at this time, for they bring enlightenment to others and hope to those who feel that all is lost.

The churches of your world will not unite at this time, for their frankincense and myrrh are separate to each, but eventually they must join in a coherent force to bring purpose once more to villages and outposts of your world, and this may include you, despite your thoughts of superiority within your place in the world and the envoys to come will assist in this purpose, for they bring much love and wisdom to your beings of light. You cannot comprehend this at this time, there is much that you need to know to accomplish your aims in life, for all life is brought with purpose and need.

Political Upheaval

She will not allow that man a purpose in her life, she will not give him respect despite his leadership. A count of balance will be devoid of purpose for she cannot hold her stay within the house. There are many in your world today that speak of political upheaval, many who cannot find a way to agree or disagree, and so as individuals you go your own ways, bringing chaos in the fall of life.

A psalm with words of wisdom

Miraculous that it is, that at times beings of light will step in and correct the measures against them, but these are not seen and they are not everyday events, for your lives revolve around your purpose in your time. Do not counter your fears by bringing fear to others, but bring them wisdom, and the wise a heart will see there is focus and purpose indeed within these words, so tonight we wish to bring a purposeful psalm that may help in the division of your country. It will issue these words, ‘Temperance and tolerance’ is uppermost in need, and paragraph chapter two and verse nine will bring a blessing to those who wish to see.

(Psalm 2:9 N.I.V. Paragraph 2: why do the nations conspire and the People’s plot in vain? The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against his anointed, saying, “let us break their chains and throw off their shackles”.
The one enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. He rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath, saying, “I have installed my King on Zion, my holy mountain”)

There are many wise words spoken within these books, many things they would say are a figment of imagination, for the paragraphs are long and laborious to read. Yet their worth is obvious to be seen to those who would study and understand the underlying meaning of the many verses and chapters held within. As it is with the words given to you there is much wisdom and it belongs within the world of men, for our voice must be heard once more to communicate with those who would bring disaster upon your world.

How would you achieve this you might think, what could possibly happen to draw their attention to you, or your attention to them? For you are a common man, but note, these words are not intended for personal obligation or meaningful intent, they are meant for the human kind and their wisdom to speak out within time. You cannot understand at this time and yet you see the words written so beautifully, given by us, by the Lord of life.

Many will say they are false prophets, false words, written not in wisdom, but in mayhem.

Your mind is locked into a place far beyond their understanding, yet their ability to focus also exists. Shame on them for not opening their hearts and minds to all possibilities, we will bring teachers to correct this. Their lives will continue until their time is done, then their purpose will be seen and they will be awestruck by the possibilities that were missed in life.


Another time perhaps, another existence will correct these things, yes we speak of reincarnation once more. For many, their thoughts cannot think beyond their present life and the world in which they live, their souls are torn apart by the circumstances of their lives and they cannot understand how it can be that they continue on after they cease to exist in the physical.

We ask you this evening to look within yourselves, to think about your personal triumphs and abilities, to think about yourself as not this body of flesh and blood, but as a being of spirit. Do you feel old?, Are you old? Yet your mind still thinks in the way of the youth. Age is of no significance, it matters not to your soul, your continuance is guaranteed should you wish to enter the light. Only those filled with wisdom and knowledge will find this pathway and those who are dogged with mistrust, unhappiness and disbelief, will only wander within the nether regions beyond yours. But have faith and trust, for guidance will be given, there are many souls that wander these dark passages without hope and without illumination.

To carry a thought of peace and love is to bring light upon oneself, to hold each others hands in unity and speak to the great beyond has purpose for many. Do not torture yourselves with the dissolutions of life, the illusions of life, for they will torment you, their purpose is great beyond your belief.

New speaker

Allow Minds to Open

Crimes against humanity are many at this time, many indicted for no other reason than for personal whim. Hmm, wisdom is lacking, such mayhem and grief, yet thoughts of love should be brought to him on high, for his purpose and powerful love will enlighten you all. Help him to understand your ways, allow his thoughts to enter your minds to enlighten you to a better way. Do not turn on those who would not agree with you, for their purpose is dim and without light. Transform yourselves from the beings of earth and traverse the plains of spirit within your thoughts and love. Help is on the way, so hold out your hands in praise of him.

It is commonplace these days to be of a nature of disagreements with those of authority and the church in which you pray, the synagogues and the temples, the many worlds within your world all exist because of love. But their greed and avarice is obvious to many, they control much within your world and they are still powerful despite this lack of evolvement of others. Your mind is weak, but we bring you purpose. The temples in which you pray should be for that purpose only, and yet you can see no other way than to ignore the teachings given, so we ask of you this, be not concerned by the many issues of your world, practice your love and heart through your minds, ask of him for enlightenment, for the chapel of love is within your soul, your being.

Peace or War

Your creation is one of many within this world and of many others and you are but a mere speck in the ocean of time, but a difference can be made for those who follow on. In due course a purpose and thought will be given to many, for their decision to either ask for peace or war. Isn’t human sacrifice enough for everyone, aren’t you displeased with the ways of your world? Would you bring more mayhem for the riches and wealth of your world that are of no consequence whatsoever and hold no position within the world of spirit?

The wealth of the world, the true wealth, is oneself and self belief in the things that you cannot see or feel at this time for the most part, but you have no concern, for this wealth of knowledge and peace is within you all. Should you wish for better times within your lives, bring hope to others, be fair and moderate in your ways and help those who need you most at this time.

We beckon you to our call and ask peace of you, that when we should come, you will not retaliate in anger, but with the love of your heart.

Previous Lives

Come now children, haven’t we spoken of this often enough? Do we not tease and tempt you with our words and encourage you to the light? What will it take for your belief to become wholesome within yourselves? How would you respond to know the truth of your life, that you as a mere mortal are but a blink in time? But your spiritual soul that is held within, you, yourself, your consciousness as you see it, is immortal and will continue on. You will tread the path of time in complete ignorance of your previous lives, although some claim to have recollections, and ultimately this is possible, but improbable, for what you learn in previous existences is carried through to your present time.

How would you react if you knew of an existence, a previous life, in which you brought torture and pain to others? Would it please you or displease you? Would it make you angry to think of the much pain and grief that you may have caused, to others? Or would you have a spark of love within your light, within your life and bring joy to others who suffer at this time? Your lives are a speck in time, and yet full of purpose beyond your understanding.

Seek the Truth

Transform yourselves into beings of thought, this man who speaks this evening, not quite understanding the words and where they come from, yet he is happy to divulge the information given. His mind works in mysterious ways unusual to others, and yet he accepts that the illusion of life is but a shield to be seen through. He seeks the truth and so should you, and you will only find this truth through your own mortal being, that of your soul.


But energy disperses you may say, for once it is gone, it is gone, and like turning off the instruments of your life they are no more, they are quiet, and yet you can turn them back on, and instantly, there they are, and the energy surges once more throughout your instruments of life. This is no different to your being, you are energy and when your body, your instrument of life, expires, so your energy exists within another plane, another time and continues on. When it is ready another instrument is switched on at the beginning of life, then selectively they are entered into this being, to once more live a life, to gain knowledge to take the next.

Teachers who Prepare the Way

Many will be led astray, many will suffer, and this is unwarranted at times, yet it is part and parcel of your being, it is a formula used to teach you many things of life. You would sit in your classrooms as infants, as children, listening to the teacher of life, yet he or she speaks of the ways and things of life at this present time.

We, as teachers, speak of other things, of other ways, other places and other times, far beyond your comprehension. And like the teacher of your classrooms, you must be obedient to us and listen to the words spoken, for there is much wisdom held within, much to come, and much forbearance within your lives. We will prepare the way for you, and bring balance to you once more for as your lives proceed in a natural course of direction, so we are constantly by your side within your thoughts. Those many teachings that you read through, the words given will resound in your mind and the situation might arise whereby you think, ‘ah, I remember something vaguely at the back of my mind’ and their we are, the teachers of life standing by you, our words resounding within your inner ears. Our voice screams out and you think your imagination is running riot, ‘who said that? Who spoke those words?’ But it is not your physical ears that hear these things, it is that voice within your inner ears, and you do not understand what we speak of. Some may do, this man has heard, and so have many others, but his belief system allows him the purpose of believing in what is spoken.

Open your inner ears and when you hear this voice so distinct, then you will know that you are being spoken to by the teacher of life, the one that follows you and leads your way with purpose and joyfulness at your being.

Many Things are Preordained but Many Things Can Change

Many things of life are preordained, many things yet to come, and yet they can be changed with wisdom, peace of mind and love, but equally they can respond to the dark and be turned against the light. We ask of you this, to keep your faith and trust. Do you really want turmoil within your lives? Would you not speculate for a better time to exist within this world before the next one comes? Why would you want to live in misery, a life of misery? Bring yourselves hope and the joy to come, allow your minds not to be swayed by those meagre things of life, we see that many are headstrong at persuading you in these things. Their techniques are subtle and yet you do not see, you succumb to them, unwittingly for the most part.


Be not judged by others, and do not judge others in return. You may judge yourselves in whatever way you must, but judge in light, peace and love for this is what brings you joy in life.

The Secret of Life has Alluded Many

The secret of life has alluded many throughout the eons, ages past, and we have existed in times past, when they sat in the circles of light, not quite understanding why they would be doing this yet their souls have been led to this experience. Those of your Victorian times would wear their black clothes, and think that we would respond to these darkened arenas of life, and yet we are of light, we illuminate your minds with many words, and this man has been given an open mind, an insight into many things, and you may argue this point and say that his ego outweighs his thoughts, and yet there is much truth, much evidence has been given.


Merriweather was one, and his namesake was bought forward before him (H. G. Champion, a trance medium of the 1850’s) to guide him upon his path, his message was strong and great and he may tell you of these things, for his astonishment was tremendous at the parallels that existed. He would tell you himself, his purpose, he thought was unique, and yet it coexisted and coexists with others of your world, respond in kindness to him, open your hearts and minds, and if you do not wish to acknowledge his words, then listen to us within your inner ear of life.

Your responses are heard many times, your wishes and thoughts are heard many times, irregular situations will occur within your lives, and assistance will be given, and you would think coincidence, pure utter coincidence! Really, do you believe this? Or would you have the thought that you are being guided within a situation? We wish we could tell you more, but it is up to you to divulge the knowledge to yourself, to open your hearts and minds and allow in the light, the light of knowledge, for it exists within all of you, throughout all times, all phases of life.

Good evening.

New speaker

Why some pass so young

She comes with joy to you, her arms open wide and her thoughts research the minds of many. She asked of you questions that you cannot answer, and we would tell you this, that many are brought to this side through the illusions of men. Many pass at an early age and their responses are heard time and time again “Why did I pass so young?” In many cases this is the illnesses of your world, but there are those who are brought to this side through disillusionment and misguidance of others. The pattern of life is set for all, and his time was done, he learnt the things of life, yet he was only just beginning. So cruel to cut him off at the point of his turning and yet it is that point that he should return to us, for his knowledge was gained and his wisdom was great.

He shunned himself, rebuked himself, told himself that this was a way out, a passage from the turmoil of life. Many are disillusioned by those drug pushers of your world, their hallucinations and their false witness against you has brought many to this side of life. It is sad, but their purpose was done and you should not fear for them, for when they pass they will see, their ignorance was bliss upon your side of life, but their arms are open wide to love within.

Have hope my children, and should your loved ones pass at a tender age, do not give up hope for them, for they had purpose within your lives, they have purpose within their own lives and their terminations are many and they are sad, but rejoicement will come as you reunite within the world of light. And how would you recognise them? Another good question asked, for their body does not exist any more, their body has gone, vanished only their essence remains.

Their spirit and soul exists, it has not gone, it has not left you, they are with you in every step in your lives. They walk with you with guidance and love and despite their passing and the ill will that may be given, their enlightenment will be great. And for those who respond and sacrifice themselves for others, they are the ones who will be the teachers of your world.

So do not regret their passing and do not misjudge the purpose by which they went, for their time was done. This man searches for an answer, his friend cannot understand the meaning of this, she watches and waits, clasps her hands in prayer and hope that answers will come. How can we respond to this, but to say, have faith and trust, his purpose was done, he lived a full life.

It may seem illogical to you that he should suffer within his life, and his end terminated so short. It is hard to understand why this should be. You ask of many things of his survival, he has brought you messages. Help him to understand how he can help you, ask of him no more than you would ask yourself. His being exists, and his personal love surrounds you like a blanket of warmth. Trust in this. He is not persecuted for his being, for it was meant to be, and yet he was corrupted by the substances of your life, this was not meant to be, however, there is much teaching, and your coexistence will once again bring peace to you. So step back from the fear of his unworthiness for he is in the light waiting for you. Do not judge him harshly for his being, we ask of his loved ones, for there is great love held within. His torment was great as you see it, his heart struggled to understand the things brought to bear upon him, yet his light shines brighter than ever before. His life had purpose and meaning beyond your understanding, do not fear for him, but bring yourselves hope and understand this, that his message of love is carried within your thoughts. And in your mind you may hear his voice from time to time, and think that it is your imagination, accept that this is his energy that speaks within you, for you are a part of each other, and like the chain of life, you coexist with many others.

Time and time again we have brought you reason to understand this, and it is hard to your minds to accept, and we speak to the general population of your life. This is not all you are, you are more than this, and we grant you peace this evening in your lives have purpose.


Opening Minds to See Another Way

Tranquil minds balance out the many words spoken, and for the life of them they cannot see the true meaning held within. They issue you kind words and their understanding lacks, but nevertheless, they are in agreement with the practicalities of the words spoken. Their gentle minds and gentle hearts seek information that they cannot accept or allow in for they are of practical mind with purpose within their lives and the logic does not exist to explain these things. So they are polite in their way and bid you goodbye without seldom a thought of possibilities.

True, it takes imagination for many to open their minds to see another way, to accept there may be purpose in other things beyond your world. Do not study your books of Earth that bring focus upon words of untruths, for there is much teaching and goodness within the words and phrases given.

In time immemorial they were written in stone long ago and impressed upon your hearts, so if you are of gentle mind and gentle persuasion, allow the words to sing out that you may also hear the voice of spirit that speaks within.

Sayonara. I am one of wisdom who speaks with you tonight.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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