06-10-19 Wisdom of the cavemen, Energy, Cloning, Hidden Science, Illumination to come etc

Transcript Date: 6th October 2019

Nourish yourselves with love, wisdom and knowledge

Trumpets blow, the battle cry sounds as the warring nations of your earth trigger an almighty blow to those of the dark. Negative thoughts and personalities have come to rule the countries of your world and their love is lacking, just as the fields that are extinguished by lack of nourishment.

Bring your thoughts together this evening and allow our thoughts to meld as we transform your lives in thoughts of prayer, this in turn will nourish your minds and the harvest will be great, for the wheat that grows will be filled to the maximum with knowledge of love without war or hate, but with wisdom and knowledge issued by the universe of love.

Tangible are your feelings as you unite in your power through your light. Your strength is given to the weak willed of your world that they may see a better way and perhaps find a new direction in life that they may follow to bring their circumstances to a finality and navigate to a better way of living through the words written within the books of love.

Together you will unite just as streams merge with the rivers of life to bring pressures upon those of ill will and ill repute to navigate the streams to the oceans of your world, where at this time extreme measures are brought against the many living creatures that exist within.

We welcome those with thoughts of love who navigate the world through their will and kind-heartedness, for it is this love, this precious love that will fulfil the prophecies given throughout time.

We do not dictate your path but offer guidance

We are not here to dictate a way of living to you, for it is your path to navigate your lives to a better understanding of your being, but we do give guidance and we ask of you just a little time to refrain from your daily activities, from your labours and to acknowledge us with peaceful thought in mind. Together we will form a force so vast that it will overcome the reckless behaviour of the men with no wisdom, but greed in their hearts.

Let us come forth before you this evening to bring you verse and song of the past to remind you of those times of love when the men of bitterness were not so strong within your world, a time when fortune was gained through love and companionship through the natural way of things, nurturing your minds and your free will to live as one, as a united species within your world.

We have not come to torture your minds with thoughts of punishment, but only guidance. There will come a time when our need will be great within your world of men and our existence will become known to the many who walk your life.

Carry the light to illuminate your way

Time is short and it never ends, never ceases, and your purpose will be done as will all others, but in this purpose you must serve the light and if you cannot hold the torch of light before you in this life, then you shall redeem these things once more upon your rebirth within the world. So carry the torch of light to illuminate your way, that you may find a better way and a better time, both in this life that you live and the one to come before you.

Naturally many disbelieve that life exists beyond this, for their existence is real at this time and their minds cannot comprehend perhaps another dimension or another way of living without the luxuries of your world. But time has a way of giving, in much the same sense as your hearts and minds to others. It will nurture you and feed you with knowledge that you may proceed upon your paths as ordained so long ago by that being of light, that creature of wisdom. The creature of wisdom that is held within you and within all of you, he seeks a way, a path through which to reach you, that he may guide you once more.

For once in your lives, there will come a time when your need will be great of him and you may ask, “What need have I of him? Why do I need this being of imagination that you call the light?”

Your circumstances will become dim in time and you will understand what we mean by these words and you will reach out to us and ask why? And we will answer you in ways you do not understand. Many who suffer loss reach out to us and seek these answers and they feel that they are ignored, but they are given, and their love will overrule their minds of negativity to bring them purpose once more. It is the work and wisdom of many that will enlighten them of their paths and true meaning of life. Be blessed in the knowledge that our time is with your time and that we walk with you with much purpose and need.

“How can this be?” you might say, “we see no others around us, we do not hear your voice, so how do we know of these things?” We have explained once before that your intuition runs deep, and your inner ear will listen and hear these words and guidance will be issued. Many will ignore this for they have ‘a good handle on things’ they think, but their purpose will be done and they will follow this road of negativity until they reach a point in their lives when they need reassurance of love and purpose. Those young lives, those young people who do not see this at this time, will come to realise as they advance in years and their knowledge grows and their wisdom perhaps will not be so lacking. But there are those who are resolute and ask nothing more than to pass beyond without this understanding or knowledge. Their purpose will also be done and they will not understand, but a resolution will be given.

To all that face a time of termination, to those who have no faith or trust, or do not have the will to believe in such things of the ghosts of the past, we will be there to assure you, to reassure you, of our commitment to you. They will speculate that the time will come when the knowledge will be given, perhaps little by little, but none of you shall be denied the entrance into light.

Is it the path to be ignorant and of ill will?

You question those of ignorance and ill will, those who bring torture to others through their actions in life, can this be their path? No it is not, and their choices are many, and made without thought or knowledge. The deeper they travel along this road of negativity the harder it becomes for them to see. They transfer their thoughts unwittingly to that of the negative who encourage them more to walk the dark roads unseen before them. Their terminations will be great and their lives wasted, as they look back in anger at the choices they made. Perhaps one may have saved them, perhaps if they had listened and heard the knowledge things may have changed, but their path this set and they feel there will be no recourse for the actions. But they are wrong, they are wrong. Only those, of great atrocities will suffer the indignities that lay beyond.

Their position will be tenable as they transverse your world to this, and their knowledge will be less and their weakness will be seen by those of the dark who will encourage them further into the abyss. But for all those of the negative, an opportunity exists, a rebirth perhaps to a new world where they may begin to learn once more, to grow in spirit, to rise above the negative aspirations and thoughts . Give them a thought of love this evening, for they have lost their way and their beginnings will not be easy.

Should those of the light shun those of the dark?

But what of those of the light, those that have direction and see the way before them? Should they shun these beings of the dark or should they shine their light to illuminate their way?

This is a purpose given to many within your world, Kevin is but one, and there are many others that shine a guiding light, a lantern within the dark.

Be not afraid of ridicule

Yours is as theirs and frequently they see you, your purpose is given beyond your understanding, yet you hear from afar those many words of wisdom. Speak them to the nations and those of love, cry out your words, be not afraid of ridicule, but allow them to flow like the rivers of life to have freedom of thought, to bring purpose to others and those of negative perhaps will see that there is a better way.

The illumination to come

The illumination to come in the next world beyond yours will be great and you will see your past lives like you have never seen them before, a map laid out before you and your position will become tenable within the world of light to assist and guide others to that possibility of life ever after within the realm of light.

Come now, be not ashamed of your sins or the things of the past, for they may be rectified if you have the will and heart. Hope is everlasting and the declarations of those men of your world who insist upon greed and avarice will diminish within time.

The false prophets

There are many false prophets within your world who give you unwise words to perform miracles upon you. Their miracles are that of transformation to bring fear to your hearts through the media of your world. And the men of avarice do so, blatantly before your very eyes and you succumb to their unwise ways and you follow with a freedom of heart not being aware of the antagonising words given.

You have instructed your thoughts to follow a pattern in life and to tread this road without fear, without grief, worry or concern. It is beyond you at this time, and these men of purpose will bring this fear to you, ignore them, see the patterns of life, for time and time again it has occurred, and time and time again men have been renewed to a better way. Follow your purpose to the ultimate goal, do not be persuaded by the things you see of the negative, for they use your minds in ways unknown to you and you feel fear for your environment, and you cluster around arguing the point. How can this be, why do they not see? In this time of Industrial Revolution within your world much has been given too soon, too little information, and you yield these weapons with disregard. They were given by those of the dark to bring confusion, but you must seek the truth in the light around you, seek them within your heart, look to the world and see that yours is only a small part of the great beyond.

Suffering and atrocities

You see the atrocities and the suffering of many as the waves of the oceans hit hard upon the shores of Asia, Indonesia. But reflect upon this, that nature has a way of renewal and although you see them as innocent victims, they are part of the natural way. Yours too may succumb to the world and to nature, and you must accept this as you are a being of the earth. But you are all capable of so much more, you are all of spirit, the animals, the fish and all that is living has life, including the earth. She created you and yet you shun her with your abominations upon her, too little, too soon has been given.

You will be crushed by the immensities of those of wealth who will presume to use your lives to further their aims and their gains. They will not understand your purpose of being, for you are nothing more than mortals to them. Truth can be gained through knowledge and those who seek the knowledge within will seek the truth and wisdom to combat these things of life.

New speaker

Truth will be seen

Truth will be seen soon and those that bring fear will also suffer in their enormity. Their grief will be brought by themselves and they will suffer no less for their greed and avarice.

Fortunes of life are meaningless

Fortunes of life are meaningless in the world beyond. Others will come to seek a measure of peace with you, and they come not with idle chat, but with purpose. Greet them as you would greet a friend, help them to understand your ways, many will not see these things for they are hidden from you, many will not understand these words, but the Beings of Light will come once more to your planet, to bring you peace and a resolution to your turmoil in life.

Are you the injured parties? No. Your purpose is brought upon yourselves, but as teachers they will guide you in their spiritual ways and aspirations of life. Teach yourself purpose through your thoughts of love, cherish one another, for you are a poor, part of one another beyond this world of life.

What is this energy we speak of?

What is this energy that we speak of, this energy of soul and spirit? We have enlightened you once before. Once more we will tell you that your lives are not of this world, but of a further dimension to come. Imagine if you will, a ball of light, a ball of energy. From this ball of energy splinters occur, and the knowledge that is held within this ball of energy is gathered by these splinters. The further they reach out to seek the knowledge the further they will transverse within this ball of light.

Do not be ashamed to say that you have lost your way, ask for help when it is needed and it will be given. Your purposes are vast and varied, but eventually your soul, your spirit will once more travel towards this light, and dependent upon the knowledge and wisdom that you have gained, so your position within this light will be given and those upon the outside of this light looking in are those of the negative, of the lost and we hasten to add, not the damned, this is a word created by your world. They are lost souls who seek entrance within the comfort of this light and they will be given assistance and the graduation of their being will advance once more. The source of energy you cannot see, but you feel within your heart if you look.

Reflect upon your lives

Maintain a stance of defiance and your lives will be dim, sure you may profit, you may advance within the world of men and know that of luxury, but it is short lived. Reflect upon your lives and look at the things you have, do they bring you comfort? Do they fulfil a need? Or is there more to life than just the materialistic things that surround you at this time? You must ask yourselves these questions and go within, bring yourselves purpose and seek the truth that this life has a purpose, but the things that you gather do not. Only that of wisdom and light, that of love, is carried forward, and these are the things you should seek.

The negative substances that obstruct your way

The negative substances of your earth are put there to demand of you, to sway you from your path, and although we do not deny you some pleasure within your lives, for it is a task to behold, we do not and will not hold it against you, but it will obstruct your way. And when your time comes and the negative substances consumed within your world (and we do not just speak of chemicals or liquids, but of other nourishment from other ‘demonised minds’ shall we say) they will corrupt your soul, but the light will shine once more.

Wisdom of the ‘cavemen’

You must look within, be single-minded and determined to seek the knowledge within, to look at the things that surround you that give you purpose at this time, but they are not of need, for your true nature is as the animal of the Earth, the beast that roams the planet of Earth, as you call it.

Your nature was transformed long ago and vast amounts of ignorance have gathered since. The beings of that time were unaware of their existence, and you may ask, “What is their spirit and soul?” For they lacked knowledge, they roamed the earth in ignorance, you think. The vastness of the plains and the open countries of your world were an Eden to them and they roamed these countries and these plains, not in ignorance, but with more knowledge, much more knowledge than you hold today. They knew the things of the natural world and of their assistance, they did not know of the negative that was created through the ignorance of want. All they required was a place, a dry place to sleep, to live to nurture their children. Their ways of life were true to nature and to compare their lives with yours, we would say theirs was not of ignorance or darkness, unlike yours today.

You may be horrified at these words to compare that of caveman to modern man and say that those ‘cavemen’ had greater knowledge than yourselves. But believe us when we tell you, they truly did. They were given intelligence to further them upon their path, but alas, this led them astray and they became needy, wanting more, not being satisfied with that the Lord gave them. So the children of the world, the dominant species lost their way, and you look to the animals and the fishes in the sea and the creatures that fly and all living creatures of the Earth, and you see them as being ignorant, not understanding. Look deeper, look deeper to them, do not look at them as ‘nothing’ in your lives, for they give you purpose and they understand more than you can ever know. You may not believe these words, it is up to you to look within to seek this knowledge and it will become clear to you.

The precious articles of life

Take your modern day vehicles, your beloved, precious articles of life, and the time that comes when you pass, will you take them with you? Would you like to be interred in them and think that you would travel with these objects? This is such a narrow point of view and negative. How ridiculous. You will see that this is ridiculous you may preserve your bodies as you will, because your wealth allows you to do this, but it will not return you to that body. That body will not live again and even if you ‘science it’ to clone your bodies, that you may have a new body that resembles the old, your spirit and soul will not exist within that body, it will continue with actions of life because that is the nature of the animal of Earth.


You have seen this before, and this man knows of ‘Dolly’ (Dolly the Sheep)  and the cloning of her and there she is, seemingly unaffected by what has happened and back to her old self, but her spirit and soul are not that of the original. And like a copying machine, you may copy that original, but it will never be the same, you can never repeat the same thing twice. So allow your science this information, that they are wrong in their thoughts to re-clone a human being at this time. You are unaware of this, but many scientific studies are leading to this point, whereby they think they can transfer the soul and the spirit to that of a new being. And many of your wealthy seek this at this time and they invest much, and unwittingly you do the same through the pharmaceutical companies and the big organisations in your world, you contribute to this, but you are not told.

But what benefit would it give you? Once you leave your body and return from whence you come you will not return to the same body, despite the lightness, despite the DNA. Oh how foolish men are. The wisdom is within, seek the wisdom within, look to your world and do not ignore the lessons given. Advancement only comes through knowledge, love and peace, through goodwill to men and to the animals, trees, the plants and your Earth.

A time will come when all these things will pass and the Earth will continue on, but you will be no more. Your advancement and your knowledge are the only things that can save you.

Scientific breakthroughs hidden

The creations of men at this time are unworthy of you. Scientific breakthroughs through medical knowledge are seen, yet not held within the heart of the community, for they are hidden from you, so that those of wealth may survive a time to come. Truly their spirit is lacking and their soul is weak and they will be dismayed at the time of their crossing, dismayed at the darkness and the things that they had planned yet could not appreciate during their time.

They will look to the light and be obstructive, and ask of their wealth, “Does it not mean something to achieve something in life through wealth and property, belongings? Have I not shown my worth to you?” they would ask, and we would say no, the worth is held within and not of the physical. They will be confused and unable to comprehend these things. Instruction will be given, but it will take time, knowledge that is lacking will be fulfilled through the universe of love.

Understand these words

We hope you understand these words this evening, and begin to look within to that inner place that exists within your souls, within your bodies at this time. Look to the possessions and things that you have and see their true worth, for they are worth nothing in comparison to love, to freedom of will, goodwill to men, your brothers and sisters. When we speak of you being a part of each other this is the meaning of spirit. You are part of that ball of energy, a splinter of light that exists to learn, to further knowledge, to go deeper within that light to bring wisdom to others.

The purity of your heart will be determined upon your passing. Be not afraid of our words, for death is just a mere particle of time, it is not true to say that when your body ceases that that is all there is. Those who are blinded will not see and will be confused. Give them guidance, give them your spirit of love and allow them to see the path upon which you walk, by whatever means you can. Purpose will be given my son.

Bring your thoughts now to prayer and give thanks to the almighty creator of life for your being and purpose, join with us in this ball of energy of light and allow it to shine brighter within your lives and many others. Be at peace my children.


New speaker

Satisfactory words giving you much thought to that of the human species. We are not that of spirit, but truly we are part of that creation that is spoken of and at this time we transmit our thoughts upon the waves.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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