16-10-19 Animals and Pets, Earth Angels, Brexit, Who is the Creator? Climate Change, A Doctor brings change etc

Transcript Date: 16th October 2019

(This ‘sitting’ took place as some friends were meditating at the same time some 450 miles away – it seems a connection was made between us all.)

Do not be concerned by the many aspects of life that affect you at this time. Allow your mind to relax and meld with others. Bring purpose to one another and greet the many into the fold as they welcome news from the world of spirit.

Your thoughts are many at this time, be blessed in the knowledge that you are heard, as are many whose thoughts are of wisdom and not malice. But behold, (understand), there are those who would not acknowledge the beings of light and they will reaffirm their message, that it is we who are of the imagination.

Sacred are we to the purpose of man, we bore you long ago and we help you upon your paths of life, so that you may ascertain a higher level within the realm of what you call spirit. We are beings of many (kinds) who dominate your earth unseen. Yet wisdom prevails of those who would ask of us what they will.

Tonight as you sit, you cluster around an open fire and you hear the crackles and the pops, as the flames change colours from orange to red’s, to blues, you will feel the warmth and this is equal to the warmth of our love. Let them sit now and feel our caress around them. Some will say they feel ‘funny’, ‘light’, whilst others will feel nothing, yet be hopeful that their senses would also feel these things.

Never let your thoughts cloud your judgement my son, bring purpose to them, for they know the coming will be soon and they will be thankful, as you all will be.


Matters of great concern are spoken this evening by the many who sit in the Houses of Parliament. Your governments refuse to back down to the wishes and demands of the population at large, yet they know of the many things of wisdom that have been spoken of. Yes, we comment once more upon the political situation of your world. We will bring this less in the future, for your roads must be followed and your paths given new direction.

Togetherness and Misguidance

Comment not upon the subject spoken of, but bring focus once more to the wisdom of the light. Togetherness is a factor lost within your world at this time. We speak of many who do not seek friends of wisdom, but those of untruth, and they let their hearts and minds be taken in by the information given. But misguidance is much at this time and there are many beings not of the light that would shadow your lives in myriads of ways, undetectable by some, and others follow blindly, knowing and being aware of the shadow of darkness that encompasses them.

Let it not be your purpose to overshadow these things with demands to follow the light, for each of you has a guidance from above and within. It will become necessary for those of lesser wisdom to once more open their hearts and redeem their souls when their time is done. But their hearts are not of wisdom, they do not see the purpose by which you pass this information. Yet many seek the wisdom of the light, and we will take this to the extreme in the coming days, months and years, as it becomes obvious to the many that the fallen have besieged them and are ignorant in their ways.

Temples will tumble

Temples will tumble and a tremendous wave of emotion will erupt and encircle your globe, as the many cannot see a better way, or a future without disruption and mayhem. Target your emotions my children, do not be disobedient to that of the light. Your objections are many, yet there is focus upon you who disobey the laws given long ago by Moses and Abraham. They wish you well despite your mishaps and your fallen ways, but be comforted in the knowledge that their wisdom would exude a great deal of love upon you all. Those of the light and those in the shadows will look to the light and be given tolerance to continue their passage, to redeem their lives once more, not to follow the reckless of your world, but those of wisdom who speak the words of love. There are many of you who work within the light and not the shadows of the dark. Be blessed this evening and join hands with those in a common practice who sit at this time, Valerie is one, Kevin another.

Follow your paths and trust

There are many who would like to resume their nature of love, yet they cannot see a way forward, they insist upon evidence. But their strength of heart knows that their faith and trust must be given first. We would say to them, do not ask for that which cannot be given at this time. Your purpose is to follow your paths and to trust in the words given, not just by this man, but by the thoughts of your mind, for this is how channelled information reaches you. We are not a figment of the imagination and our thoughts are real, our aspects are many within your world. The transitions of light will follow shortly to increase attention to our being. You call them ‘the aurora’ and they are of scientific interest as the cosmic waves hit the atmosphere and burn and cause the illumination. But we do not speak of this natural occurrence, phenomena, we speak of the ways that will reach your heart through your spirit and soul, when enlightenment will come, also in a myriad of colours to enlighten you of other ways, of better ways to exist within the world.

Who is the Creator?

The creator of the creation of life. You hesitate as you read these words and ask, who is this ultimate being, the creator of life? Do you not know that you are part of him? We will tell you this, that your energy derives from this very existence, the ‘Big Bang Theory’ they will call it.

There are many of these different aspects within different dimensions of time, but this energy, this life-giving force continues today and will continue on and on, not just in your world, but many worlds. Many developments will occur to change their beings, your beings are no different, you will adapt given time, but only if you find peace in your hearts and companionship with others of your time.

One who wages war against the universe of love (Satan)

We cannot express to you enough our great concern at this time, as there is one who wages war against the universe of love and he will not stop until he is satisfied that he has won you over. It is up to you, have determination your hearts, do not shut your door upon the light of life and the light of spirit, for you are part of this creation as much as he is of the dark. Yet like many of your world who have lost their way and shows a path of despair and disruption, this has also occurred with the one we speak of, you know him as Satan, Lucifer and many unfamiliar names to others. His practices of hate are much in your world, but we are here as the warriors, the valiant, those of the light to welcome you with love and strength in your hearts. You must welcome us, for your divine being, your souls are in need of us.

Times of despair

Your desperation is much at this time, many despair as their lives take a tumble in financial terms of your world. Many have nothing and live in the extreme places of your world, they care not for your riches or your wonders of life, all they are looking for is the bread of life, the staff that will comfort them and give them strength. A grain or two is all they need to feed upon and the strength of the soul is so much more than you can know. Their natural ways are forbidden to you, for some deem them unhealthy and yet the richness of the earth by the creation of the master is much, the assistance to be gained from these things are great within your world.

A doctor to change the ways of many

The natural way is the only way. Be blessed in the knowledge that one will come soon, a doctor, to change the ways and the thoughts of many. Their minds will erupt with confusion, for this one medic, he has knowledge of much and is a man of wisdom and learning. Look to him not as someone extraordinary, for he is as much as you are. His being has been created to assist others and yet you too have this ability to open your hearts and help those in need, you do not need your doctorates and your qualifications, there is no need to call yourself by a distinctive name and put letters before or after to indicate your strength of conviction. For those who know of your love will see your caring, they will know and come to you with great trust in their hearts, because you do not display a note of arrogance as a wise man.

One who feels unheard – hope will be regained

Tonight we have asked you to focus, to bring you thoughts of wisdom in prayer should you wish to ascertain a level within your life. A note of despair is heard this evening as one asks, “Why is it that I am not heard, my thoughts reach out and yet do not seem adequate enough to ascertain an answer?” Tell her this, that her thoughts are heard, and the many thoughts of the people within your world are also heard. Time is a healer and her heart will break many times before she becomes one of paradise. Yet these things are of great learning. Do not bring her despair, allow her not to sit and wallow in her own sorrow, but bring her hope of love and joy to come, and that these many things of life that you experience at this time are short lived. Hope will be regained once more.

Do not think of it as avarice, as being greedy for that of the light, for you are welcome all who wish to plunder the light of love and knowledge. Give thanks this evening for the many blessings given.

One concerned about her dog and all animals

One sits this evening concerned about her dog. The animals, the pets of your life as you call them, are your equals, they too have despair, worries and troubles that you cannot comprehend and they sit amongst you, the felines, the canines and all the types of creatures that live with you. The birds and bees and the very nature that surrounds you all have a consciousness and all equally feel despair at times. Yet they continue on and they show their love to you in many different forms. Those ignoring this love, bringing them misfortune and torturous treatment, they are the ones of need and despair, for their cold hearts cannot recognise the love within these creatures, all they can do is exude hate towards them.

Emotions transferred to animals

Do you think that they do not feel the things that you think? Your emotions are transferred as are our thoughts to you through this man. Your emotions are as real as your sense of touch, as your sight and as your hearing. You feel sad and this is felt by others and they will tell you they see this sadness within you, but equally they will feel for you. The animals and creatures of your world feel fear when they feel your senses of dishonour towards them. To stroke the pets of your life will bring you comfort, for this is the warmth of the soul, from one to the other. When you caress and love and hold your loved ones, then you too are part of the whole and you will feel the warmth of this love. Do not think those that you have loved, are now lost, do not think that they cannot caress you and hold your hearts with love. Reach out your minds, let go your fears of the supernatural and allow the natural rhythm of life to caress you, for they will caress you in a way unsuspecting.

Release anger and fear, love will conquer fear and anger

Unforgiving are many of the cruelty seen within your world, unforgiving are their hearts, but they must release this anger and this fear. Yes, it is despicable how the creation of life would turn upon another and bring fear to that creature. Yes, to torture somebody or an animal or a plant or even your earth, is despicable, yet you must not hate in return, but show love, for it is your light and love that will conquer their fear and anger. And they lash out at you and say, that you are stupid to believe in such things, for this life is but one life and one life only, but have a care, for continuation goes on in all walks and realms of life, be it upon your earth or in other creations on other worlds.

Continuing Creation

You do not think of these things as being possible. You think you are the sole creation of the creator and that you are made within his image. To a degree this is true, your spirit your soul, your energy is part of this creator, the creation. You are part of others, strange to your eyes, their energy to exists as yours and they come from the same place as you. Their spirits and souls are equal to yours and you follow different aspects of life dependent upon the world in which you were born. The creation of life is many, Genesis will tell you of this in chapters 9 and 10 and your minds will be beleaguered to read these things and think of creation as being an instant of time, and yet it flows and continues on like the currents of the rivers of life. We have referred before to the rivers of life and would you understand what we speak of. These are the rivers of light and love, the rivers of compassion, the spirit and soul, is this river, it flows never-ending, seeking a way through the torrents it comes across. We spoke of the rapids of life and the calm to come, and this is so, for as the rapids cease and the rocks and boulders, the obstacles that stand in your way fall to one side so you will become calm as the river ambles gently forward. Yet once more life will come, and as these things are repeated it is up to you to follow the path of least resistance, to follow that of the light, love and companionship of each other no matter what existence, you may exist within.

Creatures of other life forms, other dimensions

You may ask of us much, and dependent upon the answers given, you will refer to us as ‘the givers of life’ or ‘those of imagination’. But we exists as beings, as creatures of other life forms, from other dimensions. You are no less part of us as we are part of you. You follow your path of life unaware of the existence of many that surround your world and yet you see the many different creatures that exist within the extremes of your world. So look to them and ask yourselves, if these creatures, these microbes, these many things that are hidden within your oceans, beneath your land, if they can exist in these extreme circumstances, then surely, surely there must be other forms of life, not necessarily the same as you, yet they are built of the same building blocks of life and that spark of energy, of creation.

The Beings of Light and Earth Angels

There are many forms that exist, one such form will be recognised shortly. We speak of the beings of light and you regard us as angels, ‘creatures of mythical origins’ in your words. Yes we exist and you consider us as winged creatures, but our radiance will shine out and you will be obedient in your ways, you will recognise these Angels they exist in many forms upon your world and many others. They come to you as nurses and carers and many other forms of healers and spiritualists, yet they are and have been infiltrated by those of not of similar, how shall we say, genuine of heart. Hmm, to find the words is difficult, yet like the creatures and animals of your life who sense your love towards them or your hate, you too will sense and know when you meet one of these creatures of the light, for they may exist within the form and body as you, yet their heart and soul is made of so much more. And their anger does not persist or dissuade them, this does not mean to say that they do not become frustrated, but they have an ability to subdue this thought of hate. They shine the light within their souls and in their hearts this smothers the thoughts of anger.

Friends sitting in circle at the same time

They speak of wisdom tonight, your friends in circle, they have hope for you that the words given may cast a thought upon their minds. They cannot abide the thought that perhaps one day life will be terminated by the anger and frustrations of your world. They talk of the environment and those who would respond to the call of nature to bring assistance and guidance to others. Be dominant in your thoughts and as you focus upon the crystals before you this evening, the pendulum swings to seek out the energy that exists around you and exudes the light that shines brightly. Their learning will be great. Their haphazard ways are as many of your world, but their fortune lies in what they seek, the fortune is that of love, love of the light and the radiance that shines within. Help them to understand this Michael, that their obedience to the light is heard and we will not be reckless in our communications to them.

A man who fears for the welfare of his loved ones

A man sits this evening in fear of his loved ones, he fears for their welfare on this side of life and he is restless, knowing that the sequence of life can be painful. Tell him this, that his love should be restored and that his loved ones who he fears so much for, his boy, his son, is welcomed within the light and sits with grace. His pains and agonies have passed. He beseeches us to give him wisdom and knowledge of his boys welfare and we will tell him this, that his son is a creature of love and that he should not fear for him, for he is blessed within the light of love. He rests easy now and the torturous torments of life that took him from you have passed. They are but a distant memory to him, but he stands with you, and you acknowledge this sometimes by reacting to his measures, his signals. You cannot understand why these things occur and yet know this, that each of you are accompanied by your loved ones, your fathers and mother’s, your sons and daughters and all those of love.

Passing to the light

Your distant memories of pain will fade as you cross the great divide and the barriers of life will fall away as you open your eyes to a new world to come. You will see before you a light shining brightly and exuding hope, love and healing. You will be attracted to this, some will be diverted as they are not ready, or their attention is deceived by others not so welcoming, yet in your hearts you must be strong, in your souls you must be aware that the light is the light of creation, and is of your rebirth within the world of spirit.

To mothers of sons lost

To all those mothers of sons lost, we give you these thoughts tonight, do not fear for their welfare, become aware of their love as they caress you. You may feel a chill as this man does at this time, or you may feel the warmth of their love and because you feel the cold this is not a negative, this is a welcome, their energies form around you and these are your senses, so be not afraid when you feel this chill around you, know that it is the spirit of your loved ones and the warmth of their hearts will also be felt and accepted as their love in their message to you of their circumstances of good health.

New speaker

Weather Forecasting and Atmosphere

Temperatures play part in all of your lives, do you not feel more comfortable in the warmth and in the light than when you are in the dark and the cold and you shiver and you cannot see? You become fearful for your being. Temperatures are extreme in their many ways and this can be felt in many forms within your world and the degrees and measures by which you forecast your weather are flawed at this time, flawed by the thoughts of men who do not wish you to know of the amount of pressure that is lost at this time around your world, for your atmosphere grows thin and your lives depend upon this thin veil of life. The pressures change and fall and they are whisked away into the heavens. Like a balloon ready to burst, your world is at an extreme at this time and you continue to pump with air the poisons of your world and you continue to pollute the very life-giving oxygen of your world, can you not understand this? When will it be time for you to change or will it be too late we wonder?

Climate movement infiltrated by that of the dark

A movement has begun that has been infiltrated by that of the dark, for they see a way of influencing others in the many simple things of your world. The good of heart will see this, but those will influence other people to follow blindly, and we speak of the ‘yellow shirts’ at this time, the ‘yellow shirts’, well, were they not of the black of recent times? If there is a loophole to be found within your world to bring mayhem and disaster, then these negative beings will certainly search out and find these loopholes in life. But the forecast is not totally gloomy for there are many who genuinely have a heart of concern and they will be the majority, they will bring satisfaction and those who betray the thoughts of peace and love and the welfare of your life, they will be found out and sought after by your authorities.

Hmm, although we speak of your atmosphere as being a balloon that surrounds your world, and how the pressures are extreme at this time, there is still hope for a new beginning.

There is no need to be concerned of immediate danger or imminent disaster. Yes, things have turned and are occurring at this time throughout your world and your weather systems respond to the measures that you give. You feel powerless to help, yet it is your voice and your will that can change these things, we do not ask you to assist in violence, but merely speak in a level tone, to speak gently and with a loving voice to those who will listen, will hear you. But those who are rioters and shout out in anger at the authorities in their wayward ways, they will not be heard but be merely seen as a negative. It is the gentle voice and that of love and warmth that will win over those of merciless greed at this time. So do not be concerned that your bubble will burst at this time, for it will continue on for a time, but we issue this warning to you, that if you do not change and bring a new circumstance to your atmosphere and we mean by your regrettable use from the poisons of the earth.

Hmm, we find that there are better ways and we welcome those that research these things. Much will be hidden from you, for the greed and avarice of men is rife at this time, but as your planets system erodes and decays, so the outcry will become great and their ways will be shunned in favour of renewable energy.

Those who will come to assist

Those who will come to assist will be strange to your eyes, their beings are far from your imagination, they are humanoid in appearance, much the same as you, but with adaption’s to live in other ways, just as the creatures of your world who adapt to live beneath the seas and those who live in the air. Do not be afraid, they come to assist, for they too have worry and concern of your civilisation. We cannot predict their arrival at this time, for much is dependent upon your attitude and your determination to find peace and love with each other. Seek out the love within, not just for yourselves, but for the nature that surrounds you and the very earth beneath your feet that gives you life.

Be not concerned by our warnings and have a sleepless night, but respect our thoughts and think about the things we have spoken of this evening, for they will bring determination to your mind not, to speak out in anger, but to speak of love and of change to a better way of living.

We welcome your thoughts.

How do I recognise the things of spirit?

Another one asks how do I recognise the things of spirit? When will I know that they surround me? Teach them of their senses, for those who are blind in your life they learn to adapt, they change their sensory perceptions, as do those who lose their hearing or other senses of their body. They will adapt, and you do not need to take these adaptations as being only available to those who suffer great sadness, such great trauma. Some are naturally born in this way, but their senses are the same, but more so. You can learn to use these senses with the tools given at the sittings, practise these things, feel the energy that surrounds you and the light within, then you will begin to become aware of the presence of life, of another form around you. Do not be afraid of these things for they are natural in their way. Have faith and trust.

Good evening.

New speaker

Do not despair

Temper your thoughts of anger and despair, do not become embroiled in the politics of your world, for they are negative and your responses will be felt. Guidance will be given by one shortly. Do not despair at the way your world seeks its way in its fortune, live your lives as given, show your love to others that they may see a better way. Those of turmoil who create despair and mayhem within the house and within the many governments of your world, they have a purpose to torment so that they may seek their own way in life. There are very few with interests at heart of the lowly human being or the merest animal or creature that walks the earth. Their focus is upon their political agenda and they will not see your concerns, for they live in a different sphere of life. They must be shown the error of their ways, not through demonstrations or violence, not through threats of the negative, but through love and demonstration of oneness of love.

Hippies and Peace

You had the hippies of long ago, within this century and they spoke of peace and the flowers of love, their way was great and yet was smothered, for their time was not right, but their peaceful thoughts can be adhered to once more. Bring purpose to each other, follow the light of love and hold each other dear to your hearts and this will bring change once more.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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