30-10-19 The Unicorn, Parliament, Climate Change, Uprising of Youth, Modern Slavery, Winston Churchill etc

Transcript Date: 30th October 2019

Narrow minded are many with their purpose in this world of men. They call judgement upon each other without wisdom or purpose.

This evening is one of focus, to combine that of wisdom and not fear.

The soon to be published book

Triumphant are you with the book of love, but many blessings will be needed for its purpose to become welcome within your world.

Others who speak of the light

Constantly we see many speak of the wisdom of the light, but are they truly connected?, Do their physical beings allow the purpose of spirit to speak through them? Or are they just murmurings without purpose or reason?
Indeed we do not seek controversy and we give them our blessing, for they have a will and a heart to pursue the light and practice that within their lives and for this they must be commended, for their bravery and their attitude are welcome amongst us, the Beings of Light.

Much truth has been spoken in recent years and in the past many have listened to the words of wisdom brought through this instrument of being, but be blessed in the knowledge that we will now teach you the many things of purpose within your lives.

Those who work for the media

Your world has no guarantees of sovereignty or peace, yet you seek a better world for yourselves through the many things of your media. We have no reason to doubt that there are many who work within this industry with integrity and belief in their hearts, yet this does not sell the profitable purpose by which it was born. We give you hope this evening of a collapse of such an organisation within the very near future, for their network is vast yet corruption has brought them to the brink. They will seek out these who have not the will or purpose to seek the truth within life, and we welcome these steps by the men who seek this proof in purpose.

Knowledge of the Spiritual Realm

Commonplace is the knowledge of the spiritual realm amongst many of your world, yet their fear of its existence bewilders them, as they do not know which step to take to bring a practice of love in their lives. They see their families and their loved ones who have passed from this place of Earth and they feel that they need to find that purpose within themselves to bring belief that their loved ones exist in a new world filled with love, healing and a presence of being. We can assure you of these many things, for they will bring a practice of justice to your lives.

The practice of waging war against things we do not understand

Outrageous thoughts of beings from other worlds contaminate your men of morals, they do not understand that these beings do not wish to wage war upon your planet, nor that of mankind. Their purpose is one of solely peaceful intention. Yet it is your practice to wage war upon those things that you do not understand. You must welcome them to be social with your lives, do not be afraid or worry to speak of them in your daily life, for they will be much a part of your world within the future.

Your time may be done and you will not experience these things at this time, yet we tell you this, that there are many waiting just around the corner to welcome you as beings of light. Your passing will not diminish your thoughts of love, but increase them tenfold. Help yourself to a better way of understanding that a practice of love will always triumph over that of disaster and despair. Accompany your lives with a purpose and being that you would seek the truth of your purpose and forgive those who will torment you within your being, for they betray their own thoughts through their actions and through the media of life.

Freedom of will and heart should be paramount

Time and time again the reoccurrence of much in your world is seen, and intolerance grows to those nations who do not see the way of the West, their disobedience is present in the minds of those of your countries, yet their independence is welcomed by many. Do you not feel that perhaps freedom of will and heart should be paramount in your world, do you not understand the purpose by which you are born and that is of free men to lead lives full of richness and love? Yet many are destroyed by those of greed and their wealth grows within the physical of your world.

But what of the spiritual world, do they ever see an answer to this or are they ignorant of this because they choose to be? Enlightenment will come within the near future and we have told you of this, yet their hearts are still closed, and their memories of love have long gone for their hearts are filled with a new purpose of destiny, so they think.

Perhaps the world will open its eyes

But tonight let us not dramatise the situation with words of inconsistency, but we will bring you hope, a better way will come. As the oceans of your world swell and the tides become more extreme, then perhaps the world will open its eyes to the misfortune that holds them. The surf that tumbles, churns up the base, the sand, the rock and stone, and the surf would be representative of the light of spirit, tumbling over and smothering that rough surface below, bringing it purpose as it tumbles, constantly.

Tragic circumstances have been foretold many times. The nature of your world is to succumb to those thoughts, non-descript thoughts of intention to do harm. We do not see this through your eyes, nor many of your world. But a purpose has been brought and could delay those hearts of love. Terminate your thoughts of ill will, allow not these intentions to uphold your life, for they will drag you down as the surf tumbles upon the sand below.

Do not worry at these words, bring focus to yourselves and allow your hearts the freedom of thought and will. Neglect your feelings not, allow them to show in a practice of love and never forget that we are with you, as a reminder, a permanent companion throughout your wanderings of life.

New speaker

Feelings of Injustice

Greetings are given this evening that perhaps hope would be brought through injustice, this seems an odd thing to say, yet hope is given through many malpractices of your world, for they will see the truth that lies within those many testaments given. And the archives will be dragged up and read constantly, vigilantly, and they will seek answers as to why these things of men were not seen before.

To mask or hide your misgivings is never a good idea, for the truth will always be known to your hearts and to those of the spiritual world. This injustice that eats at your heart will be your downfall, for you will not help yourself in being able to hide these things as your years progress. Perhaps some will take it to the grave, and yet they do not realise that they will be laid bare before Him in the next world of justice.

Do not seek purpose within your lives to harm others, or bring them disrespect through your practices of ill will. Combine to unify the world of love amongst your men of Earth. Tonight we sit as one, in unison to bring you these words. They will focus upon you this evening and talk about the pressures of life that affect your life. They think that your purpose will be done within the near future and they would be right in assuming this, but there is much more to do, much more than they can imagine.

The 39 Who Died in the Essex Lorry

Places, triumphs and many things of life will be seen to unfold before them, they will unmask those of inequity, those cruel men who would sacrifice lives for their own greed and purpose. And you know of who we speak, the 39. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-50159748) We have seen this tragedy unfold, there are many denominations within your world who seek the truth, but there are those who knowingly cause harm to bring profit.

Modern Slavery

Their guilt will be seen in the regions of Tobago and Trinidad. http://www.news.gov.tt/content/ttps-unearths-modern-day-slavery#.XbtE75L7SM8 Slavery is widespread within your world and it comes in many forms be it of your masters of work or those of despicable minds. It has never left your world and has always been a part of living, and those unfortunates that suffer at the hands of those of greed have never found justice in your world. Yet their will is strong and their hearts will become light with joy as their time passes before them.

Trumpets will blow and the many will see the downfall of these organisations in Paris, in Rotterdam and many cities of your world where they hide like rats in the drainpipes. We are sorry to say this will continue and will be highlighted in your news in a time to come. They will satisfy themselves that the guilty have been found, yet this is only the tip of the iceberg, for what has man become to betray his fellow being, his fellow soul with the miseries of life. It is no-one’s purpose to bring torment to others within your world and we will show this through our practice of love. These torments continue regardless of what we say or of others actions. The future seems bleak, yet there are many of your world ready to seek answers, the truth to find a better way in a better world.

Uprising of the Youth (Greta Thunberg?)

The youth of your world will bring uprising shortly and she will suffer the consequences of her actions through the law courts and journals that have been written against her by those in authority. They cannot allow her to continue her practice of love for the earth and for the creatures upon it. Her fight will be great and her following will be of many, it is this sacrifice of these young people that will bring change to your world and new hope for a better way of living.

You would like to know of the future

You would like to know of the future and how would it be. There will be much strife Michael, much torment before the bubble will burst, you have seen this in the past and it builds to a crescendo until the light bursts through. Do not forsake your purpose, but bring hope to others in our words.

A brighter future is seen and a better world for a time, yet men will be men and their dark element will once more creep in. There will always be strife, times of peace, times of universal love, but that dark element will always be present to interfere. Why? do you ask, is this permitted, why is it allowed to go on? We cannot answer this question, for it is your own practices that bring this upon yourselves, the influence is there, and if you succumb through your thoughts of greed and want, then grief will surely follow. These needs and wants are never satisfied, it is only those who seek the wisdom of love and the spirit that lay beyond, will profit by their thoughts and their dedication.

Do not be despondent

Come now, be not despondent, for there is much beauty within your world to be seen by those eyes that would look. Yes, there is the dark element, but peace will come to many as they work their lives in their own special ways.

About the meditation group in Cornwall and Message from John

Your group that sit this evening are one of many that sit in hope of communication with those of spirit, those who have passed beyond, those lives that they think have been extinguished and yet continue on. Their belief is true in this.

We will speak of one this evening, John, (Michael’s grandfather) a member of your family who wishes to bring you wisdom in his words.

We saw you many times as a youngster and he forebode you many things within his time, for he was one of the past, brought up in a different way, in a different manner. Yet you remember him greatly, as did your father, you are a family of spirit as are all of you that exist today. Your connections run deep and your fathers and mothers hold you dear to their hearts, for they were responsible for bringing you love. But this is not always seen and there are many that regret their actions. John was a father, a friend to welcome all, he would like to say this of you Michael, that he sees your practice now and although he does not understand your modern ways and technologies, he knows your heart, its depth, it is deep with that of tradition in the way of spirit.

Be not afraid to speak the words, although they are of yourself, for you are welcomed in many quarters, as are your friends who sit in circle now at this time. 8:09pm was their time of sitting, and they will practise their meditation in the hope of linking to those of spirit to bring wisdom within healing practices and settlement of mind. (The meditation group in Cornwall confirm this time to be accurate.)

About a new young member starting with the group in Cornwall

Much hope is brought for the young one this evening, she sits bemused at the situation, her young mind cannot understand what it is that she sees, or the things that she feels surround her, yet her uncle watches her constantly with pride and joy, for she is a member of his family and he is her guardian bringing her hope that she may assist in the needs of her family through the words of spirit. She would tell her grandmother of her visions of her son, who recently has come to her with wisdom and words spoken, but she did not understand. She was unable to connect wholly with him, but she knows of his presence.

This young man has come before you many times in search of answers and he has also spoken words of wisdom to his mother. As they sit in circle this evening, their hearts entwined, hopes and joys realised by the visions brought to the chapel of love to one. As she sits in deep contemplation the Angels of light watch over you and they bring you purpose in your youth. There is no need for haste, for time will be a measure by which your practice will become known dear, irrespective of your age, many will see you as an angel of light through your messages, and although your youth is at hand, be not afraid to walk the path of light, but equally your journeys of life must be taken, we see much happiness for you by the end of your teen years. Your grandmother brings you joy and wishes you well upon this journey, as she introduces you to the welcome of spirit.

Valerie and Kevin welcome her into their home, although you know of this alliance, you may not know of those words of wisdom spoken to her by them before they sat this evening. They watch her constantly to ensure her safe keeping. They see the light around her, glimpses, flashes of light as she sits in focus. They will not let her tumble and their hearts are open to all who wish to join in these meditations.

Those who deny the light will open their minds one day

Complete your purpose my son, for a time will come when once more we shall meet. Have no fear of these words, you know in your heart, time comes to all, but is reborn of the light. And we tell all of you who would read these words, that your fear is not of this world, but in your present, for there are many that would convince you that now is all there is. Their beliefs are narrow and so they would wish you to believe the same, why should you have hope when they do not? Well we tell you this, the light will supersede all who would deny it and even those with denial in their hearts will open their minds one day to the prospect of a better future within another realm, that which you call spirit.

Connection between spirit and those of other nations and dimensions (E.T.)

The question is asked (by myself), what is spirit, and what is their connection with those of other nations, of other dimensions?

Your time is not now to have knowledge of this, for that will come later. But know this, that dimensions intermingle and have purpose with one another, and like a chain reaction, watch as they interact, for your fears are felt by others, who would then bring you loving thoughts. Your world is a link in a chain of many others, and it was brought about so long ago.

Crystals with knowledge of life

And the crystals will tell you much should you obtain their knowledge, hold a crystal in your hand, focus upon that crystal and allow it to tell you the story of life, where life began so long ago. You have thought about these things, reflecting upon all possibilities of our origins. It is a vast thing to think of, and yet there are no answers, why should there be?

What is the energy of life? What created the world?

Many times we have spoken of new beginnings, this is the cycle of life, the origins of which bemuse many. You see it as evolution, but what is of that spark (of life) where does that energy come from that manipulates the molecules that form the many creatures of your world? What is it that makes you human and not that of other species? You are equally a part of each other, the atoms that make up your body, the neurons that fire off in your minds are all equal, but in a different form, a different format, for each of you life brings purpose and you rely upon each other for your existence. What that of spirit you may say, where do we seek this energy? It is within your hearts. Have you ever wondered as to your true being? This man has, and has come to the conclusion that the answers cannot be obtained at this time, for if you go back to the beginning of time, to that spark of creation, you have to ask yourselves, who created that spark?’ And his thoughts of the big bang were of wonderment, because it does not end there. What is it that created the dust of your heavens that formed your world, the gases and the elements that had to come together, where was this brought from? And if it was that of the Big Bang, then what created that?

Target your emotions not on the mysteries of life Michael, bring hope to others through the words of wisdom, let us know when you feel disillusioned and we will hold you up. Let them know, those in your circle that sit this evening, that hope is brought for all of this world. They speak of the events of today and those to come, they cannot contain their excitement with the words given, they foresee a time of goodwill to come.

New speaker

The Unicorn

Darkness will fall once more upon all who live, yet the light will shine bright as a vision before you. The temple of love is open to all and welcomes all who have goodwill in their hearts. Be not afraid to enter this temple as you sit tonight and visualise these things. The unicorn that stands within signifies hope. The horn upon its head twists and turns, and stands proud and points the way. You may imagine it as colours of yellow and red, mostly of white, this is not a beast of burden, but one of beauty to behold within your minds eye. As you see it as a stallion, it rises up on its hind legs and calls out to you with love and temperance, its beauty staggers you as you behold the light that it emits. It stands upon the cloud of light, the cloud of spirit that will guide you. See his pride, his universal obedience to that of the Lord and to that of spirit which he represents, this unicorn of life is you, stand proud and be counted as one of the light as you sit this evening.

Your thoughts wander, this is commonplace, we understand this, for it is difficult to communicate with the mind of a human. Yet your inner self, your inner being knows of these things and as you are tapping through your thoughts you will say you see the unicorn of life stand before you, bowing his head before you as a fellow spirit of the light. Watch as he plays joyfully upon the cloud of light, within the light, as he jumps and turns around and signals unity to those of your world and to those of your circle.

She will see him and speak of him, her youth carries the same joy, a new member we know of. You cannot know her thoughts at this time and she wonders of this vision. She will draw what she sees and bring it to the attention of others and you also see this unicorn my friend, for it stands before all who would be that of spirit. Bring yourself joy in the knowledge of this rarest of creatures, for it stands and represents unity of spirit. Let it go now, see it run, run off into the distance and look back at you, and stand upon its hind legs as it signifies its love for you.

Remember children, the strength of the horse, the strength of this unicorn, caress it within your hearts, do not let it fall from grace, you will speak of much, many things of hate within your world, but you must unify yourselves within the circle of light.

Love conquers all

Do not allow these things to penetrate your good thoughts and deeds this evening, draw your circles, resume your stance of defiance against that of the dark. Welcome her to your folds, for she is of youth and watched over by her loved ones as spoken of.

Bring balance to your lives, see the beauty of your world and the souls of others as they transverse time and interact with you. There will be those of negativity, but love conquers all, remember that in your hearts. Never be despondent, never let go your thought of love for the world and your fellow man and spirit, for love and joy will be brought to all in the purpose of His love. Amen.

New speaker

Delusions of Grandeur and Dominance in Parliament and One Who Speaks of Ways of the Light

Travesties will be brought this evening as one declares himself the master of all, the dominant one. It is laughable how some men of your world have delusions of grandeur within their lives. They will all be brought to their knees in time and their purpose will be brought at this time with a negative aspect to many. This is a sad situation, yet life exists for all to learn and to focus upon the path of light.

Temptations are brought many times and some will stray, some will wander aimlessly, not knowing which way to turn. Temptations will be given, persuasions, financial kind perhaps. Do not let him dominate your mind, he will speak in Parliament very soon of the ways of the light and he will be laughed at by the many who sit in that house of dominance.

There is always one who will speak out in favour of the light, no matter their position, but there are many who would not accept these things for they are not of fact, but of illusion to their minds. We do not speak of one in power at this time, for there are many masters of deception that work their ways through your governments of life, they speak of many things and yet their intentions are way off your imagination.

Winston Churchill speaks:

We said we would not speak of these things, and yet one cannot stand by any more, he sees his party dominant at this time and yet they have bowed before those of criticism. He must stand firm, he must be bold. Do not let them interrogate your mind, you must have strength as a lion within to bring your purpose, to let it unfold as decreed by time.

My time was done and I can tell you little, other than to whisper encouragement to your words. Those of that party of red will bring bitter times and they would poison your mind with thoughts but those of the Tories will dominate and there has never been a time of equality within your world, for your masters will rule as they see fit no matter what party sits.

She will speak about freedom of thought and soul, her thoughts are dominant, that you will do as you are told, for they are of the wise. Humph, women, who would lead many astray. That is not to say that they are not equally as intelligent or capable of succeeding in life within your Houses of Parliament, for there are many dominant women of your world with great strength who would look and decree themselves that they are filled with purpose. But they are frowned on because they are women. Equality of your world still remains unfinished. You must listen to all, for your sex and gender do not mean anything to the spirit within.

Commit your minds at this time not to fear the future, for the future will come and pass and a new time and era will begin and the houses will still sit and they will still ponder at their loss and the grievances given. Will there come a time of fairness and equality? We fear not, for there is much temptation given and they will pay dearly for their ideas to be tabled as motions within the house.

Politics is not of the world of spirit, it is the world of men, many stand strong in this and are defiant and will not succumb to other thoughts for what they see as disillusionment.

New speaker

Interference is rife at this time, you must be constantly vigilant in not allowing their thoughts. He was a character of times past and his thoughts are still strong within the world of spirit, but he learns. (speaking of Winston Churchill) You must all let go of these things, do not compare yourselves with beings of dark, or those of past times, live your lives as individuals and tread your paths for they have much learning for you.

Complete your missions

The creations of your earth were given in time immemorial for you to practice the ways of spirit and love. There is much energy that will interfere with this, but it will seldom succeed, it is merely a glitch in the time given.

Stand out from the crowd, be one of thought of spirit, shine the light to others of your world without fear of retribution, for their time will come when they will see the purpose of your beings.

Complete your missions children, as ordained before your birth. Know that the existence of another realm is set deep within your souls, you are a part of something else not of this world, but of another, we will grant you freedom to explore these things within your minds of freedom. It is only those of closed hearts that will not agree to investigate these many things. Their wisdom will be little, but their knowledge is great, held within.

Bring pleasantries to yourselves this evening in the thought of spirit and love. We bid you good night.

New speaker

Message for Michael

Be not conscious of your own mind, for it will attempt to terminate your thoughts of goodwill, write the words without fear, and know that they will be seen as of good intentions. Your thoughts of craziness and madcap ways should be stemmed Michael. We have a purpose that you do not understand totally, despite the teachings. Yet you continue on regardless and this is the fight of life and we welcome your energy and light that brings this fourth.

Continue on as the unicorn of life, without fear, standing with pride, reflecting the light and love of the Lord and spirit.




Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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