05-11-19 The Cord that Connects, Arts and Crafts, Teaching our Children, Christmas, Apathy, Personal Messages, etc

Transcript Date: 5th November 2019

Completely misunderstood are we by the world of men. The politics of the world consumes their minds at a rate unfathomable to us, for aren’t men born equal of the Lord, of the spirit from whence they came?

From whence you came …

It is true to say that we are a shadow within your lives and you progress your ways without knowledge of this world from whence you came, yet those who endeavour to look and seek out this truth, this knowledge, will find much happiness within their thoughts as they ease their burdens, knowing that a time will come when they will rest easy, with the light and love of spirit.

It is sad to see so many disappear without grace, their eyes are closed and their hearts are shut to those many things of the universal spirit that you call God. But let us assure you of their resurrection, for a time will come when all must face the challenge of a new beginning, not only in your world, but in that of the next. So allow your thoughts freedom, your will to change your life pattern, so that you may unfold your wings of love, out-stretch your arms and welcome in new ideas and fashionable thoughts, that love is everlasting and supersedes all, no matter your ways, no matter your kind, from wherever you come from.

One to come

Today we have spoken of many things to many of your world, as they sit in prayer worshipping the Lord above, and they ask of him much, as their despair is great. They focus upon the words given to the prophets, sent over millennia. Yet there is one to come, a being of such greatness, their eyes will behold and yet ignore, as once before. For it is seldom recognised in that time of being, the true worth of the words spoken. To many they are just ramblings of a kind unworthy of men, but eventually they will see the truth that lies within, their hearts will open with joy upon the other side. It is no easy task to fight the world of poverty (meaning a lack of knowledge of spirit) for there are many who deceive you and deny your eyes the truth. Your men of science blackout news of many things that they consider not possible, and yet in the realm of spirit anything is possible.

The modern disease

Too many times we have seen people fall from grace as their love lacks courage to sustain them throughout their lives. Their disobedience is great, as the naughty children of your world, they will continue to torment others in a way so desperate as to call for attention.

There is a disease within your world and this is called apathy, a lack of will, of courage to see their beauty around them in many things from whence they came. For life will blind you with many things of torment that encourage you to widen your scope within the negative of your Earth.

‘New Age’ Arts and Crafts

We speak in these terms that you may recognise, and we acknowledge that many of your world today seek ‘New Age’ wisdom. Their arts and crafts are developing at this time as they begin to see a better way of living and coping with the stresses and strains of the world. This arts and crafts movement includes that of encouragement, of love, to welcome others into their fold and into their communities, whereby like-minded souls may express themselves in many ways within the words written by this man, within the paintings and drawings of the artists of your world, and within the Scriptures written by many authors seeking knowledge within. For there are many of you in this new dawn, this new beginning, who seek answers to the real value of life and not to that obedience of your masters at this time.

Your help is needed as never before to lift up those who seek only the dark things of life, to illuminate their way with the light and love given by the spiritual realm of which you are all connected and all as one. You do not understand this and we have spoken of this to bring you enlightenment, to encourage you, to sacrifice your amenities of life and look within. Alas many will not look, for their lives are filled with instruments of torture to their minds, but we have hope, that those of inspiration, of the arts and crafts of your world, the authors of your books, and the many who find enlightenment through knowledge and peace of mind, they are the ones that will bring change.

The Cord that Connects All

The mediums of your world seek out news of their loved ones and those that deem to have been lost, but no one is truly lost for your connections run deep and your channels of love that extend from our world to yours will never break. It is the cord of life that we speak of, the umbilical cord that connects us to you, as a baby is connected to its mother before it’s birth. Once this cord is broken and the baby becomes independent of this mother, then this is as you are, independent of the spiritual world, you are set out upon a path of learning and knowledge to speak wisdom and bring truth to others and this eternal cord is never really broken as the umbilical cord of the baby and mother, it is always present, but unseen with the eyes.

This eludes so many people of your world for they cannot understand how you can believe in something that you cannot see, this is true faith and trust, this is the love that you carry inside and that you are blessed with at your birth, to proceed upon your journeys of life with a goodwill and good heart to help others in need who have strife within their lives, not to bring ill will to others, but to assist upon the journey of life. For you are all connected by this cord to that of ‘spirit’ the sphere, the realm of light that sits within another dimension of the plains of your world.

It takes courage to understand and accept this, yet upon your passing you will realise the truth of our words, but you cannot say, for you can no longer speak within the world of men. But you are given opportunity to speak through the mediums of life, and to do this you need to use the channels of love, the channels of love that connect your loved ones to the spiritual world, this is how they communicate, using that very same lifeline. This is possible because you are in unison, you are one. One never truly leaves the other but merely exists in a different time, a different place, a place of love.

For some, they become lost, not wanting to see the light, not wishing to be blessed with love, for their anger and temperament will disobey all the natural things of your existence, and they will wander the dark realms for many a century in your years, but to them it will be just the blink of an eye.

Those who command forces that deny free will

Your world was built of magnificence, of such beauty to behold for the eye of man. Yet you have brought her to her knees and we must comment this evening upon the Presidents of your world, those who would command the forces of evil to bring torture upon others, to deny many of you your right of freedom and free will of thought. Don’t be discouraged by our words, for there are many good things within life, but the chapters are yet to be written of mans true denial of the light.

Prophecies and foresight

It is written in the books long ago, of Exodus, that man will be freed from his tortures in the dark of your world. In the many Scriptures written there is much truth held within. For just as the prophets of your world foretell many things, there is a parallel of time, of acceptance that exists. This parallel will unify at a point in the far off distance, in that linear that you call time. You cannot imagine this, for how can one predict or foresee the future? Surely this can be avoided if known?

To deal with the problem of who prophesises these things, a time is set, a path is laid down, and as a cable is attached to you, you are required to follow this path, so therefore your future is written already, yet you have free will as men of the earth and you may deviate from this path, unwisely for a short time, but then a correction can be made to bring you once more upon your destiny. Some have the ability of foreseeing this path, but there are many possibilities, so there is never certainty upon which way you will choose, it is up to you as the beings of life, to bring purpose to yourselves and unify this world in love and light.

Many find these words objectionable because they cannot comprehend the true meaning of love or the meaning of the light. They do not see it because they are consumed with your everyday amenities. We understand this and we attempt to open their eyes to the many words of wisdom spoken by those who wish to interact with that of the world of spirit and beyond. It is not unreasonable to assume that many of them will not gather their senses, but fall by the wayside and as the lost souls of your world, they will torment others throughout your countries, through a lack of vision and torment to others.

Changes can be made if you have the will

The extreme circumstances within your world are set in time, yet you are able to change this course if you have the will and soul to do so. So we ask of you, and we understand that those who see these words will understand already, but you must talk to others in gentle persuasion, give them a nudge that they may change their course. Do not be out right with them, for this will bring fear to their hearts and they will lash out in an unforgiving manner as they do not understand the purpose given. But coax them, gently lead them that they may find their own purpose and their true being will shine once more.

Followers will become many

We are thankful for the many who speak on our behalf and we greet them with love and purpose. Tonight this one focuses and hopes to be of service to both man and spirit. His followers will become many in a short period of time, it is written and foreseen, yet his belief is absent, he believes many will not see his words given by us, written by him and thoughtfully translated by his two companions. But the words will be seen, for they have purpose in your world. Many do not understand this even those members of his own family cannot fathom his mind, for he is their cousin, their uncle, a family member of the earth, but he will coax them in gentle persuasion, and you too, who do not quite understand the way in which he works.

New speaker

Christmas Celebrations

Gather your senses now, be thankful for the times that you’ve had, for there have been many occasions when you have joyfully joined hands to celebrate the seasons of joy. Shortly it will come once more and many will look to purchase the many things of your world, to bring them joy and happiness to their children they think! Yet their true being and the true meaning of that time of year is lost, we speak of Christmas within man’s time. A joyous time indeed to celebrate the union of the family, it is not an opportunity to purchase the many things, the items of your life. It is a time for families to reunite, to forgive one another and bring a practice of love to those who have deceased your world and to those that exist to this day.

Those who would disrupt joyful times

Do not be despondent toward the attitude of many who will bring you, not so much joy, but irritation. For they know that time of year is sacred to your world, particularly to your part of the world Michael. And they will respond in an unkindly way to disrupt this joyful time of love and family to bring disaster upon you, to bring unfathomable torment to your peoples, but the strength of your love and the character within will not allow them this focus, they will be washed aside as the tide washes in and brushes the seaweed to the shore. The debris will be left upon the banks to decay, to feed the earth, not with negativity, but of positivity and rebirth.

These souls that would disrupt your life in a time of joy will see that your attitude will not change, wish them well upon the journeys for they are truly dark souls and many would ask, “What is this man speaking about, how can you forgive the atrocities of your world?” We ask you to remember that you all are one and those who are lost upon the path of darkness require rescue. We know your obedience to the Lord and those of the light is paramount at this time, but we ask you to pray for these lost souls. It is a hard thing to ask, a hard thing to say, but the universal love of the light will extend to all in a matter of time.

Truly you welcome these celebrations, and in particular the celebration of the birth of one, a major prophet, a man of your world who brought peace and love to the hearts and minds of the many of his time. These teachers are required from time to time to bring an outburst of love, to focus man upon his wayward ways and bring him once more within the light and the journeys of life.

Those who ask of loved ones

Complimentary we are of many who would ask of us of their loved ones this evening.

Joy wishes a word to explain her troubled life to her loved ones. They seek solace and wisdom at this time, not understanding her purpose or the reasons why she brought torment to many of her family. She was a bitter woman, unforgiving at times and yet her heart was crying out for forgiveness which never came for her in the time of life. But she responds now to Joe (or Jo) and to those of her family, and wishes them well upon their journeys. She forgives them for their torment of her, but even more, she wishes to ask forgiveness for hers upon them. Such a shame when people pass from your world filled with torment, disillusionment and unforgiving ways.

You all must open your hearts and minds to forgiveness, never bear a grudge, for this will be inside you, this will live and fester within your mind and it will make you bitter, and in time you too may be that person who would respond in anger, respond in ways of the negative. So open your hearts and minds to forgiveness as Joy asked for this evening.

Correspondence is sent and a mystery letter is received by one, asking her for recompense for the things that she has done. Yet she has no issue with this, and does not understand the words written. And she receives messages of love and joy from those past and present, her arms are open wide to all the possibilities within the spiritual realm, within your world.

You doubt your abilities my son, but imagine this, that if you could remove your spirit, your soul from this place at this time, would you not see the truth of our words? We know, and you know that your faith is great, we appreciate this, but open your mind, allow in that energy that will give you permission to greet others of other worlds and domains that surround your present being.

New speaker

Those who say the words are issued falsely

Complain not when they say that you issue the words falsely, that you only seek recompense for those things that you have written. For the trials of life are great and the truth is there to be seen. Issue these words to them, that should they combat their fears of life and open their hearts and minds to the many possibilities that exist beyond your living world, then they too will surely see the truth spoken within the words written.

Things to come

Greatness has soared for one, he speaks in authority for he is the King of the world and his word will sentence many to death in the primeval wars that exist upon your planet. A sorrowful situation indeed, and although we have spoken words of joy we have to remark upon these things of the evil and things to come.

There is time yet to bring yourselves joy, but the passage grows short.

Contemplate not the bad times, but focus upon the good, for there are many who have purpose within your world to issue a better life for all.

We hear your thoughts and words Michael

We thank you this evening for your purpose, your views are many and we hear your thoughts and your words. You betray yourself Michael in many ways, you are one of wisdom, yet you seek answers to the many things, the many questions of impossible answers so it would seem.

You betray our thoughts at times, inadvertently of course, because your soul is set upon a path of light, but many say things at times, shall we say, not quite within their character. We forgive you for these things as we forgive others, for there are many souls who have great faith with the Lord, and of the souls around and they too betray themselves and betray others with all their thoughts, their ‘random moments’ shall we say.

The truth lies within

But the trials of life should be met head-on, without fear of conquest, for the truth lays within, not just within these words and the speeches given, but within yourselves, within your very hearts, your very souls. You must seek out this truth, you must be that person of extraordinary will to see that there is purpose in your life and of others. Never give up on those who fall to the wayside, never let them see you despair at their being. You must give them courage and focus through your thoughts and your minds. This is easier said than done, but a practice of goodwill will truly set you upon this path.

We feel that many of your world are lacking in knowledge of the ways of spirit, they have evolved, temporarily we might add, into a phase of madness shall we say. A crazy situation that exists today will unleash many things of despair upon many of your world, not least of that your children who are tormented by those things that you purchase and allow them to see.

Can you not see that the morals of life are lost at this time? Would you not like to bring faith and trust back within your lives, to raise your children as beings of light, to accept that there are many things within heaven and earth and although they cannot be seen, they truly exist throughout time and space.

Children’s minds tormented

The children must begin to learn a better way. You torment their minds with these games, these instruments. You say it will keep them quiet, perhaps give you five minutes of peace. You were never intended to have this peace, you are there as a teacher, as a parent, grandparent. Your time will come, but for this moment as your family grows, you must focus your being upon them, the good side and relate to them as equals and not just that of a child.

They come from the same place as you, they are a part of you. You source their energy through your birth of them, these words are strange I guess, but you must understand that you, as the parents of life, no matter your age. You are all teachers and if you teach and peddle these terrible things that you purchase for them to keep them quiet, then you must expect unreasonable behaviour, because their way of being taught will be natural to them.

You wish to change the views of the world, you wish to see a better future for all, your children should have your focus and attention of love. You should teach them of the Gospels of the good words given, not just of your religion of the Christian world, but that of all religions of your world.

Muslims tormented by many things

Muslims are tormented by many things of the minority that would bring their faith into disrepute, there are many other religions within your world that have caused controversy within the passage of time, not discounting the question that you hold so dearly.

Your history tells the story of time and the truth is there to be seen. Would you not change your ways now? You talk of the new age and new beginnings and this man will tell you of these things through our words and my being at this time. I am here not as a master to teach you obedience by punishment of mind, but by love to express my concerns, my deep-seated concerns as to the well-being of your children of your world.

Focus your love upon them

Focus your love upon them, help them to a better way, allow them not to see the dark forces and the energies that would sway their minds to violence, to misgivings towards others, for this is what they see upon your boxes of vision, this is what they see upon the instruments you buy them for that happy time of year, the time when families should be brought together. You know of what we spoke of before. You think these things would teach them many things of life. But they do not teach of the light.

A message regarding a young widow known to Valerie

Desperate times take desperate measures and we understand that there are those who seek the light at this time, no less one of Valerie’s acquaintance spoken of earlier. She nearly let slip the details of the conversation and you restricted yourself not to listen to these words for fear of compromising our thoughts this evening. But let us tell you that her man rests easy. She has concern for him, and it seems to her his will is imposing at this time. She suffers the many blows of life shall we say, and her purpose wishes to be healed of these things. She has spoken of these things this evening to her friends and family, those that would listen.

You are joined, not to be put asunder by the negatives of your world and healing comes in many forms, no less than that of love. Valerie will teach you of these things, of these deep set, ingrained things, and the learning of healing with love. The power of love will compromise no one’s inability to live, but it will complement their lives.

We are here Valerie, we hear your thoughts and your words and those that are expressed to you through love and gentle healing. Her words offer words of encouragement. Be not afraid to speak of these things.

(We are not sure what the following paragraph is referring to.)

She seeks an audience with you to ask you of her will and of her grandmother. Describing words of love and fantasy perhaps, for she has written many books upon this subject. She loves the way that your purpose works at this time and she has an open mind to accept the many things that you would issue from this side of life.

The passing of a young child

And Jennifer will come forward shortly. She has newly arrived within this world, a child of one, a young girl. She lapsed, not in agony, not in pain, but passed gently to this world to be greeted by her grandmother. Search for her in your soul, for she is still a part of you, you are not truly separated and she will be with you always in heaven. It’s her time and your bitter memories of that heartbreaking moment will last for many years and this is what you seek, healing maybe. Rest assured her purpose, her gentle soul sleeps with ease, she rests with no more pain of her shoulders and arms and the many muscles of her torso. It is commonplace for your children to suffer the many ailments of life, and you fear for their spirit and soul and for the loss. Each have their time and although this is of no help at all, they have served their purpose and you will be eternally resurrected into the light, joined forever throughout your passages of time, so you are never truly separated, this is what we teach you, never truly apart, always a part of the same being, as this fine man, this boy we were going to say, is part of his mother and although they are different formats within your world shall we say, the spirit and soul are one of the same, experiencing life, but in a different way.

So take heart my dear your daughter is not afraid, she is not lost, for she is a soul and a part of heaven now and she will shine the light truly upon you and upon your way. We hope this has brought you solace this evening and should your despair ever render you helpless, then look to us of the light. Think about how happy she is now, to be free of pain. Her knowledge is great and she will assist you greatly within the future. Your pain will be short lived, it may seem like a lifetime to you, but rejoice in the knowledge that you will rejoin once more when your time comes of passing.

To all parents who have lost children

And we speak to all mothers of all children lost, and all the fathers and the husbands and wives, and all those who have lost their loved ones, we tell you this that the truth lies within your heart, for truly your beings are never ever separated, but brought joy once more within that realm of light that you cannot perceive at this time, but you must have will to find within your souls for you are a part of this universal energy, this universal being that you call God.

Never lose hope or faith

Never lose hope or faith, have trust in your hearts to follow the path of light without fear of retribution or indignation from others. Take the courage as a lion to face the future and do not fear to speak the words of the Angels of Light, the Beings of light who focus upon you at this time, whether you are aware of this or not.

We are your humble servants, your carers and your guides and we bid you good evening.

New speaker

Your purpose has been brought Michael, you must rest easy now. The time will pass slowly it may seem to you and yet rest will surely come as it will for all. Your purpose has been brought, do not deceive yourself that your will and heart no longer have focus! Have we not told you of trust and faith? Are Valerie Kevin not your companions not just within the spiritual realm, but within that of Earth and life?

Your purpose has been brought and will be widely known within the near future. Have courage to face those who would ridicule you, for their weakness of mind will show in a manner of disagreement and yet in our hearts they truly wish to believe, as do all who say they do not believe in the afterlife, for if they were to speak the truth, the truth that lies deep within their hearts, they would admit that they would seek this wonderful place as well. They are liars to themselves and to others, but for those who openly admit to their love and believe in the spiritual realm from whence you came and will return, those are the ones who will have courage, they will be treated no less than others, for you all have equal opportunity to pass in peace.

Good evening and Amen.

Bring peace to yourselves this evening.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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