12-11-19 Daughter of Light to Come, Illusions,Gambling, Space Exploration, The Unicorns etc

Transcript Date: 12th November 2019

Commencement of your purpose will begin soon my son. Be not afraid of that which is to come, for the help and welfare of all is paramount to us.

Your purpose has been brought once more this evening to allow the words of those from far off galaxies and distant places to become a focus for all. Help us to understand the things of your world that we may assist with those many things of life and torment that exists throughout your world.

Today we have brought focus to many within your world as they sit and ask the many questions of past and present. Yours is a special connection to bring hope to others through the many words spoken, through a practice of love and continuance of spirit within the realm of life.

To some the words are strange

Perhaps to some, this is strange, for their eyes are not open to the many things of the world and its unique connection with that of other dimensions of light, of which there are many that exist around your very Earth at this time. But perhaps we could ask of those, to open their minds to the unique possibilities held open for all. For you are all a part of this universal spirit, a part of the one you call God. This unique energy, the creator of life who bore you so long ago and still resides within your heart of love, should you allow him a passage.

Vast illumination of light within your world

Your existence has been futile at times, there are many of the world who are of greed and need at this time. But we do not speak of all, for there is a vast illumination of light within your world and although we speak of the negative, there is much promise to bring through those beings of light that work within the energy fields that surround your universe. To many it is strange to reflect upon the things of spirit, of the things to come, in such a way as to think that life continues, but not as fickle.

This is an adventure of life that you have brought yourselves. You are of that spirit and your being was created long ago at the beginning of time. The vastness of space and time is unfathomable to many, their thoughts cannot comprehend such an expanse of the universe. This vastness of time is of no consequence, for the speed of thought is unique and immeasurable.

Personal Messages

There are many who wish to join in this connection and bring focus to themselves this evening. Your thoughts are of one who has requested such a thing and we will permit her an audience this evening that she may reflect upon the things of her life and bring her hope in the everlasting glory in the kingdom of God. Her beliefs are true as she sits this evening wishing to join in this focus at this time. Honour your thoughts, allow her an entrance that she might sit in peace, resume your words in the manner respectful of spirit.

The Variations of Life

We have spoken of many things, of life and past lives, of times to come. Yet there are many things hidden from you, both in the past and in the future. And Life will evolve in a massive array of variation but simplicity in itself, for the organisms that create life within your universe are in multitude. They mass together to form an individual in whatever shape or form is dictated by the atmospheric conditions. We have spoken of this before, that life exists in the extremes of space, in the vastness of time and space.

Space Explorations

Your lives are ruled by those who dictate many measures against you, they do not wish you to see the many universes upon which life presumably may exist. Their far-reaching objects progress at a steady rate and they come together in a mass to admire the many things that it has seen upon its journey. It will awaken their thoughts to the many possibilities as it disappears from view for a time, it will send signals, uncontrollable things they think, and that they will not understand. Their analysts will work upon these for years to come and they will deny what their eyes will see. There are many possibilities within time and space, and yet minds are closed to the things that exist and that are possible.

Truly we say to you, that you must open your minds and your hearts to these many possibilities, allow your thoughts not to succumb to those who would deny you the truth of your existence and those many beings that surround you in your world.

Complete your missions as preordained so long ago, for you are all upon a path of being, the truth lays within your heart if only you would see.

Personal Message – Paul, Pat or Patricia? (A nurse)

Paul, Pat, wishes a word with you, Patricia she preferred to be called. Bring her your focus, let your words shine through that you may reflect upon this time, for she is a woman of great patience, her duties were many within your world and she was astonished to awaken to this realm. She cared for many within her life, nurtured those injured in times of war and troubled times, for she was a nurse who brought blessings to many and comfort as she held their hand. Her habits were many, smoking, the occasional drink, yet she deemed these not as a negative, but as a release for the tensions of her life were great.

Bring her peace this evening as she watches over her loved ones, her son in particular. She will caress him shortly and bring him love for his trials and tribulations are many at this time. Seek the truth within your heart my dear, do not let your sadness bring gloom upon you, for there is a time of beauty for all.

Julie will be a part of this, as she is focused now at this moment. Her mother wishes to say many things to her, of her gratitude for love and kindness towards her. Remember those times, astrological events we shared together. The past lives are recognised by yourself, as you see her in your minds eye this evening, for she was a frail woman in her time and her life’s path was great. Her stories were true that she spoke of. The existence of many historical events, she watched the stars in the skies above, for she was a natural historian of the truth. Bring her blessings this evening Julia, as she sits with you, her arms are open and her thoughts are open wide. Let us bring you peace that her suffering will be short lived. Gather your thoughts my child, they lead you astray, for love is everlasting within this world and the next.

Bring him peace in your thoughts and know that his existence and his future lies with us. Have hope in your heart. Your mother wishes to say how proud she is of your tentative ways and your secret beliefs that you hide from others, be open with your heart, speak of these things, for there are many that would surprise you in acknowledging these things.

Turbulent times have passed that you may once more see a beautiful future filled with love and happiness, but you hold yourself back not understanding the purpose by which you are born. Have hope child, let in the many things of life, that you may behold happier times once more.

The Dragon

See the Dragon before you as the link is connected. It is the Chinese New Year Dragon that you see, for the orient is strong within you. Your heart has passed many times through this life and the Dragon within you has spoken to you of the many things to come. Yet you hold back for fear of retribution from others, be not afraid, allow the Dragon to speak as if he were of your soul.

Many document things of the past, of historical events, none more so than that of the Chinese nationality. Their calendar exists in a way different to yours, for they speak of the animals, the kingdom of creatures upon your world. They hold much reverence to them, for they see them as symbols of ideology. You follow these things in your thoughts, creatures of fantasy, not real within your world, yet in the mind they exist, beautiful creatures that bring truth and worth to your life. Allow your focus now to see this Dragon dancing, swaying from side to side in the many forms that he takes. Be not afraid to focus upon it, for it will not bring you harm, but joy. See it parade as those of your world celebrate the Chinese New Year. See it bounce backwards and forwards, bringing happiness to those who look upon it, not fear, for this mythical creature, for it represents power and strength within your heart and within the hearts of many. You will celebrate this time as they do. So bring yourself hope once more of better times to come, and within the year of the Dragon know that yours will be of a happier time.

You care not for those who have contempt in their hearts, and you do not dither when you need to respond. For your tongue is as sharp as the Dragon’s breath, but in fairness only, respond to those of anger. Your path is great, the path is set before you. Do you know of the Chinese origins from whence you came? Would you care to know of those times so long ago? For you all live lives of servitude and your past is hidden from you so that you may walk this time unattended, so that the spirit and soul within you is as you once were.

Bring yourselves hope once more children, as we speak to you in general terms, for it is not a time of disillusionment, but a time of rejoicing the Lord and the many things of spirit that are beginning to open up around your planet at this time.

There are many searching for answers and they will be found if they look.
Time and time again we have spoken upon these many things of past and present. Still so many are led by disillusionment and do not understand that their time is now, to bring purpose to themselves, to bring hope to others with an attitude of creation and love.

We cannot divulge your future

Perhaps in time to come the human race will be beyond this point and will see a better way, a better future for all. Although we can transverse time, we cannot divulge the many things to come, for it is your path to walk as a race of beings. But we have hope at this time as the many open their hearts and minds and their eyes to the path of the light and spirit, the spirit that exists within.


Trevor hopes one day that he might be heard once more upon your world. We have spoken of him before. His time was done long ago within your world of men, his displeasures were many, but his eyes are open now to the many possibilities within the spiritual realm, within the realm that you all exist, but experience the physical at this time.

Men of power who seek to exploit minds

Temptation is brought to many and avarice is rife within your time. Is it any wonder that the men of power within your world seek to exploit your minds in ways unfathomable to you, for their secrets are many and guarded well by those masters that control them of the syndicates.

Harsh words for many to understand that they are not in control. Your illusions are bought by the things and the objects bringing disconcerting measures to many. We have spoken of these instruments, those that you call games. We will not lecture you once more upon this, but just to add that control is brought through mind power, misunderstood by many.

Power of Illusion and Gambling

The power of illusion is great and the magicians of the world understood this and still do, for they know that your eyes will deceive your mind, and like the slight of hand they will be reckless within your lives, encouraging you to fritter away your life savings. There are many examples of this today and they care not for your lack of wisdom, for all they see is greed and a way to earn a penny or two. Despair not though, have courage to look at these things that are commonplace within your world today. Gambling has become acceptable upon your screens of vision. The men who control these things have no care, they do not care for the neglect they bring you. You are seduced by these promises of many things. Have the will to say no, turn your back upon them, for they control your lives in a manner unknown to you. Sad things to speak of.

Children who begin to see a better way

Let us bring joy this evening and not dwell upon the many miseries of life, for there is much freedom within your hearts to explore those areas of love and light. To bring joy and happiness to others and to share their moments of time bringing them hope for the future. Your children understand this, for they are beginning to see a better way. The elders of your world, although set in their ways, understand that they (the children) bring change and their nature is good for the most part.

Do not torture your souls with depression and thoughts of misery. Open your hearts and minds, be joyful, for your feelings express your being in many ways.

The Daughter of Light and the Living Earth

The natural wonders of your world are many and you are among those, along with the creatures and the flora and fauna. The very earth upon which you stand holds life in ways that is not conceivable for most. You live upon a living creature called Earth, she is your home, you regard her as your planet and yet you treat as though she means nothing. So sad to see, yet we would like to bring you hope that a Daughter of Light will shine upon your world very shortly to bring hope and love.

You have seen those of the past and present and they exist to make way for this special one. She will bring hope to many and those in authority will disrespect her and disarm her of her thoughts if they can. But she has the will of a tiger.

Coming Months Bring Change

The coming months will bring change to your world, in matters of concern for many. Their fears will be analysed by those in authority, that they may play upon these things. You must see the things of deceit before you and bring yourselves hope of a better future. Not many will believe in this, for they will say that you tell lies and your thoughts are wild. Bring yourself not torment of the things to come, but have hope of a better future.

Personal Message

She sits with you now, her prayers are heard and will be answered. She asks for time of peace for her loved ones, her father in particular. Her mother watches on and we have spoken of this. She cries out for assistance and guidance, that she may assist in a time to come. Do not doubt yourself child, your heart is strong and your love is not weak, as you may think. You have much strength and we have spoken of the Dragon within you, use the Dragon cards that exist before you, allow them to speak the words of communication, for there are many things that are controlled within your lives that are unspoken of. We hear your cries for compassion, and we will speak of these things to you, through your heart and mind. Fear not for his future, for his glory will be great. You ask yourself, “Am I doing the right thing by him, do I ask too much of the powers to be?” And of the man who sits with you now, he will bring you hope, that your negative thoughts will be put asunder, for there will be a time of joy. Ask yourself this, is it better to sacrifice now for the good of the one or all? Would you suffer later, agonising over the things that you could have, perhaps should have done? It is a pressing time for you and we understand this. Do not be ashamed to say that you are weary, but use and yoke the strength of the Dragon within you, see it in your minds eye this evening as we bring you blessings and hope for the future. Amen.

New speaker

‘Sacrificial Lamb’ and Self Sacrifice

The sacrificial lamb is brought to the slaughter, most mysterious you may think! Why would you speak of such things, of sacrifice? Yet the minds of your world use this as a way to connect with life, with the blood of life. And their past is well-known and is great yet very volatile, as yours is at this time. And who would be your sacrificial lamb at this time? Those that speak of the light or those who argue the point that the negative will win over your minds?

We do not mean this in a metaphorical way, for we bring you hope that the sacrificial lamb will be set free within your hearts. We do not literally speak of the sacrifice of a creature of Earth, but this is hypothetical thought. The ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ are the thoughts of those who would bring you displeasure, they will not disclose themselves to you, but they have hope that perhaps change will come through their actions.

We speak of the sacrificial lamb and these people that would like to bring hope, they will sacrifice their special ways to aid in many things of life. Their public office will be overshadowed by fear, by the many. We cannot say what the outcome will be, other than to say that the self-sacrifice of the sacrificial lamb will be great to bring honour to those who seek wisdom of the light.

Their position is tenable at this time, for they cannot understand the many things of life and the dramas brought before them, but they need to be shown the measures by which they can be brought back into the fold of light. There are many of your world who are wayward at this time and should be issued thoughts of love, we have told you not argue with these people, but to show them the hand of love, to guide them with your thoughts in a gentle way, not to be obstructive as to cause them to be defensive against you, for it is the will of the light that will persuade them otherwise. They will listen and they will hear the words spoken.

Times will change and hope will be brought once more to your world, but not before the sacrificial lamb extinguishes its life. Strange words brought in a strange ways through this man, yet we wish you well upon your journeys of life, as they sit in circle tonight unbeknown to him. Join them in meditation Michael for their thoughts are with you this evening. There are three of you that continue your journeys through the passages of time. Help us to encourage others.

She responds to you in your thoughts and wishes to be an ally with you. You know not of who we speak, she will understand these words as she sits and prays at this time. There is a time of reverence for all, bring your hopes and dreams to fruition through your thoughts of love and dreams.

The Unicorn (representing feminine, divine prescience and purity)

It is the time of the horse and happy new year to you all. The horse represents strength and power as you see the white flowing mane at this time. The Unicorn once more makes an appearance, a mythical creature to your world which represents hope and joy, for it is a wondrous creature of long ago, of myth. It spiritual reverence exists today with many of your world, a mystical creature that brings joy to their hearts. Let not the ones who come be sorry, but hold them in reverence as you hold this mythical creature. (Note: The Unicorn is currently being drawn into our awareness, it seems to be no coincidence that this energy of love and gentleness is particularly targeted at our children.)

The story of truth will be told soon and many will recognise the words. Tonight we ask you to sit in reverence, to bring your thoughts clarity as you sleep. Ask for the many things of love and purpose and not that of dreams that are made up by man, for your time is momentary upon this world. Amen.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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