20-11-19 Beings of Light will come, How to feel energies, Princess Diana, Astral Travel, Environment, Political Events etc

Transcript Date 20th November 2019

Focus upon your words Michael, do not lose touch with the depth of meaning held within, for you must bring yourself hope that your endeavours will unleash a storm within those who would listen to the words of spirit and the Lord. Focus your attentions not upon those who whisper behind your back, but upon those who wish to learn more of the knowledge that is held within, within all who reach out to us, as we are your spirit guides, your loved ones, companions of old and the many who walk with you at this time of your lives.

Sense us around you

Become aware of our senses, feel us around you and let us interact with your thoughts so that you might see a better way beyond that of man at this time, for it is a burden to carry for all to live upon a world set on self-destruction, so it would seem. Yet there are many avenues by which men will travel, your worries and concerns are rife at this time, but be aware, our focus is upon you. Be blessed in the knowledge that your courtesies (thoughts and prayers) are heard and listened to.

Mixed Opinions

Have no fear for the future, for the world of men and politics will continue on despite your fears. There are fearful times ahead for many of your world, whilst others will only see the beauty that exists around you. There has always been a mix of opinions in your world and because you live in this modern age, not in those times of past, you see much more of the indiscretions that occur.

Every Little Helps

Your minds are focused upon things of the negative, as those of your media draw your attention to these many things. They alert you to many concerns that you otherwise would not have seen. It is right to be concerned with the materialistic things of your world and the cause and effect that they have upon your environment and upon world health. You can help in many ways, small ways that don’t seem to matter, but like everything else, each little bit contributes to the whole, therefore your contributions, although small, may bring a message to others that they should also help in the conservation of your world.

UK Political Events

Today we have seen many ejected from the house, for their antics are well-known to the men of your world. They cannot hold in those torments that they bring you and they ask of your opinion, it is a matter of conscience for you to decide. As the wise man once said, that it is the man that looks deep within who finds the answers to the problems of life. It isn’t your path to argue with these men of politics, nor it is your concern in many ways, although it may seem as though it is vital within your lives. Things will continue on and no respite will be given as they torment your minds with worry and concerns, telling you of things that mean nothing to them. We intervene once more to bring you hope that you should worry least about these things of the world, but you should worry more of the love for your fellow men, which is lacking at this time.

We see many who would bring much disillusionment, their thoughts are not of a parallel to yours, for their extremes are numerous and their focus upon the meaningless of things of life are dispelled by their thoughts of greed and want.

Don’t judge others beliefs

Tremendous thoughts have been given in the past, your teaching has been much and your learning great, not just by you but by others who would abide by that Lord of light. Yet so many more oversee their lives without focus or thought of what is to come. We cannot abide those who would ridicule them for their non-belief or their non-religious sense. It is their choice, they have a path to lead just as you, so allow them a passage within your minds and your conscience will be clear, that theirs will lead to that place of light as yours will.

So do not be negative to those who contradict what you say, for their beliefs different to yours, yet ultimately their goal is exactly the same, only less important within their lives at this time.

Mediums who bring messages

Mediums will come and mediums will go and there will always be those who connect to this world of light to bring messages of love to others who bring focus upon their loss, particularly at this time of the year. Yours is no less, your wife watches you carefully, signs are given to you as they are too. Many are overlooked by the vast majority, for they have not the awareness of spirit around them, but they know and understand that their loved ones are in a place of warmth and safety, of light and love. Even though their beliefs may be contrary to the writings of the good book or to the many mediums of your world, deep down, deep within their souls they understand the message is clear.

We highlight these things for you to understand that no matter what their convictions or their beliefs, or their obstinacy, there is always that thought inside that cannot be denied of the final outcome to your lives.

One passes to the world of light

As we speak these words one passes who is known to you, she is of this time and she brings her love and light to many through her words of wisdom. You will not understand this at this time, for she focuses her being upon those who see the light and love of heaven.

None should worry about their passing

Passings are great and many at this time, and while you sit and speak in this position this evening, many will cross into the world of light, for the majority, not understanding what it is that has occurred to them. How can they be here, what has happened, where is my family, why have I been left in the dark? And yet the illumination is bright around them and their worries and concerns are many of their loved ones, as is the loved ones for them. But none should worry, there is no cause for alarm, for all are welcome into the light where they will begin to understand the many things of life, of love and courage, hope and glory, in the kingdom of light. They will see many things that differ, in their opinions. There will be those nonbelievers who would deny their eyes and their senses of these things, yet they are brought to bear with peace and love, and they will have gratitude in their hearts, in their being. For their awareness was little in life, but now their eyes are opened and sharp to see the many aspects of being that exist around you within your world.

We seek to bring you comfort

Be calm my children, don’t allow us to alarm you, for we only seek to bring you comfort in these words, that even if your knowledge is little of the world beyond, then your eyes will be opened and you will be illuminated by the light of love within the next. And if you should say how can this be, I don’t believe in these things? Then that’s okay, it is not a requirement of living to have focused upon that of the light, for each of you carry a burden within your lives, a path to walk, and walk this you must, but eventually the truth will be told and all will be illuminated once more by the light and love of this heavenly place.

Learn to feel the energies

Bring me evidence you say! What can you show me that would convince me or tell me that these things are real? We have no answer for this, for it is only your true faith and trust that will bring you these answers. There are many signs that are given around you, many use their senses in different ways, but less use their senses to feel the energies surround them. So induce these things, allow your body to separate from that of spirit for a time and feel your skin, as you always take these things for granted. Feel your skin now and your appendages, your arms and legs, your feet and fingers, your head and your torso. Take note of those things that you feel around you and you may begin to see the aura reflected from these things, this is the energy of your life, this is your spiritual being in its purest form.

Some say they can see these things and so they might, whilst others sense and feel the touch of a friend in a far-off world, and they are aware of these things.

Sit now and feel the energies about you, don’t think about the world of today, just clear your mind and feel your skin, the hair upon your arms, upon your legs, upon your head, feel that sensation of a tingle, possibly a touch, for we manipulate energy in many ways unfathomable to your men of science.

Energy is transferred by thought and by touch of the physical, but we may manipulate this energy, this field around you, disrupt it so that you may notice and sense a change.

Your bodies are created from the earth and your souls and your being are manipulated by these senses around you. We have told you before of the things of your being, your energy and your field around you, this aura reflects that of where your soul, your spirit lies. You are never truly separated from this energy, even though you are imprisoned within these bodies, your mind accepts that there are frequencies unheard around you, and your senses tell you of these things, should you be aware.

A stark reality to most, for they say that we only feel the things of the physical, yet if they were to sit in the quiet and just be aware of their bodies and the sense of touch, to feel the air around them, then they may notice these fields of energy that rotate and flux with your own.

A Story about Fear

She wishes you a parish of life, that you may tell your stories with focus and wisdom. Your words are many, directed by that of this world, by us, your spirit guides and teachers. We will bring you wisdom once more in the paragraphs of the book. It seems apt to give you a sermon this evening, a parable perhaps in your terms:

“For as she sat in the lonesome world, eyes ablaze and fear in her heart. So she looked inward to her very soul, her being, where she found comfort. Her thoughts turned from dismay to joy and happiness, as she was relieved to find that it was only her fear that was accompanying her through her trials of life.”

Do not fear those things that you cannot see, do not fear for your life, nor for those around you. Comfort will be brought through joy of spirit and soul. Trust in yourselves to alleviate that fear with thoughts of love and laughter, for it is only momentary, and if it takes a hold, if you allow it in then that terror, fear will grow. It is your light of love that will hold you back and bring you peace once more.

Victims of War

There are many of your world who sit in terror this evening, fearing for their lives as the rockets and shells fall around them. their families huddled together terrified, crying in fear, asking their mothers for a caress for comfort. These are terrible circumstances that exist all around your world at this time and you are unaware of these things as you sit within your homes this evening.

Money worth more than people

They are brought despair in their homes, they see nothing of peace within their worlds. Your United Nations fight and battle on to bring peace to those nations, but they cannot interrupt the scheme of things, or so they think, for these countries are wealthy in resources and the bottom line seems to be that your monetary values are worth more than these terrified people.


We talk of Yemen and those places of the Arab world, for they were once part of this continent of Egypt (Africa). It has been fought over many times in the past and will be again in the near future. Those of the promised land will not permit them peace, for they will deny them access to their properties and their lands, they will push them back even further, announcing their terrors upon these people and their families. It is the minority that cause the problems but the majority that suffer so. And the rockets will land, bringing destruction and terror to that city, that oasis that sits within the land of Yemen.

How can we abide these things? Of course we do not, they are sacred lands within that region, they are abused and the torment will be great as they instigate a counter-attack upon those holiest of places. Martial law will be upheld and extremists will be sought. Many will be made an excuse and be sacrificed for their innocence, merely for their nationalities. Your world is without judgement or soul the most part.

Those regions of your world are dictated to by the West, as you call it. Their masters control many things of their lives. They risk torment of starvation, of homelessness if they do not abide by those rules and regulations of that great nation that stands proud at this time and declare themselves ‘the peacemakers of the world’. For their greed and avarice is great and they see, as you know, the oil that lies within these regions, and it should be protected over and above that of your forests, the rainforests of Brazil and the Amazon that bring you life.

What sense is there in this? What reasoning can bring men to think that it is more important to poison the world and sacrifice your own lives and theirs in the process, by these extreme measures of slash and burn. The fertile grounds as you know, will only last for short time and the regions will turn to sand and dust, the many will ask “why are these things permitted?” that men can create war, massive destruction upon one another with greed in mind and yet do not look for their own salvation and the world around them, for they will suffer as greatly as the majority.

Reasoning deludes us

Your reasoning as men of war deludes us, we do not speak of the minority, but the majority of governments in your world today, who languish in their luxurious homes and their places of retreat, not caring for those around you, as long as they are okay, they are satisfied.

One issues thoughts of termination at this time, for his position will be untenable within the future. He shouts and grimaces at the many, for he is disgusted that he should be treated in this way. He is of wealth, as are many in these powerful places of the world. You know of who we speak, but we declare this, this evening, the names will be withheld as the obvious will be open to all.

Let us focus on the light

But let us not stray from the path of light, let us not consider these terrible things of men, but focus upon those who bring illumination and light to others.

Astral Travel

For there is much beauty within your world and within the people, this will outshine these negative aspects of your life. Many sit within circle at this time and they focus upon your being, thinking about how nice it would be to transverse this world and travel through the stars beyond their bodies. You call it astral travel, and it is improbable while you are locked in your bodies, but your minds have great powers of persuasion and you can release, but never let go of the tether that holds you. You can free your minds and you can see these places, to look to the stars and beyond are the dreams of most. To find better times and peace in other places of other worlds, are of the imagination at this time, yet of reality in the years to come, many years from now.

Find peace in yourselves

Your hopes and dreams are never always fulfilled, but there is much beauty that surrounds you all, so ignore those moments of disappointment and the illusions of your world. Find the sanctity within your homes and within your very being, be at peace with yourselves, for there is little you can do to control the aspects of the men of power within your world. True they will affect your lives and in turn affect their own, this is the sad aspect of life, but only love can create a situation whereby change would bring these peaceful times. You have wondered yourself at the impossibilities of change in this world. It will take much to bring change, to open the eyes of those of the negative.

Princess Diana

The rich and powerful of your world, they hide many things as you have seen of recent, their integrity is shot, and the family are appalled by these things. Diana looks on and as if to say, “I told you so”. Her time was a troubled time, but she is admired by the many still, her love issues much to your world as it does to her boys. She wanders the realms of spirit in peace and with harmony, her spirit still exists and will always exist and exude a manner of love, for she is an angel of the light, as we have told you before. Her love reaches out to her fellow countrymen at this time and the family that dishonoured her, she bears no grudge, but she cannot help herself with light amusement at the situation that they put themselves into. The Royal One, she sits and wonders as to what brought this situation about, she thought she had control of her family, and many feel for this lady in her latter years, but she too… how can we say this … has many regrets as have many of your world.

Lady Diana as she was known, wishes you all well. Her time came with her man Dodi by her side. Her promise was great to issue love and light within the world, yet she was extinguish so suddenly, but her love continues and her voice will continue on and will be of irritation to that family, as people ask many questions in the near future. Enlightenment will come as to the truth of that eventful evening. She will say “I told you so”, but she does not harbour hatred or dismay to those, she feels pity for them, as the path they tread is theirs to walk alone, as it is for all of you, theirs to answer for in a time to come.

One who wishes to communicate

We thank you for your obedience this evening, and although we have lectured you upon many things in the past, we will continue to bring advice and words of wisdom. This man thinks that philosophy is lacking at this time, but there is much philosophy to be had within your own thoughts, particularly this evening for one who wishes an audience with us.

She joins in her thoughts, she is not uncommon among many who wish to have focus, they think it is not an easy thing to do, yet control your emotions and sit in peace and understand that we are always there.

We bring you signs

The clock will sound in an abstract way for her and she will think it is time for this event to finish, yet it is not devoid of energy. Then why did it chime out time? Why? Nothing to fear my child, it is only us with a calling card for you. You feel the hand, the touch upon your right hand at this time, your little finger as you would call it, a gentle touch, and upon your left the same, and you would think these as being just your body actions, your body functions, but no, we told you to be aware of your skin, of your senses and the aura around which for this man is bright yellow and orange at this time. And we see hers as more the purples and reds, she will understand this and bring you knowledge of this Michael.

We will depart this evening now, give this man rest, for there is much to be said and much to come. Much anger within your world to be soothed with gentle words and wisdom by us, and we will bid you good evening friends. Amen.

New speaker

Peace and Determination

Times have past and troubles are many, but we see these things from this side and yet there is nothing we can do. But there are many who wish to impart wisdom upon you, to bring you peace throughout the suffering in this time, many do not see these things and ignore the many goings-on within your world of politics and the world of power, for there is much to be spoken of. Determination is an asset for many, and yet it can be used in a negative way, and to promote things of your world should not be a task of revolution, they should be brought in a myriad of ways, of peace and talks. But where has talking got us you would say, what has it achieved within this world? Has brought peace? Does it lighten our dark days? No you would think it has not, yet you do not look closely enough to see the many attributes that it brings.

Misused power

The power is given to some to abide by the light and assist those in life and it is abused by some, we might add the majority are good. This leaves the minority, the few that will abuse this system, this power that they are given.

Each has a power and purpose

True men are born as statesman, many women are born to rule your world to bring an aspect of love, to heal the sick and injured and the wounded of these terrible wars and the ones to come. Each of you has a power and a purpose to perform these duties. Do not be beleaguered by those of responsibility that will pass their burdens upon you and entice you in ways that you should not proceed. Look to the spirit within and your own power and grace, that you may walk your paths of life with determination and love in your heart.

Those in the East who suffer (Hong Kong?)

Bring hope to those, even those who would bring their demonised ways upon you, give them hope, don’t shout at them. And those of the East who suffer at this time, the protests and their determination is only for just and fair rewards. Yet the regime that holds them as prisoners within their own world, they care not for this ‘justice’ for they only see injustice. The powers to be they will injure many and much will be hidden from the highlights of your news, but news will leak out, as it always does.

Lay down your weapons

We ask those of protest to lay down your weapons and not to aggravate. You may think this is a cowardly way out, but there are other ways of bringing resolution to your country, peaceful ways. Your shouts and your anger will irritate those in authority, but there are means and ways of gentle persuasion.

Times are hard and an impossible challenge you think, for these people, these students, to bring peace in their lives while they wish for justice and fairness within their time.

It will be not uncommon in the future for people to rebel against the regimes that run their countries, it has always been part and parcel of your world, of your existence as men, for you are given freedom from spirit to run your paths of life in your expressions. But the goodness that lays within should be brought out and displayed, so that others may see that their powerful messages of weapons and gases do not impair that inner being, they will not deter that determination for peace and relative calm that they wish for.

Beings of Light will come

Injustice is wrought by many. Your world is overwhelmed shall we say, by these many things, but it is the Beings of Light that will create a space and a vacuum for people to breathe once more, to re-evaluate their lives, for their ships will come in a glorious Armada, a spectacle to be seen by the many. Their envoys will circulate around your world and fear will be brought, for there is a lot of misunderstanding within your men and in your beings. The few will listen and will know of these things and will welcome these visitors, but there will be a massive outcry against them, for there is a lack of understanding.

As the Beings of Light, we will bring teachings in the hope of persuasion in a gentle way, that your times will be of peace once more. The masters that rule your world at this time will not succeed in their ultimate plan of domination within your world.

Be blessed this evening, we bid you good night.



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Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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  1. Thankyou Michael and Valerie. Such a lot to think on.. I value the advice at the beginning about allowing the ones who speak of having a different opinion to just be, knowing myself that they will come to see eventually. Love and light. Sylvia x

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