26-11-19 Beings Beneath the Oceans, Sea Levels Rise, Visitors to Earth, Current Politics, Light Shines Brighter, etc

Transcript Date: 26th November 2019

Welcome James, good evening.

A warm welcome is given to you this evening from the many upon this side of life, you may see before you the numerous figures of those who have been deemed as passed beyond your world of living. Allow us to connect this evening with the flowers of heaven to give you blessings on your journeys of life.

As we have said so many times before, open your heart and mind to the many possibilities that exist within the realm of life, for the world of spirit blesses you with love and peace, and although at times it seems an unlikely prospect that such beings would come forth to bless us in this world, let it be known that our thoughts and prayers are with you and a welcome awaits each and every one of you, once your time is done.

Passion for Learning Truth and Justice

A passion for learning is seen within many, particularly at this time when things seem so desperate in the world of men, for unity is lacking and many despair at the prospect of their futures. Those war-torn countries of your world see nothing but despair and dishonesty, but bravery is rife in those who would speak out on behalf of those war-torn places. Let your hearts not be deceived by the words of those in power, for there are many who sit within the seats and corridors of power that are not welcome within this world at this time, for their needs are great of the wealth of earth and not for the wealth of spirit and the welfare of humankind, nor that of the animal kind that exist around you.

They do not realise or understand the worthwhile need of love within your world and they cannot conflict with their energies that of the light. Their need is great at this time and their physical beings only visualise a time of great wealth and power. But there is much more at hand than these meagre things of life, as you well know Michael. Bless them with your love, for their ignorance is great. Many would say, “Why should we do this? They bring harm to us with their thoughts and evil deeds.” yet all must return to this place from whence they came. Be brave my dears, have justice in your hearts, do not judge those who judge you, for it is not their place nor yours, but that of the kingdom of spirit.

Dishonour yourselves not with thoughts of avarice or greed, the only wealth you should be seeking is that wealth that sits inside your hearts. Bring yourselves focus my children.

New speaker

There is a need for many to seek out the truth within your world of men, but they cannot bring themselves to seek out this knowledge, this wisdom that exists. We have just heard from those of the spiritual realm, the realm of light, and while their wisdom is great, there is still much need of knowledge within your world, they understand this and bring you messages of love and light.

To help focus you this evening, focus upon the visualisations that we bring and the colours that will astound you within your minds eye.

Worship not yourselves as your being, but have a welcome for all, be open in your thoughts and then the power of the mind will illuminate the way, for its brilliance is great within each and every one of you.

She will sit this evening in hope that a connection might be made and we can reassure her, that her thoughts are real. Her knowledge is lacking at this time, but she will learn, as you will, as you all must do.

The Power of Thought

Thought is a powerful thing to use and it should not be used lightly, for many things are influenced within the vibrations of life. Thought that can enter another’s mind and influence them in many ways that you would not understand at this time, we have told you of the many connections and the matrix of life that connects each and every one of you through this powerful thought, this focus of mind, and so it is that we can access those minds.

Your thoughts betray you, many of you, you do not realise this, but we will not unleash a negative thought towards you, for we understand that you are children of the new age, of a new race. Some will say that the civilisation of the human race has been around for many, many years, but have you never realised how it is, that just recently you have become aware of the many possibilities that exist?

You create and invent, but still that ‘negative’ is powerful within your world and injustice is rife at this time. There are many poor souls who suffer, not just in ignorance, but as the physical victims of your world. One such case is occurring at this time within South Asia. There are many being inflicted with pain and dishonour, for their thoughts of freedom are not welcomed by those in authority. Still, as the race of humans, you cannot understand that all have a welcome, not just within this world (the world of spirit), but within your own. Freedom of thought is the one gift given by the creator of life. The negative will take this opportunity to bring despair to those who are not open to the dangers within.

Communist Regime of South China and the Question of Unity

Have a thought for those this evening, those regions of South China, for their communist regime is rife at this time. We understand the political significance of this, for the free West, although being free, is full of corruption. So what is the answer to this age-old question of unity? How can these beings of Earth be brought together where there is so much injustice?

Visitations to Planet Earth

We will welcome the visitations by those of another world to your planet Earth. Many will speak of these things fantasising of the potential circumstances that would arise in such a meeting, but never fear, for there is always hope and although many of your species will be intolerant of others from other worlds with their regimes, they will learn, as many will within the human race.

You cannot deny these things, nor can you deny that there is an existence of other beings, for there are many that surround your world, many that are benevolent, many that tease and anger your beings, (because) equally there is always the measure of the negative. But we ask you as the human race to be fair in judgement upon one another, to look upon those visitors who will come and do not judge them by their appearance for it will be extreme to your eyes, but judge them by their ability to bring unity within your world.

The masters of war of course will be relied upon to seek injustice towards them. They will fire their weapons, not in anger, but in fear for their ignorance is great. Yet there are those many who welcome these beings of light to your world. Do not be afraid of a change of circumstance, for change will bring a welcome peace within the world of men and unity will be found at this time.

When could this be you would ask, how long do we have to wait before there is an interruption, a welcome break from these many negative things of this world? Time is a healer and a welcome will be assured before long. No specific time or date in your world can be given, for time is irrelevant to them, but they will not allow the destruction of your planet or the creatures upon it and although this may not mean the destruction of the human race, they will not allow your planet to die, for your extreme earth has many curious creatures upon it and to their eyes the magnificence of the blue and green is overwhelming to their beings. Their curiosity is great and the variation life upon your planet and how so many different creatures can exist in one place, not just upon your earth, but beneath your oceans, in those very places that you deem to be uninhabitable. Yet life exists, even microbes within the rocks, within the crystals far below your feet, there is life.

Injustice is not brought to these things, for they have a unity, a coalition which your race does not at this time. We fear for your being, but there will become a welcome break. Many fight for the injustice towards the earth and those of other nations will win out overall in the majority vote in years to come, when the masses agree that the planet is in dire need of assistance, and it will take much aggravation, termination and loss. And how can we say this …. many will be lost as the earth creates a habitat uninhabitable by many. Soon you will realise the truth of these words and be blessed in the knowledge that assistance will be there hoping for a warm welcome from the natives of your world.

Travel your world through thought

You see the light before you now Michael, raise up your head and look to this light, for there is a beauty held within that not many will see during their life.

Travel your world through thought, for you are not a static being, you are that of spirit and as such, have a will to travel as you wish. You call it imagination, but is this so, or is this something else that exists within every being upon your earth? You are all capable of just sitting and seeing the many things given. You may describe as you sit this evening.

Creatures of the Deep, Angels of the Ocean

You paint the waves and the energy that is held within is massive, it can turn boulders into rubble, rocks into sand, yet its mercies are great, because it yields life and connects with your world in ways that you do not understand. The deepness of the waters turn as cold as stone and as dark as night, and yet there is life that exists within the depths, other life forms that you may not have seen as yet, but they are there, and they despair at your universal ignorance to the world upon which you live, for it affects theirs in many ways and in circumstances that you do not understand. They are the creatures of the deep, legends and myth by many sailors who came across these ‘Angels of the Ocean’ and you describe the things as you see them. Your knowledge lacks as it did then and so it does now. And lights are seen as you well know, but not everybody will see these things.

Magma Displacement and Ocean Waves

The magma displacement to come shortly will enlighten many as to the beings that exist beneath your oceans, for they will rise to escape these features of death, like you they will feel the pain as they rise and they will submerge once more, once the earth has settled.

We speak of ocean waves and there is a negative to this, for they can cause mass destruction upon the world of living, those who live upon surface this earth. The energy will disperse in many countries of the South Pacific, of the Americas. Los Angeles particularly may be hit. We are not the forecasters of doom, we do not wish to scaremonger, but just to reassure you, that even though massive destruction comes from these waters, life will be returned and given back in multitude.

Parable of the man who built his house upon the sand

You live in hostile environments, your fascination with the coastlines of your world is great and yet it harbours many dangers to you and you ask yourself why has this happened? Have you ever heard the parable of the man who built his house upon the sand and the one who built it upon the rock? This is a valuable lesson to your world children, do not ignore the teachings of that book, for there is much truth within it. You build your habitats upon the sand the most part, because this is where the most luxurious and the wealthy of your world wish to be. They wish to control the elements of the oceans and that of the weather so that their life is, shall we say, comfortable, within their terms. Yet they stir up trouble for themselves and for many others who do not wish to invite these things, yet they occur because of man’s interference.
Ocean waves will grow

The ocean waves will grow as the currents become more extreme, the currents will cool to levels unfathomable as your ice melts and dissolves the ocean salt with the freshwater released. These changes will occur in the future and the habitats of your coastlines will suffer the greatest, even those in low-lying lands within may also succumb to these things. But have no fear children, our words are harsh and predictions and forecasts will bring fear to many, yet you must realise that life is fickle. You live and you die, but in reality we have told you that you do not die, for your existence will continue on, it is merely your physical being that will no longer exude life.

Do not fear passing

Do not fear the passing of your loved ones or yourself, for it will bring great splendour to your soul and you will see upon your passing, the many things, the many loves of your life, your family your friends and those beings that you deem to be Angels or ghosts of your life.

Do not despair at the thought of this, for they will be there to guide you, and although for many ,this is unthinkable, not possible, we would ask them to think about their life, to go within their very being and think about their existence at this time. They know that their life is short and they think it is for one time only, but these are teachings of the negative to bring fear to you.

Do not seek the world of spirit before your time

Equally we do not, and would not encourage those to seek this world before their time. We understand that many do, and this is not through their own choice, it is because they have reached a point within their lives and they cannot see a way out.

Forgiveness is great, and for those who have lost their loved ones in these terminations, we assure you that their, what you deem to be ‘sin’, told you by many, is utter rubbish, it is not a sin, it is desperation and healing will be given.

Your conscious minds have a system whereby you cannot bring yourself to do these things, and this is designed specifically to your beings. Other creatures do not terminate their lives, for their lives are of freedom, although tormented by the many things of your race. Still, they continue on as if it never was, as if nothing had happened, but you are beings with a conscious mind and a spiritual being, as are many others we hasten to add, for you are all of the same energy, but your minds are blessed with an openness, an awareness of your being.

So much teaching to bring to you, and an open mind is essential, for your beings to understand the many negatives of your world. Be blessed in the knowledge, we will be there to assist and bring you hope once more.

The Young and The Old

As the new time begins so the old will pass, and the youth of your world will venture into ever wider avenues of knowledge and expression. The old and the young never mix, different values, different ideas, the elderly forget their youth when they were demonstrative of their being. For that was their time of youth, this time is the youth of today, and there has been a change in attitudes. You cannot help but notice those who look towards the earth as their mother and yet they are oppressed by those in authority. Even those of your own countrymen battle against them as their focus is upon their daily lives, they care not for the wider community of your earth, or your earth itself, they are possessed with the need of greed and possession and they work their lives aiming to achieve these things. Yet their aims are of shortcomings.

Protests – As the light shines brighter …

They protest at the protesters with violence, giving them no grace or thought of mind, for they disrupt their financial lives in ways that they cannot accept. Yet they themselves will succumb to these many things that you call the ‘cruelty of nature’.

It is only by man’s interference that your end will come. Many are helpless within these things, and we know this, and we understand, but there are ways of putting your point of view across. The negative will try to resist your… charms, your ways of beings of light. They will interfere with your thought patterns, telling you that these people who protest at the mundane things of life, those things that you deem to be of negative, they tell you that these are evil!

We are not making ourselves clear at this time, but think of it in this way, that as the light shines brighter, so the darkness will try to intercede to turn off this light, and you will disown this light in favour of the dark, for they bring you pleasures of the now. Help yourselves to a better way.

(The following paragraphs are about Sheila and Tony in the world of spirit, their true identity is not known. The surname Hancock is mentioned, but the actress Sheila Hancock is very much alive at the time of writing and she was not married to Tony. Tony Hancock, the comedian who took his own life.)


Welcome one this evening Michael, you feel the energy build within you, allow their presence to overwhelm you that their words might be filtered through. She comes, not to torture your mind with thoughts of depression, but with a purpose to bring love and light to all. Welcome her now this evening. Sheila, she lives within the light of heaven and she has reason to come forth this evening, as she sees your light bright within the light of Earth amongst the fellowmen that she was once a part of.

“My time was hard, I had to earn my money as best I could, a crust to live upon. Sheila was my name. My being existed with trust and faith in those all-around me, those that were around me were my partners, or so I thought. Yet mistrust concerned me greatly, I could not uphold my being at the whip hand of those trusted ones and my circumstances became grim. Hancock may be of remembrance to you. And her popularity is great, yet anger and violence exists within many popularised people of your world. There is a backlash to publicity and being in the public eye. I was not immune to these things. He was of a gentle mind and soul, yet the persuasion of others and of alcohol caused extreme measures through him. I lived through many traumatic times.

My being is here with you now to raise concern for those who suffer at the brutal hands of their partners, who persuade them in ways not of love, but of torment, violence. As a woman I reach out to the women of your earth now, to give them strength and tell them that although your man, your men, may not be of a loving kind, never let go of your faith and trust in that of spirit, for this is where I found that respite. Popularity is overrated and the fortunes it brings, brings misfortune in return, for there is much you need to know about having something in one hand and yet in the other is the opposite. Many that you portray as superstars or celebrities hide many secrets from you, this has been revealed recently by that family, yet his innocence may not be known. And you see him as a coward to deny his misgivings, you judge by the cover of the book and not by the person within, and the torment becomes too great.

My husband Tony was aware of those torturous things of life that drove him to do these things, and the liquid inside him brought them to bear upon me. But I forgive him, he was my husband and where there was once love, there will always be love. I speak to the women of your world who suffer at the hands of their men, do not let them dominate or demonise your lives, do not allow them to enter your spirit and soul, for there within is the sanctuary. Help may be needed and the strength of character is what is needed to bring you through these times. We seek no recompense from anybody for these words, we do not wish to intercede with your lives and you notice I speak of ‘we’ as although I was a female of your earth, I was much greater in spirit. There are many such women as myself that exist upon this side of life who now find peace which they could not find within life. Their children too suffered greatly from mental trauma of these things and it teaches them so many things of the negative, our hearts go out to them and we try revert these things, circumstances that they are influenced by.

But alas the nature of man is warlike and so it is within each of you that this violence exists and just merely needs a spark, yet the truth of the light that sits within will ignite a storm within your body and within your soul and you would extinguish these thoughts as quickly as they would arise knowing the truth of the light.

I am Sheila and you know me well. My time was done and I sleep now in peace. Thank you.”


Tony wishes to speak: “I never thought I was that bad, I never meant harm or distrust to anyone, particularly that of my wife. But my mind was a blank, awash with problems and despair. I could not see clearly. You see my hound before you, my dog, a creature of comfort to me in those troubled times of my mind. But have hope for me, as all are forgiven should their minds and their being wish so. Torment me not with your thoughts of distaste. My wrongdoing was done and my penance is paid. Have hope for those who do not understand these words, the men of violence in your world who torment others without need should look within and ask themselves, ‘are they men of the world or that of the negative, the dark of the evil?’ The drink they consume, although it could be a mild sedative, will lead to many extremes beyond their nature.

Well, I have learned much, my time was done, my sadness was great within your world and was obvious for all to be seen. When my time came I did not deny that true love of spirit and asked for forgiveness, for my wife suffered so at my hands.”

Drink and substances are not the answer

Do not let it be your futures to exist within the dark, searching for the light within. Hold out your hands in sympathy to those who suffer at this time and try to teach those of their bad habits. Give them the strength of will inside to fight off these negative thoughts. Take care you people of life, for it comes upon you without warning and the sadness is great within your heart as your mind falls into a pit of despair. No amount of drink or substances within your world will alleviate this, it is a matter of willpower that many lack at this time, as they despair for the world they live in.

Healing for those who suffer and cause suffering

But bring joy and light, think of happiness, think of healing for those who suffer and those who cause the indignation to others, and this energy of light, the power of mind, will transform many things of your life, and although these things of the negative will always exist, they will be surpassed by the vast brilliance, illumination of this light. and as each of you travel your roads and exude this light and love and caring, in friendship and kindness to others, then you will see that things are not really as bad as they seem and that there are many within your world of men who are creatures of light and exude much joy upon others, within their being and time.

Current British Politics

Complications may arise for some as their attitudes change towards that of men who sit within your houses at this time. We speak once more politics and the gains and the losses to be had. How will this pan out you wonder, for the trust is gone, who will lead us to a better time? This man’s (Michael’s) mind is in turmoil as are many others, and yet we speak of political matters because it is important to your lives at this time. You must look within and although it is a hard decision, weigh up these things logically, the outcome may not be of your liking and the collective will agree that this was an appalling situation for your country at this time, nevertheless, change will need to come. We spoke of a woman who would lead a party to bring this change and you see the one at this time who is negative to your thoughts, she is not strong enough, but one will come, a true leader of men, of women, of all your societies and she will once more shine the light of heaven upon you all with her words of wisdom.

The Woman to come

She will not be of one party or another in your terms, but she will oversee your earth and the creatures upon it. Many dispel this as being unwise words, nonsense, utter nonsense, but she came once before. Your world will change and your times along with it, but do not fear the things that bring change for the better, for the good will overwhelm that of the bad.

Have a prayer for those who suffer in your world at this time, open your hearts to the misery caused by other men, for the countries, within your own country. The torment brought by many to those innocents of your world, which is great at this time. Yet look to the light, for there are many beings of your world and these evil ones are a minority. Allow your thoughts not to wonder now, as we say and bid you, good evening.

Compel your hearts to a better way and allow the thoughts and vibrations of love to others to transform the way of men.


New speaker

How can it be spiritual to comment on politics?

To speak of circumstances at this time is not valid you may think. Yet all things are valid and the perception of thought is that, ‘How can this be spiritual to comment upon these things of life?’ We guide you as children of the world, we teach you many things of wrongs and rights and still you persist in your way. So interference is needed, there will not be an easy outcome in the near future, for many will scream and shout of injustice, of fixation of these votes, that interference was brought by another ‘country’, shall we say!

The popularity of this man, although diminished at this time, may bring change in some way for the better, it is foreseen. Your community’s are whisked into a frenzy by those who would publish lies and interfere with the many things of truth, and we do not speak of a specific party in your words, but of many, for they all spin their web of lies to gain an extra seat.

It is hard for you to judge and oversee these things that are constantly bombarded to your mind and your thoughts. What is right you should ask yourselves, what would be the right thing to do? Many men are of neglect and have many issues that hold them back, yet some policies are overwhelmingly right. The upshot of all this is that money corrupts and even those who bring truth and knowledge to those people and yet are denied by your media, they too have a need that will be fulfilled if they succumb.

No easy answers children, and the saying goes that money is the root of all evil, and so it is. You have a society of unfairness, of no wisdom and it will be many centuries before this is brought to an equilibrium.

Fragile Species

You live your lives today knowing that you will never see this universal unity or peace, yet it will come, because if it does not, then your species will become extinct, as many others do within your world at this time. You are not immune to this, you are as fragile as they are, although you cause them much harm and wipe out many species in your world, this will come to you at your own hand, not by the other species of your world because all they want is to live with freedom in their hearts, freedom in their lives to travel this earth without fear or consequence. But you as a species … well, what can we say of this?

We do not wish to burden you with these things, we will reinforce once more that there are many more of the light, of the good of heart in your everyday lives and you see it all the time, there are so many of good that it outweighs the minority of bad, and yet this minority sits in a position to bring you harm.

The wealthy and powerful who plan their escape

Constantly we fear for you, for their ships will lack the power and energy to do things they wish, escape the velocity of Earth for those of wealth and power? They know the issues that will come and there is a thought, that to wipe out all and start again would be of benefit to them, but these are illusions and will not come about. They will not succeed, for the truth will be known.

Far-fetched you might think. Evil thoughts of bringing despair to others, but we are just merely opening your eyes to the things of life that you do not see at this time.

We grant you peace and love and do not wish to bring you despair and if these words sound harsh to you, then what truth would you hear, that of a lie or that of honesty? Because the truth will enlighten many others and extinguish those that would bring these terrible things.

Be merciless in your thoughts when you think of the light, give it freely to others, do not be ashamed to say that you are creature of love and unity and you wish the world to be joined in friendship and love, to radiate the light around your globe so that those of other worlds may see and bring you hope once more.



Don’t forget, you can now own the transcripts from 2015/16 in book form‘Testament to a New Dawn’ Volume One


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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